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TO HOUSEKEEPERS. It is important that the Soda or Saleratus you use should be WHITE and PURE, in common with all similar subst:uces used for food. Some Soda may appear white when examined by itself, but a comparison with Church & Co.'s ARM AND HAMMER BRAND will show the difference. In making bread with Yeast, it is best to use about half a teaspoonful of CHURCH & Co.'s ARM AND HAMMER BRAND SODA OR SALERATUS at the same time, and thus make the bread rise better, and prevent it from becoming sour, by correcting the natural acidity of the yeast. All good cook-books recommend this.

Farmers and Dairymen should use only the ARM AND HAMMER BRAND for cleaning and keeping milk-pans si eet and clean.

HOC DISEASES. The Arm and Hammer Brand Soda or Saleratus is now being used by Farmers, with great success, for the prevention and cure of Høg Cholera and other diseases. Mix with animal's food. The following is a

“ Having carefully

examined the exhibit copy of the Jurors'

AWARTED BY made by CHURCH & Co., Report at the World's

and all competing exIndustrial and Cot

hibits, concur in reconton Centennial Expo

mending the award of a

FIRST-CLASS MEDAL. sition at New Or

The exhibited Soda is of leans, 1885:


PURITY." To insure obtaining only the Arm and Hammer Brand Soda or Saleratus, it is best to buy in POUND or HALF-POUND CARTOONS, which have our name and trade-mark on them, as inferior goods are sometimes substituted for the Arm and Hammer Brand when bought in bulk.

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EOLIPSES FOR THE YEAR 1888. THERE will be five Eclipses this year, three of the Sun, and two of the MOON.

I. A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE Moox, Jan. 28, visible as follows : Begins, 4h. 30.4m. P. M.; middle, 6h. 20.1m. P. M.; ends, 8h. 9.5ın. P. M.

II. A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, Feb. 11, invisible in New England, but visible in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, and the extreme southern part of South America.

III. A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, July 8 and 9, Invisible in New England, bat visible in the Indian Oceani.

IV, A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF TAE MOON, July 22 and 23, visible as follows: Begins July 22, 10h. 64.7m. P.M.; middle, July 23, Oh. 44.8m. A.M.; ends, July 23, 2h. 34.8m. A. M.

V. A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, Aug. 7, invisible in New England, but visible in the Arctic Ocean, Norway and Sweden, and the extreme northerly parts of North America and Asia.

OHRONOLOGIOAL CYCLES FOR 1888. Dominical Letters

Lunar Cycle or

Roman Indiction ....1

8 Epact . . 17 | Solar Cycle 21 Golden Number

Julian Period . . . 6601 MOVABLE FEASTS AND FASTS FOR 1888. Septuagesima Sund., Jan. 29 | Good Friday, Mar. 30 | Whit-Sunday,

May 20 Shrove Sunday, Feb. 12 Easter Sunday, Apr. 1 Trinity Sunday, Ash Wednesday, 15 Low Sunday,

8 Corpus Christi, 31 First Sund. in Lent, 19 Rogation Sunday, May 6 Advent Sunday, Dec. 2 Palm Sunday, Mar. 25 | Holy Thursday, 10



d. h. m.
d. h.

d. h. Venus ? rises 5 3 48 A.M.

5 3 56 A.M. Y sets

6 51 P.M. Mars rises 11 11 42 P.M.

osets 12 2 59 A.M.

& sets 11 8 50 P.M. Jupiter 4 rises 19 2 58 A.M.

2 rises
18 7 7 P.M.

34 sets 18 8 34 P.M. Saturn sets 26 7 7 A.M.

h sets

25 11 10 P.M. h rises 26 1 32 A.M. FEBRUARY


d. h.
d. h.

d. h. prises 5 4 39 A.M. Prises 5 3 37 A.M. 9 sets 4 6 14 P.M. & rises 11 10 31 P.M.

12 0 56 A.M.

o sets 11 8 8 P.M. 24 rises 19 1 16 A.M.

4 sets 19 2 29 A.M. 2 sets 18 6 84 P.M. h2 sets 26 4 68 A.M. h sets 25 9 18 P.M. h rises 26 11 47 P.M. MARCU.


d. h.
d. h. m.

d. h. m.
o rises
453 A.M.


5 4
5 A.M.

9 sets 4 6 2 P.M. rises 11 8 47 P.M. sets 11 11 19 P.M. sets 11 7 49 P.M. 2 rises

18 11 29 P.M. sets 19 0 25 A.M. 4 sets 18 6 15 P.M. h sets 26 3 1 A.M. h sets 25 7 31 P.M. h rises 25 9 51 P.M. APRIL


d. h. m.
d. h.


h. m.
rises 5 4 30 A.M. sets 4 724 P.M. 9 sets 4 6 43 P.M.
12 5 23 A.M.

11 9 56 P.M.

dsets 11 7 49 P.M. 4 riges 18 9 22 P.M. 24 sets 18 10 25 P.M.

u rises 19 6 31 A.M. h sets 26 1 1 A.M. h rises 26 3 16 A.M.

h rises 25 7 50 P.M. MORNING AND EVENING STARS. Venus will be Morning Star till July 11, then Evening Star the rest of the year. Mars will be Morning Star till April 11, then Evening Star the rest of the year. Jupiter will be Morning Star till May 22, Evening Star till Dec. 8, then Morning Star the rest of the year. Saturn will be Morning Star till Jan. 23, Evening Star till August 1, then Morning Star the rest of the year.

MERCURY: - The most favorable times for seeing Mercury in 1888 will be about March 30, July 29, Nov. 17, in the East, before sunrise ; and Feb. 17, June 12, Oct. 8, in the West, after sunset.

DO The Moon. 9 Venus. The Earth, H Uranus.

The Sun.
Mars. h Saturn.

Neptune, Pallas. Mercury.


Ceres. NAMES AND CHARACTERS OF THE ASPECTS. o Conjunction, or in the same degree. 8 Opposition, or 180 degrees. * Sextile, 60 degrees.

Dragon's Head, or Ascending Node. 0 Quartile, 90 degrees.

Dragon's Tail, or Descending Node. A Trine, 120 degrees.


9. I Sagittarius, thighs. 2. 8 Taurus, neck. 6. i Virgo, belly. 10. V Capricornus, knees. 3. Ò Gemini, arms. 7. Libra, reins. 11. Aquarius, legs. 4. . Cancer, breast. 8. m Scorpio, secrets. 12. # Pisces, feet.




of sets


(Corrected Sept., 1887.) Colleges.

1st tm. 13w., vac. 2w.; 2d tm till Com. BATES, LEWISTON, ME. 3 tms. Beg, with recess at Easter. 6w. fm Tú. bef. Thank., 1st Tu. Apr., 4th SCHOOL OF THE FIXE ARTS (YALE Tu. Aug. Com. Th. aft. last We. June. UNIV.). Beg. Oct. 1 and ends June 1. BOW DOIN, BRUNSWICK, ME. Com.

Theological Schools. 4th Th. Jano. Vao. 11w. fm Com.; 2w. THEO. SEM., BANGOR, ME. (Or. Cong.) at Christmas; 1w. in Spring.

Anniver. 1st Wed. June; vac. 14w. fm COLBY UNIVER., WATERVILLE, ME. anniv. Exam. for entrance Sept. 8. Com. 1st Wed. July; vao. 9w fni Com., 1 THEOL. DEPART., BATES COLL., LEWw.fm last We. Nov., 4w. fm 2d We. Feb. ISTON, ME.

Year same as College. MAINE WESLEYÁN SEM, AND FEM. VT. EPISCO. INST., BURLINGTON, Vr. COLL., KENT'S HILL, ME. 3 tms, 13w. Acad. yr. 40w. fm Sept. 8. each. Beg. 4th Tu. Aug., 1st Tu. Dec., THEO. SEM. (Orth. Cong.), ANDOVER, 2d Tu. Mar.

Mass. Yr. b. Sep. 8,'87; an. June 15, '88. DARTMOUTH, HANOVER, N.H. Com. BOSTON UNIVER. SCHOOL OF THEOL. last Th. June ; vac. 10w. after.

(Method.) Yr. beg. 3d Wed. Sept. '88. N. H. COXF. SEMINARY AND FEMALE NEW CHURCH THEOL. Sc., BOSTON, COLLEGE, Tilton, N.H. Tms begin MA88. (Swedenborg.) Yr. beg. Oct.5, '87; Dec. 7, '87; Mar. 21, '88. Com. June 20. ends May 9, '88.

Norwich UNIV., NORTHFIELD, Vt. EP18. THEOL. SEM. AT CAMBRIDGE, Yr. beg. 2d Th. Sept.; closes 3d Th. June. MASS. Yr. beg.last Wed. in Sept.; ends

MIDDLEBURY, MIDDLEBURY VT. 3d. Wed. in June. Tms beg. Jan. 5, Apr. 5, Sept. 6, '88. NEWTON THEO. INST., NEWTON CEN

UNIVERSITY OF Vt., AND STATE TRE, MASS. (Bapt.) Ann. 3d Th. May. AGRICULT. COLLEGE, AT BURLINGTON. Vac. fm ann. to 1st Tu. Sept., fm Chris. Com. last Wed. June; vac. fm Com. to New Year's. 11w.— fm Wed. bef.Christmas, 2w., and DIVINITY SCH. OF HARVARD UXIV. 2w. fm close of Spring tm.

Yr. same as that of Harvard College. VERMONT METH. SEMINARY AND TUFTS COLL. Div. SCHOOL, COLLEGE FEMALE COLL., MONTPELIER,VT. Tms HILL, MA88. (Universalist) School year beg. Dec. 12, '87; Mar. 26, Aug. 27, '88. same as that of the College.

AMHERST, AMHERST, MASs. 3 tms. BERKELEY Div. SCH. (Epis.) MIDDLEBeg. Jan. 4,'Apr. 12, and 20 Th. Sept. TOWN, CT. Beg. Sept. 20; ends in June.

BOSTON COLLEGE, Boston, MASS. Div. SCH. OF YALE UNIV., NEW HA2 tms. Beg: 1st Mo. Sept. and Feb. VEN, CT. (Ortho. Cong.) Year beg. 4th

BOSTON UNIVER., Boston, MASS. Th. Sept.; closes 3d Wed. May. COLL. OF LIBERAL ARTS. 3 tms. 1st HARTFORD THEOL. SEM., CONN. (Orbeg. Sept. 21, '87; 2:1 beg. Jan. 3, '88; 3d tho. Cong.) Acad. yr. fm 3d Th. Sept. to beg. Mar. 19, '88. – COLLEGE OF Music. 2d Th. May. 2 tms, 20w. each ; 1st beg. Sept. 8, '87;

Medical Schools. 2d beg. Feb.2,'88. - SCHOOL OF ALL SOI- MED. SCH. OF ME., BOWDOIN COLL., ENCES. Post grad. dept. Tms same as BRUNSWICK, ME. Beg. Feb. 2, lasts 20w. in Coll. of Lib. Arts.

PORTLAND (ME.) SCH. FOR MED. INS. COLL. OF THE HOLY CROBS, WORCES- 2 tms, beg. July and Oct. '88. TER, MASS. Year beg. 1st Wed. Sept., MED. DEPT. DART. COLL., HANOVER, ends last Th. June.

N.H. Lecture tm begins middle July, HARVARD, CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Year cont. 20w. Recitation tm beg. 4th Jan., beg. Th. after last Wed. Sept., ends at cont. till June 20. Coin. last Wed.June; rec. 23 Dec. to Jan. UNIV. OF VT., MED. DEP., BURLING2, inc., and fm Wed. bef.Fast to Tu. after, TON, VT. Beg. 1st Th. Mar., cont. 20w. inc.

MED. SCH. OF HARVARD UNIVER., SMITA COLL., NORTA AMPTON, MASS. Boston. Yr. beg. Th. after last Wed. (For women.) 3 tms, Jan. 5, Apr. 12, in Sept., ends last Wed. in June. and Sept. 14.

Bosróx UNIV. SCH. OF MED.(Home.). Turts COLL., COLLEGE HILL, MASS. Open to both sexes. Beg. Oct. 12, '88. A single term of 39w. Bog. Sept. 22, '88. MED. DEPART. OF YALE UNIV., NEW Com. 3d Wed. June; vac. 13w.

HAVEN, CONN. 1st Th. Oct., till Com., WELLESLEY COLLEGE, WELLESLEY, with vac, same as Yale College. Mass. (For women.) 3 tms. Sept.8,'87, DENTAL SCH. HARV. UNI., BOSTON, Jan. 5, '88, April 6, '88. Com. June 21. Begins and ends with College year.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. Boston DENTAL COLLEGE, BOSTON, Com. last Wed, before July 4; vac. 10w. Year beg. 1st Wed. in Sept.; ends 3d aft. Com., 3w. fm 3d Tu. Dec., 2w. fm Wed. in June. end of 2d term.

Law Schools. BROWN, PROVIDENCE, R.I. Acad. yr. LAW SCH. OF HARVARD UNIV., CAM. beg. 3d Wed. Sept. Com. 3d Wed. June. BRIDGE, MASS. Year same as College.

TRINITY, HARTFORD, CONN. 2 tms. BUSTÓN UNIV. Sch. OF LAW. Beg. 1st beg. Sept. 13, '87; 2d, Jan. 12,'88; 1st, 1st Wed. Oct., ends 1st Wed. June. Sept. 11, '88. Com. last Th. in June. YALE LAW SCH., N. HAVEN, CT. Yr.

WESLEYAN UNIV., MIDDLETOwn, CT. beg. 4th Th. Sept., ends last Wed. June. Com. last Th. June, 1888; vac. 11w. fin Scientific and Agric. Schools. Com., 2w. at Chris., 1w. in Spring.

MAINE STATE COLL. OF AGRIC. AND YALE, NEW HAVEN, Conx. Com. THE MECHANIC ARTS, ORONO, ME. last Wed. June; vac. of 12w. fm Com. | Tms beg. Feb. 7, Aug.7. Com. June 27.

CHANDLER SCIENTIFIC DEPT. OF Conx. 3 terms. Beg. Sept. 21, '87, Jan. DARTMOUTH COLL. AND N. H. COLL. OF 2, '88, Apr. 2. Com. June 15, '88. AGRIC. AND THE MECH. ARTS, HANO

Normal Schools. VER, N. H.

Terms same as those of STATE NORMAL SCH., CASTINE, ME. Dartmouth College.


Yr. fm Aug. 1 to May 1. ME. 2 tms, 20w.ea. Beg.in Feb.and Sept. UNIVER. OF VT., BURLINGTON, has STATE NORMAL Sch., FARMINGTON, also a scientitic and agricultural course. ME. I'ms. b. Jan.3, Apr. 9, Aug.27,Dec. 10.

MASS. AGRIC. COLLEGE, AMHERST, STATE NORMAL Sch., PLYMOUTH, MAss. 3 terms. Terms beg. Sept.7, '87, N. H. 3 tms. Beg. Aug. 30,'87, Nov. 29, Jan. 4,'88, Apr. 4.

'87, and Mar. 14, '88. Mass. "COLL. PHARMACY, BOSTON, STATE NORMAL Sch., CASTLETON, MAss. Year beg. 1st Mon. Oct. 1887. VT. 2 tms: beg. 31 Tu. Feb., 3d Tu. Aug.

BOSTON UNIVER. COLL.OF AGRICUL. STATE NORMAL SCH., JOHNSON, VT. Tms. beg. Sept.6,'87, Jan. 3,'88, Apr.4,'88. Tms 20w.; beg. 1st Tu. Sept., 2d Tu. Feb.

LAWRENCE SCIEN. SCHOOL (HARV. STATE NORMAL Sch., RANDOLPH, UNIV.), CAMBRIDGE, MASS. The year Vr. Tms beg. 1st Tu. Feb., 4th Tu. Aug. is the same as that of Harvard Coll.

NORMAL SCHOOLS OF MASSACHUTHE BUSSEY INSTITUTIOX, JAMAICA SETT8. The year is divided into 2 terms PLAIN, MASS. (A school of Agriculture of 20 weeks each, including a recess of 1 and Horticulture, in Harv. Univ.) Year week near the middle of the term. Vac. same as that of Harvard College. 2 or 3w. in winter, 9 or 10 w. in summer.

VETERINARY SCHOOL OF HARVARD Exam, for admission at the beg. of each UNIVER. Year same as that of College. | term, which is at Salem, Feb. 7, and

MASS. INST. OF TECHNOL., Boston. Sept. 4; at Westfield, Jan. 31, and Aug. Ac. yr, last Mon.in Sept. to 1st Tu. after 28; at Bridgewater, Feb. 8, and Sept. 5; May 27.

at Framingham, Feb. 8, and Sept. 5; WORCESTER POLYTECH, INSTITUTE, at Worcester, Feb. 2, and Sept. 6. WORC., MASs. Tins. tm last Tu. Aug. MASS. NORMAL ART SCHOOL. 2 tms. to 3d Tu. Dec., and fm first Wed. Jan. to Beg. 3d Mon. Sept., '87, and Feb. 13, '88. last Wed. in Mch., and from 3d Th. in R. I. STATE NORMAL Sch., PROV., Apr, to last Th. in June.

R. I. 2 tms. Spr. tm beg. Feb. 6, closes SHEFFIELD SCIENT. SCHOOL (YALE June 29. Fall tm beg. 1st Tu. Sept. UNIV.), NEW HAVEN, CT. Terms saine STATE NORMAL Sch., NEW BRITAIN, as those of Yale College.


(Corrected Sept., 1887.) The Yearly Meeting of Friends is held

10th mo.,

at Sandwich, Mass. Falat Newport, R.I., beginning with a meet- mouth: 7th day before 1st sixth day in ing on Ministry and Oversight, on 5th 2d and 9th mos., at Windhan; 6th mo., day, 6th inonth, 7th, at 9 A. M. For at Falmouth; and 11th mo., at Durham. business, on 6th day, 8th, at 9 A. M. Pub- Smithfield: 2d fifth day, 2d mo., at lic meetings for worship on First day, at Worcester; 2d fifth day, 5th mo., at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. The Yearly Meet- Northbridge; 2d fifth day, 8th mo., at ing is composed of the Quarterly Meet- Bolton; 2d fifth day, 11th mo., at Smithings of Rhode Island, Salem, Sandwich, field. Vassalboro': 2d seventh day in Falmouth, Smithfield, Vassalboro', Do: the 2d mo., at Vassalboro'; on the last ver, and Fairfield, held as follows:- seventh day in the 6th mo., at China;

Rhode Island: 1st fifth day, 2d mo., and on the 2d seventh day in 9th and at Providence; 1st fifth day, 5th mo., at 11th months, at East Vassalboro'. DoEast Greenwich; 1st fifth day, 8th mo., ver: 7th day after 1st fifth day, 1st mo., at Newport, and 1st fifth day, 11th mo., at Rochester; 8th mo, at North Berat Fall River. Salem: 3d fifth day, 1st wick: 10th mo. at Sandwich, N. H., 7th mo., at Salem; 4th fifth day, 5th mo., at day after 3d fifth day in 5th mo. at DoAmesbury; 3d fifth day, 8th mo., at ver. Fairfield: 7th day before 2d sixth Lynn; 3d fifth day, 10th mo., at Weare. day in 2d mo. at Winthrop, and 9th mo. Sandioich: 1st fiith day, 4th and 12th at Manchester; 7th day before last sixth mos., at New Bedford; 2d fifth day, 7th day, 5th mo., and 7th day before 2d mo., at Falmouth; and ist fifth day, / sixth day, 11th mo. at Fairtield.

HOLIDAYS IN NEW ENGLAND. The following days, in respect to the payment of notes, are legal holidays. On most of them courts, banks, etc., are closed. If the day falls on Sunday, the day following is usually kept as a Holiday. Thanksyiving and Fast are appointed by state or national authority.

Maine. Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. New Hampshire. Feb. 22, May 30, July

4, Christmas, Fast, and

Thanksgiving. Vermont. Jan. 1, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Massachusetts. Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, 1st Mon. Sept., Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

Rhode Island. Feb. 22, May 30 (or 29th, if 30th is Sunday), July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Conn. Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

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