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Stationers' Company, 1843

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378. oldal - An Act to abridge the holding of Benefices in Plurality, and to make better Provision for the Residence of the Clergy...
246. oldal - Account of all GOODS, the Produce of the EAST INDIES and CHINA, imported into GREAT BRITAIN...
188. oldal - 32. 176; account of the terminable annuities, and the periods at which they will expire, '32. 176; account of the state of the public funded debt of the United Kingdom on 5th Jan.
188. oldal - Abstract of the net produce of the revenue of Great Britain, in the years and quarters ended 10th October, 1825 and 1826, showing the increase or decrease on each head thereof: Years ended 10th Oct.
318. oldal - An Act to amend an act of the twentieth year of his majesty king George the second, for the relief and support of sick, maimed, and disabled seamen, and the widows and children of such as shall be killed, slain, or drowned in the merchant service ; and for other purposes.
318. oldal - An Act to amend and consolidate the laws relating to the Merchant Seamen of the United Kingdom, and for forming and maintaining a Register of all the Men engaged in that service...
182. oldal - ACCOUNT of the Official Value of BRITISH and IRISH PRODUCE and MANUFACTURES, and of FOREIGN and COLONIAL PRODUCE and MANUFACTURES, Exported from...
248. oldal - Account of the Official Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures, and of Foreign and Colonial Produce and Manufactures, Exported from...
179. oldal - Acts as authorizes the issuing any sums of money out of the consolidated fund, for the encouragement of the raising or dressing hemp or flax. XV. An Act to regulate the office of the receipt of his majesty's Exchequer at Westminster.
182. oldal - Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures Exported from the United Kingdom, specifying the various Countries to which the same were Exported, in each of the following Years : — COUNTRIES.

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