(Corrected September, 1884. Legislature meets in October, 1884, and may make changes.)

Supreme Court.

Gen. term at Montpelier, Oct. or Nov. Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Mo. aft. 3d Tu. in Jan.

Bennington Co., at Manchester, 2d Tu. after 4th Tu. in Jan.

Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 2d Tu. in May.

Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Tu. in Jan.

Essex Co., at Guildhall, 4th Tu. in Aug.

Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 1st Th. aft. 2d Tu. in Jan.

Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, 3d Tu. in Jan.

Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 3d Tu. in Aug.

Orange Co., at Chelsea, 6th Tu. aft. 4th Tu. in Jan.

Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 4th Tu. in May.

Rutland Co., at Rutland, 1st Th. aft. 4th Tu. in Jan.

Washington Co., at Montpelier, 3d Tu. in May.

Windham Co., at Newfane, Mon. following 2d Tu. aft. 4th Tu. in Jan.

Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 1st Th. aft. 4th Tu. next aft. 4th Tu. in Jan.

County Courts. Addison Co., at Middlebury, 1st Tu. in June and 2d Tu. in Dec.

Bennington Co., at Manchester, 1st Tu. in June, and Bennington, 1st Tu. in Dec.

Caledonia Co., at St. Johnsbury, 1st Tu. in June and Dec.

Chittenden Co., at Burlington, 1st Tu. in Apr. and 3d Tu. in Sept.

Essex Co., at Guildhall, 3d Tu. in Mar. and Sept.

Franklin Co., at St. Albans, 2d Tu. in Apr. and Sept.

Grand Isle Co., at North Hero, last Tu. but one in Feb., and last Tu. in Aug. Lamoille Co., at Hyde Park, 4th Tu. in Apr. and 1st Tu. in Dec.

Orange Co., at Chelsea, 1st Tu. in June and 3d Tu. in Dec.

Orleans Co., at Irasburg, 1st Wed. aft. 1st Tu. in Sept. and 1st Tu. in Feb. Rutland Co., at Rutland, 2d Tu. in. Mar. and Sept.

Washington Co., at Montpelier, 2d Tu. in Mar. and Sept.

Windham Co., at Newfane, 2d Tu. in Mar. and Sept.

Windsor Co., at Woodstock, 4th Tu. in May, and 1st Tu. in Dec.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT. (Corrected in September, 1884. Legislature Supreme Court of Errors. First Judicial District. (Hartford, Windham, Tolland, Litchfield and Middlesex Co.'s) at Hartford, 1st Tu. Jan., Mar., May, and Oct.

meets in January, and may make changes.)

Tolland Co., at Tolland, 1st Tu. in June., Sept., and Dec., and 2d Tu. Apr.

Second Judicial District. (New London Co.), at Norwich, last Tu. May and 3d Tu. Oct.

Fairfield Co., at Bridgeport, 3d Tu. in Mar. and 4th Tu. in Oct.

New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st Tu. in June and Dec.

Superior Court.

Fairfield Co., Civil only, at Bridgeport, 2d Tu. Feb.; at Danbury, 3d Tu. Sept.-criminal, and such civil as may be transferred thereto by the Court; at Bridgeport, 3d Tu. Feb., 2d Tu. Sept., 3d Tu. Oct.; at Danbury, 2d Tu. May.

Hartford Co., at Hartford, for civil business only, 2d Tu. Oct., 4th Tu. Jan.; for criminal business only, 1st Tu. Mar., June, and Dec., and 2d Tu. Sept.

Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, 1st Tu. June, civil causes by Court only; 3d Tu. Aug. and 1st Tu. Dec., civil; 1st Tu. Apr., 2d Tu. Oct. crim. only.

Middlesex Co., at Middletown, 2d Tu. Feb. and Nov.; at Haddam, 3d Tu. Apr. and 4th Tu. Sept.

New Haven Co., at Waterbury, 1st Tu. May and 2d Tu. Dec.; crim., last Tu. Mar. and Sept. At New Haven, civil, 1st Tu. Jan., 4th Tu. Sept.; crim. 1st Tu. in Jan., April, July, Oct.

New London Co., at New London, 1st Tu. Jan. (crim.), 3d Tu. Mar. 2d Tu. Sept.; at Norwich, 1st Tu. May (crim.), 1st Tu. June and 1st Tu. Nov.

Windham Co., at Brooklyn, 1st Tu. Apr. crim.; 2d Tu. in May and Nov.; at Windham, 1st Tu. Feb. and 4th Tues. Aug.; 1st Tu. Ost., crim.

Writs may be made returnable in the counties of Hartford, New Haven or Fairfield, on the first Tuesday of any month except July and August.

Courts of Common Pleas.

Fairfield Co., at Danbury, 1st Mo. in Feb., Apr., June, Dec.; at Bridgeport, 1st Mon. Jan., Mar., May, Sept., Oct., Nov.; and may adjourn from either place to Norwalk or Stamford for the trial of court cases only.

Hartford Co., at Hartford, 1st Mo. in Jan., Mar., May, Sept., and Nov.

Litchfield Co., at Litchfield, 1st Mo. May and 4th Mo. Sept.; at Winchester, 1st Mo. Jan., Apr., and Sept.; at Canaan, 1st Mo. Mar., July, and Nov.; and at New Milford, 1st Mo. Feb. and Aug.

New Haven Co., at New Haven, 1st Mo. in Jan., Mar., May, and Nov., and 3d Mo. Sept.

New London Co., at Norwich, 1st Tu. Feb. and Oct.; at New London, 1st Tu. in Apr. and Aug.

Writs may be made returnable in the county of Hartford on the 1st Monday of any month except July and August, and in the county of New Haven on the 1st and 3d Monday of any month.

The District Court

Of Waterbury includes Waterbury and towns adjoining, except Cheshire; also Southbury and Woodbury. Terms, 1st Mo. Jan., till Fri. bef. 1 Mo. July; and 1st Mo. Sept., till Fri. bef. Dec. 25.

SUPREME JUDICIAL AND SUPERIOR COURTS IN MASSACHUSETTS. (Corrected September, 1884. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) Supreme Judicial Court.

[blocks in formation]


A law term for the Commonwealth shall be held at Boston on the 1st Wed. of Jan. of each year, which term may be adjourned from time to time, to places and times most conducive to the despatch of business and the interests of the public; and there shall be entered and determined therein questions of law arising in the counties of Barnstable, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk; and also all questions of law arising in other counties where special provisions are not made therefor.

And law terms of said court shall also annually be held as follows:

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield, 2d Tu. of Sept.

Bristol, Nantucket, and Dukes Cos., at Taunton, 4th Tu. Oct.

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Tu. Nov. Hampden Co., at Springfield, 2d Mo. after 2d Tu. of Sept.

Hampshire and Franklin Cos., at Greenfield, Mo. next after 2d Tu. of Sept.

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 3d Tu.


[blocks in formation]

Berkshire Co., at Pittsfield (civil), 2d Mo. of Jan. and July. 4th Mo. of Feb. June, and Oct.; (crim.)

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 1st Mo. of Mar. and Sept.; and at New Bedford, 1st Mo. of June and Dec.

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, last Tu. of May and Sept.

Essex Co., (civil), at Salem, 1st Mo. of June and Dec.; at Lawrence, 1st Mo. of Mar., and at Newburyport, 1st Mo. of Sept.; (crim.) at Lawrence, 1st Mo. of Oct., at Newburyport, 2d Mo. of May, and at Salem, 4th Mo. of Jan.

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d Mo. of Mar., and 2d Mo. of Aug. and Nov.

Hampden Co., at Springfield (civil), 2d Mo. of Mar. and June, and 4th Mo. of Oct.; (crim.) 3d Mo. of May, and 1st

Mo. of Dec.

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, (civil) 3d Mo. of Feb., 1st Mo. of June, and 3d Mo. of Oct.; (crim.) 2d Mo. of June, and 3d Mo. of Dec.

Middlesex Co., (civil), at Lowell, 2d Mo. of Mar., and 1st Mo. of Sept.; at Cambridge, 1st Mo. of June, and 2d Mo. of Dec.; (crim.) at Cambridge, 2d Mo. of Feb. and 1st Mo. of June; and at Lowell, 3d Mo. of Oct.

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st Tu. of July and Oct.

Norfolk Co., at Dedham (civil), 4th Mo. in Apr., Sept., and Dec.; (crim.) 1st Mo. in Apr., Sept., and Dec.

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Mo. of Feb. and June, and 4th Mo. of Oct..

Suffolk Co., at Boston (civil), 1st Tu. Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.; (crim.) 1st Mo. of every month.

Worcester Co., (civil), at Worcester, 1st Mon. of Mar., Mon. after 4th Mon. of Aug. and 2d Mo. of Dec.; and at Fitchburg, 2d Mo. of June and Nov.; (crim.) at Worcester, 3d Mo. of Jan., 2d Mo. of May, and 3d Mo. of Oct.; and at Fitchburg, 2d Mo. of Aug.


(Corrected September, 1884.)

Muricipal Courts are held, crim. | cester, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lee, Lowdaily, civil, every Sat., in Boston, as ell, Lynn, Marlborough, Newton, SomAlso at follows: In Boston (old city), Roxbury erville, and Williamstown. District, South Boston, East Boston Chelsea, for Chelsea and Revere; Haver(including Winthrop), Dorchester Dis- hill, for Haverhill, Bradford, and trict, Charlestown District, Brighton Groveland; Newburyport, for NewburyDistrict, and West Roxbury District. port and Newbury; and Springfield for Springfield, Agawam, Longmeadow, Hampden, West Springfield, and Wil

Police Courts are held daily at
Brookline, Chicopee, Fitchburg, Glou- | braham.

(Corrected Sept., 1884. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.)

No. Berkshire. For Adams, No. Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, and Savoy, at No. Adams, crim., daily, 9 A.M.; civil, weekly; at Adams, crim., daily; civil, 1st and 3d Wed. each month. Central Berkshire. For the towns of Dalton, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Washington, and Windsor, at Pittsfield, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Sat.

So. Berkshire. For Alford, Egremont, Great Barrington, Monterey, Mt. Washington, New Marlboro', and Sheffield, at Great Barrington, crim., daily, at 9 A. M.; civil, every Sat. at 10 A. M. 1st of Bristol. For Taunton, Rehoboth, Berkley, Dighton, Seekonk, Attleborough, Norton, Mansfield, Easton, and Raynham, at Taunton and Attleborough, crim., daily; civil, every Mon. 2d of Bristol. For Fall River, Freetown, Somerset, and Swansea, at Fall River, crim., daily; civil, every Mon. [2d and 3d Dist. Courts of Bristol have concurrent jurisdiction in Westport and Freetown.] 3d of Bristol. For New Bedford, Fairhaven, Acushnet, Dartmouth, and Westport, at New Bedford, crim., daily; civil, every Monday.

1st of Essex. For Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, Topsfield, and Wenham, at Salem, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Wednesday. E. Hampden. For Palmer, Brimfield, Munson, Holland, and Wales, at Palmer, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, 1st

and 3d Sat. of each month.

Hampshire. For the towns of Hamp; shire Co., at Northampton, on Mo. and Tu. each week; at Amherst, 1st and 3d Wed. each month; at Cummington, 2d Wed. each month; at Belchertown, 1st and 3d Th. each month; at Huntington, 2d and 4th Th. each month; at Ware, 1st, 2d, and 3d Fri. each month; at Easthampton, 2d and 4th Sat. each month.

[The terms at Cummington may be held or not, at the discretion of the justice.]

1st of N. Middlesex. For Ayer, Groton, Pepperell, Townsend, Ashby, Shirley, Westford, Littleton, and Boxborough, at Ayer, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, 1st and 3d Mon. of each month.

Central Middlesex. For Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lincoln, Maynard, Stow, Lexington, at Concord, crim., daily; civ., 1st and 3d Wed. ea. mo. 1st of E. Middlesex. For Wilmington, No. Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Melrose, Malden, Everett, and Medford, crim., at Malden every Mo., Tu., Fri., and Sat., at Wakefield every Wed. and Th.; civil, weekly, at Malden, Sats., and Wakefield, Weds.

2d of E. Middlesex. For Watertown, Weston, and Waltham, at Waltham, crim., daily; civil, every Sat.

3d of E. Middlesex. For Cambridge, Arlington, and Belmont, at Cambridge, crim., daily; civil, every Th.

4th of E. Middlesex. For Woburn, Winchester, and Burlington, at Woburn, crim., daily; civil, every Sat.,

1st of S. Middlesex. For Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Sherborn, Sudbury, and Wayland, at S. Framingham, crim., daily; civil, every Mon.

E. Norfolk. For Randolph, Braintree, Cohasset, Weymouth, Quincy, Holbrook, and Milton, at Quincy, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Mon.

1st of Plymouth. For Brockton, Bridgewater, E. and W. Bridgewater, at Brockton, crim., daily; civil, every Tu. 2d of Plymouth. For Abington, South Abington, Rockland, Hingham, Hull, Hanover, Scituate, So. Scituate, and Hanson, civil and crim. at Abington, every Mon., Wed., Th., and Sat.; at Hingham, every Tu. and Fri. Writs returnable on Wed.

3d of Plymouth. For Plymouth, Kingston, Plympton, Pembroke, Duxbury, and Marshfield, at Plymouth, crim., daily; civil, every Mo.

4th of Plymouth. For Middleborough, Wareham, Lakeville, Marion, crim., at Middleborough, every Tu., Mattapoisett, and Rochester, civil and Wed., and Sat., and at Wareham, every Mon., Th., and Fri. Writs returnable Wareham, 2d and 4th Th., each month. at Middleborough, 1st and 3d Tu., at

1st of N. Worcester. For Athol, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Templeton, Gardner, and Hubbardston, crim. at Gardner every Mon., Wed., and Fr.; at Athol every Tu., Th., and Sat; civil, return days for writs, at and 4th Th. every month. Gardner, 1st and 3d Wed., at Athol, 2d

1st of So. Worcester. For SturOxford, and Webster, crim., at Southbridge, Southbridge, Charlton, Dudley, bridge, Mo., Wed., and Fri., at Webster, Tu., Th., and Sat., civil, at Southbridge, Mo., Webster, Tu., weekly.

2d of S. Worcester. For Blackstone, Uxbridge, Douglas, and Northbridge, for trials by jury, in Blackstone or Uxbridge, at such times as the public convenience may require; when not in sessions for trials by jury, the court shall be held for crim. business in Blackstone every Mo., Wed., and Fri., in Uxbridge, every Tu., Th., and Sat. ; for civil business, in Blackstone, every Mo., in Uxbridge, every Sat.

3d of S. Worcester. For Milford, Mendon, and Upton, at Milford, crim., daily; civil, 1st and 3d. Wed. each mon.

Central Worcester. For Worcester, Millbury, Sutton, Auburn, Leicester, Paxton, W. Boylston, Boylston, Holden, and Shrewsbury, at Worcester, crim., daily, 9 A. M.; civil, every Sat.

1st of E. Worcester. For Northborough, Southborough, Westborough, and Grafton, crim., Westbor', every Mo., Wed., and Fri., at Grafton, every Tu., Th., and Sat.; civil, at Westborough, every Mo., at Grafton, every Tu.

2d of E. Worcester. For Clinton, Berlin, Bolton, Harvard, Lancaster, and Sterling, at Clinton, crim., daily; civil,

PROBATE COURTS IN MASSACHUSETTS. (Corrected September, 1884, Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) When the appointed day falls on a holiday, or day of national or state election, the court will be held on the next secular day thereafter.

Barnstable. At Barnstable, 2d Tu. Jan., Feb., Mar., Aug., Sept., Dec., and 3d Tu. Apr. and June; Harwich, 2d Mo. after 1st Tu. May, and Mo. after 3d Tu. Oct.; Wellfleet, 3d Tu. May and 4th Tu. Oct.; Provincetown, Wed. after 3d Tu. May and Wed. after 4th Tu. Oct.; Falmouth, 3d Tu. Nov.

Berkshire. At Pittsfield, 1st Tu. in Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June,Sept., Oct., and Dec., 3d Tu. July, and Wed. aft. 1st Mo. Nov.; Lee, Wed. aft. 1st Tu. in Jan., Apr., and Oct., and Wed. | after 3d Tu. July; Adams, Th. after 1st Tu. Jan. and Oct., Wed. after 1st Tu. Mar., and Th. after 3d Tu. in July; Gr. Barrington, Wed. after 1st Tu. in Feb., May, Sept., and Dec.

Bristol. At Taunton, 1st Fri. Mar., June, Sept., Dec.; New Bedford, 1st Fri. Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.; Fall River, 1st Fri. Jan., Apr., July and Oct.

Dukes Co. At Vineyard Haven, 3d Mo. Apr. and 1st Mo. Sept.; Edgartown, 3d Mo. Jan. and July, and 1st Mo. Mar. and Dec.; W. Tisbury, 1st Mo. June, and 3d Mo. Oct.

Essex. At Salem, 1st Mo. each mo., and 3d Mo. each mo. except Aug.; Lawrence, 2d Mo. Jan., Mar., May, June, July, Sept., and Nov.; Haverhill, 2d Mo. Apr. and Oct.; Newburyport, 4th Mo. Jan., Mar., May, June, July, Sept., Nov.; Gloucester, 4th Mo. April and Oct.

Franklin. At Greenfield, 1st Tu. in

every mo. except Nov.; Northfield, 2d Tu. May and Sept.; Orange, 2d. Tu. Mar. and Dec., and 3d Tu. June; Conway, 3d Tu. May; Shelburne Falls, 2d Tu. Feb., 4th Tu. May, and 4th Tu. Oct. Hampden. At Springfield, 1st. Wed. every month except Aug.; at Holyoke, 3d Wed. Jan., Mar., June, and Oct.; at Palmer, 2d Wed. Feb., May, and Sept., and 4th Wed. Nov.; and, at Westfield on the 3d Wed. Feb., May, Sept., and Dec.

Hampshire. At Northampton, 1st Tu. of every mo. ; Amherst, 2d Tu. Jan., Mar., June, Aug., and Nov.; Belchertown, 2d Tu. May and Oct., and Williamsburg, 3d Tu. May and Oct.

Middlesex. At Cambridge, 1st, 2d, and 4th Tu. ea. mo. ex. Aug.; Lowell, 3d Tu. Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov. Nantucket. At Nantucket, on Th. after 2d Tu. of every month.

Norfolk. At Dedham, 1st and 3d Wed., Quincy, 2d Wed., Hyde Park, 4tb Wed. every month except Aug.

Plymouth. At Plymouth, 2d Mo. each mo. except Feb., July, and Aug.; Abington, 4th Mo. Feb., Mar., Sept., and Dec.; Brockton, 2d Mo. Feb. and July, and 4th Mo. May and Nov.; Middleborough, 4th Mo. Jan., Apr., Aug., and Oct.; Hingham, 4th Mo. in June.

Suffolk. At Boston, every Mo. in the year, except 1st, 2d, and 4th Mo. Aug. Worcester. At Worcester, 1st and 3d Tu. of every mo. except Aug.; Fitchburg, 4th Tu. ev. mo. ex. July and Aug.; Milford, 2d Tu. Apr. and Sept. ; Temple. ton, 2d Tu. May and Oct.; and Barre, Wed. aft. 2d Tu. of May and Oct.


Courts of Insolvency in Mass. are held by the Judges of Probate and Insolvency in each county, at times appointed by themselves.

(Corrected Sept., 1884.)

Barnstable, H. P. Harriman, Wellfleet. | Hampden, W. S. Shurtleff, Springfield.
Berkshire, J. S. Robinson, No. Adams.

Bristol, Wm. E. Fuller, Taunton.

Dukes, Joseph T. Pease, Edgartown.

Essex, George F. Choate, Salem.

Franklin, C. C. Conant, Greenfield.

Middlesex, Geo. M. Brooks, Concord.
Nantucket, T. C. Defriez, Nantucket.
Norfolk, G. White, Newton L. Falls.
Plymouth, Jesse E. Keith, Abington.
Suffolk, John W. McKim, Boston.
Worcester, Adin Thayer, Worcester.

Hampshire, W. G. Bassett, Easthamp'n.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS' MEETINGS IN MASSACHUSETTS. (Corrected September, 1884. Legislature meets in January, and may make changes.) Barnstable, at Barnstable, on the 2d | Tu. of Apr., the 1st Tu. of Oct., and the Tu. of Apr. and Oct. 4th Tu. of June and Dec.

Berkshire, at Pittsfield, on 1st Tu. Jan., Apr., July, and Oct.

Bristol, at Taunton, on 4th Tu. Mar. and Sept.

Dukes Co., at Edgartown, Wed. aft. 3d Mo. May, and Wed. aft. 2d Mo. Nov. Essex, at Ipswich, on 2d Tu. of Apr.; at Salem, on the 2d Tu. July; at Newburyport, on the 2d Tu. of Oct.; and at Lawrence, on the last Tu. of Aug.; and on the 4th Tu. of Dec., at Ipswich, Salem, or Newburyport, as they shall order at their next preceding term. Franklin, at Greenfield, 1st Tu. Mar. and Sept., and 2d Tu. June and Dec. Hampden, at Springfield, on the 2d

Hampshire, at Northampton, on 1st Tu. of Mar., Sept., and Dec., and on the Tu. aft. the 2d Mo. of June.

Middlesex, at Cambridge, on the 1st Tu. of Jan. and the 1st Tu. June; and at Lowell, on the 1st Tu. Sept.

Nantucket, 1st Wed. of each month. Norfolk, at Dedham, on the 3d Tu. of Apr., the 4th Tu. of June and Sept., and the last Wed. of Dec.

Plymouth, at Plymouth, on the 1st Tu. of Jan., the 3d Tu. of Mar., and the 1st Tu. of Aug.

Worcester, at Worcester, on the 4th Tu. of Mar., the 3d Tu. of June, the 2d Tu. of Sept., and the 4th Tu. of Dec.


THE seeds of many weeds that grow among the cultivated grasses that are cut for hay, like sorrel, the white or ox-eye daisy, dock, etc., are not destroyed in passing through the digestive organs of the animal unless they are actually crushed in mastication. They retain their vitality, and will readily germinate, under favorable conditions, just as well as if they had not passed through the animal stomach.

THE vitality of weed-seeds, like the ox-eye daisy, chickweed, sorrel, etc., is destroyed by fermentation in a moist compost heap, with a heat anywhere from 90° to 110°, in from five to seven days. If the heap is dry, even with this heat, the vitality may not be destroyed.

IN a common pig-pen, into which it is a general practice to throw large quantities of weeds in summer, the conditions as to temperature required to destroy the vitality of the seeds are not present, and if the seeds of such weeds are mature enough to germinate at all, they ought not to be put there. It is cheaper to burn them and done with it.

WHEN the flowers of the white daisy first expand the seeds are not in a condition to germinate, but they reach this condition in a very few days. Fields infested with this weed ought, therefore, to be cut early, very soon after the first blossoms are fully expanded. If cut promptly the seeds will not have reached sufficient maturity to germinate. But if the cutting is delayed until the blossoms generally appear those that bloomed out first will have matured their seeds, and the manure made from hay so cut and cured will be infested with seeds capable of germination and growth.

WHEN manure is made from hay filled with the white daisy and other weeds, and fed to horses and other cattle, it ought to be composted with muck or other substances and allowed to ferment and heat in order to destroy the vitality of the seeds scattered through it. The work required to compost manure is the chief objection to it, but the manure is improved by the operation, and it is the only safe way to use it. Working over the heap diffuses the moisture and promotes the heating, one of the essential conditions for the destruction of the vitality of weed seeds.

CLEAN culture, the freedom from weeds and foul growths of every kind, is the cheapest and the wisest in the long run. Weeds will not ordinarily infest a field in a high state of cultivation and well manured. If a field is weedy it is an indication that it is time to plough it up and re-seed. Sheep will destroy the white daisy and many other weeds, but scrub dogs will be likely to destroy the sheep.

JUNE grass, or, what is the same thing, Kentucky blue grass, is one of our earliest and most common grasses, but in old fields that have been exhausted by long cropping, the roots of this grass are attacked by the larvæ of the June bug, or May beetle, as it is often called, so that the tops turn white, with a fungus growth just above the last leaf. This fungus is not apt to form and attach itself to the stem of the grass unless the cells have become weakened in some way, like that indicated above, that is, either from poverty of the soil or from attacks upon the roots by the May beetle. The only remedy seems to be to

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