part of faith. If we are not loyal to our convictions, loyal to that which we accept, we are weak. We are lacking in faith and power.

Faith may go so far that there is a loyal acceptance of life and its greatest battles.

" He that doeth the will shall know the doctrine.” That is, he who loyally accepts what he feels his duty and proceeds to give himself for truth in loyal devotion to the weak, in loyal sacrifice for the liberty and the good of his fellow-man, such a man can smile and will rise into an understanding of the inner mystic spirit of the universe.

The smile shows the universal presence of cheerfulness and its necessity to human nature. Without cheerfulness, what human success is possible? How can human character ever be unfolded and built up?

The smile is the basis of all expression of the human face, and the face is the highest unfoldment of an organism. If we study all expression of man and animals, the human face and its smile is the climax.

Let us, therefore, learn a practical, every-day lesson for all success in life from our observation of the smile, and cry out as our perpetual expression with Carlyle:

“Give us, o give us, the man who sings at his work! He will do more in the same time,-he will do it better,-he will persevere longer. One is scarcely sensible of fatigue whilst he marches to music. The very stars are said to make harmony as they revolve in their spheres. Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, altogether past calculation its powers of endurance. Efforts, to be permanently useful, must be uniformly joyous,

a spirit all sunshine, graceful from very gladness, beautiful because bright.'

The spirit of our time is shown by our prophets and poets. The work of these has become more and more joyous during the last few years. More and more do men feel that the smile indicates the ultimate victory of truth and right, of law and liberty. Among all our prophets of better things no truer or more hopeful interpreter can be found than Edwin Markham. Joy fills all of his works. How we are thrilled by these lines from “ The Song of the Followers of Pan."

"Our bursting bugles blow apart

The gates of the cities as we go;
We bring the music of the heart

From secret wells in Lillimo.

“We break in music on the morns

Sing of the flower to stirring roots;
Apollo's cry is in the horns,

And Hermes' whisper in the flutes."

We feel his spirit in the very subjects of his poems. Notice especially the title of his last book, “ The Shoes of Happiness.” The “ Joy of the Morning ” is as simple and sincere as the voices of childhood.

“I hear you, little bird,
Shouting a-swing above the broken wall.
Shout louder yet, no song can tell it all.
Sing to my soul in the deep, still wood:
'Tis wonderful beyond the wildest word:

I'd tell it too if I could.” Clinton Scollard, another poet, who has cheered a generation with joy and hope, has expressed the significance of his own work and the spirit of all song in “ The Prolog ” to the recently pub


lished collection of his poems. He has given the lesson in such a beautiful and artistic form that it will go home to every heart:

“I spoke a traveler on the road
Who smiled beneath his leaden load,
• How play you such a blithesome part?'
• Comrade, I bear a singing heart!'
"I questioned one whose path with pain

In the grim shadows long had lain,
“How face you thus life's thorny smart?'
Comrade, I bear a singing heart!'

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“I hailed one whom adversity
Could not make bend the hardy knee,
How such brave seeming? Tell the art!'
Comrade, I bear a singing heart!'

“Friend, blest be thou if thou canst say
Upon the inevitable way
Whereon we fare, sans guide or chart-
Comrade, I bear a singing heart!”

If someone sneers at you, smile. If you are taunted do not answer. If you are reviled, “ revile not again.” It requires high moral courage to keep still, to carry a smile upon the face, but you

are doing a great work and cannot come down." The downward road is always broad and easy; the upward road is straight and narrow.

If someone wishes to throw mud, say to him: “I have built a bridge across all that muddy swamp. I could easily come down and wield a shovel. I think I could cover you up. But I am using my mud for a different purpose. Look at the lilies growing out of that muddy swamp.

The more mud at the bottom-if it is only at the bottomthe stronger and more beautiful the lilies. If you throw your mud you are but exhausting your own

soil, destroying your own lilies. I mean to keep the mud where it belongs and watch my lilies bloom."

Whatever misfortune may seem to come to you, smile on. If some great danger seems to come up before you, meet it with a smile. A smile is the truest road to victory.

“Smile, once in a while,

'Twill make your heart seem lighter, Smile, once in a while,

'Twill make your pathway brighter.

“Life's a mirror, if we smile,

Smiles come back to greet us;
If we're frowning all the while
Frowns forever meet us.'

Nixon Waterman.


All men have ideal aspirations; they really long to improve their health, to understand themselves better, to increase their efficiency, their satisfactions and successes.

The Smile” and “ How to Add Ten Years to Your Life” are intended as helps to initiate some simple practical studies and exercises such as will aid all to realize their highest possibilities.

Everyone in whom these books awaken any response will, it is hoped, feel himself or herself a member of a mystic brotherhood with those who are endeavoring to double the joys and the helpfulness of life. Those who wish to do so are invited to be enrolled as members of the Morning League.

Each member of the League is expected on awakening in the morning to put out of his mind any negative thought and to turn his attention to something which lies in the direction of his ideals; to something that will ennoble him and purify his consciousness, and to spend from ten to twenty minutes on some simple exercises. And, also, to spend a similar amount of time in a similar way on retiring at night.

By properly using these sacred minutes of life which are usually devoted to negative thoughts, worry, or discouragement, astonishing results have already been secured. Health, strength, grace, ease of bearing, use of the voice, cheerfulness, interest in life in all its phases, have been greatly improved.

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