DECEMBER, Twelfth Month.


O's Declination.

Astronomical Calculations. Days. d. m. Days. d. m. Days. d. m. Days. d. m. Days. (l. m. 1 21 S.51 7

38 13 23 10 19 23 26 25 23 24 22 0 8 22 45 14 23 14 20 23 27 26 23 22 22 8 9 22 51 15 23 17 21 23 27 27 23 20 22 16 10 22 57 16 23 20 22 23 27 28 23 17 22 24 11 23 2 17 23 23 23 23 27 29 23 14 22 32 12 23 6 18

25 24

30 23 10


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Day of

Day of

Day of


Length Day's of Days. Decre.

m. h. m.

Rises. h.


Full Sea,

Morn Even

h. h.



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m. h.


m. h.

1} br.

71 rei.

(Last Quarter, 6th day, 2h. 11m., evening, E.

New Moon, 13th day, 5h. 32m., morning, E.

First Quarter, 20th day, 5h. 44m., morning, W. o Full Moon, 28th day, 10h. 44m., morning, W.

D's D


h. 335 1 M. 17 10 4 28 9 18 5.58 11 18 0f 1 br. 6 45 1 42 336 2 Tu. 7 11 4 28 9 17 5 59 1019 1

7 47 232 337 3 W. 7 12 4 28 9 16 6 0 10 20 2 24 h'rt | 8 51 3 20 338. 4 Th. 7 13 4 27 9 14 6 2 10 21 23 3 h’rt 9 57 4 7 339 5 Fr. 7 14 4 27 9 136 3 922 34 33 bel. 11 4 4 52 340 6 Sa. 7 154 27 9 12 6 4 9 23 4 bel. morn. 5 37 341 7 S. 7 164 27 9 11 6 5 8 24 51 bel. 0 13 ö 23 342 8 M. 17 174 27 9 10 6 6 8 25 63 rei. 1 23 7 11 343 9 Tu. 7 184 27 9 9 6 7 7 26

2 36 8 2 344 10 W. 7 19 4 27 9 86 87 27 8 8.3 sec. 3 54 8 58 345 11 Th. 7 204 27 9.76 9728 9 9 sec. 5 12 9 58 346 12 Fr. 7 214 27 9 66 10 6 29 10 103 thi. 6 30 11 3 347 13 Sa. 7 21 4 27 9 66 10 6 . 11 11j thi. sets 0 9 348 14 S. 7 22 4 27 9 56 11 5 1113 kn. 5 55 1 13 349 15 M. 7 234 28 9 56 11 5 2 Oj oj kn. 7 11 2 13 350 16 Tu. 7 244 28 9 4 6 12 4 3 11 11 legs 8 25 3 8 351 17 W. 7 244 28 9 4 6 12 4 4 24 legs 9 36 3 58 352 18 Th.7.254 29 9 4 6 12 3 5

31 feet 10 44 4 45 353 19 Fr. 7 26 4 29 9 3 6 13 3 6 4 47 feet 11 49 5 28 354 20 Sa. 7 264 29 9 3 6 13 2 7 41 51 h'd morn. 6 11 355 21 S. 7 27 4 30 9 3 Inc. 2 8 51 6 hd 0 52 6 53 356 22 M. 7 274 30 9 30 0 1 9 6 7 h’d 1 53 7 36 357 23 Tu. 7 28 4 31 9 30 0 110 8 n'k 2 55 8 21 358 24 W. 17 28 4 32 9 40 1 011 81 82 n'k 3 56 9 8 359 25 Th.7 28 4 32 9 40 1 S. 12 91 92 arm 4 56 9 57 360 26 Fr. 7294 33 9 40 1 1 13 10 101 arm 5 52 10 47 361 27 Sa. 14 294 34 9 50 2 114 102 11 arm 6 45 11 38 362 28 S.17 29 4 34 9 50 2 20 111 114 br.

rises morn. 363 29 M. 17 30 4 35 950 2 2.16 0 br. 5 41 0 28 364 30 Tu. 7 30 4 36 960 3 3 17 01 03 h’rt 6 45 1 17 |365 31 W. 17 304 379 710 4 318 1 14 h’rt | 7 51 2 5

A Hild winter for 1880,


DECEMBER hath 31 days.


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D. M.

D. W.

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" December, fat and rosy, strides,
His old heart warm, well clothed his sides,
With kindly word for young and old,
The cheerier for the bracing cold;
Laughing a welcome, open flings

His door, and as he does it, sings.”
Aspects, Holidays, Events,

Farmer's Calendar.
Weather, &c.
1 Mo. O HO

Congress of U. S. meets at

If the ground is not covered
2 Tu.
Signs of snow.

with snow, it is best to haul out 3.W. Length of night 14h. 45m. manure and spread it as a top

dressing on grass land. Some 4 Th. & greatest elongation W. fields are so soft that they are 5 Fr. 4th. Thomas Carlyle born, 1795. poached and cut up at other sea6 Sa. St. Nicholas. Very low tides. sons; but they are hard enough 7 E 20 Sunday in Advent.

now, and a good dressing will 8 Mo. 6th. 6 (.

help them and keep up the growth

of grass. It is a good rule to 9 Tu. 8 in Perihelion.

spread right from the cart, far 10 W. 6? (, 6 O inferior. better than to dump in heaps to 11 Th. 10th. Plevna captured by Russians, 1877.

lie over winter. Fields that were 12 Fr. 16 (. ( in Perigee.

fed down closely in the fall need

this protection very much, and 13 Sa. 8 in Perihel. (ru. low. the manure cannot be put to bet14 E 30 Sun. in Adv.

It will not do to rob 15 Mo. 14th. Very high tides.

our grass-lands to feed the hoed

crops. 16 Tu. 15th. Gold 1024, 1877.

That has been the fault

of too much of our farming, and 17W.

Cold and blustering it is time to change it and try 18 Th. 64C.

weather. something else. Grass or hay is 19 Fr. 3220: Forefathers' Day – Landing of Pil- the basis of all our prosperity, grims,

and this is a fact that we cannot 20 Sa. 224. Low tides. $ Shortest days –

about 9h. long. wink out of sight. The care of 21 E 4th Sun. in Adv. St. Thomas. stock will take up a good deal 22 Mo. 218. O ent.19. WINTER BEG. of time now, and we must not 23 Tu. 6°C 215.6 ha. forget that warm shelter is as 24 W. 16 . ( in Apogee.

necessary for animals as it is for

I like to feed some meal 25 Th. CHRISTMAS DAY. Cold

with the coarse hay and corn26 Fr. St. Stephen. and clear. stalks, and the fine-ground meal 27 Sa. St. John Evangelist. ( ru. high. is by far the best. In fact, it 28 E 1st Su. af. Chr. Holy Innocents. does not pay to feed coarse29 Mo. 28th.( ecl., invis. in U.S. ground grains of any kind; the

loss is too great." It is a good 30 Tu. 28th. $ gr. el.W. 29th. Hi.tid.

plan to settle up accounts and 31 W.O2O. O in Per. Bopis iste begin the new year all square.


ter use.

aged 67, 1799.

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SB. Disraeli

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(Corrected Sept. 1878.) Supreme Court. - At Washington, D.C. Court comes in 2d Monday in October.

The Supreme Court of the United States consists of one Chiefand eight Associate Justices. There are nine judicial circuits, and to each of these is assigned one of the justices. By a law passed in 1869, there are also nine Circuit Judges, each of whom is to reside in his Circuit. The Circuits and Justices are as follows:

First Circuit, Nathan Clifford, of Portland, Me., Asso. Justice. (Maine, N. H., Mass., R. I.)
Second Ward Hunt, of Utica, New York, As. J. (Vt., Conn., N. Y.)
Third Wm. Strong, of Philadelphia, Pa., As. J. (Penn., N. J., Del.)
Fourth Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief Justice." (Md., Va., W. Va., N. C., S. C.)
Fifth Joseph P. Bradley, of Newark, N. J., As.J. (Geo., Fla., Ala., M.ss., La., Tex.)

Noal Swayne, of Columbus, O., As. J. (Ohio, Mich., Ken., Tenn.)
Seventh John M. Harlan, of Kentucky, As. J. (Ind., Ill., Wis.)
Eighth Samuel F. Miller, of Keokuk, Iowa, As. J. (Min., Iowa, Mo., Kan., Ark., Neb.)
Ninth Stephen J. Field, of San Francisco, Cal., As. J. (Cal., Oregon, Nev.)

Clerk. ....D. W. Middleton, Washington, D. C. U. S. Circuit Courts in 1st and in May and Nov.; at N. Haven, 4th Tues. 2d Eastern Circuits.

in Feb. and Aug. Connecticut, at N. Haven, 4th Tues.

Maine, at Portland, 1st Tues, in Feb. in Apr., and at Hartford, 3d Tues, in Sept. and Dec.; at Bath, 1st Tues. in Sept.; at

Maine, at Portland, 230 Apr. and 230 Bangor, 4th Tues. in June. Sept.

Massachusetts, at Boston, 3d Tues. Massachusetts, at Boston, May 15 in Mar., 4th Tues. in June, 2d Tues. in and Oct. 15.

Sept., and lst Tues. in Dec. New Hampshire, at Portsmouth,

New Hampshire, at Portsmouth, May 8, and at Exeter, Oct. 8.

3d Tues, in March and Sept. ; at Exeter, Rhode Island, at Providence, June 30 Tues, in June and Dec. 15, and Nov. 15.

Rhode Island, at Newport, 2d Tu. Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May, at in May, and 3d Tues. in Oct.; at rovi Rutland 1st Tu. Oct., and at Burlington, dence, 1st Tues. in Feb. and Aug. 4th Tues, in Feb.

Vermont, at Windsor, 3d Tu. May;

at Rutland, 1st Tu. Oct.; at Burlington, IT If the days happen on Sunday, the 4th Tues. Feb. Court comes in the Monday following. U.S. District Courts have jurisdiction U. S. District Courts.

in bankruptcy cases, previous to Sept. 1, Connecticut, at Hartford, 4th Tues. I '78, and are always open for such business. REGISTERS IN BANKRUPTCY IN NEW ENGLAND. (Corrected Sept. 1878.)

The U.S. Bankrupt Law was repealed in 1878. This throws all new business in Insolvency into the hands of the state courts, on and after Sept. 1, 1878. As the closing up of the business unsettled at that date will occupy a considerable time, the list of registers is continued.


MASSACHUSETTS. 1st District, J. D. essenden, Portland,

1st District, H. M. Knowlton, New Bed

ford. 2d District, John W. May, Auburn. 3d District, vacancy. Duties apportioned 2d District, Samuel B. Noyes, Canton. as follows: Lincoln and Kennebec Co's, 3d District, F. W. Palfrey, Boston. Register May; Somerset and Knox 4th District, S. L. Thorndike, Boston. Co's, Register Hamlin.

5th District, Benj. C. Perkins, Salem. 4th District, Charles Hamlin, Bangor.

6th Dist., Edgar J. Sherman, Lawrence, 5th District, assigned to Register Hamlin. 7th Dist., Charles F. Howe, Lowell.

8th Dist., Peter C. Bacon, Worcester. NEW HAMPSHIRE,

9th Dist., Charles G. Delano, Greenfield. 1st District, Thomas E. Sawyer, Dover. 10th Dist., Timothy M. Brown, Springfi'd. 2d District, James B. Straw, Manchester,

RHODE ISLAND. 3d District, A.T. Batchelder, Keene.

John C. Pegram, Providence.

CONNECTICUT. 1st District, W. G. Veazey, Rutland. 1st District, Henry E. Burton, Hartford. 2d District, A. Underwood, Wells River. 2d District, J. T. Platt, New Haven.

John L. Edwards, Newport. 3d Dist.

3d District, Robert Coit, New London. L. L. Lawrence, Burlington. 4th Dis., L. N. Middlebrook, Bridgeport.

HOLIDAYS IN NEW ENGLAND. (Corrected Sept. 1878.) The following days, in respect to the payment of notes, are legal holidays. On most of them, courts, banks, &c., are closed.

If the day falls on Sunday, the day following is usually kept as a Holiday.

Maine. – Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Courts are also closed on 2d Mon. Sept., and on day of Presidential election.

New Hampshire.- Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Vermont. — Jan. 1, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, Thanksgiving. Massachusetts. - Feb. 22, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

Rhode Island. - Feb. 22, May 30 (or 29th if 30th is Sunday), July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

Conn. - Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF MAINE. (Corrected Sept. 1878. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) Supreme Judicial Court, Knox Co., at Rockland, 2d Tu. Mar. LAW TERMS.

and Dec., and 3d Tu. Sept. Portland, 3d Tues. July for counties Lincoln Co., at Wiscasset, 4th Tu. of Franklin, Oxford, Androscoggin, York, Ap., and 4th Tu. Oct. and Cumberland.

Oxford Co., at Paris, 2d Tues. Mar., Augusta, 4th Tu. May for Somerset, 3d Tues. Sept.,at Fryeburg, 1st Tues. Dec. Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Kennebec

Penobscot Co., at Bangor, Civil ACcounties,

tions, 1st Tu.Jan., Apr., and Oct.; C:imiBangor, 3d Tues. June for counties nal Act'ns, 1st Tu. Feb., and 20 Tu. Aug. of Aroostook, Washington, Piscataquis, Piscataquis Co., at Dover, last Tu. Hancock, Waldo, and Penobscot.

Feb., and 2d Tu. Sept. A meeting of all the justices is held annu- Sagadahoc Co., at Bath, 1st Tues. ally at Augusta during the law term; and April, and 3d Tues. in Aug. and Dec. all undecided questions of law and equity

Somerset Co., at Skowhegan, 3d Tu. previously submitted are then decided. Mar., Sept., and Dec. TRIAL TERMS.

Waldo Co., at Belfast, 1st Tu. Jan., Androscoggin Co., at Auburn, 38 and 30 Tu. in Apr. and Oct. Tues. Jan., April, and Sept.

Washington Co., at Machias, 1st Tu. Aroostook Co., at Houlton, last Tu. Jan., 1st Tu. Oct.; at Calais, 4th Tu. Ap. Feb., and 3d Tu. Sept.

York Co., at Saco, 1st Tu. Jan.; at Cumberland co., Civil Business, at Alfred, 3d Tu. May, and 3d Tu. Sept. Portland, 2d Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct.

Sup. Court for Cumberland Co. Franklin Co., at Farmington, 1st Tu.

Civil Actions only, 1st Tu. Feb., Mar., Mar., and 4th Tu. Sept.

Apr., Oct., Nov., Dec.; Civil and CrimHancock Co., at Ellsworth, 2d Tu. inal Cases, 1st Tu. Jan., May, and Sept. Ap. and Oct.

Superior Court for Kennebec Co. Kennebec Co., Civil Business only, Civil Bus. only, 1st Tu. Feb.,20 Tu.June. at Augusta, 1st Tu. Mar., and 3d Tu. Oct. I Ciril and Crim. Bus.,1st Tu.Ap., Sep., Dec.

(Corrected Sept. 1878. Legislature meets in June, and may make changes.)
Supreme Court.

Sep.; at Lancaster, 1st Tu.Jan., Mar.,May,

July, Nov.; at Gorham, 1st Tu. Ap., Oct. Two terms are held each year, on the 1st

Grafton Co., at Lisbon, 3d Tues. of Tu. June and Dec., both at Concord. Ap, and Oct.; at Plymouth, 1st Tu. of

TRIAL TERMS. Belknap Co., at Laconia, 4th Tues. May and Nov.; at Canaan, 1st Tu. of June

and Dec.; at Haverhill, 4th Tu. Mar. and of Mar., and the 4th Tues, of Sept. Carroll Co., at Ossipee, 3d Tu. Ap. Bristol, 3d Tu. July; at Littleton, 3d Tu.

Sept.; at Woodville, 1st Tu. July; at and Oct. Cheshire Co., at Keene, 1st Tues. of Jan,; at Wentworth, 3a Tu. Aug. ; at Or

ford, 3d Tues. Feb.; and at Lebanon, 1st April and 3d Tues. of (ct.

Tues. March and Sept. Coös Co., at Colebrook, 1st Tu. Feb. and 3d Tu. 'Aug., for Nor. Ju. Dist., and 4th Tu. Jan., March, May, July, Sep, and

Hillsborough Co., at Manchester, at Lancaster, 4th Tu. of Apr. and 1st Tu. Nov.; at Nashua, 4th Tu. Feb., Ap. June, of Nov. for South. Jud. Dist. Grafton Co., at Haverhill, 4th Tues. Fri.aft. 4th Tu.Jan.; at Francestown, Fri.

Aug., Oct. and Dec.; at Hillsboro' Bridge, of Mar. and 4th Tues. Sept. for the West. Jud. Dist., and at Plymouth, 1st Tues. of

aft. 4th Tu. Ap., July, and Oct.; at 'Am

herst, Fri, aft. 4th Tu. June and Dec.; at May and Nov. for the Eastern Jud. Dist. Hillsborough Co., at Amherst, 1st

Peterboro’, Fri. aft. 4th Tu. May and Au.; Tues. of May, at Manchester, 1st Tues. and Nov.; and at Milford, Fri. aft. 4th Tu.

at Mason Village, Fri. aft. 4th Tues. Mar. of Jan., and at Nashua, 1st Tues, of Sept. Feb. and Sept.

Merrimack Co., at Concord, 1st Tu. of Oct., and 1st Tues. of April.

Merrimack Co., at Concord, 2d and

4th Tu, every month. Rockingham Co., at Portsmouth, 30 Tues. Oct., and at Exeter, 3d Tue, Jan. aft. 1st Tu. Ap., Wed. after 30 Tu. Feb.,

Rockingham Co., at Exeter, Wed. and 2d Tu. of April. Strafford Co., at Dover, 2d Tues. of

Mar., and Aug., and Wed. af. 2d Tu. each Feb., and 1st Tues. of Sept.

other month; at Portsmouth, 3d Tu. Mar., Sullivan Co., at Newport, 4th Tues. Nov.; at Derry, 3d Tu. Feb. and 2d Tu.

and 2d Tu. Jan., May, July, Sept., and of Jan. and 1st Tues. of Sept.

June and Oct.; and at Raymond, 1st Tu. Probate Courts.

April, 3d Tu. Aug., and 28 Tu. Dec. Belknap Co., at Laconia, 3d Tues. Strafford Co., at Dover, 1st Tu. Jan., of every month.

Mar., May, Aug., and Oct., and 20 Tues. Carroll Co., at Conway, 1st Tu.Jan., Ap., July, Sept., and Dec.; at Rochester, May, and Sept.; at West Ossipee, 1st Tu. 1st Tu. of July and Dec.; at Farmington, Feb., June, and Oct.; at Ossipee Corner, 1st Tu.of Apr. and Sept.; and at Somers1st Tu. Mar., Jul., and Nov.; and at Wolfe- worth, 1st Tues. of Feb., June, and Nov. boro’Junction, 1st Tu. Ap., Aug. and Dec. Sullivan Co., at Newport, last Wed.

Cheshire Co., at Keene, 1st and 3d of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec.; Fri, every month.

and at Claremont, last Wed. of Jan., Mar., Coös Co.,at Colebrook, 1st Tu.Feb.and May, July, Sept. and Nov.

Corrected Sept., 1878. Legislature meets in October, 1878, and may make changes.
Supreme Court.

County Courts.
Gen. term at Montpelier, Oct. or Nov. Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Tu.
Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Mo. in June, and 2d in Dec.
aft. 3d Tu, in Jan.

Bennington Co., at Manchester, 1st Bennington Co., at Manchester, 2d Tues. in June, and Bennington, 1st Tues. Tu, after 4th Tues, in Jan.

in Dec. Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 2d Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 1st Tues. in Oct.

Tues, in June and Dec. Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Tu, in Jan.

Tues, in April, and 3d in Sept. Essex Co., at Guildhall, 4th Tues, in Essex Co., at Guildhall, 3d Tues, in August.

March and Sept. Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 1st Th. Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 2d Tu. after 2d Tues, in Jan.

in Apr. and Sept. Grand Isle Co., at North Iero, 3d Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, last Tues, in Jan.

Tu. but one in Feb. and last Tu. in Aug. Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 3d Tu. Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 4th Tu. in Aug.

in April and 1st Tues, in Dec. Orange Co., at Chelsea, 6th Tu. aft. Orange Co., at Chelsea, 1st Tu. in 4th Tu. in Jan.

June, and 3d in Dec. Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 1st Thurs. Orleans Co., at Trasburg, 1st Wed. next aft. 3d Tues. in Aug.

after 1st Tues. in Sept and 1st Tu. in Feb. Rutland Co., at Rutland, ist Th. aft. Rutland Co., at Rutland, 2d Tues. in 4th Tu. in Jan.

Mar. and Sept. Washington Co., at Montpelier, 2d Washington Co., at Montpelier, 2d Tues, in Aug.

Tu, in Mar. and Sept. Windhain Co., at New fane, Mon. Windham Co., at Newfane, 20 Tues. following 2d Tues, aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. in March and Sept.

Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 1st Th. Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 4th Tu. aft. 4th Tu, next aft. 4th Tu. in Jan. in May, and ist in Dec.

COURTS IN, THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT. Corrected S.pt., 1878. Legislature ineets in January, and may make changes. Supreme Court of Errors. Haven, 1st Tu. in Jan., April, July, Oct First Judicial District (Hartford, New London Co., at New London, Tolland and Middlesex Counties), at Hart- 30 Tu. Mar., 20 Tu. Sept.; at Norwich, ford, 2d Tues. Jan. and 1st Tues. Vay. 1st Tu. June and ist Tu. Nov.

Second Judicial District (New Tolland Co., at Tolland, 1st Tues, in London and Windham Counties), at Nor- June, Sep., and Dec., and 24 Tu. April. wich, 1st Tues. Mar. and 1st Tues. Sept. Windham Co., at Brooklyn, 1st Tu.

Fairfield Co., at Bridgeport, 30 Tu. in Feb. and May, 4th Tues. in Aug., and Mar. and 4th Tu. in Oct.

2d Tues, in Nov. Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, last Courts of Common Pleas. Tues. in May.

Fairfield Co., at Danbury, 1st Mon. New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st Jan., Ap., June, Nov.; at Bridgeport, 1st Tues, in June, and 1st Tues. in Dec. Mon. Feb., Mar., May, Sept., Oct., Dec. ; Superior Court.

and an adjourned term at Norwalk, 3d Fairfield Co., for civil business only, Monday Jan. and Oct., and at Stamford, at Bridgeport, 20 Tu. Feb., term to con- 3d Mon. May, Dec. But the court, when tinue till Fri. before 1st Tu. July; at Dan- holden at Norwalk or Stamford, shall try bury, 3d Tu. Sept., term to continue till court cases only. Court may adjourn from Fri. bef. 4th Tu. Jan.; criminal business, one of said places to either of the others. and such civil causes as my be trans. Hartford Co., at Hartford, 1st Mon. ferred thereto, by order of the Court; at in Jan., March, May, Sept., and Nov. Bridgeport, :3d Tu. Feb., 4th Tues. Aug., New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st 3d Tu. Oct.; at Danbury, 2d Tu. May. Mon. in Jan., Mch., May, Sept., and Nov.

Hartford Co., at Hartford, for civil All process brought before the common business only), 20 Tues. Sept., term to con- pleas court, in either Hartford or New tinue till Sat. before Christmas, 4th Tư. Haven counties, may be made returnable, Jan., term to continue till Sat. bef. 1st Tu. in addition to the ist days of the respecJune; for criminal business only, 1st Tu. tive terms, on the 1st Mon, of any month Mar., june, and Dec., 4th Tu. Aug. except July and August, under certain

Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, 4th Tu. conditions, for which see statute. Jan., 1st Tu. April, ist Tues. Sept., and New London Co., at Norwich, 1st Ist Tu. Nov.

Tues. Feb. and Oct.; at New London, 1st Middlesex Co., at Middletown, 2d Tues, of Apr, and Aug. Tues. Feb. and Nov.; at laddam, 3d Tu.

A District Court, April, and 2d Tu. Sept., and, for criminal For Barkhamstead, Bridgewater, Canaan, business only, at Middletown, 3d Tu. July. Colebrook, Cornwall, Kent, New Hart

New Ilaven Co., for ciril business ford, New Milford, Norfolk, North Canaonly, at New Haven, 1st Tu. Jan., term to an, Salisbury, Sharon, and Winchester, is contivue till Fri. bef. 1st Tu. June, 20 Tu. held at Winchester, 1st Mon. Jan., May, Sept., term to continue till Frid, bef. 1st Oct.; at Canaan, 1st Mon. Var., Aug., and Tu. Dec.; at Waterbury, one term only, Nov.; at New Milford, 1st Tu. Apr., and 1st Tu, June; for crim. bus. only, at New | 1st Mon. Sept. and Dec.

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