formed superintendent of the Choctaw schools in Mississippi, a gentlemen who speaks the Choctaw language fluently, means pond lilly.' The Choctaw words for "pond lily" are Haiyip (pond) Ŏkpúl (lily).


Pasgagoula, Original, Pus-ka-ok-la, people having bread. A town in Jackson county, Mississippi.

Solgohachia, a town in Arkansas. Original, Sok-kohuch-cha, Muscadine river.


Panola. Original, Po-no-la, cotton; the name of a countyin north Mississippi.

Pachuta. Original, Pa-sho-hah, to handle, a town' in Perry county, Mississippi.


Piache. Original, Pi-e-shih, to care for us, the name of an ancient Choctaw town which De Soto passed through in October, 1540.

Puchcheyanshoba. Original, Pu-chi-yo-shu-bah, pigeon to be lost-Strayed Pigeon, ancient Choctaw village.

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Pantotoc. Original, Pa-ki-tak-oh-lih, grapes hung upHanging Grapes, the name of a town in north Mississippi.

Seneasha. Original, Si-nih-ai-an-ta, sycamore abound, the name of a little branch in Mississippi,

Shetimasha. Original, Shit-til-e-mab-ai-a-shah, Habitation of the disdainful. The Shittilemahaiasbah Indians of St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana, are evidently a remanent of an ancient Choctaw Iksa (clan), a few feeble sparks still lingering in the ashes of their exterminated Iksa.

Senatobia. Original, Sin-ih-toh-bih-a, My white sycamore. The name of a town in Tate county, Mississippi. Shubuta. Original, Sho-bo-tah, Smoking. A little town in Clarke county, Mississippi.

Siboglahatcha. Original, Is-su-ba-ok-la-hu-cha, Horse river people i. e. People living on horse river. A creek and town in Calhoun county, Mississippi.

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Suqualak. Original, Shau-wa-lah, widely branching. A town in Noxubee county, Mississippi. The name also of a small creek emptying into Noxubee near the great ball play ground, upon which, in 1790, was fought the great battle before mentioned.

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Sukatanche. Original, Shuk-ha ne-a-chih, fattened hogs; i. e., the place where hogs fatten. A large creek in north Mississippi and town in Kemper county, Mississippi.

Tangipahoa. Original, Tun-chi-pa-sho-hab, corn handled-where corn was bought and sold.

Tallula. Original, Ta-lo-ho ah, continually singing. The name of the falls of a river in Georgia, said to be 536 feet. Talluhab. Original, Tal-lu-haḥ, a bell. A town in Lou


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Tuskogee. Original, Tush-ka-ko-cha, weather warrior, i. e., a warrior who foretells the weather.

Tallasha. Original, Ta-la-ai-ar-sha, Palmetto abound. The place of palmettoes.

Toonisuba. Original, To-no-lihis-su-ba, rolling horse. A place in Mississippi.

Talletuluck. Original, Ta-le-tul-i, Palmetto rock, Palmetto by a rock. A town in Kemper county Mississippi.

Tacaleeche. Original, Tak-a-li-chib, to put down, town in Benton county Mississippi. Town and river in Panola county Mississippi.

Tullahoma. Original, Tul-i-hum-ma, red stone, rock or iron. Town in Jones county Mississippi.

Wantubbee. Original, Ai-an-ta-ub-ih, To be at and kill. A little place in Mississippi.

Winona, Original, Wa-ton-la, A crane. A town in Mississippi.

Yakanookane. Original, Yak-ni-nak-ish-wa-na, Cat fish land. A creek in Oktibbehaw county, Mississippi..

Yoconapatawfa. Original, Yak-ni-pa-tuf-fih, Land


Waupanuckee. Original, Wak-chah-nu-sih, To sleep wide a part. A town in the present Chickasaw Nation. . Tallula. Original, Til-oh-lih, to break off. A town in Issaquena county, Mississippi.

Issaquena. Original, Is-si-ok-hena, deer branch. A town in Mississippi.

Tillitoba. Original, Tul-i-toh-bi, gray rock. A town in Yalobusha county, Mississippi.

Taloeah. Original, Ta lo ah-i-ah, to go singing. A town in Marion county, Mississippi.

Tamolah. Original, Ta mo-ah, lost. A town in Kemper county, Mississippi.

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Tallase. Original, Tul-li-ai-sha, rocks abound. cient Choctaw village which De Soto visited in 1540.

Toccopola. Original, Tosh-bo-ko li, mouse colored. A town in LaFayette county, Mississippi.

Toomsuba. Original,, Ta-is-su-ba, because or in as much as a horse. A town in Lauderdale county, Mississippi. Topisaw. Original, Tah-pi-sah, to see now. A town in Pike county, Mississippi

Talawah: Original, Ta-lo ah, singing... A town in Marion county, Mississippi.

Tubby. Original, Ub-ih, to kill. A town in Itawamba county, Mississippi.

Tooanoowe. Original, To-mib-no-wa, walking in the sunshine. The nephew of Tumoachi.

Tamoachih. Original, Tum o a-chi, you lost. Chief of the Yamacaws, with whom Oglethorpe established a never violated treaty.

Yamacaw. Original, Yum-mak-ka-sha-pah, That one to be a part. The name of an ancient clan of Choctaws at the time Oglethorpe founded Savannah, Georgia, February 1st, 1733.

Tuscola. Original, Tah-ok-la, Now a people. A town in Leake county, Mississippi.

Chickasaw bogue. Original, Chik-a-sah-bok, Chickasaw creek. Town in Mobile county, Alabama.

Choccolocco. Original, Chuk-cho-sok-koh, Thick maple or maple grove. Town in Calhoun county, Alabama.

Choctawhatchie. Original, Chah-tah-huch-cha, Choctaw river. Town in Henry county, Alabama.

Senauki. Original, Kin-nak-li, Limping. Tumoachi,

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Clayhatchie. Original, Chash-ah-huch-cha, Rattling or rippling river. Town in Dale county, Alabama.

Enitachopco. Original, E-nit-tak ok chah, we awaken at day. A town in Clay county Alabama.


Looxapalia. Original, Luk-si-ok pul-a lih, swiming terrapin. A town' and creek in Lamar county Alabama.


Loachapoha. Original, Lau-a-chih-fo-hah, making many to rest. Town in Lee county Alabama.

Talladega. Original, Tal-a-ti-hah, pulled up palmetto. Town and county in Alabama.

Tallahatta. Original, Tal-a-hut-a, standing palmetto.. A town in Clark county, Alabama..

Tallassahatchee. Original, Tal-a-sa-huch-cha, I am the palmetto river. A town in Calhoun county, Alabama.


Tallula. Original, Tul-u-la, a bell. A town in Fayette county, Alabama, i ty.

Talucah. Original, Ta-lo-ah, singing. A town in Morgan county, Alabama.

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Tallapoosa. Original, Tul-i-po-shi, Iron dust. A county in Alabama.

Tuscahoma. Original, Tush-ka-hum-ma, red warrior." A town in Choctaw county Alabama..

Tuscaloosa. Original, Tush-ka-lu-sa, black warrior. A town and county in Alabama.

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Tuscumbia. Original, Tush-ka-um-ba chi, rainmaker warrior. A town in Colbert county, Alabama. Name of an ancient Chickasaw chief renowned as a medicine war chief' and contemporary with: the famous Chickasaw chief, John Colbert. edit into y andrew the * 1 78 ia



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Da tid, ente Original, Lau-a-chu-la, many foxes. A town in De Soto county, Florida.



Chuluota. Original, Chu-la-an-tah, a fox stays-where foxes abound. A town in Orange county, Florida.

Oktahatchee. Original, Ok-tak-huch-cha, Prairie river. A town in Hamilton county, Florida.

Oclawaha. Original, O-ka-lau-a-ha, Many times water. Town in Lake county, Florida. That is, in riding over the country your way is obstructed by lakes, lagoons and ponds. Chattahoochee. Original, Chuk-lih-huch-cha, Rapid river. A town in Fulton county, Georgia, and river in Georgia. Chenubee. Original, Chi-a-ub-ih, You kill. Town in Webster county, Georgia.

Chokee. Original, Cho-ki, A martin, Town in Lee county, Georgia.

Ossahutchee. Original, Os-si-huch-cha, Eagle river. A town in Harris county Georgia. A river upon which eagles


Sallacoa. Original, Sa-la-ko-fah, I made a notch. A town in Cherokee county, Georgia.

Chinchuba. Original, Chin-is-su-ba, thy horse. Town in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

Chepola. Original, Che-pu-li, Town. Helena Parish, Louisiana. The name given by the ancient Choctaws to a favorite dance, the termination of a protracted feast and general good time.

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Chacahoula. Original, Chit-oh-hul-wa, large soft shell turtle. A town in Terre Bonne, Louisiana.

Coushatta. Original, Kau-ah-shak-ba, broken arm. A town in Red River Parish, Lousiana.

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Hitchiti. Original, Hish-i-it-ih, hair mouth-whiskers. An ancient Choctaw clan. A remnant of which are now living among the Creeks, Indian Territory; they did not move in 1832 with the Choctaws, but remained east of the Mississippi river, until the exodus of the Creeks and came with them, and with whom they have still remained.

Professor Campbell, of the Presbyterian College, Montreal, believes that he has found the key to the Hittite (of Biblical fame) inscriptions, and has sent the result of his investigation to the Society of Biblical Archæology. It is said that the most striking and important fre of this work is the identity established by Professor Campoell, as he believes, between the Aztecs and the Hittites. He concludes a statement of his discovery in the Montreal Witness, as follows: "It is interesting to know that we have on this continent the remains of a people who played a great part in

ancient history. It is also gratifying to learn that by the establishment of the Hittite origin of the Aztecs, evolutions in philology and ethnology will receive its death blow."

Now, if the Aztecs be of Hittite origin, and the Choctaws and Chickasaws of Aztec origin, of which there is more than a probability-if their ancient legends and traditions are reliable-may not the Choctaw words Hishih itih (the name of one of their ancient Iksas) be itself a corruption of the Hittite, and not only confirming their eastern traditional migration in the years of ages passed, but also pointing back even to a Hittite origin?

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