DISTRICT COURTS IN MASSACHUSETTS. (Corrected Sept., 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) No. Berkshire. For Adams, No. 3d of E. Middlesex. For Cambridge, Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Arlington, and Belmont, at Cambridge, and Savoy, at No. Adams, crim., daily, crim., daily ; civil, every Th. 9 A.M.; civil, weekly; at Adams, crim., 4th of É. Middlesex. For Woburn, daily; civil, 1st and 3d Wed. each month. Winchester, and Burlington, at Wo

Central Berkshire. For the towns burn, crim., daily; civil, every Sat. of Dalton, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanes- 1st of S. Middlesex. For Ashland, borough, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Framingham, Holliston, Sherborn, SudWashington, and Windsor, at Pittsfield, bury, and Wayland, at S. Framingham, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Sat. crim., daily ; civil, every Mon.

So. Berkshire. For Alford, Egre- E. Norfolk. For Randolph, Brainmont, Great Barrington, Monterey, Mt. tree, Cohasset, Weymouth, Quincy, Washington, New Marlboro', and Shef- Holbrook, and Milton, at Quincy, crim., field, at Great Barrington, crim., daily, daily, 9 A. M. ; civil, every Mon. at 9 A. M. ; civil, every Sat. at 10 A. M. 2d of Plymouth. For Abington,

1st of Bristol. För Taunton, Reho- South Abington, Rockland, Hingham, both, Berkley, Dighton, Seekonk, Attle- Hull, Hanover, Scituate, So. Scituate, borough, Norton, Mansfield, Easton, and Hanson, civil and crim. at Abingand Raynham, at Taunton and Attle- ton, every Mon., Wed., Th., and Sat.; borough, crim., daily ; civil, every Mon. at Hingham, every Tu. and Fri.

2d of Bristol. For Fall River, Free- 3d of Plymouth. For Plymouth, town, Somerset, and Swansea, at Fall Kingston, Plympton, Pembroke, DuxRiver, crim., daily ; civil, every Mon. bury, and Marshfield, at Plymouth, [2d and 3d Dist. Courts of Bristol have concur-crim., daily ; civil, every

Mo. rent jurisdiction in Westport and Freetown.) 3d of Bristol. For New Bedford,

4th of Plymouth. For MiddleborFairhaven, Acushnet, Dartmouth, and ough, Wareham, Lakeville, Marion, Westport, at New Bedford, crim., daily; crim., at Middleborough, every Tu.,

Mattapoisett, and Rochester, civil and civil, every Monday.

East Boston, For E. Boston and Wed., and Sat., and at Wareham, every Winthrop, crim., daily; civ., every Sat.

Mon., Th., and Fri. Writs returnable 1st of Essex. For Salem, Beverly, Wareham, 2d and 4th Th., each month.

at Middleborough, ist and 3d Tu., at Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, Topsfield, and Wenham, at Salem, crim.,

1st of N. Worcester. For Athol, daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Wednesday.

Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, E. Hampden. 'For Palmer, Brim- Templeton, Gardner, and 'Hubbardston,

crim. at Gardner every Mon., Wed., field, Monson, Holland, and Wales, at Palmer, crim., daily, 9 A. M. ; civil, 1st and Fr.; at Athol ev. Tu., Th., and Sat and 3d Sat. of each month.

civil, writs ret'd at Gardner, ist and 3d W. Hampden. For Westfield, Ches. Wed., at Athol, 2d and 4th Th. ev. mth. ter, Granville, Southwick, Russell, bridge, Southbridge, Charlton, Dudley,

1st of S. Worcester. For SturBlandford, Tolland, and Montgomery, at Chester, civil and crim., 2d Wed.each Oxford, and Webster, crim., at Southmonth; at Westfield, crim. daily (except Tu., Th.,

and Sat. civil, at Southbridge,

bridge, Mo., Wed., and Fri., at Webster, 2d Wed. each month); civil, every Mon, Mo., Webster, Tu.,

weekly. Hampshire. At Northampton, on Mo. and Tu. each wk; at Amherst, ist

2d of S. Worcester. For Blackstone, and 3d Wed. each mth ; at Cumming for trials by jury, in Blackstone or Ux

Uxbridge, Douglas, and Northbridge ton, 2d Wed. each inth; at Belchertown, I bridge, at times of public convenience; 1st and 3d Th. each mth; at Huntington, when not in sessons for trials by jury, 2d and 4th Th. each mth; at Ware, 1st, the court shall be held for crim. busi2d, and 3d Fr. each mth ; at Easthamp- ness in Blackstone every Mo., Wed., and ton, 2d and 4th Sat. each mth.

(the terms at Cummington may be held or Fri.; in Uxbridge, every Tu., Th., and not, at the discretion of the justice.)

Sat.'; for civil in Blackstone, every Mo., Ist of N. Middlesex. For Ayer, in Uxbridge, every Sat. Groton, Pepperell, Townsend, Ashby, 3d of $. Worcester. For Milford, Shirley, Westford, Littleton, and Box- Mendon, and Upton, at Milford, crim., borough, at Ayer, crim., daily, 9 A. M. ; | daily ; civil, 1st and 3d. Wed. each mo. civil, ist and 3d Mon. of each month. Central Worcester. For Worces

Central Middlesex. For Acton, ter, Millbury, Sutton, Auburn, LeicesBedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lincoln, ter, Paxton, w. Boylston, Boylston, Maynard, Stow, Lexington, at Concord, Holden, and Shrewsbury, at Worcester, crim., daily; civ., 1st and 3d Wed. ea. mo. crim., daily, 9 A. M. ; civil, every Sat.

1st of E. Middlesex. For Wilming- 1st of E. Worcester. For Northton, No. Reading, Reading, Stoneham, borough, Southborough,

Westboro', Wakefield, Melrose, Malden, Everett, and Grafton; crim., Westboro', ev. Mo., and Medford, crim., at Malden every Wed., and Fri.; at Grafton, every Tu., Mo., Tu., Fri., and 'Sat., at Wakefield Th., and Sat.; civil, at Westboro', every every Wed. and Th.; civil, weekly, at Mo., at Grafton, every Tu. Malden, Sats., and Wakefield, Weds. 2d of E. Worcester. For Clinton,

2d of E. Middlesex. For Water- Berlin, Bolton, Harvard, Lancaster, and town, Weston, and Waltham, at Wal- Sterling, at Clinton, crim., daily ; civil, tham, crim., daily; civil, every Sat. 2d and 4th Sat. of each month.

(Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.)

When the appointed day falls on ; Tu. May, and Sept. ; Orange, 2d. Tu. a holiday, or day of national or state Mar. and Dec., and 3a Tu. Júne ; Conelection, the court will be held on the way, 3d Tu. May ; Shelburne Falls, 2d next secular day thereafter.

Tu. Feb., 4th Tu. May, and 4th Tu. Oct. Barnstable. At Barnstable, 2d Tu. Hampden. At Springfield, 1st. Wed. Jan., Feb., Mar., Aug., Sept., Dec., and every mo. exc.Aug.; at Holyoke,3d Wed. 3a Tu. Apr. and June ; Harwich, 24 Jan., Mar., June, and Oct.; at Palmer,2d Mo, after 1st

Tu. May, and Mo. after Wed. Feb. May,and Sept., and 4th Wed. 3d Tu. Oct. ; Wellfleet, 3d Tu. May and Nov.; and at Westfield on the 3d Wed. 4th Tu. Oct.; Provincetown, Wed. Feb., May, Sept., and Dec. after 3d Tu. May and Wed. after 4th Hampshire. At Northampton, 1st Tu. Oct.; Falmouth, 3d Tu. Nov. Tu. of every mo.; Amherst, 2d Tu. Jan.,

Berkshire. At Pittsfield, 1st Tu, in Mar., June, dug., and Nov.; BelcherJan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, Sept., town, 2d Tú. May and Oct.; WilliamsOct., and Dec., 3d Tu. July, and' Wed. burg, 3d Tu. May and Oct.;' and Ware, aft. 1st Mo. Nov.; Lee, Wed. aft. 1st 2d Tu. Feb., 3d Tu. June, and 2d Tu. Tu. in Jan., Apr., and Oct., and Wed. Sept. and Déc. after 3d Tú. July ; Adams, Th. after Middlesex. At Cambridge, 1st, 2d, 1st Tu. Jan. and Oct., Wed. after 1st and 4th Tu. ea. mo.ex. Aug. ; Lowell,

3d Tu. Mar., and Th. after 3d Tu. in July; Tu. Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov. Gr. Barrington, Wed. after 1st Tu. in Nantucket. At Nantucket, on Th. Feb., May, Sept., and Dec.

after 2d Tu. of every month. Bristol. At Taunton, 1st Fri. Mar., Norfolk. At Dedham, 1st and 3d June, Sept., Dec.; New Bedford, 1st Fri. Wed., Quincy, 2d Wed., Hyde Park, 41b Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.; Fall River, Wed. every month except Aug. 1st Fri. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.

Plymouth. At Plymouth, 2d Mo. Dukes Co. At Vineyard Haven, 3d ach mo. except Feb., July, and Aug.; Mo. Apr. and 1st Mo. Sept. ; Edgar- Abington, 4th Mo. Feb., Mar., Sept., and town, 3d Mo. Jan. and July, and 1st Dec. ; Brockton, 2d Mo. Feb. and July, Mo. Mar. and Dec.; W. Tisbury, 1st and 4th Mo. May and Nov. ; MiddleborMo. June, and 3d Mo. Oct.

ough, 4th Mo. Jan., Apr., Aug., and Essex. At Salem, 1st Mo. each mo., Oct. ; Hingham, 4th Mo. in June. and 3d Mo. each mo. except Aug. ; Suffolk, At Boston, every Mo. in the Lawrence, 2d Mo. Jan., Mar., May, year, except 1st, 2d, and 4th Mo. Aug. June, July, Sept., and Nov.; Haverhill, Worcester. At Worcester, 1st and 20 Mo. Apr. and Oct.; Newburyport, 3d Tu. of every mo. except Aug. ; Fitch4th Mo. Jan., Mar., May, June, July, burg, 4th Tı. ev. mo. ex. July and Aug.; Sept., Nov.; Glo'ster'4th Mo.Ap.and Oct. Milford, 2d Tu. Apr. and Sept. ; Temple

Franklin. At Greenfield, ist Tu. in ton, 2d Tu. May and Oct. ; and Barre, every mo. except Nov.; Northfield, 2d Wed, aft. 2d Tu. of May and Oct.


(Corrected Sept., 1886.) Barnstable, H. P. Harriman, Wellfleet. Hampshire, W.G. Bassett, Easthamp'n. Berkshire, J. T. Robinson, No. Adams. Middlesex, Geo. M. Brooks, Concord. Bristol, Wm. E. Fuller, Taunton. Nantucket, T. C. Defriez, Nantucket. Dukes, Joseph T. Pease, Edgartown. Norfolk, G. White, Newton L. Falls. Essex, George F. Choate, Salem. Plymouth, Jesse E. Keith, Abington. Franklin, C. C. Conant, Greenfield. Suffolk, John W. McKim, Boston. Hampden, W. S. Shurtletf, Springfield. Worcester, Adin Thayer, Worcester.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS' MEETINGS IN MASSACHUSETTS. (Corrected September, 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) Barnstable, at Barnstable, on the 2d| Tu. of Apr., the 1st Tu. of Oct., and the Tu. of Apr. and Oct.

4th Tu. of June and Dec. Berkshire, at Pittsfield, on 1st Tu. Hampshire, at Northampton, on 1st Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.

Tu. of Mar., Sept., and Dec., and on the Bristol, at Taunton, on 4th Tu. Mar. Tu. aft. the 2d Mo. of June. and Sept.

Middlesex, at Cambridge, on the 1st Dukes Co., at Edgartown, Wed. aft. Tu. of Jan. and the 1st Tu. June ; and 3d Mo. May, and Wed. ait. 2d Mo. Nov. at Lowell, on the 1st Tu. Sept.

Essex, at Ipswich, on 2d Tu. of Apr.; Nantucket, 1st Wed. of each month. at Salem, on the 2d Tu. July; at New- Norfolk, at Dedham, on the 3d Tu. buryport, on the 2d Tu. of Oct.; and at of Apr., the 4th Tu. of June and Sept., Lawrence, on the last Tu. of Aug.; and and the last Wed. of Dec. on the 4th Tu. of Dec., at Ipswich, Plymouth, at Plymouth, on the 1st Salem, or Newburyport, as they shall Tu. of Jan., the 3d Tu. of Mar., and the order at their next preceding term.

1st Tu. of Aug. Franklin, at Greenfield, 1st Tu. Mar. Worcester, at Worcester, on the 4th and Sept., and 2d Tu. June and Dec. Tu. of Mar., the 3d Tu. of June, the 2d

Hampden, at Springfield, on the 2d | Tu. of Sept., and the 4th Tu. of Dec.

(Corrected Sept., 1886. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.)
Supreme Court.

3d District (Westerly, Hopkinton, Bristol Co., at Bristol, 1st Mon, in Charlestown, and Richmond), civil, at Mar. and 1st Mon. in Sept.

Westerly each Mon.; at Charlestown 4th

Sat. each month; at Hopkinton 2d and Kent Co., at E. Greenwich, 2d Mon. in Mar, and 2d Mon. in Sept.

4th Th. each month; and at Richmond

4th Wed. each month. Newport Co., at Newport, 4th Mon. in Mar. and 4th Mon, in Sept.

4th District (Kent Co.), civil, at WarProvidence Co., at Providence, 1st wick each Tu.; at East Greenwich each Mon. in Apr. and 1st Mon. in Oct. Th.; at West Greenwich 3d Sat. each

Washington Co., at S. Kingstown, month; and at Coventry 2d and 4th 30 Mon. in Mar. and 3d Mon. in Sept.

Sats, each month.

5th District (Bristol Co.), civil, at Court of Common Pleas.

Bristol each Mo., and at Warren each Bristol Co., at Bristol, 1st Mon, in

Th. May and last Mon. in Oct.

6th District (Providence and North Kent Co., at E. Greenwich, 2d Mon. Providence), civil, at Providence each in Apr. and Oct.

Mon. and Th. Newport Co., at Newport, 3d Mon. 7th District (East Providence), civil, in May and Nov.

at East Providence each Fri. Providence Co., at Providence, 1st 8th District (Cranston, Johnston, Mon. in Mar., June, Sept., and Dec. Scituate, and Foster), civil, at Johnston

Washington Co., at S. Kingstown, each Mon.; at Cranston each Wed.; at 2d Mon. in May, and 1st Mon. in Nov. Scituate 3d Sat. each month ; and at

Foster 2d Sat. each month.
District Courts.

9th District (Burrillville, GlocesEvery District Court is open at all ter, and Smithfield), civil, at Burrillville times for the transaction of criminal each Sat.; at Smithfield'each Th.; and business.

at Glocester each Wed. 1st Judicial District (Newport Co.), 10th District (Pawtucket), civil, at civil, at Newport each Tu. and Fri.; at Pawtucket each Tu. and Fri. Tiverton each Th.

11th District (Lincoln and Cumber2d District (South Kingstown, N’th land), civil, at Lincoln each Sat.; at Kingstown, and Exeter), civil, at South Cumberland each Wed. Kingstown each Mon.; at North Kings- 12th District (Woonsocket and N'th town each Th.; and at Exeter 1st and 3d Smithfield), civil, at Woonsocket each Weds. each month.

Wed. and Sat.

FARM LIFE. It is a common complaint that the farm and farm life are not appreciated by our people. We long for the more elegant pursuits or the ways and fashions of the town. But the farmer has the most sane and natural occupation, and ought to find life sweeter, if less highly seasoned, than any other. He alone, strictly speaking, has a home. How can a man take root and thrive without land? He writes his history upon his field. How many ties, how many resources, he has ! his friendships with his cattle, his team, his dog, his trees; the satisfaction in his growing crops, in his improved fields; his intimacy with nature, with bird and beast, and with the quickening elemental forces; his coöperations with the cloud, the sun, the seasons, heat, wind, rain, frost. Nothing will take the various social distempers, which the city and artificial life breed, out of a man like farming, - like direct and loving contact with the soil. It draws out the poison. It humbles him, teaches him patience and reverence, and restores the proper tone to the system.

Cling to the farm, make much of it, put yourself into it, bestow your heart and your brain upon it, so that it shall savor of you and radiate your virtue after your day's work is done! “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy

herds. " For riches are not forever: and doth the crown endure to every genera

tion ? “ Tho hay appeareth, and the tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs of

the mountains are gathered. “ The lambs are for thy clothing, and the goats are the price of thy field. “ And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance of thy maidens.”



The apparent object of nature in plant life is the production of seed. When the plant is mature, when the seed is formed and ripened, the purpose seems to be attained, and it is this production of the seed that exhausts the vital powers of the plant, and there seems to be an effort to preserve life till this end is reached. Prevent an annual from going to seed and there a tendency at once to become a perennial.

Most thrifty farmers raise fodder corn to have something to feed out in case of a drought and short pastures. All who have silos, of course, raise large quantities of it, often several acres. Now this is the point to bear in mind, that, while the vital energy of an annual plant is put forth to increase its size, that is during the process of rapid growth, it lays up only a very small amount of valuable organic compounds, like starch, sugar, etc. Čut, therefore, at this stage of growth, it is of comparatively little value.

IF corn grown for fodder is allowed to stand till after the tassel has appeared and the ear is formed and has reached the point of beginning to glaze, it contains nearly twice as much nutritive vegetable matter ton for ton as it did at the time of rapid growth when the tassels first appeared.

SOME folks seem to think that the taller varieties of corn, like the southern or western corn that often grows eight or ten feet high, are all the more valuable for their size and the bulk

of food they furnish. This is a great mistake. It would be wiser to doubt their superior fitness for fodder till it is better proved. The feeding value of such plants is not to be measured by their size but by the amount of valuable organic nitrogenous or non-nitrogenous ingredients stored up in their cellular structure. It is the comparative amount of dry vegetable matter left from a given weight of the same kind of fodder plant, of about the same stage of growth, that we are to look to, in most cases, for a higher or lower feeding value.

CAREFUL experiment has proved that it is better to fill a silo quickly, tramp down the material solidly and cover it up, rather than to fill it slowly and let it settle and heat before covering. The cows most decidedly prefer the ensilage from the silo rapidly filled and quickly excluded from the air, to that from a silo slowly filled. The quicker the corn fodder is cut and packed down and covered so as to keep it from the air, the better.

REMEMBER the advice of the practical old Scotchman, “Aye be sticking in a tree, Jock; it'll be growing while ye're sleeping.' So about farm tools. A good coat of paint applied whenever they come to need it will pay a good interest on the cost

SOME lazy and shiftless farmers have the habit of making a barnyard of the public highway, a sort of catchall for old wagons, carts, tools, woodpiles, compost heaps and all the old trumpery that collects about a homestead. It is a horrible sight. Take hold and clean up.

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The common practice of throwing weeds into the hog-pen is one of the most serious mistakes that the farmer makes. The common chickweed, purslane, and some other plants blossom and bear seed at the same time. It is never safe to spare them or to let them get into the manure. Weeds are the most costly addition a man can make to the green supplies of the pig-pen. No man can afford to raise them, and to give them to the pigs is about the same thing as sowing the seed abundantly over his cultivated fields. Good superphosphate at two hundred dollars a ton would be cheap compared with the cost of the manure made from weeds in the pigpen.

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THE PUBLIC DEBT, Sept. I, 1886. (Including Pacific Railroad bonds, and not including fractional silver coin and

minor coin held in the Treasury, $28,279,653.80. Interest-bearing debt

At Four and one-half per ct. $250,000,000 00
At Four per ct.

737,769,500 00 At Three per ct.

134,422,150 00 Refunding Certif. at 4 per ct. 199,950 00 Navy Pension Fund at 3 per ct. 14,000,000 00 Pacific R.R. bonds at 6 per ct. 64,623,512 00

$1,201,015,112 00 Debt on which interest has ceased

$4,773,225 26 Debt bearing no interest

Old Dem'd and Leg. Tender . $346,738,391 00 Certificates of Deposit

11,195,000 00 Gold and Silver Certificates . 166,720,107 00 Fractional Currency (less

$8,375,931, estimated as lost or'destroyed).

6,953,702 52

$531,607,200 52


Total principal
Total interest accrued and unpaid
Total Debt
Available cash in the Treasury

Total debt, less cash in the Treasury, Sept. 1. 1886
Total debt, less cash in the Treasury, Sept 1, 1885

$1,737,395,537 78

10,996,568 69 $1,748,392,106 47

370,215,525 94 $1,378,176,580 63 1,473,692,307 52 $95,515,726 99

Decrease the past year


h. m.

TIDE TABLE. The tides in the Calendar page are for the port of Boston, in standard time.

The following table contains the approxiinate difference between the time of High Water at Boston and several other places. The reader is warned that this table will not always give the exact time of the tide, as the difference varies from day to day. It is hoped, however, it will be near enough to be useful.

The difference, if preceded by +, is to be added to, or if preceded by, sub tracted from, the time as given in the Calendar pages.

h. m.

h. m. Baltimore, Md.. +7 30 New Bedford, Mass.. - 3 30 Portsmouth, N.H.

0 36 Bath, Me. +044 Newburyport, Mass.. - 007 Salem, Mass.

- 0 16 Beaufort, N.C. 403 Newcastle, Del. .+ 0 29 Sandy Hook, N.Y.

3 38 Bridgeport, Conn.

-0 18 New Haven, Conn. .-013 Savannah, Ga., Dry Dock 3 16 Cape Henry, Va. 3 34 New London, Conn. - 2 06 St. Augustine, Fla.

-308 Cape May, N.J. 3 10 Newport, R.I. -3 44 Stonington, Conn.

- 222 Charleston, S.C.

4 05
New Rochelle, N.Y.
- 007 Vineyard Haven, Mass.

+014 City Point, Va..

+ 308

New York, Gov. Island - 3 22 Washington, D.C., Navy
Cold Spring, N.J.

- 357
Norfolk, Va..
-2 16 Yard

+ 8 41 Eastport, Me.

Philadelphia, Pa.
+ 2 15 West Point, N.Y.

027 Edgartown, Mass. +0 47 Plymouth, Mass.

-0 10 Wilmington, Del.:

- 2 23 Key West, Fla.. - 1 59 Point Judith, R.I.

3 57 Wood's Holl, north side 336 Nantucket, Mass. +055 Portland, Me.

0 12

south side

- 253

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CARRIAGE FARES IN BOSTON. For one adult, from one place to another within the city proper (with the exception of distances beyond certain limits, the rates for which are $1.00, $1.50, and upwards), or from one place to another in East Boston, or from one place to another in South Boston, or from one place to another in Charlestown, or from one place to another in Roxbury, 50 cents. Each additional adult, 50 cents.

ET For a complete statement of the rates of fares for public carriages, the inquirer is referred to the Condensed Schedule, issued by the Police Commis siouers.

Children under four years with an adult, no charge.
Children between four and twelve years old, with an adult, half-prico.

From twelve at night to six in the morning, the fare is 50 cents above the procoding rates for each passenger.

No charge for one trunk; each additional trunk, 25 cents.

By the Carriages of the Herdic Phaeton Co., and by any of the one-horse cabe, you can ride for 25 cents for ordinary trips.

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