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POETICAL compositions, it will readily be ad.

mitted, are of a very antient original; and very early fpecimens of this kind of writing are yet to be found on record, both in sacred * and profane story.Writings in poely have many peculiar excellencies in them, and particular advantages attending them : and when men, endued with poetical talents, employ them on subjects of real importance, the sparkling and flowery images, the magnificent and lofty expreslions, and the striking figures and retorical embellishments, add such a native grandeur, dignity, and majelty to the subject, that the mind is not only truly elevated, the attention gained, the affections moved, and devotion excited; but the memory is gradually prepared to retain and be benefited by them, on account of the beautiful and elegant manner in which the various topics are elucidated.

See the Song of Moses at the Red Sca, Exod. xv. 1,- 21. Tsis Song is the most antient and fublime piece of poetry in the world: the images are natural; the arangement of its ideas is beautiful; and the strain of piety which breathes through the whole, is truly evangelical.

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