Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader

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Stephen Little, Tim Ray
SAGE, 2005. okt. 3. - 357 oldal
Knowledge management is crucial to organizational learning, innovation and success within organizations. The Second Edition of the successful knowledge management reader provides a core source of key theoretical thinkers in the field and presents the most up-to-date leading-edge articles that explore emerging trends. A comprehensive introduction places these readings in context and draws together key strands across the field.

The new reader includes new and revised chapters as well as newly authored material, to provide students with a current resource that enables the study of knowledge management from a variety of perspectives. Theoretical work and engaging case studies place knowledge management in the context of an emerging global economy.

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Managing Knowledge and Innovation Across Boundaries 255
The Generative Dance between
What is Organizational Knowledge? 85
Do We Really Understand Tacit Knowledge? 107
Whats New and Important about
HRs Role in Building Relationship Networks 299
Index 349

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