BOOKS BY S. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D.


More than any man of recent years, Dr. Curry has represented sane and scientific methods in training the Speaking Voice.-Dr. Shailer Mathews, University of Chicago.

Of eminent value.-Dr. Lyman Abbott.

Books so much needed by the world and which will not be written unless you write them.-Rev. C. H. Strong, Rector St. John's Church, Savannah. Foundations of Expression. A psychological method of developing

reading and speaking. 236 practical problems. 411 choice passages adapted to classes in reading and speaking. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Lessons in Vocal Expression. The expressive modulations of the

voice developed by studying and training the voice and mind in relation to each other. Definite problems and progressive steps. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Imagination and Dramatic Instinct. Function of imagination

and assimilation vocal interpretation of literature and speaking. $1.50; to teachers, $1.20, postpaid. Mind and Voico. Principles and Methods in Vocal Training. 456 pp.

$1.50; to teachers, $1.20 postpaid. Browning and the Dramatic Monologue. Nature and pecu

liarities of Browning's poetry. Principles involved in rendering the monologue. Introduction to Browning, and to dramatic platform art. $1.26; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Province of Expression. Principles and Methods of developing de

livery. An introduction to the study of natural languages, and their relation to art and development. $1.50; to teachers $1.20, postpaid. Vocal and Literary Interpretation of the Bible. Introduc

tion by Prof. Francis G. Peabody, D. D., of Harvard University. $1.50; students' edition, $0.60, postpaid. Classics for Vocal Expression. Gems from the best authors for

voice and interpretation. In use in the foremost schools and colleges. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Spoken English. A psychological method of developing, reading, con

versation and speaking. A book for junior students or teachers. 320 pages. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. Little Classics for Oral English. Companion to Spoken Eng

lish. Introductory questions and topics. May be used with Spoken English or separately. Questions and topics correspond. Fresh and beautiful selections from best authors.

384 pages. $1.25; to teachers, $1.10, postpaid. The Smile. Introduction to action through an example. $1.00. To mem

bers of The Morning League, $0.75, postpaid. How to Add Ten Years to Your Life. Nature of training with

short, . practical program. $1.00. To members of The Morning League, $0.75, postpaid.

Write to Dr. Curry about the Morning League; Summer Terms; Home Studies; School of Expression; new books, or for advice regarding your life work. Address: Book Department, School of Expression, 308 Pierce Bldg., Copley Square, Boston, Mass.





Smile awhile,
And while you smile,
Another smiles,
And soon there's miles
And miles of smiles,
And life's worth while
Because you smile.

Author not known to me.

Book Department, Copley Square





To Those Who
By Loyal Thought, Word or Deed

Have Founded
The School of Expression.

One lifted a stone from my rocky road,
One carried awhile my heavy load,
One lifted his candle when all was dark,
One heard the song of the morning lark;
A look, and I knew a brother was near,
Only a smile, but it banished my fear.
Ah! little you thought of the help you gave
But the little you did was mighty to save!

Also to Those Who
By Look, Smile or-in any Way

Will Aid
In Giving to the School a Permanent Home.

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