SUPPLIES granted by Parliament for

the Year 1799.


November 27, 1798.
That 120,000 seamen be employed, including 20,000

For wages for ditto

2.886.000 0 0 For victuals for ditto

2,96 4,000 00 For wear and tear of hips in which they are to lerve, 4,680,000 Ön For ordnance fea-service on board such ships

390,000 0 0 December 3. For the ordinary of the navy, including half-pay to fea and marine officers

729,063 87 For buildings and repairs of ships, and other extra works 693,750 00

June 25, 1799.
For the expense of the transport-lervice, and for the
maintenance of prisoners of war in health

1,311,200 0 0

£ 13,654,013 6 7

1,977,253 710


December 3, 1798.
That 52,051 men be employed for land-service, includ-

ing 5,766 invaliis.
For guards, garrisons, and other land-forces, in Great

Britain, Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney, and in

For forces in the plantations, including Gibraltar,

Portugal, the Cape of Good Hope, those on special
'services, and a corps of foot in New South Wales
For difference between the British and Irish pay of

fix regiments of foot for lervice abroad
For four troops of dragoons, and twenty companies


861,653 10 3

42,901 190

of foot, ftationed in Great Britain, for recruiting regiments serving in East India

29,124 3 4

For recruiting and contingencies for land-forces, and £ છે. તે extra feed for the cavalry

185,000 0 For general and ftaff-officers, and officers of hospitals.

114,144 5 5 For full pay to supernumerary officers

41,741 16 0 For allowances to the paymaster-general of the forces, , commissary-general of the mufters, &c. &c.

123,006 13 3 For the increaled rates of subsistence to be paid to innkeepers, and others, on quartering foldiers

220,000 0 0 For reduced officers of land-forces and marines

169,3797 L For allowances to reduced horse guards .

20 12 11 On account of officers late in the service of the statesgeneral

1,000 0 0 Dito -.. of reduced officers of British American forces

52,500 0 0 For allowances to several reduced officers of ditto

7,500 0 0 For the in and out-penfioners of Chelsea hospital, and the expenses of the hospital

142,688 11 3 For penfions to widows of commissioned officers .

18,591 3 3 For expenses expected 10 be incurred in the barrackmaster-general's department

622,478 0 0 For foreign corps in the service of Great Britain

173,735 18 7

June 25, 1799.
To defray the extraordinary services of the army for


2,500,000 0 0

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£ 7,277,319 8



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December 3, 1798.
For the embodied militia of Great Britain, the royal

corps of miners of Cornwall and Devon, and several

corps of fencible infantry For contingencies for the embodied militia, and corps

of fencible infantry For clothing for the embodied militia, and corps of

miners Por corps of fencible cavalry For extra feed for ditto

For the embodied provisional cavalry ! For the volunteer corps of cavalry and infantry

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June 13, 1799.
Making provision for pay and clothing of the militia.

for allowances to fubaltero officers of the
militia, in time of peace.

£ 4,532,434 19





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Mareh ui, 1799.
That his majesty be enabled to grant a yearly sum, out

of the consolidated fund, not exceeding 12,0001. to

prince Edward Ditto to prince Erneft Auguftus

150,000 0 0

March 16.
For his majesty's secret service abroach
For relief of the suffering clergy and laity of France,

Toulonele emigrants, and American loyalists
For alfisting the Levant company in carrying on their


226,000 0 0

5,000 0 0

April 18.
For printing the journals, &c. of the houfe of con-

mons, in 1798, orer and above the estimated fumi
Đitto, for the year 17.99
For retraying the charge of the fuperintendance of


2,773 150 8,000 0 0

7,819 00



For discharging the balance due on account of the ex. £ penses of the mint, for 1798

25,307 6 1 For defraying the extraordinary expenses incurred for

prosecutions relating to the coin, in 1797, over and above the estimated sum

234 17 6 Ditto, in the year 1798

1,607 9 For defraying the expenses of convicts at home, in 1798, over and above the estimated sum

971 0 7록 Ditto, for the year 1799

35,923 15 4 For the board of agriculture

3,000 0 0 For support of the veterinary college

1,500 0 For repairing the parish church of St. Margaret, West minster

6,721 0


May 9.
To defray the sums which the commissioners, under

the American treaty, have awarded to be paid by
the British government; and the expenses attend-

ing the faid commission To make good money issued pursuant to addresses

[blocks in formation]


June 8.
Towards enabling his majesty to make good such en-

gagements with the emperor of Russia, as may be
best adapted to the exigency of affairs

825,000 0 0 To make good the deficiency of the consolidated fund,

on the 5th of January and 5th of July, 1797 699,043 11 2 To complete the supplies granted for 1797

35,990 9 To make good the sums paid for discount on prompt

payments of the loan and lottery granted for 1798 211,791 2 To discharge bills to be drawn from New South Wales, and which may become due in 1799

20,000 0




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June 13.
To make good money paid to the bank; for receiving

contributions to the loan and lottery for 1798
Ditto, the deficiency of the grants for 1798
Ditto, the charges of preparing and drawing the lot-

tery for 1798 Ditto, money issued for secret service abroad, above

the sum granted in the last session Ditto, for payment of expenses arisen from the execu

tion of ihe alien-act, ditto Ditto, for the purchase of an instrument for measuring

altitudes, &c. for the commiffioners appointed to

ascertain the situation of St. Croix Ditto, to fundry officers of the house of commons, for

, attendance on committees


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4,214 12 0

897 6 0

961 15 6

2,762 15

599 126

819 16 S 412 9 10

7,378 30

1,437 6

Ditto, for purchase of the old goal in the county of 'Surrey, for the purpose of converting the same into

a court and prison for the Varfulsea Ditto, for making up and publishing weekly, returns

of the average price of sugar Ditto, to Mr. Baldwin, for his attendance in the house

of peers, on the trial of Mr. Hastings Ditto, for allowances and salaries to auditional clerks

in the olice of the commiflioners for auditing the

public' accounts Ditto, for disbursements on account of the settlement

at New South Wales Ditto, for expenses of altciations at the house of the

spcaker Ditto, for expenses attending the parliament-oilice i Ditto, for the purchase of a house, for an offre of cne

of the secreiaries of fiate Ditto, to pay the expenfe of the police office in Wap

ping Ditto, to defray extraordinary expenses of prosecutions

relating to the coin Ditto, for completing the indeses to the rolls of par

liament, and to tlic journals of the house of lords Ditto, for making a furvey of the Ife of Dogs, and

several plavis- and eli imates of docks, and other works, and for executing copper-plates of the plans

thereof Ditto, for salaries to officers, and incidental expenses

of the commission for reducing the national debt Ditto, for incidental expenses attending the execution

of the act for sale of the land-tax Ditto, for a clerk employed on various businesses and

references relative to American claims For the works and repairs of the military ruads and

bridges in North Britain For fupporting the Britih forts and settlements on the

coaft of Africa To enable his majesty to purchase the collection of * natural history belonging to the late Dr. Jolin Hun

ter, for the use of the public

300 00

1,955 18

411 39

1,731 16 0

600 0 0

121 1! (

4,000 0 0

20,000 0

15,000 0

June 25.

To enable his majesiy tez male remillances, to be ap

plied to his service in Ireland, on provision being
made by the parliament of that kingdom, for de-
fraying the intercli and charges of a loan to that

3,000,000 0 0


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