Handy Andy

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Ward, Lock & Company, 1842 - 338 oldal

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10. oldal - said the postmaster, in a tone which Andy considered an aggression upon the sacredness of private life : so Andy thought the coolest contempt he could throw upon the prying impertinence of the postmaster was to repeat his question. " I want a letther, sir, if you plaze.
11. oldal - Then give it to me." — " I haven't it, sir." " What do you mean ?" — " He wouldn't give it to me, sir.
9. oldal - Cut the cord, you fool!" Andy did as he was desired; and he happened at the time to hold the bottle of soda-water on a level with the candles that shed light over the festive board from a large silver branch, and the moment he made the incision, bang went the bottle of soda, knocking out two of the lights with the projected cork, which, performing its parabola the length of the room, struck the squire himself in the eye at the foot of the table: while the hostess at the head had a cold bath down...
12. oldal - ... could carry him. He came into the squire's presence, his face beaming with delight, and an air of selfsatisfied superiority in his manner, quite unaccountable to his master, until he pulled forth his hand, which had been...
9. oldal - Is this it, sir?" said Andy, producing a bottle of ale. " No, bad cess to you ! the little bottles." " Is it the little bottles with no bottoms, sir? " " I wish you wor in the bottom o' the say ! " said Mr. Morgan, who was fuming and puffing, and rubbing down his face with a napkin, as he was hurrying to all quarters of the room, or, as Andy said, in praising his activity, that he was " like bad luck— everywhere." " There they are," said Mr. Morgan, at last. " Oh, them bottles that won't stand,"...
6. oldal - ... the squire afore he wint out, or afore he wint in;" and after spending her entire day in this idle way, at last the squire made his appearance, and Judy presented her son, who kept scraping his foot, and pulling his forelock, that stuck out like a piece of ragged thatch from his forehead, making his obeisance to the squire, while his mother was sounding his praises for being the "handiest craythur alive — and so willin' — nothin
12. oldal - Andy's eye caught the heap of letters which lay on the counter : so while certain weighing of soap and tobacco was going forward, he contrived to become possessed of two letters from the heap, and, having effected that, waited patiently enough till it was the great man's pleasure to give him the missive directed to his master. Then did Andy bestride his hack, and in triumph at His trick on the postmaster, rattled along the road homeward as fast as the beast could carry him.
231. oldal - Again he turned to pray, and after some time he made an interval in the service to address his congregation on the subject of the repairs, and produced a paper containing the names of subscribers to that pious work who had already contributed, by way of example to those who had not. "Here it is...
8. oldal - said Andy after a long pause, " the divil be from me if ever I seen a silver spoon split that way before." The butler laughed a horse-laugh, and made a standing joke of Andy's split spoon. But time and experience made Andy less impressed with wonder at the show of plate and glass, and the split spoons became familiar as
7. oldal - Andy was admitted into the mysteries of the diningroom, great was his wonder. The butler took him in to give him some previous instructions, and Andy was so lost in admiration at the sight of the assembled glass and plate, that he stood with his mouth and eyes wide open, and scarcely heard a word that was said to him. After the head man had been dinning his instructions into him for some time, he said he might go, until his attendance was required.

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