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HARMONY OF THE S. History of Apollos, who S. St. Paul proceeds from was now preaching to the Macedonia to Greece, or Church at Corinth, planted by Achaia, and continues there St. Paul. Acts xviii. 24, to three months. Acts xx. 2 the end. V. E. 55. N. 1, 2. and pt. of v. 3. v. E. 56 or 57.

S. St. Paul proceeds from N. 15. Phrygia, and disputes there S. St. Paul having been inwith the Jews. Acts xix. 1-formed of the reception his 10. - N. 3, 4.

first Epistle had met from the S. St. Paul continues two Corinthians, writes his second years in Ephesus; the people Epistle from Philippi, to jusburn their magical books. tify his apostolic conduct, and Acts xix. 11-20. v. E. 56. N.5. vindicate his authority, both

S. St. Paul sends Timothy of which had been impugned and Erastus to Macedonia by a false Teacher. 2d Episand Achaia. Acts xix, 21, pt. tle to the Corinthians. V. E. of ver. 22.

58. N. 16-25. S. St. Paul writes his first S. St. Paul returns from Epistle to the Corinthians, to Achaia and Corinth to Mace. assert his apostolic authority; donia, sending his companto reprove the irregularities ions forward to Troas. Acts and disorders of the Church, xx. pt. v. 3, to v. 6. and to answer the questions s. St. Paul, in his way from of the converts on various Achaia to Macedonia, writes points of doctrine and disci- from Corinth his Epistle to pline. 1st Epistle to the Co- the Gentiles and Jews of rinthians. - N. 6-11. Rome-to the Gentiles, to

S. St. Paul continues at prove to them, that neither Ephesus: a mob is occasioned their boasted philosophy, nor at that place by Demetrius. their moral virtue, nor the Acts xix. pt. v. 22, to the end. light of human reason-and V. E. 56 or 57. N. 12.

to the Jews, that neither their S. St. Paul leaves Ephesus, knowledge of, nor obedience and goes to Macedonia. Acts to, the law of Moses, could XX.

justify them before God; but S. St. Paul writes his first that faith in Christ alone was, Epistle to Timothy, to direct and ever had been, the only him how to proceed in the way of salvation to all mansuppression of those false doc- kind. Epistle to the Romans. trines and corruptions which – 26-28. the Jewish zealots were en S. From Macedonia St. deavouring to establish in the Paul proceeds to Troas, where Church at Ephesus, over he raises Eutychus to life. which he was appointed to Acts xx. 6–12. - N. 29. preside. Ist Epistle to Timo S. From Troas to Assos

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HARMONY OF THE S. St. Paul being surren- returning to Antioch, as he dered as a Prisoner to the had usually done. Acts xxvii. Centurion, is prevented from 1. v. E. 60. N. 41. completing this Journey, by]



S. St. Paul commences his sonment. Acts xxviij. 17Voyage to Rome, as a Prison- 30. v. E. 60. N. 12. er. Acts xxvii. 2. v. E. 60. N.l. S. St. Paul writes his Epis

S. The Ship arrives at Si- tle to the Ephesians, to estadon, from whence it proceeds blish them in the Christian to Cyprus. Acts xxvii. 3, 4. - Faith, by describing, in the

s. After changing their most animating Language, Ship at Tyre, they proceed to the mercy of God displayed Cnidus, Salmone in Crete, in the calling of the Gentiles and the City of Lasea. Acts through Faith in Christ, withxxvii. 5-8. N.2.

out being subjected to the Law S. St. Paul warns the Mas- of Moses-to enforce upon ter of the Ship of the Danger them that Holiness and Conthey were in-They attempt sistency of Conduct, which is to reach Phenice in Crete. required of all who have reActs xxvii. 9-13.

ceived the Knowledge of SalS. The Ship is wrecked, vation. The Epistle to the but the Lives of all on board Ephesians. V. E. 61, N. 13, 14. are saved, as St. Paul had s. St. Paul writes his Episforetold. Acts xxvii. 14, to tle to the Philippians, to comthe end. - N. 3-7.

fort them under the concern S. They land on the Island they had expressed on the subof Melita. Acts xxviii. 1-11. ject of his Imprisonment-to N. 8, 9.

exhort them to continue in s. After three months they Union and mutual Love--and sail to Rome. Acts xxviii. 11, to caution them against the to pt. of v. 14. - N. 10, 11. Seductions of false Teachers,

S. St. Paul arrives at Rome, who had begun to introduce and is kindly received by the themselves among them. The Brethren. Acts xxviii. pt. of Epistle to the Philippians. v. v. 14 to 17. - N. 12.

E. 62. N. 15, 16. S. St. Paul summons the S. St. Paul writes his EpisJews at Rome, to explain to tle to the Colossians, in reply them the causes of his Impri- to the Message by Epaphras,

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