Perfect Likeness: European and American Portrait Miniatures from the Cincinnati Art Museum

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Diminutive marvels of artistry and fine craftsmanship, portrait miniatures reveal a wealth of information within their small frames. They can tell tales of cultural history and biography, of people and their passions, of evolving tastes in jewelry, fashion, hairstyles, and the decorative arts. Unlike many other genres, miniatures have a tradition in which amateurs and professionals have operated in parallel and women artists have flourished as professionals.
This richly illustrated book presents approximately 180 portrait miniatures selected from the holdings of the Cincinnati Art Museum, the largest and most diverse collection of its kind in North America. The book stresses the continuity of stylistic tradition across Europe and America as well as the vitality of the portrait miniature format through more than four centuries. A detailed catalogue entry, as well as a concise artist biography, appears for each object. Essays examine various aspects of miniature painting, of the depiction of costume in miniatures, and of the allied art of hair work.


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Perfect likeness: European and American portrait miniatures from the Cincinnati Art Museum

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The appeal of a portrait in miniature may seem strange in our society of "bigger is better," but for more than three centuries these small, intimate paintings on ivory or vellum, mounted in lockets ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


Directors Preface
An Introduction to the Portrait Miniature
Clothing in Portrait Miniatures
The Art of Ornamental Hairwork
Catalogue 77
Checklist of Additional Exhibited Objects

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A szerzőről (2006)

Julie Aronson is curator of American painting and sculpture, and Marjorie E. Wieseman is curator of European painting and sculpture, at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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