The arms and real of the new bank of ÍRISH AFFAIRS.

Ireland are, Hibernia bearing a crowo, as On the ift of August a very remarkable a symbol of her independence, an anchor in trial came on before the Right Hon. C. J. her hand, to denote ihe stability of her comPatrerfon, and John Tollat, Esq; when

Ar the top are the words BANK OF Henry Nugent was indicted for counterfeit- IRELAND, and under the anchor, “ Bona ing and resembling impressions of the stamp Fide Respublicae Stabilitas," intimating that for the duty of one thilling, and for uitering the existence of a people depends on the the same knowing them to be counterleit. Caiihsul discharge of their public debts. . In the course of the proficution, the Rt. This device and motto were the production Hon. Mr. Scott, council for the prisoner of Gorges Edmund Howard, Esq; who was discovered, that the commissioners who fleed the parent and fosterer of that bank. He the original Namp had omitted to qualify- first proposed it to Government, and afteras the low directed; conlequently that the wards directed the plan upon which it is original ti amp was contrary to acl of Parlia eltablished. ment and illegal as well as the counterfeit.

Wednesday the 12th inft. being the an. On which account the indiament niversary of the birth of the Pr. of Wales, quashed.

when his R. H. became of age, the flag Dublır, Aug. 9. We have every reason to was displayed on Bedford Tower in Dublin. hope that the calamities, under which the At noon the great guns in Phænix Park lower classes of ; cople in this kingdom have were fired, and answered by vollies from the so long pined, will be Ipeedily tuminated. regiment in garrison. In the evening a play There is every prospect that our horveit will was given by his Excellency the Ld Lieut. be early and uncommonly plene. ful; and of to the ladies ; and the night concluded with course bread, and indeed provisions of every bonfires, illuminations, and every demode fort, will be once more reduced to a reason- ftration of joy on this happy event,

Gaz. able rate.

The Mary, Capt. Stevenson, failed the INTELLIGENCE FROM SCOTLAND. firft inftant from Londonderry for Philadel The Court of Sesion in Scotland lately dephia, with upwards of 400 passengers on termined a very curious and important quero board; in the above thip were two of the tion. Mifs Gordon, a lady educated in people who went from the neighbourhood of France, and a Roman Catholic, claimed, as Manchetter last year, in order to get over to next heir, a very beneficial lease of the lands Philadelphia, under a paffport from Dr. of Auchanacby, which yields about 250l. Franklin, but were ftopi by order of the a year of clear profit. Mr. Rose Wation, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and their papers. the next Proteftant heir, brought an action, seized. It is said, that the above gentlemen infifting that Miss Gordon was not entitled are able to carry on the cotton, lilk, and to enjoy the lease without taking the formula. linen manufactures in their various branches. He founded upon AA 17 o, which declares,

On the 26th of July a proclamation was no perion professing the Popith relis issued for diffolving the Parliament of lien gion, part ihe age of fiiteen years, thall be land; and another prociamation for calling a capable to succeed as beirs to any person wbalnew Parliament to be held at Dublin on the focver, nor to brook or enjoy avy'eftate by 6th of September.

difpofition, or other conveyance, flowing A great fishing bank, off the coast of Ire

from any person to whom the said Papifts land, is said to be lately discovered about might succeed as heirs, in any manner of 45 leagues N. W. from Tory.

way, until the said heirs purge ihemselves of From Castletown, that an American vessel Popery, in mapper after-mentioned.” Mr. , under seizure there, on pretence of having a Watson contended, that by this act Papifts small part of her cargo of tobacco in pack. are prohibited from succeeding as beirs in any ages under scolb. weight, cut her cables, kind of rigbe whatfoever. Mifs Gordon, on landed twe revenue officers, hoifted her co the other hand, maintained that the flatute Jours, fired her guns to leoward, gave three was highly penal, and ought therefore to be cheers, failed out of harbour, and got cicar moft ftriélly intcipieied; that it contained oft. The captaili was left athore.

no clause prohibiting persons from succeedThe matter of a vessel arrived at Dublin ing to locks, lui only. io ftaues, which was from America, has advised the matters and the true intention of the statute. In fuprort owners of every vetlol, deftined for that of this, Nils Gordon enumerated leven of the Contirent, to provide themielves with full , many rights to which Roman Catholics are fuirs of Irish colours, as carrying more re intitled to succeed, not witi standing the lespect than those of any other European verity of the penat futes. Several of the nation. The conduct of ihe people at Balti. Judges spoke at considerable levgth, and more, where only Irish colours were lately with great ability. The Court was plcased permitted to appear, while those of England to atioilzie the defender; by which decision were ordered to be taken down, feems to Miss Gordon fucceeds to this lucrative leare, « force this expedition as a matter of ablolute of which there are about eighteen years yet necessity,

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to run.

On the 314 of July, a memorial was pre- Lordships were pleased to reftri&t the bail fenced to the Ro. Hon. Ld Provost of Edin from 10ool. Scots to 50 marks (about 15 burgh, from a number of gentlemen and guineas) upon which ihe Doctor was libea merchants, setting forth that the order of rated from prison ; but bound to take his council io che Gazette, for quarantine of 40 trial for the several offences with whick he days by all vefsels from Dantzick, Regal and was charged. See p.711. Ducal Prussia, and Pomerania, while it erinced the attention of Government to pre

PORT NEW s. vent the dreadful consequences of peftilence; From Aldborough, Suffolk, That dead bo. a the same time would be productive of dire dies and pieces of wreck have been daily ful effects relative to cargoes of foreiga thrown on fhore for some time, and that a grain; that Yuch was the fituation of the great deal of damage has been done to the city of Edinburgh and neighbourhood ; that thipping there, ard the country round, by there was not a fufficient supply of corn in the thunder and lighining. the granaries to serve there weeks; that all From Greenock, That the Fly, of North dependence was laid on the expeeted arrivals; Carolina, from Virginia, with tobacco, has the utility of which would be defeated it arrived there, being the first from the Uthe quarantine was rigidly enforced. These nited States, after a passage of 36 days. She facts were submitted to his Lordihip, who brings advice, that the continent is full of immediately requested the presence and ad goods, that fill under prime coit. vice of his Majesty's Advocate, together Whitby, July 26. A hip just arrived at with the Lords Kennel and Eskgrove, Sir this place brings the following account; John Dalrymple, Mr. Solicitor Campbell, We parted from the Marloorough and and John Davison, Esq; Agent for the Priscilla on the 8th, about 10 leagues to Crown. The result of which was that a the Westward of the Orkneys, the weather letter, ftatiog all the facts already mentioned so very thick that fometimes we could not was ordered to be iransmitted to the Rt. Hon. see three ships length, There were ten ihips Lord North, Secretary of State for the home failed, from Hoiland to Davis's Siraiis, of department, to be by him protected to his which eight got their patlage; one was loft Majetty in Provy Council, praying that such in the Straits, the people saved. A Hamrelaxation may be allowed in the discharge buagh thip was lost, and all the people peof all cargoes of foreign grain, as the dila riihed." treffed fituation of the country so loudly calls Accounts from Newalile

, Yarm, Darlingfor.

ros, Sookedley, and other piaces in the North, The attention that was paid to this ape are full of the damages done all over the plication may be gathered from the follow county of York by the thunder and light ing proclamation, published in the London ning. A brig belonging to Sunderland was Gazette of the 7ıb, ftating, that his Ma ftruck by lightning off Robin Hood's-bay ; jesty, having taken the premites intoconfide. the was split quite through the middle, and ration, is pleased, with the advice of his funk immediately. The crew laved theme Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby felves in their boat. ordered, that the quarantine at prosent fub On the 27th of July a most tremendous lifting upon all tips coming from Dantziek, form of thunder and lightning alarmed the &c. lo far as respects thips laden with corn town of Plymouib. The ilutules of lightning or grain, be taken off; and that all thips were so quick, and the claps of thunder 10 and vessels already arrived, or that may loud, ihat the most hardy were not without hereafter arrive from those places, laden their terrors. Several were beat down or with corn or grain, be permitted to diicharge crouched, some were ftrack blind for some their respective ladings without uanacking, time, and many were nightly hurt; but, exopening, er airing, and without performing cepr a sailor struck dead at the malt head of any quarantine, lubjeet, nevertheless, to the Leocadia, we hear of none killed. such regulations as are usually observed upon From Harwicb, Aug. 1. A foreign fhip Inch occafions, to secure the country from Jaden with deals was brought into this hare the effe&ts of any infc&tion.

bour by four of our fishing smacks; they Oa the 191h inftant came on to be tried found her driving in the North Sea without before the Lords of Sellion, a bill of suspen- any person on board, full of water, and her fon and liberation, at the instance of the rudder beat off. It is supposed her crew had Doted Dr. James Graham, against the Lord quitted her. Provoft and Magiftrates of Edinburgh for falfe imprisonment and exacting exorbitant ADVices from the COUNTRY. bail, when their Lordships were pleased to Amongst other effects of the lare ftorms approve the imprisonment; but to discoun. in July (lee p. 621) the steeple of Ashbours: tenance their proceedings in exacting exor. church, in Derbyshire, was demolished; as bitant bail, as they no doubt had in view was that of St. Mary's at Lei efter, which the affumed character and apparent opulence bad met with a fimilar accident in 1762,of the Doctor, whereas the Doctor was in Ac Hinckley, the house mentioned ing. reality an inferior perfon, and therefore their 531, was that used as the Roman Ca tholic

che spel

cbapel. The windows of the new Metho Ai Wbitcburch, in Hampshire, a body of dilt tabernacle were also greatly thattered by electric fire entered the porch of the Whiteanother storm in July; and the tenor bell of hart-ion, on the 21ft inft. by which'the the church received a large crack in the landlord and his wife, a maid-servant, and a crown of it, not to be aceounted for in any passenger, were all fruck down, but foon reway unless by lightning, though no trace covered, the paffenger only exeepted, whoso remains of the electric Huid's entrance or legs and thighs remained benumbed for mapassing off. Conductors have since been ny hours afterwards. It thivered the kitchplaced at many of the principal houses on a, en chimney-piece to atoms, penetrated a plan suggested by Mr. Robinson, which' wall near it two feet deep, and otherwise seems to have been lately approved by the damaged the house confiderably. London electricians, namely, by fixing, a At Winchefter the fame ftorm alarmed thick perpendicular wire at each end of the that ciry, but did no material damage. house, and connecting them by a third along Ar Liverpool, and its neighbourhood, a veothe ridge of the house. Among the extraordi- ry heavy form of thunder and lighening nay effects of the lightning at this town, happened on the 19th in ft. by which a hatits influence on veetation is not the least tock of corn was set on tire at one village, surprising. A five pear-tree (at the outside and a rick of hay at another. A cow was of a house) was totally scorched, from top killed in the neighbourhood of Walton, and to betrom, for the width of abour half a a woman ftruck dead in a cottage in Walle foot, and for some days apparently dead ; brooke-Moor; a man and child thet ttood by but hath fince put forth new thoots and were unburt. young spring leaves, with aftovilhing luxu There is no year upon record when the siance, in those parts which were scorched, lightning was to fatal in this itlaud as the and in those only.

present; our limits will not admit of half At Olney, in Buckinghamshire, on Sunday the damage done by it. the 20th of July the form of thunder and At York Aflizes a cause was tried on the lightning was the most awful ever remem ftatuic of ufury. The witness upon whose bered by the oldest inhabitant. A blaze of single testimony the action was supported lightning came down the chimney, and was a young tradesman, who underwent a Itruck Mr. Hind spegi hlets for some time. long and severe cross-exemination, when it It made its way through several parts of the appeared, that the defendant, in discounting house, and damaged the cicling.

bills, had exacted near 16 per cent. The The same day the thunder was very Jury brought in a verdict with treble costs dreadful at Norwich, and the lightning vi on the sum discounted, viz. 36col. which the vid and incessant; but no damage done in Judge willed them to re-contider, as it the city.

might be the ruin of the defendant's family, July 26. In the hamlet of Pockebrpe, a To this they agreed, and mitigated the fen. ball of fire fell on a dwelling house, and tence to 3901. palled through it without doing any material From Launcelton, that a night Mhock of as injury, but ide chimory of another house earthquake was fele there on the oth inn. was beat down. 'At Nedban, near Harler. Ai Lincoln Allizes fix persons were capita, a barn was burnt down; a man and tally convieled, viz. two for coining, three boy had but a few minutes before taken for theep Alcaling, and one for itcabioga thelier in it, who fortunately received no other hurt than one of them having his eye At Bedford Afúzes four conviéts received brows finged. A large oak tree was split at fentence of death, viz. a servant girl for wil. Sarfim, and another at St. Frisb's. A hei- fully ferring tire to some coro-stacks, by fer at Rufa!l was 'struck dead. Ac Faken which they were burnt dow; two for bami, a man-fervant going to the door to look iheep itecling; and one for horse-tealing. ar the tempeit, was suddenly heat back At Nolling bam Atrizes four were capitally wards, and remained in fenfible for some mic convietcu, viz. one for stealing a mare. ewo nutes,

for house-breaking, and one for a highway On the Tuesday following, two robbery. mowing in a field near Shaston, in Worcel At Leicefier Allizes two criminals received tershire, when the thunder came on, took sentence of deait for a highway robbery. Thelter under an elm tree, where one was AC Exeter Aflizes a young gentleman was presently ftruck dead, and the other very found guilty of counterfeiting franks, and much hurt.

received fertence of transportation for this At Arrington, in Cambridgeshire, on the same. rzth, in the afternoon, the lightning let At Worcester Aflizes seven were coudemned fre to the barn of farmer Drage, which con to die, viz. one for murder; three for theepsumed that and the adjoining out-houses. Healing: one, a woman, for shop..ittings The barn was full of corn.

one for horse-Itcaling; and pne for house It also set fire to the house of farmer breaking. Wayman, at Willing bam, by which that From Bedford, Thac on the 14th inft. a and several other houses were iet on fire. small hay-Itack iaking fire about the middle



of the day, set the whole town of Porton in volunteer settlement of the deceased. The flames, which burnt for near four and wen. execution of the deed of fertlēment appeared ty hours before it was extinguished. The to be done with all the formalities of the damage is faid to amoont' to 50,000l. very law by a very respectable attorney, who little of which was insured. There were however, could not swear to the indentity of two engines, but so much out of repair as to be the deceased, having never seen him to lais of ligleuse. Later accounts leffen the damages. knowledge before s the point then was, Whee

Fron Birmingham, That the mills at Tom. ther the deed was the ae of the uncle or of Forth, all but the corn-mill, took fire, and another who might have personated him, were burnt to the ground, but by what acci. which the defendant strongly infifted was dent is not known.

the case, but the plaintiff produced a variety More houses have lately been brokce of circumftances, some of which astonished open and robbed in Birmingham and its as well as convinced the judge and jury of the neighbourhood than has ever been known; identity of the person, and turned the cause and rewards have been issued for apprehend. clearly in his nephew's favour, who had ing the villains, but without effect.

verdi&t accordingly. The remaining eltates belonging to the From Srockbridge that some men digging York-building Company were lately fold by near Haughton river found a large piece of auction in the Parliament House at Edin lead with fome emblematical figures and an burg; conffting of

inscription, by which it is supposed to have The baropies of Callender and Falkirk been buried near 1000-years. Put op at 39,708). Sold to W.

From the inand of Jersey, that the bar. Forbes

66,500 racks there were lateiy blown up, and 21 Baronies of Almon or Haining men, one child, and a woman big with child, Por up at 8,1791. Sold to ditto for 16,600 were buried under the ruins. Ten of the Superiorities of fen and teind of

men were foon dug out alive. It wus fortge Slamanan

nate that it happened in the day time when Put up 303l. Sold for

7,410 most of the men were abroad, or a much Superiorities, &c. of Ogilface

greater pumber must have perished. No Por up at 811. Sold for

1350 one kaows by what means this accident hapFeu and Teind Duties of Carmelite pened. Friars in the town of Linlithgow

From Bristol, that on the 20th inft, a molt Put up at 791. Sold at

250 impetuous rain fell there, acccompanied with Eftares of Fingalk and Kinaird

the most tremendous claps of thunder that Put ar 12.007. Sold to the heir, at 12,00? ever was remembered by the oldeft man Lands of Clerkhilt

living. A ball of fire fell upon an empty Put up at 25201. Sold at

nouse, which thattered the roofing, and reLalids of Dowme Hills

veral other houses were damaged, but no Put up at zich. Sold to che heir, ac 720 lives loft.

From Sclisbury, that a violeat form of

102,537 thunder and lightning, attended with a de At alizes held at Sarubamplon, one Charles lage of rain, happened there on the 214 Larford was found guilty of murder, on the inftant. The raio fell rather in a sheer of gth inftant, and was ordered for execution warer than in drops, but extended but a very on Monday the Inth, but the Judge being little way from the city. fold that the executioner was employed in his At the affizes at Bury a cause came on to duty at Winchester aflizes, the excution was be tried on the Nifi Prius fide, which drew respired for a few days. In the mean time the country together to hear the particulars. fome circumstances came out in the man's A Miss R-n, of Beccies, was plaintiff

, and lavour, that gave rise to an application to the a Mrs. Ron, defendant. The action was Judge for a further respite, which was grante brought for defamation, and the damages ed, and it is supposed the man will be par laid at 1000l. as the plaintiff pleaded that doned.

her marriage with Mr. L-e, a young cler Ar Salisbury allizes ten criminals received gyman, had been prevented by the defama. fentence of death; one fur robbing the Brittol tory words spoken by the defendant. The

mail; woman for the murder of her base words proved in Court wese, “that the [the tard child; three for highway robberies; plaintiff ) was a wh-re, and, if neceßary, two for burglary; two for horse-stealing the defendant could prove it." Mr. L-e, and one for house-breaking.

who boarded with the defendant, was the At the afhzes for the county of Berks chief evidence for the prosecution, He . very critical cause came on to he tried owned his promise of marriage, which he on the NiG Prius fide. It was an ejestment would have fulfilled if the defendang, would brought by John Gregory against Philip have owned hertelf in the wroog and recante Mayne, for the recovery of an eftate held by ed. A gentleman appeared to the credit of Mayne, under the will of the testator the plaintiff. And on the part of the deFrancis Gregory, uncle to the claimant, sendint, a young lurgeon, ha deposed shat which eftare Gregory claimed under a prior at a time when he was iacimate with the



witness, I-, the conversation had often in objection to the decision' upon his cafe ! zarned upon his intimacy with Miss R-n; He presented a paper nearly to the followand that he had always declared to him he ing effe&t, which, on account of the exnever meant to marry her. The jury, after treme foreness of his throat, was read by being out some time, brought in a verdict Mr. Reynolds, the Clerk of the Arraigns: for the plaintiff, with gol, damages. “ I dare not challenge the justice of my vor

At Croydon aflizes for the county of Surrey, diet: I am, however, conscious of my in. the trial of a man and woman for throwing nocence; and I hope that my life will be a failor out of a window in Mini-Street, by preserved by the royal clemency of my love which his skull was fractured (see p. 747.) reigo, on whole bounty it has long subwhen the fact being proved they were both fifted." Mr. Harrison then ftated the nafound guilty.-The woman appeared to be a. ture of the offence, observing, that the guilt molt abandoned prostitute, and after the of the prisoner being declared by a Jury of judge had pronounced fentence, the man his countrymen, it was no longer to be dirturned to her, and said, “Now you see what puted. He next adverted to the circum. you have brought me to !" At the above stances of the ease, and the fituation of the aflize nine other criminals were capitaily criminal, remarking, that the forgery had convicted, viz. (two young midihipmen) for been carried on with chat ingeovity and art a foot-pad robbery, as were four others for which were moft dangerous, as tending to elike offences, one for horse-tealing, one for lude the probability of detection. The priHealing plate, and one for the highway. soner, he said, had obtained credit with his

At the asfizes at Nequcastle came on the fellow-citizens, and unjuftly made use of it trial of Dr. Scutt, indicted on the Black Act, for the purposes of deccit. . While the exfor Thooting at a man who was hired to dodge tent of his abilities, as an artist, was on the him and his company wherever they went a one hand a subject of admiration ; on the sporting. It appeared upon the trial, that other, by the ill use he had applied them to, the Do&tor Authed a woodcock and thot at it, it became a matter of regret. To support that the man was at the distance of 87 yards; credit, and continue the circulation of paper, that he was unhurt, and untouched, and such offences must be necessarily punished that the whole was a mot malicious prose with death. He recommended to the pricution, and the Judge ordered the Doctor a soner the cultivation of a truly penitential copy of his indictment. See p: 537.

disposition, as the best and only means of At Exeter aflizes 23 criminals were capi obtaining favour at the bar of Heaven; and tally convicted; of whom two were for then pronounced the usual sentence, which murder; 13 for highway robberies; 7 for was received by Mr. Ryland with great theep-stealing; and one for house-breaking. fortitude and composure. Mr. Ryland being

From Halifax, that Thoma: Spencer and removed, the other convicts (twelve in numMark Sallowfall, two of the ring-leaders of ber) were brought to the bar, and asked the the late riots, (lec p. 531) were execured on Ofual queftions. Three of them fell on Beacon-hill near ihat town, on a gallows their knees, and solicited mercy; one or erected for that purpose. Spencer was about two asserted their innocence; and the rest 56 years of age, had been in the army, and tacitly acquiesced in the justice of their fewas a penfioner on Chelsea college. Sallow veral sentences. ftall was a fout young man, only 19 years The convicts were, Thomas Burges, for a of age, and lately disbanded from the army. footpad robbery : John Edwards, for forg

ing a sailor's will and power, with intent to DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. cheat him of his prize-money William FRIDAY, Augufti.

Sinith, alias Leveridge, Edward Elson, WilThis day the following taxes took place : liam Strong, Jacob Ringrove Arkinfoil, and An additional iax [double] on inland bills George Gahagen, for highway-robberies ; of exchange, &c.

James Brown, alias Oatley, for house-break An additional tax of one penny a-mile on ing; William Harper, for horse-1tealing; ftage-coaches, diligences, &c.

James Rivers, alias Davis, for a robbery in An additional tax [double] on receipts á dwelling-house; and John Lloyd, for a for legacies, probats of wills, bonds, &cs like offence.

According to annual cuftom, fix young The light of so many unhappy men, who, Watermen rowed for Dogget's coat and by their crimes, had forfeised their lives to badge. The weather being fine, the specta the laws of justice and of their country, actors were innumerable.

companied by the serious admonitions adSaturday 2.

drefled to them, was truly awful. Closed a very long and fariguing festion at Lloyd, who had made a practice of robe the Old Bailey, which commenced on the bing houses, as mentioned p. 625, was after 23d of July last. The first business Mr. a long trial found guilty. In his defence he Harrison, who acted for the Recorder, en endeavoured to throw the blame on the tered upon, was to pass sentence on Mr. Ry maid who was the cause of his commitment, land. The prifoner being brought up, was but that only aggravated his crime, and arkiedy in the usual foran, what he had to lay tended to his conviction,


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