and make the brighteh pages in the Hißory ing over the decks, ore of which poished, bf Mapkind."

and the teft were taken up by a French brig, The Congress has likewise addressed him, bound to Marseilles, and treated with the foliciting his afáttance in fettling the disor: greatest humanity: There is no account, as dered ftate of the Provinces.

yet, of the Captain and 12 failors. By letters from Canada we learn, that the His Excellency the Ld Lieutenant of great magazine, situated within the Fort of Ireland having observed a paragraph in the St. John, on Lake Champlain, was set on public papers, faring, that late at night on fire by lightning on the 22d of August, and, ihe 15th of Sepiember, some of the military together with the fores that were in it, con- on the cafle guard had quitred their guard fumed 10 alhes, except about boo barrels of room, and seized in Parliament- Areet and gun-powder in a vault under ground, which the adjacent parts several unfortunate fereceived no damage. The garrison, dreading males, whom they moft inhumanly abused an explofion, fled to the woods, but fcon re- and ill treated ; that an officer, said to betorned, and no accident has fince happened. long to the Calile horfe guard, not only eo

couraged, but directed them to commit every IRISH AFFAIRS.

species of outrage; and that fimilar airoIn addition to the accounts that have been cious riots have been lately committed by given from different parts of Europe con- the military; has directed a Court of Encerning the meteor * that was seen in the quiry to be held for the purpose of investigaevening of Monday Aug. 18, we have been ring the transaction above-mentioned, in the favoured with the following very curious and moit particular manner; where all persons particular account of it, bý a spectator who who had been injured or insulted was invited was travelling near Dromore in the county to attend. of Dowa, on the road from Lurgan ; viz. On Tuesday the 141!ı inftant, the Lord " That the same meteor was seen with equal Lieutenant opened the New Parliament splendor in that neighbourhood and a!l over with the following reech from the throne : the county of Down in the north of Ireland, " My Lords and Gentlemen, I saw it myself, says our correfpondenr, mov- " It is with more than ordinary fatisface ing in a swift direction from N. co N. E. not tion that, in obedience to his Majeity's comut its 6rft appearance, being then in a low mands, I meet you, in full poffertion and ene valley, with a hill and grove between me and joyment of those constitutional and commer. the north, but I saw it clearly through the cial advantages which have been so firinly trees as it advanced towards the East; and established in your laft Parliament. The at last saw it grow more and more dim, till sacred rega:d on the part of Great Britain it was lost out of right in the thick atmoa to the adjustment made with Ireland at that sphere near the horizon ; yet even bere i period, has been abundaotly rettified by the appeared fo bright and seemed so near the most unequivocal proofs of fincerity and good spectator, that our car-men were afraid of faith. its ferring fire to their cars. The nucleus of * It will ever be my wish, as it is my the meteor was of a most radiant blae Aame, duty, to promote the murual confidence of followed by a train of yellowith light.”. both kingdoms, and the uniting them in

The killing Lieut. Wilson by Lieut. sentiments, as they are in intereit ; fuch an Wert, (fee p. 798) has produced a procla. aniou must produce the most solid advantages mation for apprehending the latter; and that to both, and will add vigour and strength proclamation, an explanation, by way of so the empirė. address to the 32d regiment, to which both " I sincerely congratulate you on the officers belonged, in which Mr. Welt aco' happy completion of his Majeliy's anxious knowledges he drew his sword, and prélent. codeavours to restore the bleitings of peace to ed it hefore him, but how Lieut. Wilson his faithful people. The establishment of came by the faial wound, he declares, before public tranquillity is peculiarly favourable at God, he is wholly ignoraat. He had no This period, and will naturally give spirit malice against the deceased, nor the least ino and effect to your commercial parfuiss. Born tention to hutt him, only to defend bimseli. Kingdoms are now enabled to deliberate with

Advice has beco received at Dublin of the undivided attention on the sureit means of lors of the Royal Emperor 'from ihe Gre- increasing their prosperity, and reaping the sades.' She sprung a leak, and went down ceriain fruits of reciprocal affcction. in lat. 22-12. The Capt. and 12 of the “ I have the highest satisfaction in sco crew took to their boat, and left two failors quainting you of the increase of his Maj.ity's and eight passengers on board, where they domeitic happiness, by the birth of another remained three days, with the water washi princess.

Genehmen af ebe House of Conimoms, The public has within thefe few days “ I have ordered the pro; er officers to lay been favoured, by those elegant ariilts T. the national accounts before you ; from then and - P. Sandsy, with a beautiful pictureique su will be enabled to judge of the cireumview ofthis phænomenon as it appeared at the itances of the kingdom; and I rely on your N. E. corner of the terrace ar Windfur wisdom and loyalry to make such provifion Çaitle.


s hall be fiering for the honourable {upport On the 18th ioff. peace was proclaimed o his Majcity's Governmiént.

in Dublin with the orval folemoiry. " My Lords and Gentlemen,

The Ld Lieutenant being withdrawn, the " The miseries of an approaching famine Duke of Leinster moved an address to his have been averted by the blekings of divine Majesty in the House of Lords. And, Providence upon the measures which the Ld Ludly in the House of Commons. Privy Council advised; the good effects of In that of the Lords, they thank his which were foon visible in the immediate Majesty " for placing them under the Go. gedullion of the price of grain, and the in- vernment of a nosleman whose amiable flux of a valuable and necessary fupply to the character, whose integrity and abilities marker. Any temporary infringenect of offered every propect of national prosperity,” che laws to ettect such falutary ends will, I They humbly allure his Majesty, “shat doubt not, receige a parliamentary sanction. it will ever be the firit with of their hearts,

... Among the many important objects as it will be the fint object of their endeawhich demand your attention, I recom- vours, to strengthen and give permanency to inend to your consideration Laws for rega- that union çi" fentiment as well as interest facing the judicature of the Court of Ad between the ino biter kingdoms, upon which miralty, and for making a new establithmeat the power and happiness of both fo malce of the post-office.

rially depend." « The linen manufacture being the faple They befeech his Majesty “to accept their of your country, it is needless for me to re- warmeft congratoiations at ibe faccess which curamend perseverance in the improvement has attended his Majesty's anxious exertioos of that most important article.

to restore the bletings of peace co his faith“ The Sphery on your coasts will claim ful people, which muit naturally give spirit your attention, as a promising source of and effic to their commercial pursuits." wealth to this kingdom; and the encourage- They express " their heart-felt satisfaction ments granted to it will no doube be regu. on the happy increase of his Majefty's royal fated by you in the manner most likely to family by ihe birth of another Princess." produce the best effect, and least subject to [The remainder of bis address is but on ecba to fraud and impoficion.

ibu sprech.) « The Proteltant charter schools, an in- In the Commons Address, they offer to ftirution founded in wisdom and humaniry, his Majesty their most grateful thanks for are also eminently entitled to your care. the appointment of their present Lord Lieu“ I recommend likewise to your atten

" The fincerity and good faith of rion the proposals adopted by Government Great Britain, sa abundantly tedified by the for providing an asylum for the difireflied sacred regard Ibewn on her part to the adGenevans. It weil becomes the generosity juttment of our conkirution and commerce of the people of Ireland to extend ibeir pro- demand our warmet acknowledgements, tection to ingenious and induftrious men, while we enjoy the full poflestion of those

may prove a valuable acquisition to this conftitutional and commercial advantages country, which they have preferred to their which were so firmly eliablished in the la own. But, io forming this establishment, Parliament. you will doubtless consider it as a part of “ Already we feel the bleflings of prace. your duty to avoid unnecessary expence, and And we intrear your Maj fty to accept our ulrimately 10 secure the utmost advantages to humble thanks, for ihe happy completion of your country.

your anxious endeavours to restore that in" I anticipate the great national benefits enimahle bleling to your faithful people. from the wisdom and semper of Parliament, “ Deeply inzereted in the bappiness of *hen I coofider that the general election has our beloved Sovereign, we learn with the afforded you an opportunity of observing the highest satisfaction the increase of thac hapo internal circunftances of the country, and piness in the birth of another Princess. of jordgrg by what regulations yeu may beit “ We will immediasely inspect the natiin rase its industry, encourage its manu- onal accounts; and, happy in your Majesty's factures, and extend its commerce,

jost reliance upou our loyalty, we will make " In the furtherance of objects so very such prov fiou as hall be fitting for the bodelirable to yourselves, I assure you of every nourable support of your Majesty's governrond d frontion on my part; ferilible that in mengconfiflently wiib ibc abiliyes of the nation." Do manuer I can betier fulfilrce withes and

Such are the leading features of the two adi com:nands of our gracious sovereign, than dresses, by which the discerning reader may

by contributing to the welfare and happiness & judge of their complexion.—They breathe of his loyal fubje&s. . With an honest am. noiling but loyalty and fifterly regard. bition of meriting your good opinion, and In their addrers to the Ld Lieutenant, with the warmett hope of obraining it, I " They trust that his. Excellency will lay have entered upon my present arduous fitua- before his Majesty the faithful and affection; and with sentiments pure and disin- tionate duly of his loyal subjects of Ireland, nerested towards you, I claim your advice, and represent their cordial regard to Great and firmly rely upon your support." Britain in the fullest.light, thereby ftrength.



ening the mutual confidence of both king

PORT News. domi, and uniting them inseparably in sea- Capt. Taap, of the Eusopa, lately arrived timent as they are in interest."

at Leitb road, gives an account of a dreadful In debating the address in the Commons Norm which be met with, on the 6th of SepHouse, Mr. Carry (of Newsy), moved an tember, in his return from the Balcic to that amendment, exprellire of the joy of the House port. During the gale, the Ica made a free on the Prince of Wales's coming of age. pallage over him, fwept away his boats, ard

Sir Henry C.vendi/h, Mr. Fiz Gibbong forced trim to put back to Elgneur. The Mr. Yelverton, Mr. Ogle, Mr. Malon, Captain is very apprehenfive that several vetCapt. Burgh and Mr. Malone opposed it, on (els that failed about the Laare time have pethe ground of its being informal.

rithed. Rt. Hon. Mr. Gardner moved the thanks

Mr. Tracey has written from Portsmouth of the house to Earl Temple, late Chief a detail of the accidents which have betalen Governor This occafioned rome debate, him in his atiempts to weigh the Royal but on divifion was carried with anly one George. It is a certainty that he raised dicenting voice besides the tellers.

her by the head 6x feet, and a-stern upwards Mr. Carry gave notice of a motion he in

of five feet, and had nearly cleared her of tended to make relative to the trade of the the sand bank which had formed round her, E. Indies, whicit, he said, ouglar now to when one of the cables under her broke, ocbe free

cafioned by the roughness of the weather; Mr. Yelverton (the Attor. Gen.) observed this accident he repaired the next tide, and that á fysiem of commercial laws was in two days after one of the lighters, which contemplarion, which was not to be frittered

were Aationed to float ber ahead, fuck, ocaway in paits till the whole might be com- calioned by the weight which was upon her, prehended together-Mr. Carry withdiew The Royal William and ide other ship of his motion ; but not without a smart reply. the line, which were also engaged on this

In the House of Peers, Ld Mountmorris in Service, were fo ftrained as to require caulia very elegant speech entered upon the bulia

ing in their upper works. This being efpers of annual Parliaments,

fedted, he made a most (pirited efort to raise Ld Carysfori (who acknowledged himself her over the bank, without being able to fuce in the confidence of Govern inent) gave the ceed; soon after this attempt, by ihe unfa House to understand that the measures would vourableness of the weather, three cables not be opposed.

broke, and the thip fell again nearly into her Earl of Bellamoni, in an elaborate speech, original situation. Under the fe circumstances recommended to their Ldps confideration a Mr., Tracy has written to Admiral Montaga bill of rights, an exa&t transcript of the

and the Navy board, that he relinquithes al! British; either to admit Catholics to cqual hopes of fucceeding to loat the thin sighis, or to defire those to be granted, regulating duties, &c.


The Philosophical Society of Edinburgh Dove-tale, being sent for a bu!! with nothing has received a royal charter from the King, but à fmall fwiich in his hand, rao che creaby which it is incorporated under the ritle of ture crois he pasture for home time, till, be" The Royal Society of Scotland, intituced ing exafperasco, he turned upon him wiina for the Advancement of Learning and useful great fury. The boy endeavoured to male Knowledge." The members are divided in- bis escape, but was overtaken pear a wall ont to phyfical and literary claffes. The objects the brink of a precipice ncar cwenty fees of the first are ma: hematicks, phyfick, natu- deep, over which the enraged animal coffend ral history, arts, manufacues; of ihe (e- him, to a great height; and, by falling a cond, antiquities and philological learning. the rungħ ftones below, he was maogled in

From Glasgow, That The first division of 2 maover too thoching to relate. the 48th regiment marched from thence on About the latter end of Septemöer, James the 20th ioft.ro embark for Ireland. Thac Souihwell, an opulent farmer, of ulica regiment has been quartered in Gizsgow evse Cbipel, was found hanging, drefted in his finceshe spring of 1782, during which many wile's laced capried close under his chin, her broils have happened breween them and she lung fluwered cotron bed gown, neatly pintownsmen, in which several on joih fides ned down before, over his breast a clean have lost ihcir lives. Of chefe, among the cambric handkerchief, an India chocolatefoldiers, one of the musical band was icoft coloured haodkerchief over that, and a clean regretted. He was see upon by lord Nai- lawa apron round his waitte. The Coroser's Jers, who inhumanly murdered him. The Jury brought in their verdiet Lunacy, tiro' enraged soldiery paraded the fieets the e- before this he load thewn no fympromis of ina vening after the murder was coiniiited, and fanity. resolved to retaliate upoa 211 they mst. The From Cbelmsfird, That one Knighe was magiftracy and officers exeried themselves on convicted at the Quarter felhons there of ielthis occahon, and by uning their authority ling adulated door, and isnienced to liand further missbier was prevented.


in the pillory at Ongar, and pay a fine of.5l. the festan, and the church in which it shevid It appeared, ihat 'wo poor families, who had be eftablished. In case the bequest thould bought four of bim, and had caten bread not be accepted by Spitalfields, he directed it made of it for five or fix days, had discovered to be offered to St. Bosolph Bithopsgate, of fyinptoms of gross alkaline effc Ets, which St. Botolph Aldgate. It was to take effect had well nigh proved fatal to them.

at the decease of his widow, which bapa Among the selons convicted at the Quar- pened in or about January 1783. The fist ter selbons for Kingfton upon Thames, was one lecturer is Henry Foster, M. A. Thompson, who had been thirty-nine times

Scpl. 29. in prison for picking pockets.

Being Michaclmas day, the Livery of From No wiib, That on the 12th instantí London afsembled in Common-hall for the abour even in the evening, another meteor choice of a Lord Mayor for the year ensuing, (?*p:7:2), no less brilliant than that of when Robert Peckham, Esq. Cuizeo and Ale the 18th of August, was seen there. It was derman, was declared duly elected. Ar this not so large, bue in fplendor it obscured, the meeting several of the Common-Council in, moon. It was seen in London and its envie veighed bitterly againft the tax upon receipts, rons about the same time.

as partial, vexatious, and troublesome to the From Canterbury, That 48 lambs, in keep people in general, and to the citizens of Lon. ing at a farmer's ntar that city, dying sud- don in particular, denly, the owner caused several of them to Being the birth-day of her Royal High. be opened, when the cause of their death was nefs the Princess Royal, it was observed by found to be cating mint roots, quantities of the court ac Wiądsor with uncommon felli, which were found indigefied in their sto. vity. In the morning the King, Queen, and machs.

ten of the children went to the Chapel Roy; At Borougbbridge, two broad-wheeled wag. al. After breakfast the whole Royal Fami: gons meeting on the narrow bridge there, ly took an airing in the park. About one forced down cear 40 feet of the batilement; o'clock they returned to the Caftle, and reand with it fell one is the waggons, by which ceived compliments till three. About ning four horses were killed, the other four in in the evening the company that had been their descent were difentangled from the invited by cards allembled, and (except the waggon, and were fortunately saved. The King and Queen) did not depari till near waggon was loaded with wool.

two in the morning. From Salisbury, That, at a weekly meeting Orders were rent to Portsmouth for the of the county justices, a person was con- following ships of war to sail with the firft victed in the penalty of sol. mitigated 10 411. fair wind for Gibraltar and the Mediterra. for having in his custody unentered malt, nean; viz. Goliah, of 74 guns, Capt. Sit (which he had made when a compounder) Hyde Parker; Ganges, 74, Hou. James Lut• contrary to the late tatutes; and also in the trel: Ardeat, 64, Harmood; Diadem, 74, penally of gl. for selling a lack of malt when Symonds; Phaeton, 38, Colpoys; Laiona, a compounder. A caution this for other 38, Bofton; Camilla, 20, J. Hull; Rambler, dealers. At the same meeting an innkeeper 14, Pellew. was hned rol, for having venison in his

Sept. 30. house. He had bought ihe venison, and The Royal Admiral Éan India thip, latehwng up a haunch in his galeway, which be- ly arrived from the East Indies, being uodet 10g leen by a gamekeeper, he laid an infor- fome repairs at Blackwell, and i he caulkers, mation, and received the penalty.

as ufual, firing her boltom, a ipark of fire There is now (Sept. 29) growing at Goad got amongft some loole gunpowder on board, by, in Leicesterhire, in a garden under the which burnt several men in lo bad a manner, direction of Mr. Todd, a crop of peas in full that they were carried to the hospital miserbearing, produced from the same items that able objects; but though there was a great had in the course of the season produced a explofion, the thip did not appear to be very plentiful crop before. What makes this vc- materially damaged. getable phenomenon so uncommonly remark- At a meetiog of the College of Physicians, adle is, ihat, after the fa&t crop had been ga in Warwick lane, for the purpose of choosing therid, the item, though apparently dead, officers for the ensuing year, the following threw put freth blossoming ihools, not only genuemen were chosen : at the top, but at every joini.

Dr. Pitcairnc, Prefident.

Dr. Gilborne, Dr. Wright, Dr. Budd, and DOMESTIC OCCURRENCI S. Dr Hervey, Cenfors. Sepi. 7.

Dr. Thomlinfon, Treafarer. *This day an evening lecture was opened at Dr. Reynolds, Regifcr. Christ's Church, Spitalfields, pursuant to the Dr. Pitcairne, Dr. Healde, Dr. Donald will of Mr. James Limborough, fome time a Monro, Dr. Budd, and Dr. Milman, Com. wearer in Spitalfields, afterwards of Clapton miffioners for licensing houses for the recep. in Hackney, who left sol. per annum fortion of lunatics. that purpose, of which 60l. are to be paid to The same day Ds. Mytton, of Windsor, che preaches, and rolsach to the clerk,

and Horse Guards to hank

the procesion.

tho procciñon. Horfe Guards to Aank

and Dr. Matthews of Hereford, were ad

Initted Fellows of the College.

Drum Major.

Serjeant Trompeter.
This day the bank at Paris called La

Chaiffe d'Escompte, stopped payment, which

Serjeants Heralds.

Serjeant occafioned the greateft confternation through- at Arms. King at Arms. S at Arms. out that city. (See p. 881.]

Being come before the Palace Gate, che Thursday 2.

Senior Officer at Arms present, attended on The sum of gool. duty (upon one legacy of his left hand by the next in rank, read the above 100,000l ) was paid at the proper of Proclamacion aloud; which done, the Oifi. fixe, in pursuance of the late act.

cers of Westminster joined the procession, • In the evening a gentleman was stopped which moved on to Charing Cross in the tol. between Itingron 'and ibe Shepherd and lowing order : Shepherdefs, near the fpot where the late Horfe Grenadiers, to clear the way. -Mr. Hird was murdered, (fee vol. LII. p. Beadles of Weltminier, two and two, bare. 263) by three villains, who demanded his

headed, with Staves. money, which not being readily complied, Constables of Weitunmiter, in like manner. with, one of the villains discharged a pistol, High Constable, with

his Stait, on horseback. thé ball of which lodged in his neck, but not

Oficer of the High Bail: tf of Wettininites, To as to endanger his life. They afterwards With White Wans, on horieback. robbed him, and made his escape.

Clerk of the Higla Bailiff.
Saturday 4.

High Barbtt, and D-pury Steward.
One of the King's mcfengers disp ed

Horse Getrus. by the Duke of Manchefer from Paris, ar

Knt. Marih.'s M1, wa and two. rived at St. James's with the ratification, on

Knight Morinal. the part of the States General, of the Preli.

Drums. minary Articles, signed at Paris on the ad

Drum Majer. of Sept. which was exchanged with his Grace

Trumpes. against his Majetý's ratification on the 29th

Serjean Trumpeter. of Sept. at Paris, by the Plenipotentiaries of

Pursuivants. their H. M. M.

Serrant s Heralus. T Serjeant The convicts (in number about 80) were at Arms. / King at Arms Sat Arms, Taken from Newgate, and put on board a

Horse Guards. lighter at Blackfriars-bridge, which proceed

At Charing Cross, ibe Odicer of Armis ed wiib them to Blackwall, where they were

next in peak to him who read at St. Jaince's, thipped on board a transport. In their way read the Proclamation, look g towards they behaved so audaciously, that it was found Whitehall; cha done, tbe procession moved necessary to fire ainong'i them, by which on to [emle-Bar, the gares ut which were thice of the ringleaders were ibot dead. thut, and the Junior Officer of Arm., coming Sunday, 5.

out of the rank between two Trumpeters, An officer was mer in Hyde.park by a preceded by two Horle Grenadiers to clear failor who had been under his command, and the way, rude up to the gates, and after the thot him through the body. He was, it trumpers had founded thrice, knocked with Seems, so tyrannical while on board, that a a canc. Being asked by the City Mirthal parry of foremattmea drew lors which of from within, Who comes there?' He ico shem should put him to death. The atassiu plied- The Oihrers of Arms, who demand made his escape. This story, sbougb in most of entrance into the C:cy to publ th his Majesty's Bb: papers, does not seem fufficiently anebenticated. Prociamuion of Peace.' The guies being Monday 6.

Gened, he was admitted alone, and the gates Ceremonial of the Proclamrtion of Peace, as or thut again. The Cry Marinal, preceded by dired by the Knighe Mafı!.

his ficers, conducted him to the Lord A party of Horse Guards was drawn up a. Mayor, to who.n he th-wed his Majeliy's bout the gate at St. James's Palae, where Warrant; w'sich his Lordlh'p having read, she Beadles, Conftables, and all the Oficers returned, and gave d.o.ction to the City of the city of Weftmiafter attended.

Marthal to open the ga.es, who sitended The Officers of Arms. Serjeants at Arms, bim back thereto, and, on the Officer of with their Maces and Collars. The Serj. Arms leaving him, said, “Sir, the gates are Trumpeter with his Mace and Collar. The opened.' The Trumpers and Grenadiers Trumpets. Drom Major ard Drums. And being in waiting, conducted him to his place the Knight Marthal and his men, and the in the procelliol, which then moved on into Officers of Arms, being habited in their re- the Ciry, the Officers of Weftminfter filing fpe&tive Tabards, and mounted, a procession off and reriring as they came to Temple Bar. was made from thence to the Palace Gate, in The Procession from Temple-Bar was as this order:

follows: Knight Marshal's Men, two and owo. Grenadier Guards, with their swords drawn. Knight Marthal.

Four Trumpets, GENT. MAG. 09. 178.


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