The Bible's Awesome Number Code!

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Adventures Unlimited Press, 2000 - 232 oldal
Researcher Bonnie Gaunt continues her search on Gematria and Bible codes. In this book, Gaunt makes a new discovery of the numeric patterns in the Gematria of the Bible and their relationship to the 3:4:5: triangle, the earth, moon and sun, presents an exquisite display of evidence of the magnificent Author of Creation and His time-line for the blessing of man. Using the Number Code, it is found that the parable of the Good Samaritan is, in fact, a time prophecy, telling the time of Jesus' return. His miracles of healing and of turning water into wine have been encoded with evidence of the time and the work of the beginning of the great 'Third Day'. The Number Code takes us on a journey from Bethlehem to Golgotha, and into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God and the building of the New Jerusalem.

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Jesus is His Name
Whats in a Name?
From Bethlehem to Golgotha
Light Time and the Number Code
The Good Samaritan
The Key
Christ He sits on Davids throne The Gematria

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A szerzőről (2000)

Bonnie Gaunt is the author of several books on ancient codes, measurements and mathematics and how they relate to Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid and the Bible. She has appeared on various television and radio talk shows discussing the Bible codes, including the CBS documentary The Mysterious Bible Codes. She lives in Michigan.

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