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Oxford University Press, 1915
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145. oldal - But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure is taken for misery, And their going from us to be utter destruction: but they are in peace.
293. oldal - God save our gracious King, Long live our noble King, God save the King. Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: God save the King!
13. oldal - Halloo your name to the reverberate hills And make the babbling gossip of the air Cry out 'Olivia!' O, you should not rest Between the elements of air and earth, But you should pity me ! OLI. You might do much.
114. oldal - I saw it was a starling, hung in a little cage. " I can't get out ! I can't get out !" said the starling. I stood looking at the bird ; and to every person who came through the passage, it ran fluttering to the side towards which they approached it, with the same lamentation of its captivity — " I can't get out !
83. oldal - The wilderness has a mysterious tongue Which teaches awful doubt, or faith so mild, So solemn, so serene, that man may be But for such faith with nature reconciled; Thou hast a voice, great Mountain, to repeal Large codes of fraud and woe; not understood By all, but which the wise and great and good Interpret, or make felt, or deeply feel.
391. oldal - ministering angel' without any exaggeration, in these hospitals; and as her slender form glides quietly along each corridor, every poor fellow's face softens with gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers have retired for the night, and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand making her solitary rounds.
236. oldal - If I stoop Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud, It is but for a time ; I press God's lamp Close to my breast — its splendour, soon or late, Will pierce the gloom : I shall emerge one day ! You understand me ? I have said enough ? Fest.
25. oldal - O may thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold, Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old, And win, with them, the victor's crown of gold. Alleluia! O blest communion! Fellowship divine! We feebly struggle, they in glory shine; Yet all are one in thee, for all are thine.
24. oldal - A Collection of several Passages concerning his late Highness Oliver Cromwell, in the Time of his Sickness ; wherein is related many of his Expressions upon his Deathbed, together with his Prayer within two or three Days before his Death. Written by one that was then Groom of his Bedchamber.
346. oldal - Her feet were firmly planted on the Rock ; Amid the wildest storms she stands undaunted, Nor quails before the loudest thunder shock, She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer, And cries ' It shall be done,' sometime, somewhere I " THE SABBATH AND ITS OBSEEVANCE.

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