The Cruise of the Widgeon: 700 Miles in a Ten-ton Yawl, from Swanage to Hamburg

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Hunt, 1876 - 268 oldal

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142. oldal - The wind increases. See that great wave which is coming to break against our vessel. I fear we shall have a storm: the sky is very dark towards the west. So far the wind is favourable, and the ship sails well. But the sea is very rough; the waves are very high: the rolling of the vessel makes me sick ; I have got a headache.
141. oldal - My wife wants a gold chain, a pearl necklace, ear-riugs, bracelets, and a watch set with diamonds; but she will come and choose them herself. I will do all I can to suit her taste. In the mean time I beg you to present my respects to her. A lady at her toilet (see p. 180.) Clean that looking-glass a little, it is quite dull. I look very ill this morning; I did not sleep well last night.
142. oldal - Gentlemen, they are going to sail and are only waiting for you. Come; we are ready: take these two portmanteaus. Get into the boat, Gentlemen; take care not to hurt yourselves. I think the sea is very rough. The vessel is a great way out ; and, if a gale of wind come on, the boat might upset before we could reach her. There is no danger.
65. oldal - The fortifications were demolished in 1865, and have been converted into promenades. Since then many fine buildings have been erected along the beach. The main street of the town is the Bue de la Chapelle (PI.

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