Narrative Syntax and the Hebrew Bible: Papers of the Tilburg Conference 1996

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E. J. Van Wolde
BRILL, 2002. jan. 1. - 269 oldal
For centuries the Hebrew Bible had been the province of Jewish scholars. Christian interpreters focused instead on the Latin. But with the advent of the Reformation came a resurgence of interest in the original languages of Scripture. Christian scholars brought to the task a certain understanding of grammar not shared by earlier Jewish interpreters, whose interest in Hebrew waned as concern with the living tradition of rabbinic Judaism waxed. Largely European preoccupation with the form of words, their history, and their relationship to other words prevailed for centuries, and the narrative itself, the syntax of language, languished. Questions of how words and sentences communicate were not asked. New interest in linguistics, the explosion of translations of the Scriptures, and growing discontent with historical-critical methods led scholarship to rethink many of its approaches, including its approach to the study of language. This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

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Linguistic Motivation and Biblical Exegesis
The Indicative System of the Biblical Hebrew Verb and
Meaning and Use of the Tenses in 1 Samuel 1
A Hierarchy of Clauses in Biblical Hebrew Narrative
Clause Types Textual Hierarchy Translation
A Critical Analysis of Narrative Syntactic Approaches with
Text Linguistics and the Structure
Narrative Syntax of Exodus 1924
The Alleged Final Function of the Biblical Hebrew Syntagm
Notes on the Use of Hebrew Tenses
Index of Biblical Texts

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Ellen van Wolde is Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Hebrew at the Tilburg University. She has published on literary and linguistic methodology and semiotics, and on Genesis, Ruth and Job, including Words become Worlds. Semantic Studies of Genesis (Brill, 1994).

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