Memoirs and Correspondence from 1734 to 1773, 1. kötet

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334. oldal - As for my religion I die in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, professed by the whole Church before the disunion of East and West: more particularly I die in the communion of the Church of England, as it stands distinguished from all Papal and Puritan innovations, and as it adheres to the doctrine of the Cross.
276. oldal - from this time* to point his prospects, to diversify his surface, to entangle his walks, and to wind his waters, which he did with such judgment and such fancy, as made his little domain the envy of the great, and the admiration of the skilful, a place to be visited by travellers and copied by designers. Whether to plant
311. oldal - As those we love decay, we die in part, String after string is severed from the heart, Till loosened life at last—but breathing clay, Without one pang is glad to fall away. Unhappy he, who latest feels the blow, Whose eyes have wept o'er every friend laid low, Dragg'd lingering on from partial
273. oldal - By swift degrees the love of Nature works, And warms the bosom; till at last sublim'd To rapture, and enthusiastic heat, We feel the present Deity, and taste The joy of God to see a happy world ! These are the sacred feelings of thy heart, Thy heart
139. oldal - Lo ! the Algerian Grot, Where nobly pensive St. John sate and thought, Where British sighs from dying Wyndham stole, And the bright flame was shot through Marchmont's soul. Let such, such only, tread this sacred Floor, Who dare to love their country, and
273. oldal - the twisted roots Which creep around, their dewy murmurs shake On the sooth'd ear. From these abstracted oft You wander thro' the philosophic world ; Where in bright train continual wonders rise, Or to the curious or the pious eye. And oft, conducted by historic truth,
138. oldal - rolling ocean, I had cast them with disdain, And obeyed my heart's warm motion, To have quell'd the pride of Spain. For resistance I could fear none, But with twenty ships had done, What thou, brave and happy Vernon, Hast achieved with six alone.
339. oldal - since I believe, it is much easier to make good men wise, than to make bad men good. For these purposes I have employed all the wit and humour of which I am master in the following history: wherein I have endeavoured to laugh mankind out of their favourite follies and vices.
296. oldal - the merits of Jesus Christ, to be an eyewitness of that happiness which I don't doubt he will bountifully bestow upon you. In the meantime I shall never cease glorifying God, for having endowed you with such useful talents and giving me so good a son. Your affectionate father, THOMAS LYTTELTON.
112. oldal - who's the man so near His Prince, that writes in verse, and has his ear ?' Why, answer, Lyttelton, and I'll engage The worthy youth shall ne'er be in a rage. But were his verses vile, his whisper base, You'd quickly find him in Lord

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