On the Trail of Robert Burns

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Dundurn, 2000 - 158 oldal
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Is there anything new to say about Robert Burns? John Cairney says it's time to trash Burns the Brand and come on the trail of the real Robert Burns. He is the best of travelling companions on this entertaining journey to the heart of the Burns story. Internationally known as 'the face of Robert Burns', John Cairney believes that the traditional Burns tourist trail urgently needs to find a new direction. In an acting career spanning forty years he has often lived and breathed Robert burns on stage. "On the Trail of Robert Burns" shows just how well he has got under the skin of Burn's complex character. This fascinating journey around Scotland is a rediscovery of Scotlands national bard as a flesh and blood genius. "On the Trail of Robert Burns" outlines five tours, mainly in Scotland. Key sites include: Alloway - Burn's birthplace. Tam O' Shanter draws on the Alloway Kirk witch-stories first heard by Burns in his childhood; Mossgiel - Between 1784 and 1786 in a phenomenal burst of creativity Burns wrote some of his most memorable poems including "Holy Willie's Prayer" and "To a Mouse"; Kilmarnock - The famous Kilmarnock edition of "Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect" published in 1786; Edinburgh - Fame and Clarinda (among others) embraced him; and Dumfries - Burns died at age 37. The trail ends at the Burns mausoleum in St Michael's churchyard.

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The Burns Country I
The Borders
Return to the West
The Highlands and the North East
Edinburgh ReVisited
Dumfries 17911794
First Galloway Tour I 22

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A szerzőről (2000)

John Cairney is internationally known as 'the face of Robert Burns' His one man shows about Scotlland's national bard have been popular for over forty years. John lives in New Zealand, but receives invitations to speak at Burns events around the world. For anyone intent on (literally) following in the footsteps of Rabbie Burns, this is the book. John Cairney makes the ideal travelling companion - knowledgeable about Burns's biography and haunts without being heavy, witty without being trite, controversial without being argumentative for the sake of it. His views about the standard Burns supper format may have raised the hacckles of a few traditionalists, but even more whisky glasses will be raised by those who, like John Cairney, wish to see the memory of Burns dusted off for the new century.

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