Roman Antiquities and Ancient Mythology for Classical Schools

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Lincoln and Edmands, 1831 - 161 oldal

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17. oldal - Anciently this right of images was peculiar to the patricians ; but afterwards the plebeians also acquired it, when admitted to curule offices. Those who were the first of their family that had raised themselves to any curule office, were called Homines NOVI, new men or upstarts.
14. oldal - Sibylline books consulted, without their order. — 2. The Senate had the direction of the treasury, and distributed the public money at pleasure. They appointed stipends to their generals and officers, and provisions and clothing for their armies.
66. oldal - THE Romans paid the greatest attention to funeral rites, because they believed that the souls of the unburied were not admitted into the abodes of the dead, or, at least, wandered a hundred years along the river Styx, before they were allowed to cross it; for which reason, if the bodies of their friends could not be found, they erected to them an empty tomb*, (TUMULUS INANIS, кенотафч»*, Cenotaphium,) at which they performed the usual solemnities, Virg.
15. oldal - But the power of the senate was chiefly conspicuous in civil dissensions or dangerous tumults within the city, in which that solemn decree used to be passed, " That " the consuls should take care that the republic should receive " no harm ;" Ut consules darent operam, ne quid detrimenti respublica caperet.
16. oldal - It was the part of the Patron to advise and to defend his client, to assist him with his interest and substance, in short to do every thing for him that a parent uses to do for his children.
12. oldal - Let those who are of such an opinion pass over to that side ; those who think differently, to this.
16. oldal - These images were nothing else but the busts or the effigies of persons down to the shoulders, made of wax and painted ; which they used to place in the courts of their houses...
15. oldal - Black buskins reaching to the middle of the leg, with the letter C in silver on the top of the foot.10 Hence calceos mutare, to become a senator.11 3.
36. oldal - Tarquin's refusal to give her the price which she asked, she went away, and burnt three of them. Returning soon after, she sought the same price for the remaining six.
20. oldal - By the laws of the twelve tables it was ordained, that insolvent debtors should be given up to their creditors to be bound in fetters and cords...

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