Beispielsammlung zur Theorie und Literatur der Schönen Wissenschaften, 7. kötet

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495. oldal - Is this a dagger, which I fee before me. The handle toward my hand ? Come, let me clutch thee. — I have thee not ; and yet I fee thee ftill. Art thou not, fatal vifion, fenfible To feeling as to fight ? or art thou but A dagger of the mind ? a falfe creation, Proceeding from the
498. oldal - done; Look on't again; I dare not. Lady M. Infirm of purpofe ! Give me the daggers : The fleeping, and the dead, Are but as pictures: 'tis the eye of childhood That fears a painted devil. If he do bleed, I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal, For it muft feem their
494. oldal - fo convince, That memory, the warder of the brain, Shall be a fume, and the receipt of reafon, A limbeck only: When in fwinifh fleep Their drenched natures lie, as in a death, What cannot you and I perform upon The unguarded Duncan? 'what not put upon His
498. oldal - Will all great Neptune's ocean wafh this blood Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather The multitudinous feas incarnardine, Making the green one, red. Re-enter Lady MACBETH. Lady M. My hands are of your colour; but I
495. oldal - I was to ufe. Mine eyes are made the fools o'the other fenfes, Or elfe worth all the reft; I fee thee ftill; And on thy blade, and dudgeon, gouts of blood, Which was not fo before. — There's no fuch thing: It is the bloody bufinefs, which informs Thus to mine eyes. — Now o'er the one half world Nature
492. oldal - or heaven's cherubin, hors'd Upon the fightlefs couriers of the air, Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye, That tears fliall drown the wind. — I have no fpur To prick the fides of
494. oldal - and clamour roar Upon his death. Macb. I'm fettled and bend up Each corporal agent to this terrible feat. Away, and mock the time with faireft fhow; Falfe face muft hide what the falfe heart doth know.
493. oldal - now. Does unmake you. I have given fuck; and know, How tender 'tis, to love the babe that milks me : I would, while it was
498. oldal - To wear a heart fo white. (Knock) I hear a knocking At the fouth entry: — retire we to our chamber: A little water clears us of this deed
532. oldal - and Belvidera together. Have a care, Mem'ry , drive that thought no farther; No, I'll efteem it as a friend's laft legacy, Treafure it up within this wretched bofom, Where it may grow acquainted with my heart, That when they meet, they ftart not from each other. So; now for thinking: a blow, call'd traitor, villain, Coward

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