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Grenadier Guards:

During the hurry of proclaiming the peace, Knights Marshalmen, two and two. a serson came to the Bank for cash for 34 , Knight Marshal.

fifty pound notes, wbich was paid him. Next Drums.

day, when the potes came to the AccompiDrum Major.

ani's Office to be examined, they proved to Trumpets.

be forged, though the imitation was so nice Serjeant Trumpeter.

that it could scarcely be detected. Pursuivants.

Tbursday 8. Serjeant ats Heralds, 7 Serjeants at Mr. Newland, head Cashier of the Bank, Arms. Kings of Arms, Arms. attended at the Stock Exchange, and gave City Marmals' Men.

notice, that the Directors had come to a reConstables.

folution of making the eighth payment, ben City Music, with scarlet laced cloaks, on ing the last of the present loan; and that horseback.

they would indulge the holders till the 28th Drums.

of January, when one half of the money adBand of Music on foot.

vanced was to be redeemed, and for the reCity Marthals.

demprion of the other half a month longer. The Lord Mayor.

This gave a temporary stability to the stocks, Aldermen Allop, Wrighi, Kitchen, Gill, which have fince fallen considerably. • Picker, and Boydell; and the Deputy

Friday 10.
Recorder (Mr. Harrison).

A Privy Council was fummoned for this Sheriffs Officers, with javelios. day at St. James's, when dispatches for the Sheriff Turner, and the Remembrancer. Eaft Indies pafled the great seal.

The report Sheriffs Officers, with javelins. is, That Government takes no direct part Sheriff Skinper, with one of the Deputy either in the difmifiion or continuation of Sheriff's.

Gov. Hallings; but sends over two gentleTown Clerk and one of the City Council. men of tried abilities and integrity to take Horse Guards.

seats in the Supreme Council as immediate Drums and Trumpets.

servants of Government, who are to address Horse Guards, who closed the proceflion. their dispatches of every thing that passes to

The Proclamation was then read a third the Secretary of State, inftead of the Com. time at Clio vcery-lane, and a fourth time pany in the usual style. The Company's afat the end of Wood-Qreet, where the Crois fairs are said to have taken a sudden turn in formerly stood. The procesiion then moved their favour. With the above dispatches the on to the Royal Exchange, where it was Euridice frigate set sail on the sotb ips. read for the last time.

This day the Britannia Indiaman, Capt. The trumpets sounded thrice previous to, Cumming, from St. Helena and Bencoolea, and immediaiely alter, each reading..“ God arrived at Woolwich. She has been only save the King" was frequently repeated by a 17 months from England, having failed delightful military band; and the people at from Portsmouth in May 1782. large seeming delighted with the fufpenfion Sir Heitor Munro, lately arrived from of war, put us in mind of the beautiful apor- the Eatt Indies, had a long conference with trophe of the Poet of Nature:

the King belore his Majesty went to the levec. So Shaken as we are, so wan with care,

Saturday 11. Find we a time for frighied peace to pant, One Gascoyne an attendant at New-prison, And breathe short-winded accents of new brought a man and woman handcuffed to broils

gether. in: a hackney coach, from Eait To be commenc'd in fronds afar remote. Sinithfield to the above goal. Next day the No more the thirsty entrance of this foil woman procured bail, and immediately Shall daub her lips with her own children's after her enlargement she swore before Jul blood;

tire Black borough, that Gascoyne, while in No more shaldırenching war channel herfields, the coach, forcibly thrust a 'handkerchief Nor bruise her flowrets with the armed hoofs into her mouth, and robbed her of the money or hostile paces: those opposed eyes, The had in her pockets. The fact being pohWhich, like the meteors of a troubled tively sworn 10, the Juftice was ouliged to heaven,

commir Gascoigne, tho' on examination the All of one nature, of one substance bred,-- man in the coach knew nothing of the robbery. Did lately meet in the intestine thock,

Wednesday 15. And furious close of civil butchery,

Ar a Common Council holden in the Sball now, in mutual, well beleeming ranks, Council Chamber of London, Resolved that March all one way; and be no more oppos'd the thanks of the Court be given to the Rr. Against acquaintance, kindred, and allies : Hon Nathaniel Newnham, Lord Mayor, for The edge of war, like an ill-thcathed knife, bis teady'and impartial conduct in CommonNo more shall cut its mafier. Hen. ll. hall on Michaelmas-day lat, when he ref.

The concourse of people was so great, that tifyed an equal attention to the rights of the Temple-Bar was with difficulty opeords and corporation, and the real interefts of the the Lord Mayor's coach sras detained a molt divery at large, by ftrenuously endeavouring 21 hour in turning.


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See p.532.

to preserve tha harmony between thema upon ftow, by a fingle highwaynian, well mounta which the honour and happiness of both ro ed. While he was deitanding the ladies' effentially depend. And for the respcet money, the coachman, who on fiift diicoshewn this Court, by the communication of a very of the man before they curned out of bare requifition figned T. Tomlins, &c. for the high road had assured his mistress Ibe the calling a Common-hall and defiring the should not be robbed, jumpey from his box , opinion of this court, &c.

and collared the robber; and, armed only This afrernoon a duel was fought behind with a clasp knife, not wichtiarding his two the Foundling hospital berween Lieut. Har- loaded pifiols, by the alüstance of the neighrison of the Marines, and M. Harman Van bourhood, who heard the scuffle, secured him, Berkentham an officer in the Dutch service; and he was committed by Mr. Justice Ber. when after marking out the dittance of eight tie to Chelmsford gaol, io take bis trial at paces, Mr. Berkentham fired first and mified; the next aslizes. A handsome subscription Lieut. Harrison's bullet grazed the cheek of was inmedia.ely made for the coachman by His antagonist, who infiiteti on firing again, many gentlemen prescut at the examination, which he did without effect, and Leui. besides the many offers for the highwayman's H. fired his second piftol in the air. The horse, which was a very good one. We think seconds interposed, the parties were recon- it our duty to insert this event at large, for ciled, and both went home good friends. the encouragement of se. vants during the Thursday 16.

course of the enluing winter, when so many Two failors left Portsmouth with each a depredations may be apprehended. The like guinea in his pocket. to the forest of Bane praise is due to the bricklayer's labourer, they were robbed of their money, and re- who, armed only with a kitchen poker, took solved to retaliate on the first they met. on the Scratford road, the Saturday before, They did so. A single genuleman in a post a footpad, who, not content with robbing the chaile, on demand, gave them his purse with passengers in a post chaise, robbed the driver eight guineas. They took two, and returned at its return, who, giving the alarm at the him the rest, giving him the reason for Beil ale-house, where the labourers were what chey had done. He told them where of drinking at their pay table, was the means he was to lodge, and desired them to call apprehending one of a very dangerous gang. upon him. They did so, he trcated them About 696 in the afternoon the powder with a supper, gave them a guinea, and de- mills at Ewell blew up. The explosion was fired them, if they should be robbed again, felt at more than 12 miles ditance, and never to recruit in the same way, as the many people were terrified by the apprehennext person they robbed might not see the liuns of an earthquake. matter in the same light.

A letter from Helder, in the port of AmFriday 17.

Aerdam, of the 20th ioftant, mentions the This day advice was received of a severe burning of the Rhyoland man of war, without engigement between a piratical floop, named being able to learn how the accideat hapthe Doggersbank, Capt. Shepherd, of 24 pened. Some people perished in endeavouring nine and 12 prounders, and 80 men, and extinguish the flames. the Lark lugger, Capt. Plaine, of only 14

Monday 27. fix-pounder's. The Lark gave chace from Seaton's prize at Cambridge, the subject of five in the morning till nine when the came which was Hope, was this year adjudged along side the pirate and received her fire. to the Rev. Mr. Hayes of Trinity college,

This morning about seven o'clock Mr. and one of the Uihers of Westminster school. Munro, of the 16th rég. dragoons, and Mr.

Tuesday 28. Green, with their seconds, met in a field Eleven malefactors were carried from near Battersea-bridge, for the purpose of Newgate and executed at Tyburn. li is lettling a dispute which took place a few really a melancholy relle&tion on the police evenings fince; they took their ground at of this country, tiat, notwithstanding the the diltance of about fix yards; they then boalled lowity of our laws, more people are fired three pillols each, the last of which cut off annually by the basis of ibe execuwounded Mr. G. in the side; the seconds tioner than in all Europe belidus. The pas interfered, and asked Mr. G. if he was ta. pers are filled with little elle but robberiis bisfied; he said oor, unless Mr. M. made and villainies of ooc kind or other, not conhim a public apology ;-bar, Mr. M. said, fined in a manner, as formerly', to the mehe noso would not do. Mr. G. replied, “then tropolis, but practised all over the country, one of them mult fall.”. They again took where the goals are full of leluns. their ground, and fired each iwo piftols About the beginning of the present month, more; one ball entered Mr. Munro's knee, a grand illumination was exhibited a: Hanoand Mr. Green received a thot which has ver, on the return of the Bp of Odwabuga ta fiuce proved fatal, the ball entering a little that city from a late journey, a striking proof abuve the groin,

• how much that Prince is eltérned and deMonday at

lived in Gunany-- Iluminations are rare in As Mrs. Latton', of Walehan stow, was that country. The latexhibited in Havan's returning with another lady from Woodlord, was in honour of Prince Fordinand's gloi oll the was attacked in Wooditrect, Waltoaine victories over the Firinch.

Job Orton, who died at Kidderminster Joly my dear brother, John Thomas, cla; Taller 29 (see p. 716), wa: for many years pastor of bequeath unto hiin whatever fumo may be dus the diffenting congregation at Shrewsbury, to me from the agunt of the 'i ft regiment of where he succeeded Mr. Fra. Tallents the guards, reserving a sufficient sum to pay my chronologist 1708, whos: portrait is engraved debts, which are inconfiderable; and I allo in the Nonconformists Memorial, 11. 332. give and bequeath unto him all my books and from an original pi&ture in Mr. O's hands. housebold furniture, and every thing of which

Mr. Roolon, who died lately at Durham I am now pofTefled. I give and bequeath to (lec p. 864.) was broiher to Mr. Jas. R. book- Thomas Hobber, my fervant, sol. which I refeller in Bond-ftreet.

queft my brother will pay him. What debts

may be now owing I requeft my brother will MR, URBAN,

immediately discharge. AS your Magazine is the depository of the

FRED. THOMAS." records of departed inerit, I beg you will admit Wednesilay nigbe,- Sept. 3, 1783. the following characler of an admirable man " P.š. I commit this into the hands of (whose dea:b you mentioned in your Magazine my friend Captain Hill, of the itt regiment jor Aug p.718), who was suddenly faatched of guards.” away before he had closed his eighth lufte.

DELINEATOR. Mrs. Vigor (see p. 806.) died at Windsor « DR. WATKINSON in his semper and on Friday, Sept. 12; and ber loss will be semanoers was mild, placid, and humane. He verely felt by the neighbouring poor, amongst had improved an excellent understanding by a whom she v 28 constantly searching after profamiliar acquaintance with ancient and modern per objects for the exertion of her charity and literature, and to the accomplishments of the benevolence. Together with great cheastulfcholar he joined the orbanity of the gentleman. ness of mind and equality of temper, the reThe book of nature he perused, and could de tained an uncommon quickness of appreheslineate living manners acu'ely at the same time lion and vigour of understanding to the time, that he investigated abilrad truth with logical of ber death. Having lived much in the precision. His attic vivacity served to enliven, world, and being well acquaicted with books, whilf his general acquaintance with science her coo versation was the delight of all who had ferved to enrich the social hour. No affumed the pleasure of knowing her : of the vivacity consequence, or faftidious fpicer, ever obscured of ber wit and her talents for obkrvation, the his talents; but be poffelled a power far beyond public have had a specimen in a volume of the chemill's boaft, that of transmuting ac- * Letters from a Lady residing in Russia, to quaintances in'o friends : alt who knew him, her Friend in England;" which she was in a tovej bim, for his viriues were as endearing as manner obliged to publih, to prevent a (pu., his manners. 10 his profefliun as a phyfician, rious and incorrect copy from being obtruded he sought not to draw the notice of mankind on the world. At a time of life remarkable by broaching toll conjecture, or adopting ideal for aparby and indifference, she potiefed a de. fyllems, but whilst be invariably pursued truth, gree of fenfibility, and a tenderness of feeling, merit by firm and steady steps was conducting approaching almost to weakness; numberless him to celebriry. His prema:cre death reite- examples of which will occur to her friends in sates a doctrine, alas! tou fatally proved, quan peruang this faint ketch of a most amiable. sum eft in rebus inane!"

and engaging characier.

X-N The following is a copy of the will erade by

BIRTHS. Lieut, Cot. Thomas the evening previous to his Sept. 26. ADY of Ri. Aldworth Neville, tatal interview with Col. Cosmo Gordon (see

erg; M. P. for Read p.805.), and which has fince been proved at 087.'1. Lady of Sir Geo. Cockburne, a dau. Doctors Commeos:

6. Lady of Robt. Smith, esq; a dau. London, Sept. 3, 1783. 10. Lady of the Rp. of Lincolo, a dau. at "I am now called upon, and, by the rules the Duanery-house, St. Paul's. of what is called horour, forced into a perso- 14. Countess of Roseberry, a son. mal interview with Col. Cosmo Gordon. God 15. Lady of Sir John Taylor, a lon. only can know the even?; and into his hands I 17. Lady of Tho. Sam. Jolliffe, esq; adau. commit my soul, conscivas only or having done 18. Lady Grantham, a lon. my duty.

Lady of John M.Namara, eiq; a son. a scherefore declare this to be my last will Pisa, Scpt. 29. Great Duchess, a prince. and teftarent, and do hereby revoke all for.

MARRIAGES. mer wills, &c. I have made at any time.

ATELY, ar Edinburgh, Alex. Ander. “ In the furft place I commit my soul to Almighty God, in hopes of his mercy and par. Mary Hog, youngest dau. of Roger H. esa; of don for the irreligious Aep I now (in complio · Newlifton, ance with the unwarrantable customs of this Mr. Wm. Lewis, didiller, in Holbord, to wicked world) put myself under the neceffity Miss Turner, of Hendon. of taking

At Lichfield, Edw. Sneyd, jun, esq; to Mils " I leave 150l. in bank gotes, inclosed, to Maria Greaves, of Aken, Acar Derby,


ng, a son.

L me

At Windsor, rev. Dr. Davis, of Eton school, Rev. Langton Freeman, M.A. R. of Bilton, to Mifs Harrington, of the fame place.

co. Warwick. Sept. 23. Mr. John Harrison, of Cowick, Mar. 27. At Bengal, Sam. Taucher, efq; Yorksh. aged 101, to Ano Hephenstall, aged 98. July 3. Ac his leat at Harleyford. co. Rucks, * 24. Ac Parbrighi, Surrey, right hon. Sir Wm. Clayton, esq; M. P. for Marlow, and Robe. Wilmot, bart. to the hoo. Mrs. Byron, uncle to Sir Robert, bart. His death was or reli&t of the hon. Mr. B.

cafioned by a fall from his horse, whereby the oa. 6. Joha Mackay, efq; agent, of Flud- fpinal marrow being injured, he remained alive yer-ftr. to Miss Ann Thomson, of Bedford. only four days, perfectly senable and free from

7. Jas. Whyte, esq; of Denbies, in Surrey, pain all the while, only complaining that botis to Mifs Ca:h. Hildyard, youngest dau, of the his arms were brode (which was not howeves late Sir Rob. H. bart, of Wipestead, co. York. the case, but the upper half of bis body totally

Capt. Prckett, of the 77th reg. to Miss lifeless), and at lal expired without a pangWyvill, only dau. of Hale W. erg; of York. His eldest son succeeded to bis fear in parliament.

9. David Murray, esq; neph. to Ld Elibank, Aug. 29. At New York, aged 61, Fredeto Miss Harley, fourth dao. of the right hon. rick Baron de Hackenberg, major-general in Tho, Harley.

the service of his ferene bighness the Landgrare Capt. Maud, to Miss Mary Gervais. of Heffe, and knight of the niott honourable

10. Mr. fr. Davier, master of Bagninge- order Pour la Versus Militaire. Wells, to Mrs. Mitchell.

Sept. At sea, upon a (rusze, off Weymouth, II. Mr. fobn Egerton, of wbitehall, to where he was ftaticned, Capf. John Hope Miss Mary Davis, of Holborn.

Bowers, mafter of the Orestes Doop. H. Delborough, efq; of the general poft-of- At Chefter, Mr. John Golburat, engineer fice, to Miss Luther, of Frith-ftr. Soho-lqu. to ibe River Dee Company.

13. Mr. Chrift. Clarke, of the loner Tem- At Rochester, rev. Peter Wade, M.A. OAC ple, attorney, to Miss Streich, of Twickenham. of the minor canons of that cathedral from

Wm. Cracraft, esqi of the exchequer, to 1737, R. of Cowling, V. of Boughton Mon-Miss Hawkes.

chelsey, Kent, and in the commillion of the Ai Ealing, in Midlesex, rev. Mr. Geo. peace for that county. Pickard, younger fan to Jocelyn P. esq;' of At Chrift-Church, Surrey, Mrs. Han. South, Blorworth, co. Dorset, to Miss Payne, dau. of in her 88th year. Edw. P, efq; of Erling."

Sept. 13. At an advanced age, Mrs. Ellis, 15. At St. Martin in the fields, Mr. Wentrelict of the rev. Mr. E, and lifler of the sev. worth, draper, of Gudelming, to Miss Lee, J. Harrison, R. of Stoke Rochford, co. Linc. dau. of Mr. L baker, of the same place. 15. After a short illoeis, at his feat at Giriby

20. At Old Windsor, Hor. Churchill, esq; in Lincolnshire, Tho. Lifter, efq; aged 57. He of the fire reg. of foo: gu 1. to Miss Modigham. married a lady of the name or Baker, by

22. Rev. Mr. Uhthoff, co Miss Farrer. whom he left no issue. He served the office

23. At St. Helen's, Bifhopígate, Jn. Peter of high sheriff for the county of Lincoin 1756. Do Roveray, esq; merch. to Miss M. Bonnard. 18. At St. Petersburg, Monfieur Euler, the

Rev. Allen Fiel liog, V, of Shepherds-Well, greatest mathematician Since the days of New Kent, son of the late celebrated Henry F. esq; ton and Leibnitz, He acquired his high fame * to Mile Fielding, of Canterbury.

under the patronage of the King of Prufiia, who Mr. Knight, of Cliff, near Rochester, to made him president of the royal academy of Mils Charlton, of Canterbury.

sciences at Berlin, but having bad some diffeDIATHS.

rences with that monarch, he applied to the ATELY, Mofes Bass, efq; coroner for Empress of Russia, who gave him the same the county of Bucks.

honourable charge in the Imperial academy of Ia bis 80;h year, rev. Dr. Philipps, of Col. St. Petersburg, with a prince'y provision. Wten by, io Pembrokehhire.

he left Berlin he was succeeded by a gentleman At Wormley, Mrs. Cooke, reli&t of the late from Turin, in Piedmont, called Signor La Mr. C. of Broad-ftr. merchant. She has left Grangia, who still holds the place of prefident 10,000l. in different legacies amongst poor fa- in the said academy of Berlin, and has given milies, and her fervants, and 100jl. to the repeated proofs of the most transcendent abili. Asylum for female orphans.

ties in every branch of the mathematics. The On her passage to Bengal, on board the Eg- first president of the ruyal academy of sciences lington Eat Indiaman, Mrs. Cargill (late Miss at Berlin was Maupertuis, the great aniagonist Brown), the celebrated finger,

of Voltaire. Eules was made prefideat afier Capt. Kerret, aged 82, formerly in the Rur. the decease of Maupertuis. Some memoirs of Gan trade.

b'm will be accrptable. At Stockton, aged 87, Mr. Smith, surgeon. 21. Wm. Wilson, efq; of Ainswo:th,

At Tucheim, in the duchy of Magdeburgh, 24. At Armagh, right bon. Walter Husey Andrew Buchols, aged 115, who had been a Burgh, lord chief baron of the exchequer in soldier from his youth, and served at the battle Ireland. He was of an ancient family in of Malplaquet.

the county of Kildare;, was educated in the Mr. John Wilson, of Newcastle upon Tyne, college of Dillin, and there first diftin. aged 105.

guilhed bin eif by the verlos he wioc on



The King's marriage. The reft of his time, occafioned by a wound he received in his shigh till he came of age, was spent in the manner in consequence of a duel fought at a tavera in usual with spirited young man who look for the Piazza, about seven years since, when the ward to the poffeffion of a good estate ; but in seconds were so inuman as to fuffer the comthat prospect he found kimfelf, by the impru. batants to discharge their piltols across a table dence of his father, so disappointed, that he close to each other. was obliged to sell his horses and dogs, and At Chiswick, Alex. Weatherstone, esg; betake hinfelt to ihe ftudy of the law. He 28. Mr. Martin Booth, in his soth year, came to London, remained one year in the an eminent bookseller at Norwich, and one of Temple, and went only twicę to Westminstere the conmon-councilmen fur Mancroít ward. hall; and on his return to Ireland his other 29. Mr. Holt, late dep. secretary to the E. year's attendance at the Temple was dira I. Company. His lady died ia the course of pented with, and he was admitted to the Bar, last month. See p. 804. where he so distinguished himself, though Iur. At Wapping, aged 76, Capt. Cork more. rounded by men of great abilities, that in At Wapping, Mrs. Ann Protier Mappere twelve months be becare of the first rank in ley, a maiden gentlewomao in opulent circum.. practice, ard the third year he made goool. ftances, and in her 70th year. by his profession. The Duke of Leinlter At Wareham, rey. Jas. Adamson, R. of brought him into Parliament, and he there Barton St. Andrew and Slolely, and perpetual obtained a decided superiority. On the Irish curate of Weft Dereham, ali io Norfolk. difcontents be surrendered his gown of Prime- In Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, Caspar Serjeant, and, on. change of measures, ac- Greventrop, esq; secr, to the late Ld Chefter. 'cepted the office of Chief Baron. About a , field, aged go. year ago he loft his wife, for whom he had 30. la College-street, Weftm. Lieut. Jas. the most unbounded affe&tion, and he had the Braidley, aged 96. He had lived on a penlion additional mis:o: tune to find his only son an from government ever fince lofing his legs in a id'ot, on which account he lately refused a batile between the French and Allies in Queen peerage. He was of the most spotiess public Anne's wars. and private character, with an imagioation as At Newbury, aged 69, Jac. Stocomb, efq; r.ch and plenteous, and a judgment as found Ai Hammersmith, Fra. Degan, efq; and quick, as any man ever poflefied--but it 02. 1. Hon. Mrs. Law, 3d dau. of the late would be as impoffible to convey in words the Ld Falkland, and lady of the rev. Dr. Law, extent and harmony of his voice, and the archdeacon of Rochetter, and R. of Westmill, grace of his elocution, as to give an idea on co. Herts. paper of the powers of a great performer on la Hanover-squ. the st. hon. Lady Delaval, a musical instrument. He died in the flower lady of the present Baronet, She was buried in of his age, not being forty years old, after Weltminter-abbey with great funeral pomp having gone through the duties of the Bar OL. 11; and the following character was the Bench-and the Senate,-beloved, re. drawn up by a spectator of the ceremony : Ipected, and lamented by all his countrymen.

SACRED The provision for his children is worthy the Be this monumental inscription pe ple of Ireland, with whom generosity is a To the memory of Lady DELAVALA chara&teristic virtue. A penfion of 2000l. per

Ever honourable ann. with benefit of furvivorship to the whole As an honour to bumankind, of the children, who are three daughters and

Ever memorable one son. The family estates are estimated at

As an ornament to her fex, 2000l. per ann. the receipts of which will be

For every endowment, appropriated to the payment of debts, during Which can give the most exalted value.. the minority of eke boy, and discharge the

Think! On think! debts, said to amount to 24,000l. including

How inconsolably diftressfot the incombrances left by his father.

Muk be. the unui terable grief In Marthalita prilon, Alex. Frażet, ela; Of a most affectionate butband, of the 69th reg, in bis 32d year. He served Wholoved her, honoured her, and doated on hers the whole war in America.

And of a loving and beloved offspring, 25. In her rollt year, Mrs. Cotes, of At being deprived of fuch a blefling, Woolfthorpe, near Belvoir-Caftle.

An inspirer of beautiful order, At Rye, in Sussex, Wm. Davis, esq; cola

Sweetness of manners, lector of the cuftoms at that port.

Melting benevolence, Ac Enniskillen, on the N. W. circuit, hon.

And purity of life, Codfrey Lill, esq; one of the justices of the Whom religion taught to live and dis common pleas in Ireland. He married Miss

In very truth Bull- of Chichester, by whom he has left two Not only a private, but a public lofs; daughters, one of them married last year to

Since in her heart Lord Cuttietewart.

Virtue had placed her splendid throne, 26. Andr. Lindegren, efq; iron merchant. Surrounded by all the Graces. 27. Ia King-ftr. Covent-garden, Mr. Ran.

Portefred of the moft exfenhve knowledge, dall, surgeon and apothecary. His death was

With the most modeâ diffidence;


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