Pottery: Korean Traditional Handicrafts

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Ewha Womans University Press, 2006 - 151 oldal
Pottery has the longest and strongest tradition in Korean ceramics, continuing from prehistoric times to the present. But it has not been given the attention it deserves because the history of Korean ceramics is focused on porcelain. This book takes a close look at pottery, the most commonly used type of vessel in the everyday life of Koreans, dividing it into two major categories: unglazed pottery, from comb-patterned earthenware to modern day puredok and glazed pottery, from the wares of Gurim-ri kiln to onggi. It shows that Korean pottery vessels, though rather overlooked in history, have a simple beauty that makes them valuable works of art.

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저자 : Rha Sunhwa
Majored in Korean Art History, Ewha Womans University
Chief Curator, Ewha Womans University Museum
President, Korean Curators Forum
Cultural Heritage Commitee Member, Incheon City
Cultural Heritage Commitee Member, Cultural Heritage Administration
Director, Museum Educational Society
Director, The Korean Institute of Cultural Architechture
Director, korea Culture Foundation

Soban: Dining Tables,1991
Museum Education, 1999(co-author)
The Museum in the Eyes of the Curator,2003(co-author)
History of Korean Ceramics, 2004

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