Emily Dickinson: Selected Poems

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Macmillan, 1993. aug. 15. - 128 oldal
Because I could not stop for Death-
He kindly stopped for me-
The carriage held but just ourselves-
And Immortality.

Bloomsbury Poetry Classics are selections from the work of some of our greatest poets. The series is aimed at the general reader rather than the specialist and carries no critical or explanatory apparatus. This can be found elsewhere. In the series the poems introduce themselves, on an uncluttered page and in a format that is both attractive and convenient. The selections have been made by the distinguished poet, critic, and biographer Ian Hamilton.

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Adrift A little boat adrift
Safe in their Alabaster Chambers 1861
know some lonely Houses
From Cocoon forth a Butterfly
The Wind tapped
A Wife at Daybreak
Departed to the Judgment
had been hungry
The name of it is Autumn
The Bustle in a House
My life closed twice

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A szerzőről (1993)

Emily was born in 1830 in , Massachusetts, where she spent almost all her life. In her late twenties she withdrew from normal social activity, rarely went outdoors, and stopped seeing even her closest friends. But she did write lots of letters, and when she died in 1886 it was discovered that she had also written over 1,000 seven of which had been published in her lifetime. Book publication of her work commenced in 1890.

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