HARMONY OF THE Mount. Matt. v. vi. vii. and, Parables. Matt. xiii. 10-17. viii. 1. Luke vi. 20, to the Mark iv. 10-12. Luke viii. end. V. E. N. 42-48. 9, 10. V. E. N. 67. S. The Centurion's Ser

s. Explanation of the Pavant healed. Matt. viii.5-13. rable of the Sower. Matt. Luke vii. 1-10. N. 49. xiii. 18-23. Mark iv. 13-23.

S. The Widow of Nain's Luke viii. pt. of ver. 9, and Son is raised to life. Luke xi. 15. vii. 11-18. N. 50, 51.

Christ directs his HearS. Message from John, ers to practise what they hear. who was still in prison, to Mark iv. 24, 25. Luke viii. Christ. Matt. xi. 2-6. Luke 18. vii. 18-23. - N. 52, 53. S. Various Parables de

S. Christ's Testimony conscriptive of Christ's Kingdom. cerning John. Matt. xi. 7-15. Matt. xiii. 24-53. Mark iv. Luke vii. 24-30. - N. 54, 55. 20-34. 27. N. 68.

S. Christ reproaches the S. Christ crosses the Sea Jews for their Impenitence of Galilee, and calms the temand Insensibility. Matt xi. pest. Mait. viii. 18-27. Mark 16-27. Luke vii. 31-35. iv. 36, to the end. Luke viii. N. 56.


N. 69. S. Christ invites all to come S. Christ heals the Gadato him. Matt. xi. 25, to the rene Demoniac. Matt. viii. end. N. 57.

28, to the end. Mark v. 1-20. S. Christ forgives the Sins Luke viii. 26-39. N. of a female Penitent, at the 70. House of a Pharisee. Luke S. Christ dines with Matvii. 36, to the end. - N. 58. thew. Matt. ix. 10-17. Mark

S. Christ preaches again ii. 15-22. Luke v. 29, to the throughout Galilee. Luke end. viii. 1-3.

S. Jairus' Daughter is S. Christ cures a Demoniac healed, and the infirm WoConduct of the Scribes and man. Matt. ix. 1, and xviii. Pharisees. Matt. xii. 22-45. 26. Mark v. 21, to the end. Mark ii. 19-30. Luke xi. Luke viii. 40, to the end. 14-26. N. 59-61.

N. 71. S, Christ declares his faith S.

Christ restores two ful Disciples to be his real blind Men to Sight. Matt. kindred. Matt. xii. 46, to the ix. 27-31. end. Mark iii. 31,to the end. S. Christ casts out a dumb Luke viii. 19-21. – N. 62, 63. Spirit. Matt. ix. 32-34. S. Parable of the Sower. s. Christ returns

to NaMatt. xiii. 1-9. Mark iv. l-zareth, and is again ill-treat9. Luke viii. 4-8. N. ed there. Matt. xiii. 54-58. 61-66.

Mark vi. 1, to pt. of ver.



HARMONY OF THE Resurrection Matt. xvi. 21-Death and Resurrection. 23. Mark vii. 31, to the end; Matt. xvii. 22--23. Mark ix. ix. 1. Luke ix. 22-27. v. E. N. 30-33. Luke ix. 43-46. y. E. 20, 21.

24. S. The Transfiguration of S. Christ works a Miracle Christ. Matthew xvii. 1-13. to pay the Half-shekel for the Mark ix. 2-13. Luke ix. 28- Temple Service. Matt. xvii. 36. N. 22, 23.

21-27; xviii. 1, to the end. – s. The Deaf and Dumb N. 25. Spirit cast out. Matt. xvii. S. The Disciples contend 14-21. Mark ix. 14-29. Luke for Superiority. Mark ix. 33, ix. 37-42.

to the end. Luke ix. 47-50.S. Christ again foretells his N. 20-28.



S. The Mission of the Se-(yer how he may attain eterventy. Luke x. 1-16. v. E. 28. nal Life Luke. x. 25-28. N. 1, 2.

N. 14. S. Christ goes up to the S. The Parable of the good Feast of Tabernacles. Matt. Samaritan. Luke x. 29-37.xix. 1. Mark x. 1. John viil. N. 15. 2-10. – N. 3, 4.

S. Christ in the House of S. Agitation of the public Martha. Luke x. 38, to the mind at Jerusalem, concern- end. N. 16, 17. ing Christ. John vii. 11, to S. Christ teaches his Discithe end; viii. 1. - N. 5-7. ples to pray. Luke xi. 1-13.

s Conduct of Christ to the S. Christ reproves the PhaAdulteress and her accusers. risees and Lawyers. Luke John viii. 2-11. - N. 8. xi. 37, to the end.

S. Christ declares himself S. Christ cautions his Dis. to be the Son of God. Johnciples against Hypocrisy. viii. 12-20. - N. 9.

Luke xii. 1-12. S. Christ declares the man S. Christ refuses to act as ner of his Death. John viii. a Judge. Luke. xii. 13, 14. 21, to the end. – N. 10-12. s. Christ cautions the Mul

$. The Seventy return with titude against Wordly-mindjoy. Luke x. 17-24. - N.13. edness. Luke xii. 15-34.

S. Christ directs the Law-I S. Christ exhorts to Watch



HARMONY OF THE at Jericho. Matt. xx. 29, to S. Christ retires to Ephraim the end. Mark x. 46, to the or Ephrata. John xi. 54. end. Luke xviii. 35 to the S. State of the public mind end. N. 33.

at Jerusalem, immediately S. Conversion of Zacche preceding the last Passover, us, and the Parable of the at which Christ attended. Pounds. Luke xix. 1-28. John xi. 55, to the end.

S. The Resurrection of La S. Christ comes to Bethazarus. John xi. 17-46.- N.34. ny, where he is anointed by

S. The Sanhedrim assem- Mary. Mat. xxvi. 6-13. Mar. ble to deliberate concerning xiv. 3-9. John xii. 1-11. the Resurrection of Lazarus. N. 36, 37. John xi. 47, 48. N. 35. S. Christ prepares to enter

S. Caiaphas prophesies. Jerusalem. Matt. xxi. 1-7. John xi. 49–52.

Mark xi. 1-7. Luke xix. 29, S. The Sanhedrim resolve and pt. of ver. 35. John xii. to put Christ to death. John 12-18. N. 38, 39. xi, 53.



S. The People meet Christ, Chief Priests. Matt. xxi. 14. with Hosannas--Christ ap-16. -proaches Jerusalem. Matt. S. Some Greeks at Jerusaxxi. 8-10. Mark xviii. 8-10. lem desire to see Christ. The Luke xix. 36-40. John xii. 19. Bath Col is heard. John xii. V. E. 29. N. 1-3.

20.43. N. 5, 6. S. Christ's Lamentation S. Christ again declares the over Jerusalem, and the Pro-object of his Mission. John phecy of its Destruction. xii. 44, to the end. Luke xix. 41-44.

S. Christ leaves the City in S. Christ, on entering the the evening, and goes to BeCity, casts the Buyers and thany. Matt. xxi. 17. Mark Sellers out of the temple. xi. 11. Matt. xxi. 12, 13. Mark xi. Monday-Fourth Day bept. of ver. 11, 45, 46. Luke fore the Passover-Christenxix. 45, 46. - N. 4.

tering Jerusalem again,curses S. Christ heals the Sick in the barren Fig-tree. Matt. xi.

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