The Irish Reports, 2. kötet

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Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, 1904
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645. oldal - ... upon such evidence being produced as may from time to time be required by the company.
351. oldal - a man chooses to leave a cart standing in the street, he must take the risk of any mischief that may be done.
459. oldal - Now, an implied warranty, or, as it is called, a covenant in law, as distinguished from an express contract or express warranty, really is in all cases founded on the presumed intention of the parties, and upon reason. The implication which the law draws from what must obviously have been the intention of the parties, the law draws with the object of giving efficacy to the transaction and preventing such a failure of consideration as cannot have been within the contemplation of either side...
32. oldal - Any Person who shall wilfully and falsely pretend to be or take or use the Name or Title of a Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgeon, General Practitioner or Apothecary, or any Name, Title, Addition, or Description implying that he is registered under this Act...
703. oldal - If any person drives a motor car on a public highway recklessly or negligently, or at a speed or in a manner which is dangerous to the public...
132. oldal - Where by any of these rules one of two vessels is to keep out of the way, the other shall keep her course and speed.
424. oldal - Within the prescribed period, or if no period be prescribed, within ten years after the expiration of the time limited by the special Act for the completion of the works, the promoters of the undertaking shall absolutely sell and dispose of all such superfluous lands...
696. oldal - Register ;" and a Copy of the Medical Register for the Time being, purporting to be so printed and published as aforesaid, shall be Evidence in all Courts and before all Justices of the Peace and others that the Persons therein specified are registered according to the Provisions of this Act ; and the Absence of the Name of any Person from such...
424. oldal - with respect to Lands acquired by the Promoters of the " Undertaking under the Provisions of this or the Special Act, " or any Act incorporated therewith, but which shall not be " required for the Purposes thereof...
412. oldal - shall include any apartments or place of residence, whether furnished or unfurnished, in a dwelling place. For the purposes of any of the Acts referred to in this section, where an occupier is entitled to the sole and exclusive use of any part of a house, that part shall not be deemed to be occupied otherwise than separately by reason only that the occupier is entitled to the joint use of some other part.

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