Who is to have it? By the author of 'The Netherwoods of Otterpool'.

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Routledge, 1859 - 433 oldal

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431. oldal - Milmans, Merivales, and Macaulays, as the glories of English literature in the department of history. * * * Mr. Motley's gifts as a historical writer are among the highest and rarest.
431. oldal - Mr. Prescott may take his place among the really good English writers of history in modern times. His narrative is flowing and spirited, sometimes very picturesque; above all, his judgments are unaffectedly candid and impartial.
432. oldal - England." Its style is lofty and eloquent, written with candour, neither exaggerating vices of character, nor reviving national animosities, but rendering a just tribute to virtue, wherever found. In fcap 8vo, cloth boards, each voL 2s., or in cloth lettered, 2s.
431. oldal - Mr. Motley's volumes will well repay perusal. * * * For his learning, his liberal tone, and his generous enthusiasm, we heartily commend him, and bid him good speed for the remainer of his interesting and heroic narrative.
431. oldal - It, is a work of real historical value, the result of accurate criticism, written in a liberal spirit, and from first to last deeply interesting.
432. oldal - Index. Continuing the History from its Colonization, and completing a period in the History of the American Revolution. This cheap edition of Mr. Bancroft's standard Work is now complete as far as he has written it, and contains the history of the American Revolution considered in all its causes — the rise of the Union of the United States from the body of the people — the change in the colonial policy of France— and the consequences of the endeavours of Great Britain to consolidate her power...

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