Exhortations to 2 TIMOTHY. constancy, Sc. Saviour Jesus Christ, who that is in Christ Jesus. hath abolished death, and c 2 And the things that thou hath brought life and immor- hast heard of me among tality to light through the many witnesses, the same gospel:

commit thou to faithful men, 11 Whereunto I am ap- who shall be able to teach pointed a preacher, and an others also. apostle, and a teacher of the d 3 Thou therefore endure Gentiles,

hardness, as a good soldier t 12 For the which cause I of Jesus Christ. also suffer these things: ne-i No man that warreth envertheless I am not ashamed: tangleth himself with the affor I know whom I have be- airs of this life; that he may lieved, and am persuaded please him who hath chosen that he is able to keep that him to be a soldier. which I have committed un- 0 5 And if a man also strive to him against that day, for masteries, yet is he not d 13 Hold fast the form of crowned, except he strive sound words, which thou hast lawfully. heard of me, in faith and i 6 The husbandman that love which is in Christ Jesus. laboureth must be first part 14 That good thing which taker of the fruits. was committed unto thee 7 Consider what I say; and keep by the Holy Ghost the Lord give thee underwhich dwelleth in us. standing in all things.

15 This thou knowest, that t 8 Remember that Jesus all they which are in Asia be Christ of the seed of David turned away from me: of was raised from the dead acwhom are "Phygellus and cording to my gospel: Hermogenes.

9 Wherein i suffer trouble, f 16 The Lord give mercy as an evildoer, even unto into the house of Onesiphó- bonds; but the word of God rus; for he oft refreshed me, is not bound. and was not ashamed of my t 10 Therefore I endure all chain:

things for the elect's sakes, 17 But, when he was in that they may also obtain the Rome, he sought me out very salvation which is in Christ diligently, and found me. Jesus with eternal glory. # 18 The Lord grant unto 11 It is a faithful saying: him that he may find mercy For if we be dead with him, of the Lord in that day: and we shall also live with him: in how many things he min- b 12 If we suffer, we shall istered unto me at Ephesus, also reign with him: if we thou knowest very well. denyhim, he also will deny us: d CHAP. II.

13 If we believe not, yet he MHOU therefore, my son, abideth faithful: he cannot be strong in the gracél deny himself.

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Paul's charge 2 TIMOTHY.

to Timothy. men of corrupt minds, re- appearing and his kingdom; probate concerning the faith. d 2 Preach the word; be in.

9 But they shall proceed no stant in season, out of season; further: for their folly shall reprove, rebuke, exhort with be manifest unto all men, as all longsuffering and doc. theirs also was.

trine. c 10 But thou hast fully r 3 For the time will come known my doctrine, manner wben they will not endure of life, purpose, faith, long- sound doctrine; but after suffering, charity, patience, their own lusts shall they & 11 Persecutions, afflictions, heap to themselves teachers, which came unto me at An- having itching ears; tioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; C 4 And they shall turn away what persecutions I endured: their ears from the truth, and but out of them all the Lord shall be turned unto fables. delivered me.

15 But watch thou in all ? 12 Yea, and all that will things, endure afflictions, do live godly in Christ Jesus the work of an evangelist, shall suffer persecution. make full proof of thy minc 13 But evil men and sedu-istry. cers shall wax worse and 6 For I am now ready to be worse, deceiving, and being offered, and the time of my deceived.

departure is at hand. d 14 But continue thou in the CI I have fought a good things which thou hast learn- fight, I have finished my ed and hast been assured of course, I have kept the faith: kyowing of whom thou hast 68 Henceforth there is laid learned them;

up for me a crown of right. 15 And that from a child eousness, which the Lord, the thou hast known the holy righteous judge, shall give scriptures, which are able me at that day: and not to to make thee wise unto sal- me only, but unto all them vation, through faith which also that love his appearing. is in Christ Jesus,

9 Do thy diligence to come ť 16 All scripture is given by shortly unto me: inspiration of God, and is c 10 For Demas hath forsaken profitable for doctrine, for re-me, having loved this preproof, for correction, for in- sent world, and is departed struction in righteousness: unto Thessalonica; Crescens

17 That the man of God to Galatia, Titus unto Dalmay be perfect, throughly matia. furnished untoall good works. 11 Only Luke is with me. t CHAP, IV.

Take Mark, and bring him I GHARGE thee therefore with thee: for he is profitable Jesus Christ, who shall judge g 12 And Tychicus have I the quick and the dead at his sent to Ephesus.

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of ministers. God; not self-willed, not soon

d CHAP. II. angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy B'Thich become sound lucre; d8 But a lover of hospitality, doctrine: a lover of good men, sober, d2 That the aged men be sojust, holy, temperate; ber, grave, temperate, sound

9 Holding fast the faith- in faith, in charity, in paful word as he hath been tience. taught, that he may be able d 3 The aged women likeby sound doctrine both to wise, that they be in behaexhort and to convince the viour as becometh holiness, gainsayers.

not false accusers, not given c 10 For there are many un- to much wine, teachers of ruly and vain talkers and good things. deceivers, specially they of 8 4 That they may teach the the circumcision:

young women to be sober, to p 11 Whose mouths must be love their husbands, to love stopped, who subvert whole their children, houses, teaching things which a 5 To be discreet, chaste, they ought not, for filthy keepers at home, good, obelucre's sake.

dient to their own husbands, C 12 One of themselves, that the word of God be not

a prophet of their blasphemed. own said, The Cretians are d 6 Young men likewise exalways liars, evil beasts, hort to be soberminded: slow bellies.

117 In all things shewing 13 This witness is true. thyself a pattern of good Wherefore rebuke them works: in doctrine shewing sharply, that they may be uncorruptness, gravity, sinsound in the faith;

cerity. p 14 Not giving heed to Jew 8 Sound speech, that cannot ish fables, and command- be condemned; that he that is ments of men that turn from of the contrary part may be the truth.

ashamed, having no

evil 15 Unto the pure all things thing to say of you. are pure: but unto them that d 9 Exhort servants to be are defiled and unbelieving obedient unto their own mas. is nothing pure; but even ters, and to please them well their mind and conscience in all things; not answering is defiled.

again; € 16 They profess that they 10 Not purloining, but know God; but in' works shewing all good fidelity; they deny him, being abomi- that they may adorn the nable, and disobedient, and doctrine of God our Saviour unto every good work re- ) in all things. probate.

11 For the grace of God


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