Berkeley, and John Thomas Duck. March ist. George-John, earl worth, esq. appointed Aag-officers of Spencer, created a knight of the the fleet.

garter. 19th. Ralph lord Lavingdon, of 6th. John Bodenham, efq. of the kingdom of Ireland, K. B. to Discord, to Be Meriff of the county be captain-general and governor in of Radnor. chief in and over the illands of Nevis, 13th. Lord Hawkesbury, sworn St. Christopher, Montserrat, Anti- of his majesty's most houourable gua, Barbuda, Anquilla, and all privy council. other countries and plantations in James Durno, esq. of Atrochie, America, commonly called or known latc conful at Memel, knighted. by the name of the Charibee islands 19ih. Staff. Major Alexander vice major general C. Leigh. Stewart, of the 2d foot, to be

Staff. Capt. James Muter, of quarter-master-general to the forces the 42d foot, to be major of bri- ferving in Minorca, with the rank gade to the forces in the island of of lieutenant-colonel in the army. Minorca : capt. Richard Pigott, of Hospital staff. ----Moore, M. Đ.

- , the 14th light dragoons, to be ma. acting inspector of hospitals, to be jor of brigade to the said forces. inspector of hospitals in Portugal.

Hon. George Napier, appointed Garrilon. Moodic, D. D. to be examinator and comptroller of army chaplain of the garrison of Stirling accounts in Ireland.

castle, 25th. George Granville Levefon 26th. Rev. George William LuGower (comnionly called earl Gow- kin, L. L. D. and prebendary of er), called to the house of peers, by Westminster, to be dean of Wells, the title of baron Gower, of Sitten-, and the reverend Thomas Causton, ham, in the county of York. to be a prebendary of Westminfter.

26th. Frederick, earl of Carlile, soth. George Canning, esq. apappointed lord-lieutenant and custos pointed one of the commissioners rotulorum of the East-riding of the for managing the affairs of India. county of York, and of the town April 3d. Sir George Yonge, and county of Kingston - upon- bart. K. B. took the oaths on be Hull, vice the duke of Leeds, de- ing appointed governor and comceased.

mander-in-chief of the Cape of Staff. Brevet major William Good Hope. Lumsden, of the 55th foot, to be 9th. Brevet. To be colonels in Inajor of brigade to the forces, in the army, and to take rank as such the island of Guernsey, vice Don- so long only as their respective regirellan, who resigns. James Laugh-ments thall remain embodied for nan, efg. to be commissary of mufters actual service; col. John Kemys to the forces in the East Indies, vice Tynte, of the West Somersetshire Strachey resigned. Richard Yeld- militia; col. John Strode, of the ham, esq. to be commiffary of muf- East Somerfeithire militia; col. ters to ihe forces on the coast of John Colby, of the royal PemCoromandel. Garrison. major ge- brokeshire militia. neral Thomas Murray, to be lieita 13th. The earl of Elgin, to be his teuant-governor of the garrison of majesty's ambassador extraordinary

at the Sublime Porte.





Thomas Jackson, esq. to be mi- highness the duke of Kent, appointe nister-plenipotentiary to the king of ed a general in the army. Sardinia.

14th. Philip Lybbe Powys, jun. James Talbot, esq. to be secretary esq. appointed clerk of the checque of legation at the court of Stock to the band of gentlemen-pensionholm

Justinian Casamajor, esq. to be 17th. His royal highness gen. secretary of legation at the court of Edward duke of Kent, K. G. to be Petersburg

general and commander-in-chief of Anthony Merry, esq. to be consul his majesty's forces in North Amegeneral in the dominions of the kings rica. of- Denmark, Sweden, and Prul- 29th. David Rae, esq. of Ek fia.

grove, one of the lords of session, 16th. Staff. Col. John Scerret, of and a senator of the college of julthe late 7th West India regiment, tice, appointed his majesty's justice to be brigadier-general to the forces clerk in Scotland. in the island of Newfoundland. June 4th. Staff Colonel George Capt. John Lawrenson, of the 18th Moncrieffe, of the 90th foot, to be light-dragoons, to be major of bri- brigadier-general to the forces fergade in North Britain.

ving in the Mediterranean only. Ma23d. His royal highness princejor Kenneth Mackenzie, of the 90th Edward, created duke of Kent, and foot, to be deputy adjutant-general of Strathern, in the kingdom of to the said forces, with the rank of Great Britain, and earl of Dublin, lieutenant-colonel in the army. Ma. in the kingdom of Ireland.

jor John Duncan, of the royal artilHis royal highness prince Ernest lery, to be deputy quarter-master Augustus, created duke of Cum- general to the laid forces, with the berland, and of Teviotdale, in the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the kingdom of Great Britain, and earl army. Serjeant J. Mitchell, from of Armaglı

, in the kingdom of Ire- the 2d battalion royals, to be pro• land.

vost-marsal to the said forces. 23d. Staff. Col. the hon. Coch- 5th. Their royal highnesses the rane Johnstone, of the 8th West In- dukes of Kent and Cumberland, dia regiment, to be brigadier-gene. sworn of his majesty's privy-counral in the Leeward Inands only. cil.

May 3d. John Harrison, efq.to be 11th. Francis Drake, esq. to be one of the commissioners for victu- his majesty's envoy-extraordinary to alling the royal navy.

the Elector-Palatine, and minifter 10th. Thomas Hayward, esquire, to the diet at Ratisbon. knighted.

14th. Staff. Lieutenant-colonel The earl of Leven and Melvill, Thomas Brownrigg, of the 3d foot, appointed his majesty's high com- to be deputy quartermaster-general millioner to the general allembly of in Ireland. 'Lieut. col. Quin John the church of Scotland.

Freeman, to be deputy barrack William Macleod Bannatyne, master-general in Ireland. esq. appointed one of the lords of 22d. Claud Irvine Boswell, esą. feflion in Scotland.

appointed one of the lords of feffion 10th. Licut. general his royal in Scotland, and Neil Ferguson, esq. advocate, to be theriff-depute of the garrison of Portsmouth, vice Fife and Kinross.


Murray, refigned. Captain Flay26th. Christopher Pegge, M. D. lett Framingham, of the royal arreader of anatomy in the university tillery, to be governor of the fort of of Oxford, and major of the Oxford Fornelles, in the illand of Minorca. university association, knighted. July 2d. Right hon. Gilbert, lord

Lord Grenville, elected governor Minto, appointed his majesty's enof the Levant company, vice the voy-extraordinary and minister-pleduke of Leeds, dec.

nipotentiary at the court of Vienna. John Vaughan, esq. of Lincoln's 3d. Thomas, earl of Elgin, sworn Inn, barrister-at-law, and recorder of his majesty's most honourable of Leicester, called to the degree privy council. of serjeant-at-law.

James Allan Park, of Lin25th. Brevet. Col. John lord coln's Inn, constituted and appointCawdor, of the Caermarthenshire ed one of his majesty's counsel militia, to be colonel in the army, learned in the law. and to take rank as such so lorig 6th. Staff. Lieut. col. Albert only as the faid regiment of militia Gledstanes, of the 57th foot, to be fhall remain embodied for actual adjutant-general to the forces ferservice.-Staff. Brevet. Lieutenant ving in the Leeward INands. Lieut. colonel John Le Couteur, from the colonel Frederick Maitland, of the 16th foot, to be inspector of the 27th foot, to be quartermaster-gemilitia serving in the island of Jersey. neral to the faid forces. Brevet. Lieut. col. fir Thomas Sau- 10th. John Henry, duke of Rutmarez, from the royal fuzileers, to land took the oaths on being apbe inspector of the militia in the pointed lord-lieutenant of the counisland of Guernsey. Wm. Boothhy, ty of Leicester. efq. to be paymaster of a recruiting Robert Cullen, of Cullen, esq.

one of the lords of session, appoint28th. Sir Frederick Morton ed a lord of justiciary in Scotland. Eden, bart. K. B. created a baron William Honeyman of Armadale, of the kingdom of Ireland, by the esq. to be a lord of justiciary in Scotname, style, and title of baron land. George Fergusson, esq. to be Henley, of Chardstock.

one of the lords of sellion in Scotland. 29th. Major-generals Edmund Mr.John Anftruther, to be one of the Fanning, William Gardiner, Henry four commiffaries of Edinburgh. Johnson, honourable Henry Ed- Dr. George Hill, to be one of his ward Fox, John W. T. Watson, majesty's chaplains in ordinary in James Lumsdaine, Lowther Pen- Scotland. nington, Philip Goldsworthy, Dun- 13th. His royal highness Ernest can Drummond, William Spry, Augustus duke of Cumberland, K.G. Charles Eustace, Francis Edward to be lieutenant-general in the army. Gwyn, Robert Morse, Francis lord 17th Right hon. fir John Scott, Heathfield, T. S. Stanwix, and fir sworn of his majesty's most honourJames Pulteney, bart. to be licute-able privy council. nant-generals in the army.-Garri- isth. Right hon. fir John Scolt, fons. Major-general John White. knt. Jate his majesty's attorney-geluck, to be ficutenant-governor of neral, created a baron of the kinga

E 2




dom of Great Britain, by the title John Ormsby Vandeleur, John of Baron Eldon, of Eldon, in the Townshend, and Montifort Longo county of Durham.

field, esgrs, to be chief commission18. Rev. John Kearney, D. D. ers of his majesty's revenues of to be provost of Trinity college, excise and customs in the kingdom Dublin, fir Geo. Shee, bart, to be of Ireland. secretary to the lords commiflioners 13th. Staff. Hon. col. J. Hope, of his majesty's treasury in this king of the 25th foot, to be deputy-adjudom.

tant-general to the forces under the 23d. Garrison. Hon. lieut. gen. command of lieut. gen. fir Ralph fir Charles Stuart, K. B. to be go- Abercromby. Lieut.-colonel Rovernor, and the hon. lieut. gen. bert Anftruther, of the 68th foot, to Henry Edward Fox, to be lieute- be deputy-quarter-master-general to nant governor of the island of Mi- the faid forces. Henry Motz, esq. norca.

to be commissary-general to the faid 27th. Garrisons. Col. John Cal- forces. Hospital staff. Thomas low, of the 3d dragoons, to be lieu-Young, esq. from half-pay, to be intenant-governor of Quebec. E. B. Spector-general of hospitals for the Brenton, esq. deputy judge-advo- faid forces. cate of Nova-Scotia and New John Falcon, esquire, to be his Brunswick, to be deputy judge-ad- majesty's agent and consul-general vocate to the forces in all the British for the city and kingdom of Algiers. provinces of North America.

Rev. John Randolph, D. D. reAug. 6th. Staff. George Brinley commended, by congé d'elire, to be efq. to be commissary-general in elected bishop of Oxford. Britill North America. John But- 14th. Right hon. John Jeffery's ler Butler, esq. to be deputy-com- earl Camden, installed a knight of missary-general in Nova Scotia, the garter. New Brunswick, Newfoundland, 17th. Shadrach Moyfe, esq. ap. St. John's Illand, and Cape Breton. pointed a commissioner of the culJohn Craigie, esq. to be deputy- toms of Scotland. commissary-general in the Canadas. 20th. Staff. Lieut.-col. J. Drink

10th. Brevet. Major Lewis Hay, water, on the half-pay of the late of the royal engineers, to be lieu. 109th foot, to be commillary of acteuant-colonel in the army. Staff. compts to the forces under the conMajor gen. George Hewitt, to be mand of fir Ralph Abercromby. inspector-general of the recruiting, Hon. Samuel Barrington, adTervice. Capt. Henry Erfine, of miral of the white, to be general of the Scotch brigade, to be deputy- his majefty's marine forces, and the adjutant-general to the forces at the right hon. Alexander, lord Bridport, Cape of Good Hope, with the rank K. B. admiral of the white, to be of major in the army.

lieutenant-general of the said forces. 12th. Right hon. John Berref- Sept. 3d. Right hon. John, eailof ford, right ion. fir Hereules Lan- Clare, of the kingdom of Ireland, gridhe, bart. right bon, Richard and lord-chancellor of the faid kingo Hely viscount Dopong meri, right dem, created an English baron, bv bion. Richard Annciler, Cha;les the title of baron Fitz-Gibbon, of Henry Cups, Maurice Fuzgerald, Sidbury, in the county of Devou,


Brevet. Capt. Rowland Ed- oaths on being appointed lord-lieuward, of the 9th fuot, to be major tenant of the county of Stafford. in the army.-Hospital staff. To Oa. 8. Hospital staff. Andrew be physician to the forces, Dr. Mitchell, M. D. to be physician to Stewart Crawford.

the forces. 4th. Brevet-major William Ray- 16th. Richard Master, esq. took mond, of the 89th foot, to be lieu. the oaths on being appointed captenant-colonel in the army.

tain-generaland commander-in-chief 7th. His royal highness field- of the inand of Tobago, and its demarshall Frederick, duke of York, pendencies. K. G. to be captain-general of all 19th. Brevet count Bentinck de and Ingular his majesty's land forces Rhone, to be colonel in the army on railed, or to be raised and employed, the continent of Europe only. Capt. in his majesty's service within the James Fitzgerald, of the 3d foot kingdom of Great Britain; and also guards, to be major in the army. of all and singular bis majesty's land Capt. Thomas Browne, of the 59th forces which are or shall be ein- foot, to be major in the army. Free ployed on the continent of Europe, derick Vander Hooven, gent. aidin conjunction with the troops of his du-camp to count Bentinck de majesty's allies.

Rhone, to be captain in the army William Meikleham, LL. D. to on the continent of Earope only. be professor of practical astronomy, Staff. Hon. col. John Hope, deputy. and observer in the university of adjutant-general, to be adjutantGlasgow. Rev. Alexander Flem- general to the army serving under ing, to be one of his majesty's chap- the command of his royal highness lains in ordinary in Scotland. Rev. the duke of York. Hon. lient.-col. John Thomson, presented to the Alexander Hope, affiftant-adjutantcharch and parish of Dailly, in the general, to be deputy-adjutant-geprefbytery and county of Ayr. neral to the said army, vice John 10th. Brevet. Major Oliver Grace, Hope. Lieut. col. John Sontag,

of the Minorca regiment, to belieu- to be military commillary to the tenant-colonel in the army. Major troops forming under his serene James Kempt, on the half-pay of highness the hereditary prince of the late 113th foot, to be lieutenant Orange. Capt. Stephen Watts, to colonel in the army.

be alliftant-barrack-master-general 23d. Andrew Stewart, esq. and in the island of Jersey, with the rank Robert Dundas, esq. (lord advocate of major in the army, so long only for Scotland), constituted and ap- as he shall continue in the barrack. pointed conjunctly to the fole and department. Henry Castleman, esq. only clerks and keepers of the ge- to be assistant-barrack-masterneral regifter for feifins and other neral. writs in Scotland.

26th. Staff. Lachlan Maclean, 25th. Right hon. Isaac Corry, gent. to be barrack-master at Fort chancellor of the exchequer in Ire- St. George. John Johnston, gent. ; land, sworn of his majesty's most to be barrack-master in the island of honourable privy-council.

Minorca. Right hon. George Granville Le- 30th. Right hon. Ralph, lord vifon Gower, earl Gower, took the Lavingdon, K.B. (worn of his ma.




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