Monday 4.

order to take his trial for his late injurious Came on before the Right Hon. Lord publications in this city.Nothing can be Loughborough and Judge Alhurst, Lords a stronger satire on the police of this country Commiftioners of the Great Seal, the peti- for suffering this man's pernicious exhibia tion of Thomas Wooldridge, Esq. on behalf rions to have their full effect than this comof himself and Henly Kelly, Esq. his bro- mitment. Sce p. 707. ther-in-law and partner.

A messenger arrived with an account of The petition prayed, that a commission of the tafe arrival of Prince William Heury at bankruptcy that had been sued out against Hanover. them by Meff. Cooper, Gerrat, and Taddy,

Saturday 16. teamen, might be superseded, and that they His Majesty's order of Council for thips might have liberty to proceed by law against coming from Dantzick to perform quaranthe said persons for such an oppressive and tine was suspended. cruel proceedure ; which prayer the Court About go conviets were shipped on board was pleased to comply with. Mr. Wool- the Swift transport, bound, as it is said, to dridge has now a fuit depending with the Nova Scotia-If Nova Scoria is to be made Corporation of London for removing him the receptacle for convicts, the Loyalists from the office of Alderman.

tbere will be placed in fine company! Monday 11.

About 60 convicts from the county goals Four of the seamen who, by a court mar were shippeed off for Africa-A much more tial, were sentenced to die for a matiny on

proper place for them. board the Raisonable (see p. 626.) were ore This being the birth-day of his R. H. Pr. dered for execution at Sheernels; one on Frederick, Bp. of Ornaburgh, who novo board the Scipio, one on board the Dictator, enters the 21st year of his age, their Ma. one on board the Carnatic, and one on board jefties received the compliments of the nobi. the Thetis : this last was reprieved just as lity on the occasion at Windsor. he was ready to be hoisted up. The other

Sunday 17: three fuffered.

A King's meffenger arrived at St. James's Another of those unhappy men, who was with the ratification of the Provisional artito have been executed on board the Irrefitti- cles signed the 30th of November lait, ble at Chatham, was reprieved the very in which was exchanged on the 13th at Paris fant he thought of dying.

between his Majesty's Plenipotentiaries and Tuesday 12.

the Plenipotentiaries of the United States of Being the birth-day of his Royal Highness America. Gax. the Prince of Wales, the same was celebrated

Monday 18. with great festivity by numerous bodies of Between nine and ren at night a ball of private friends ; but the public celebration fire of confiderable magnitude was feen to was deferred till the zift of April next. pass over London, and apparently to fall

Sir William Hamilton, lately arrived from near Sydenham hills. But, by accounts of his embaffy to the court of Naples, and from its progress, its direction was various and vifiting the ruins and devaftations made in had no settled course; nor is it certain Calabria by the late Earthquake, was at where it took its rise, nor where it burft. court, and had a long conference with his We have accounts of its having been seen Majesty. – An interesting account of the at Edinburgh, and all along the road from above ruins may be soon expected from the thence till it passed the British Channel; but, mafterly pen of this ingenious naturalift. what is most aftonishing, it was seen at

The deputy recorder made his report of Bath, as appears by the following extract of the convicts who received sentence of death an authentic letter from a person of hom at the assizes for June laft, when Thomas nour there to his friend at Broinley, in Kent, Davis, George Adams, alias Peat, Richard dated Pratt, John Fentum, James Grant, Willi

Basb, Aug. 19. am Smith, John Birten, and John Merella, A CURIOUS phænomenon, or meteor, were ordered for execution. Fourteen were appeared in the atmosphere about nine laft respited,

night. Its direction was from Eaft to West, Wednesday 14.

and its movement very rapid. It gave a A lady was fummoned before the court light equal to that of half a dozen rockets, of requelts for the board of a favourite cat which it resembled in appearance. In pal14 months, at the rate of a halfpenny a day. fing through soine clouds the noise was like The cat was produced in court, when the la. that of hot iron put into water. Its explody swearing the cat was not hers, the plain. fion was very loud; and it seemed, wher tiff was non fuited.

scattered, 1o defcend like a shower of fire. Friday 15.

In the year 1738 this Magazine has made A letter received from Edinburgh, dated a faithful record of a similar phænomenon Auguft 9, says, This day Dr. James Gra seen first in Devonthire, and then proceeding ham was committed prisonner to the Tol across the country, to a vast extent. As it is booth, by a warrant of the magifirates, on so long ago that many of our readers may the application of the procurator fiscal, in 'not be in pofleffion of the record, it may be


matter of curiosiy to see how nearly the de to add, that at its burfing it bore from ote fcriptions agree. The article is daied from nearly S. E.; and as by the time which cCranborne, and runs thus: On the 29th of lapsed between its bursting and the arrival latt month (Aug. 1738), at five in the af. of the found 1 judged it to be difiant about fernoon, was seen near This place a surpriz. 65 miles, and likewise as its altitude was ing meteor or phænomenon in the sky to then 45°, its horizontal diftance and perpenthe N. E. the fun thining bright. It Erdt dicular hoight must have been about 46 appeared as fire bursting from behind a cloud, miles; consequently, it was at that time out of which issued a light glowing ball, nearly over the French coast, not far from with a train of Azme behind it, which quick: Ambleteuse or Boulognc. But by many ac. ly disappeared. The same was seen at Wells counts it appears to have been icen alio in in Somersetshire, allo at Tupron in Derby several parts of Effex, and from thence to shire, about the same time, and, what is bave patred along our coast by Margate, ftill more surprizing, to the Eafiward of Deal, and Dover. I therefore imagine that Reading, in a projectile course from S. W. to it was generated in the atmosphere over the N. N. E.] It did not come from behind a German occan, and as soon as it took fire cloud, for the sky, was quite free from clouds, directed its course to the S. W. mounting in and the fun tone very clear. It appcered its passage, till it arrived at the vimoft limits at firat like a cone of fire, which terminated of the atmofphere, which, by its rarefacti. in a sharp point (as it pailed Reading it had on at that time, might have exceeded its the appearance of a round globe about.18 mean height, which is generally supposed to inches in diameter) with a bright nucleus or be 441 miles. That it was very high is ea ball at its thicker end, which seemed to vident by its being fucu at places many burst, and go away in a great fame. It miles distant from London and its environs, was almuit S. L. Ar Reading and fifteen where many people imagined it to have para miles round (about the same time) an a. sed very near them, but this could have been llonishing noise was heard in the air when it only an optical deception occafioned by its was quue ferene. The crack, which was prodigious magnitude.

J. Ř. Tery sudden and violent, was succeeded by MR. URBAN,

Aug. 22. a rumbling noise for the space of a minute. AS I doubt not your Magazine will be This phænomenon (adds the then Editor of open to receive every well-authenticated ac, this Magazine), by its description from dif. count of the beautiful phenomenon which ferent parts, perfearly agrees with what the heavens cxhibited on the 18th inft. I happened in tbe mentb of Mircb 1719, and thall endeavour to convey fome idea to your was very furprizing in ibe Weftern parls of readers of the manner in which it appeared England; end is obat sort of melcor wbicb na on the way to London between Wakefeld turalifts call DRACO VOLANS, OR THE Fly and Sheffield, at the diftance of more than ING DRAGON. See vol. VIII. p. 492. 250 miles from Deal, where I find it was MR. URBAN, Canterbury, Aug. 19.

also seen. At 10 minutes before g I perHAPPENING last night to be in the ceived a sudden light, resembling the glare Osks, near Chrift-Church-yard, between the of pale lightning, which gradually increaled hours of nine and ten, I had the pleasure of to a moft brilliant refulgence, illuminatiog freing a very uncommon phzoomenon ; a the whole atmofphere; when, upon looking firey meteor of a very large size. Its direc out of my chaise, I saw a ball ot fire with a tion was from N. E. to s. w. its velocity long train, resembling a sky-socket, moving very rapid, leaving a large train of fire be with great rapidity from the N. W. to the hind it. Its light was much greater than S. E. in its paffage describing a parabola ; that of the moon, Ind very pale, its duration the duration of its appearance might be aabout two minutes of time. It then burst bout 20 seconds, when I lost fight of it.. I into several parts, each part taking a diffe have been particularly correct in describing rent direction, and leaving behind them the direction of its course, as I observe the trains of fire like the ftars of a sky-rocket. accounts in the papers differ very materially, At its bursting it gave a grcat explohon, and I have fince heard that it was seen in which did not reach my car till five minutes this direction at Wifbeach in the Ile of afterwards, consequently, its distance was a Ely. The evening was cool, and the ground bout 65 miles : its aluitude at bursting was covered with a thick mift.

T.S. about 4;°; the diameter of irs fiery head, during its passage, appeared about the fize Saliforry, Aug. 23. About ninr last Mon. of a meridian moon, or about 14 minutes of day evening an uncommon and beautiful a degree; therefore its real diameter must meteor suddenly burit from the clements in have been at least 1400 feet.

the N. E. It remained about half a minute We have fimilar accounts from Deal, ip one ftation, affording a tremulous light Dover, Elham, Chilbam, Herne, and oth not unlike the moon emerging from a cloud; parts of East Kont.

J. R. then proceeded in a very regular and swif

Canterbury, Aug 22. horizontal motion through the East, where, TO the account which I gave you of the dividing into several glowing balls of light, mcicor seen by me in the Oaks, í beg leave it disappeared.


Mr. Amyss, master of the White borse ing no volcano in that quarter of the world. inn, five miles from Bury, in the road to from whence it came, it was more than pros Newmarket, was looking out of his ginund- bable that this terrible globe was kindled floor window, he saw a great light in the ho on lôme contrary part of the globe in the rizon, seem nglý over Cåpenham, and called Torrid Zon', those regions of vapours, and to his family to come and Tee the strange thus rising above the air, and nafting, in ligét, which kept proceeding Bowly din course, opposite to rnar of the earth's mo. rectly towards his heute, looked bluith, and rion ; in this marrier it a quired amazing When within a quarter of a mile plainly thed rapidity: But what he says of that will not inuu merable chais, each of which appeared hold g od in every particular rupeeting the to have a tall, seeming to pass directly prelent one, as it took a different confle, over his house, and, as he thought, only just and may have been a cafioned by some of clear of ste chimnies. He ran to a back the vapours i fluing from the volcanoes upon window, saw it keep on its course cowards the New Island lately fprung up in the ou. Groat S xhain, and judged it right be a ceann, about dine leagues to rne S. IV. of boat three rojs (16 or 17 feet) in length. Iceland, or perhaps only from that pro suse About one minute after he loft fight of it, exhalation of vapours occafioned by ihe exhe plainly heard a loud noise, as of some: celive warm and dry weather we have expething hravy fallen down in the room over rienced this summer. head. He then looked at his watch, and

Tu fday 20. it wanted twny mieutes of ten. He As the arts of Kuaves and sharpers can. judges that the whole lasted three minutes. not be too frequently exposed, the following The course appeared to Mr. Any's as from fact we hope will have its use in guarding NW.to S. W. nearly. The prospect from strongers from the like impofition. A sailor, Cavenham to his bouse is extremely open, who had just received some prize-money, even to fly, and far beyond (perhaps is the walking along the Strand, asked his way of German ocean); but soon bounded by trces a barrow-woman to Oxford-road,' when a and riting grounds to the back of it.

well-drelied man,

within hearing, stepped Hall, Aug. 23. The firey meteor, which made up to him and said, he was going to that street its appearance in London and its neighbour and would conduct him. The sailor followed, hood, was visible to us also, and at Leeds, and in St. Martin's lane the pretended guide Malton, Whitby, Bridlington, York, &c. said he would just step to his banker's, and about the same time, with all the apparent be with him presently, ushering him at the circumstances that have been described; it same time into a .parlour in a public house was seen likewise by veílels at fea; one just where some of his accomplices were ready come in from Rotterdam saw it off the coal placed. They seemed to be diverting theme of Holland, and another, just arrived from felves, as mere ftrangers, at what is called Oftend, saw it after she had failed about an biding ibe Horse. One puts halfpence under hour fron that place, all fuppofing that it a hat, the oner turning his back to the terminared at some small distance from table, gucties odd or even. When they get them. Dr. Goldímith mentions such a globe of a ftranger in, they have a glass ro placed in fire to have been seen in Bononia, in Italy, the ciering that they can see the hand of the in 1676, at above chree quarters of an hour accomplice, who, by doubling up his fingers, after lun-fte. It palled Wefiward with a is sure to let his friend right. By this trick moft rapid course, and at the rate of not less they soon tripped the sailor of his cam, and than 160 miles in a minute, and at last found ineans to leave him to pay the reckonftood over the Adriatic Sea. In its course ing, who fending for some of his mess-mates it crofled over all Italy, and, by compata. to red:em him, thcy marked the house; and tion, it could not have bien less ihan 38 as there are generally some actie miles above the surface of the carth. In amo:g them, they naturally concluded that the whole line of its course, wherever it in a few days they should bud Come of the approached, the inhabitants below could dif- confederaies looking out upon the same lay, tindly hear it with a hilling noise, resen and laid their heais together to watch them. bling that of a fire-work-liaving passed As chey had judged, fo it happened. One of awy to sea towards Cortica, it was ac lait them a, peared, whom the loilor lezed, and beard to go off with a most violent explofion, with the aidance of his comrades dossid much louder than that of a cannon, and, him 1o ano her public house, from whence immediately after, another noise was herd he was carried before a magiftrare, and by Like the rateling of a cart upon a Itony pave. him cummitted to the Counter sill he could

Its magnitude, when at Bononia, find bail or repay the money; the latter he appeared twice as long as ibe moon one chose to do, as he knew the bail he had to way, and as broad the other; lo that, con offer would not hear' examining. Sidering its height, it could not have been

Wednoliny 20. less than'a mile and a half long, and half The following maic actors were carried in

mile broad. The Doctor suposes, that three cars from Sargate, and excuted at from the heighe it was scen, and there be. Tyburn, viz. James Grant and Hanna Gent. Mao. Angi 1783.



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Smith, for breaking open the dwelling house This afternoon, about five o'clock came of Mr. Jacomb, on Lawrence-Pountncy on the most awful and tremendous form of hill, and fealing a quantity of filver plate; thunder and lightning that has been selt George Adains, alias Peat, for a burglary this summer in or vear the metropolis. Two in the dwelling luure of Mrs. Harrison, in of the claps of thunder were perhaps the Lincoln's Ion Fields, and itcaling rome Joudest ever heard in this climate; they filver plate, apparel, &c. Thomas Davis, were preceded by fathes of lightning, ong for breaking and entering the chambers of of which ttruck the South West angle of Mr. Handcock, in Staple lon, and tealing the King's Bench prison in St. George's a quantity of wearing apparel; John Bitton, Fields; the other, the opposite angle of the for afaulting Wilam Uther wood on the Alylum on the Surrey lide of Westmintier highway, near Kilburn, and robbing him Bridge. The concuffion of the air, in conof a handkerchief and 6s. John Fentum, 1cquence of the explofion from cach, forced in company with his brother Benjamin, for several pares of glass out in each building; affailing Francis Fenlay, on the sighway, and upon a computation of time between the in Kingliand Road, audiobbing him or half Hab and the report, it is thought the cloud a guinea, ss. and a pair of buckles; John could not have been more than 150 yards Morelia, for privately stealing in the shop of above the buildings. By the fame storm a Mr. Philip Lithby two pair of lifver buckles; large tree w a5 fplit in St. James's Park; a and Richard Pract, for perfonating and af woman pating by had her cloaths set on fuming the name of as other Richard Prati, fire, and it was with difficuliy me could be a seaman on board his Majeity's fhup Po Stript so as to save her life. At Blackman mona, with an

intent to receive his prize. Street in the Borough and Newington the money

people ran out of their houses frighted, supFbursday 21.

poring the roofs to be tumbling about their Being the birth day of his R. H. Pr..Wm. head. The force of the lightning cook efHenry, who enters his igih year.

feet on a wooden housc ncat the hatch in Their Majriiy's received the usual complio Snow Fields in a very remarkable manner. meots at Windsor.

A frame of glass-work near a yard square Friday 22.

was burst out of its place; a large opening Report was made to his Majesty in Couna was made in a wooden wall; the tiles of the cil of the capital convicts, th neen in num house were many of them displaced, and the ber, tried in July lift, wlien Win. Wynne whole front from top to bottom rendered a Ryland, Jacoh Ringroe Atkins, Juho Fer spectacle worthy of notice. The violence of dinando Lloyd, James Brown, alias Valley, this form reached, on one side, as far as Jolin Edwards, James Rivers, alias Davis, Barn Elms, where two trees were stripped Wm. Spang, and Thomas Burgess, were of their bark frem top to bottom; and OR ordered for execution. Aikins and Spong another to New Cross, where the lightning have since been refited.

furrowed up the ground as with a plough. At James Bowen, for stealing a box belong Limehouse Hole a ship's mait was broken in ing to a club, in which was 261. George Ga two, and in the Ile of Dogs the carrle were hagan, for robbing Jane Garrett of a leg of seemingly much aft&ted. In short, nothing mutton, and lialia guinei, and Wm. Smith, like the violence of this stopm is remember for robbing Mary Dell, in Rosemary-lane, ed in the environs of London. of fhirts and linen, pardoned. 1m. Har

Friday 29. pur, for horse-Stealing, and Edw. Edion, This day William Wynne Ryland, John for robbing (in company with Spang) Jofeph Lloyd, James Brown, Tao. Burgers, James Slinker on the highway, were pardoned, on Rivers, and John Edwards, were executed at conditiou of serving on board the lighters on' Tyburn, pursuant to their fentence. The the river Thames; the former three years, gallows was fixed about 50 yards nearer the the latter four years.

Park wall than usual. Just as the execuFriday 25

tioner was preparing to do his office, a form His Majesty in Cooccil has caused it to of thunder and lightning came on, which oce be notified, that all grants of land in Nova calioned fome delay; but about a quarter beScotia, prior to the iti of Jannuary, 1774, fore twelve o'clock they were all turned off; that have not been located, are by laid order and, after hanging the usual time, were eut revoked and made void; and that the Go. down, and delivered to their respective vernor or Coromander in Chief for his Ma. friends. The concourse of spectators on this efly's Province of Nova Scotia do forbear to occasion was hardly ever exceeded. HiTue any order of survey or to país any grant This norning a letter was received by the jof any lot or parcel of land within fáid pro Rt. Hoo. the Lord -Mayor, froin the llon. vince in pursuance of 41. y order made by Charles Fox, acquaiuring his Lordship, that his Majesty in Council prior to the said it the 3d of next month was the day appointed if Jao. 1774.

for signing the definitive treaty with their Tveday 26.

Cau and Moit Christian Majcties and This morning the man and woman men the United States of America. vio:d in 1 710 were executed in the Boa Tou'd ucar St. Ocorge's church. See p.716.


The miAake in our last, p. 624, of styling jesty's envoy extraordinary at the court of B. A's Doctors, muit probably originate from Saxony, and brother to Sir John and Sir Rob. Ds (Dominus ) the academical appellation. E. barts. to Lady Elie. Henley, youngeti lifier Dr. Wheeler, p. 629, was regius professor

to the E. of Northington. of divinity at Oxford; and author of a curious David Aogier, eigis of Idingson, to is Latin dial gue (unpublished) spoken in the Bathurst. Sheldon Theatre July 8, 1773; which we hope At Canterbury calledsal. Tlu. Hyi'te Page, to present to our readers in a future number. elq; of the corps O'tiperi, "to Miis Wod.

Mr. Arpebee, see p. 629, wa; M. A.curate wurd of that city. [Kaiguiled en lle 22d by of St. Bride's, and lecturer of St. Margaret, b.s Majesty.? Lothbury. He had also iwo Small living in 9. Earl of Eglintovne, to Miss Twylden, Hants. On finuing himse't one day indii pored Gl. to Sir Wm. T.b'. o: Rods-Hoi!, Kent, in the pulpit, he wound up his oiscourse in the 12. Sir Ger. Aimyoga, bart. of Kirklets, following words: “ He is wise enough who Yorkth, to Mi's Harbuid, c.dest dau. af sir knows himself, great coough who mailers H H bart. hir'elf, rich enough who enjoys himself, hath 14. Mr. Wo. Kinlari's, attorney at law, pleasure enough who pleales himielf, and is of Penryn, Corouidi, cu Miss Sul. Rihards, happy enough who lives well." In his will is of Helftone. the following whimsical ftipulation : " My

18. At Burnes, in: Suey, Ri: Hoise, jun. body to be dressed in a Aapnel wa icoat, ina efq; to the hun. iwat: Lleitun, den. of Lord Head of a shirt; ao old surrouicoat, and breeches

Waitiote. without lining or pockers; an old pair of stock At the Hagle, Alex Cugnin barr, e'q; to ings; hoes I fall want none, having conc Miss C, Guinaint, c.1.0: chelate den. G esq; Walking; and a worked wig, if one can be goi."

of Caluutta. BIRTHS,

20. Mr. John Smi.h, of St. Ann's-square, ADY of Geo. C etwynd, esq; of Broc Monchelle, 10 M H. Grare, ci Hickory.

21. Chritt. Like, elo; to Mi Bikinton. clerks of hie Majesty's most honourable privy 22. Mr. Beowell, n.ph.fi Mark Bell, erq; council, a fon ani hcir.

malt distiller at Baticrtea, ro Miss Buch, only June 24. Dutchess of Courland, a princess. dau. of Mir. Jur. B. sterborn G. Tower-bull. July 30. Countess of Lincoln, a daughter. Theo. Wcob, sla; of Welicule-Square, to Hug. 2. Lady of the Bp. of Gloucester, a dwu. Miss I'abella Spuener. 3. Lady of R. H. Drummon, elq; a day.

DEATHS. 5. Lady of Col. Joha Minfel, a fon.

7. Hes Mijesty Queen CHARLOTTE, a year, rcclor of Mendun, and many PRINCESS.

years in the cu aniillon (fin. peace for Efex. Lady of Sir Jas. Grant, bart. a son.

Rov. Rit. Baynes, R. o: Sioncham- Alpail, 12. Lady of Alderman Turner of London, co. Somulk.. 4 ron, at W beach in Cambridgeshire, in their At Cra hrs, in Sc.td-ort, Sir Tho, Burnett, way from the North into Nortolk.

bar'. of Leys. 19. La'y of Jer. Miilee, i ; a dau.

Rey, Che. Reaks, R. of Stratford St. An27. Rigbe hon, Lady Bitton, a son, thony, co. Wilts. Countess of Roseberry, a son.

Ai Winchmore-P.I!, Mr. Delarive, a po. MARRIAGES.

licy briker, wholectain was accelerated by a

run of ill success in the aliy, a beavy loss in wind, near Leeds, to Mrs Fra. Brooke, a large cargo of juilh pruv.ticas returned upon youngest dau, otihe late Sir R. B.b'. of Norton. his bands from France, and the dangerous ille

A Quebec, Capt. Colin Campbell, of the nels of a young woman who lived with him, 4fto reg. tu Miis Johnson, eldest dau. of Col. and of whom he was caringly lond. She surGuy). and piece of sio Jono J. barr. vived him but a day or two, and they were July 15. Major Hooke, to Miss Bloxham. buch buried in one era e at Edmonton.

29. At York, hon. Gren yılle Anson Chet. S. Rowiand Hill, bart. of Hawkston-Hall, wynd, 3d son of Ld Visc. C, 10 MMs Scapyl. co. Salop. ton, only dau. of be late Hco. S. cly; of Wig At Newcastle, Ralph Bates, eq; who served bid, Yorkia.

the office of high innft fur Norihom.in 1762. 30. Tbo. James, esq; of the Mid. Temple, John Pogio.., eiq; - $ Wuit Soulley, Srcy. to Miss James, dau. of Hugh J. eiq, of Enfield. At Bath, Mis. Ditcher, relict of ch: lite

At Coldham, Soff. Sir Tho. Gage, bari, to Phi. D. ciq; of t at city, and eldest dau. of the MG Maria Fergus.

lare Mr. Richardlon, author of Clarita, S. Aug. 1. Rev. Mr. Seward, of Saint Bury, Ai Huntingdon, Ceo. Ruit, esq; sen. alderCloucestersh, t) Miss Sukey Phills, s.

man of tha: ci rporation. 5. At Clifton, Bestordih. Johnton Wilkin At Appleby, Welturor:lant, Mary Wordley, fro, efq; furveyor of the general post office, to

aged 1os. Mife Oiborn, dau. of Rob. 0. esq; late com At St. Lucar de Barrameda, in Spain, Donna thorer of his Majef y's navy.

Anna Keyna, aged upwards of 100. 7 At Lambeth (by his grace the Archbp. Ac Riley, Derbysh. Mrs. Mary Warrea, of Coeterbury) Mirton Eden, erg; bis Mao youngest dau. of the Lule ). 3. W. ciq; or Side


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