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HARMONY OF THE directs two of his Disciples to S. Cinist goes with his prepare the Passover. Matt. Disciples to the Mount of xxvi. 17-19. Mark xiv. 12-16. Olives. Matt. xxvi. 3. Mark Luke xxii. 7-13, v. E. 29. xiv. 26. Luke xxii. 39. v. E.

S. Christ partakes of the 29. last Passover. Matt. xxvi. 20. S. Christ declares himself Mark xiv. 17. Luke xxii. 14- to be the true Vine. John 18. John xiii. 1. - N.23.

xv. 1-8. - N. 31. S. Christ again reproves

S. Christ exhorts the Aposthe Ambition of his Disciples. tles to mutual love, and to Luke xx. 21-27. John xiii. prepare for persecution. John 2-16. N. 24.

xv. 9, to the end; xvi. 1-4. S. Christ sitting at the Pass S. Christ promises the gitts over, and continuing the Con- of the Holy Spirit. John xvi. versation, speaks of his Be to the end. trayer. Matt. xxvi. 21-25. S. Christ intercedes for all Mark xiv. 17-21. Luke xxii. his followers. John xvii. 21-23. John xiii. 17-30. - N. s. Christ again predicts 25, 26.

Peter's denial of him. Matt. S. Judas goes out to betray xvi. 31-35. Mark xiv. 27-31.Christ, who predicts Peter's S. Christ goes into the Gardenial of him, and the danger den of Gethsemane-His ago of the rest of the Apostles. ny there. Matt. xxvi. 35-46. Luke xx. 28-38. John xiii. Mark xiv. 32-42. Luke xxii. 31, to the end. - N. 27-29. 40-46. John xviii. 1, 2. – N.

S. Christ institutes the 32, 33. Eucharist. Matt. xxvi. 26-29. S. Christ is betrayed and Mark xiv. 22. 25. Luke xxix. apprehended. The resistance 19, 20. - N. 30.

of Peter. Matt. xxvi. 47-56. S. Christ exhorts the Apos- Mark xiv. 43-50. Luke xxii. tles, and consoles then on his 47-53. John xviii. 3-11. - N approaching Death. John 34. xiv.


S. Christ is taken to An-their Master. Matt. xxvi. 58. nas to the palace of Caiphas. Mark xiv. 54. Luke xxii. 55. Matt. xxvi. 57. Marko xiv. John xviii. 15, 16. V. E. 29. 51-53. Luke xxii. 54. John S. Christ is first examined xviii. 12-14. v. E. 29. N. 1. and condemned in the House




HARMONY OF THE S. Christ is reviled when) Thief. Luke xxii. 39-43. v. on the Cross, by the Rulers, E. 29. N. 26. the Soldiers, the Passengers, S. Christ commends his the Chief Priests, and the Mother to the care of John. Malefactors. Matt. xxvii. 39-John xix. 25-27. 44. Mark xv. 29-32. Luke S. The death of Christ, and xxiii. 35-37. V. E. 29.

its attendant circumstances. s. Christ, when dying as a Matt. xxvii. 45-52 ; 54-56. Man, asserts his Divinity, in Mark xv. 33-41. Luke xxiii. his answer to the penitent 44-49. John xix. 28-37. N. 27.




S. Joseph of Arimathea, a Guard of Soldiers lo watch and Nicodemus, bury the bo- the Sepulchre. Matt. xxvii. dy of Christ. Matt. xxvii. 62-66. V. E. 29. N. 5. 57-60, Mark xv. 42-46. Luke s. The Sabbath being over, xxiii. 50-54. John xix. 38-42. Mary Magdalene, the other V. E. 29. N. 1-3.

Mary, and Salome, purchase S. Mary Magdalene, and their Spices to anoint the bothe other Mary, and the Wo-dy of Christ. Mark xvi. 1. men from Galilee, observe N. 6. where the body of Christ was 8. The Morning of Easterlaid. Mark xv. 47. Luke day. Mary Magdalene, the xxiü. 55. – N. 1.

other Mary, and Salome, S. The Women from Ga- leave their homes very early lilee hasten to return home to go to the Sepulcbre. Matt. before the Sabbath began, to xxviii. 1. Mark xvi. pt. of prepare Spices. Luke xxiii. ver. 2. John xx. pt. of v. 1. 56.

S. Mary Magdalene, and S. After they had left their the other Mary, continue to homes, and before their arrisit opposite the Sepulchre, till val at the Sepulchre, Christ it is too late to prepare their rises from the dead,

Matt. Spices. Matt. xxvii. 61. - xxviii. 2-4. - N. 8.

s. The Sabbath being end s. The bodies of many

N. 7.

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