The Statesman's Year-book

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Frederick Martin, Sir John Scott Keltie, Isaac Parker Anderson Renwick, Mortimer Epstein, Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, John Paxton, Barry Turner, Brian Hunter
St. Martin's Press, 1880

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468. oldal - In return, his Imperial Majesty the Sultan promises to England to introduce necessary reforms, to be agreed upon later between the two Powers, into the Government and for the protection of the Christian and other subjects of the Porte in these territories ; and in order to enable England to make necessary provision for executing her engagement, his Imperial Majesty the Sultan further consents to assign the Island of Cyprus to be occupied and administered by England.
192. oldal - It hath sovereign and uncontrollable authority in the making, confirming, enlarging, restraining, abrogating, repealing, reviving, and expounding of laws concerning matters of all possible denominations, ecclesiastical or temporal, civil, military, maritime, or criminal: this being the place where that absolute despotic power, which must in all governments reside somewhere, is entrusted by the constitution of these kingdoms.
191. oldal - Fund, but that a civil list shall be assigned to the Queen. In virtue of this Act, which received the royal sanction Dec. 23, 1837, the Queen has granted to her an annual allowance of 385,0002.' for the support of Her Majesty's household, and of the honour and dignity of the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
197. oldal - ... for the unexpired residue, whatever it may be, of any term originally created for
296. oldal - Kegno,' granted on March 4, 1848, by King Charles Albert to his Sardinian subjects. According to this charter, the executive power of the State belongs exclusively to the sovereign, and is exercised by him through responsible ministers ; while the legislative authority rests conjointly in the King and Parliament, the latter consisting of two Chambers — an upper one, the Senate, and a lower one, called the ' Camera de
273. oldal - Responsible Government in which the Crown has only a veto on legislation, and the Home Government has no control over any public officer, except its own representative.
42. oldal - In view of the death of the king without direct heirs, the great powers of Europe, ' taking into consideration that the maintenance of the integrity of the Danish monarchy, as connected with the general interests of the balance of power in Europe, is of high importance to the preservation of peace...
608. oldal - Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior for the year 1873. 8. Washington, 1874. Statement of the Public Debt of the United States, July 1, 1874.
581. oldal - The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, colour, or previous condition of servitude.
283. oldal - The executive is vested in the King and his responsible Ministers, the heads of seven departments. They are the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Marine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since the accession of the present Sovereign, in 1863, ministerial changes have been very frequent, occurring, on the average, three times a year.

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