The Gentiles

believe, w40 Beware therefore, lest heard this, they were glad, that come upon you, which and glorified the word of the is spoken of in the prophets; Lord: and as many as were a 41 Behold, ye despisers, and ordained to eternal life bewonder, and perish: for I lieved. work a work in your days, a 49 And the word of the Lord work which ye shall in no was published throughout all wise believe, though a man the region. declare it unto you.

f 50 But the Jews stirred up f 42 And when the Jews were the devout and honourable gone out of the synagogue, women, and the chief men of the Gentiles besought that the city, and raised persecuthese words might be preach- tion against Paul and Bared to them the next sabbath. nabas, and expelled them out t 43 Now when the congrega- of their coasts. tion was broken up, many of 51 But they shook off the the Jews and religious prose- dustoftheir feetagainst them, lytes followed Paul and Bar- and came unto Iconium." nabas: who, speaking to t 52 And the disciples were them, persuaded them to con- filled with joy, and with the tinue in the grace of God. Holy Ghost. f 44 [ And the next sabbath SCHAP. XIV. day came almost the whole city together to hear the AND it came to pass in

Iconium, that they went word of God.

both together into the synac 45 But when the Jews saw gogue of the Jews, and so the multitudes, they were spake, that a great multitude filled with envy, and spake both of the Jews and also of against those things which the Greeks believed. were spoken by Paul, con- c 2 But the unbelieving Jews tradicting and blaspheming. stirred up the Gentiles, and c 46 Then Paul and Barna- made their minds evil affect. bas waxed bold, and said, It ed against the brethren. was necessary that the word d3 Long time therefore abode of God should first have been they speaking boldly in the spoken to you: but seeing ye Lord, which gave testimony put it from you, and judge unto the word of his grace, yourselves unworthy of ever- and granted signs and wonlasting life, la, we turn to ders to be done by their hands. the Gentiles.

14 But the multitude of the á 47 For so hath the Lord city was divided: and part commanded us, saying, I held with the Jews, and part have set thee to be a light with the apostles. of the Gentiles, that thou 5 And when there was an shouldest be for salvation assault made both of the Genunto the ends of the earth. tiles, and also of the Jews ť 48 And when the Gentiles with their rulers, to use them


Paul healeth

a cripple, despitefully, and to stone you that ye should turn from them,

these vanities unto the living 8 6. They were aware of it, God, which made heaven, and fled unto Lystra and and earth, and the sea, and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, all things that are therein: and unto the region that lieth 16 Who in times past sufround about:

fered all nations to walk in d 7 And there they preached their own ways. the gospel.

17 Nevertheless he left not of 8 And there sat a certain himself without witness, in man at Lystra, impotent in that he did good, and gave his feet, being a cripple from us rain from heaven, and his mother's womb, who fruitful seasons, filling our never had walked:

hearts with food and glad9 The same heard Paul ness. speak: who steadfastly be 18 And with these sayings holding him, and perceiving scarce restrained they the that he had faith to be healed, people, that they had not mo Said with a loud voice, done sacrifice unto them. Stand upright on thy feet f 19 { And there came this And he leaped and walked. ther certain Jews from Anf'11 And when the people tioch and Iconium, who persaw what Paul had done, suaded the people, and, havthey lifted up their voices, ing stoned Paul,drew him out saying in the speech of Lys of the city, supposing he had caonia, The gods are come been dead. down to us in the likenes3 m20 lowbeit, as the disciples of men.

stood round about bim, he 12 And they called Barna- rose up, and came into the bas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mer-city: and the next day he decurius, because he was the parted with Barnabas chief spcakr.

Derbe. 13 Then the priest of Jupi- 8 21 And when they had. ter, which was before their preached the gospel to that city, brought oxen and gar-city, and had taught many, lands unto the gates, and they returned again to Lystra, would have done sacrifice and to Iconiuni, and Antioch, with the people.

b 22 Confirming the souls of f 14 Which when the apos- the disciples, and exhorting ules, Barnabas and Paul, them to contimie in the faith, heard of; they. rent their and that we must through clothes, and ran in among much tribulation enter into the people, crying out, the kingdom of God.' d 15 And saying, Sirs, why 1'23 And when they had or. do ye these things? We also dained them elders in every are

men of like passions church, and had prayed with with you, and preach unto fastingthey commended




CHAP. XV. about circumcision. them to the Lord, on whom ceived of the church, and of they believed.

the apostles and elders, arid g 24 And after they had pass- they declared all things that ed throughout Pisidia, they God had done with them. came to Pamphylia. $5 But there rose up certain

25 And when they had of the sect of the Pharisees preached the word in Perga, which believed, saying, That they went down into Attalia: it was needful to circumcise d 26 And thence sailed to them, and to command them Antioch, from whence they to keep the law of Moses. had been recommended to

6. And the apostles and the grace of God for the work elders came together for to which they fulfilled.

consider of this matter. 6 27 And when they were 7 And when there had come, and had gathered the been much disputing, Peter church together, they re- rose up, and said unto them, hearsed all that God had Men and brethren, ye know done with them, and how how that a good while ago he had opened the door of God made choice among us, faith unto the Gentiles.

that the Gentiles by my 28 And there they abode mouth should hear the word long time with the disciples. of the gospel, and believe.

f CHAP. XV. t 8 And God, which knowŃD certain men which eth the hearts, bear them

came down from Judea witness, giving them the Holy taught the brethren, and Ghost, even as he did unto us; said, Except ye be circum-c 9 And put no difference becised after the manner of tween us and them, purifying Moses, ye cannot be saved. their hearts by faith.

2 When therefore Paul and 10 Now therefore why Barnabas had no small dis- tempt ye God, to put a yoke sension and disputation with upon the neck of the dis. them, they determined that ciples, which neither our faPaul and Barnabas, and cer-thers nor we were able to bear? tain other of them, should go t 11 But we believe that up to Jerusalem unto the through the grace of the apostles and elders about this Lord Jesus Christ we shall question.

be saved, even as they. é 3 And being brought on 12 | Then all the multitude their way by the church, they kept silence, and gave aupassed through Phenice and dience to Barnabas and Paul, Samaria, declaring the con- declaring what miracles and version of the Gentiles: and wonders God had wrought they caused great joy unto among.

the Gentiles by all the brethren.

them. 4 And when they were come f 13 And after they had beld to Jerusalem, they were re- their peace, James answered,

The apostles send THE ACTS. letters to the churches, saying, Men and brethren, by them after this manner; hearken unto me:

The apostles and elders and 14 Simeon hath declared brethren send greeting unto how God at the first did visit the brethren which are of the Gentiles, to take out of the Gentiles in Antioch and them a people for his name. Syria and Cilicia:

15 And to this agree the 24 Forasmuch as we have words of the prophets; as it heard, that certain which is written,

went out from us have troua 16 After this I will return, bled you with words, subvertand will build again the ta- ing your souls, saying, Ye bernacle of David, which is must be circumcised, and fallen down; and I will build keep the law: to whom we again the ruins thereof, and gave no such cominandment: I will set it up:

c 25 It seemed good unto us, 17. That the residue of men being assembled with one acmight seek after the Lord, cord, to send chosen men and all the Gentiles, upon unto you with our beloved whom my name is called, Barnabas and Paul, saith the Lord, who doeth all c 26 Men that have hazarded these things.

their lives for the name of t 18 Known unto God are all our Lord Jesus Christ. his works from the beginning 27 We have sent therefore of the world.

Judas and Silas, who shall d 19 Wherefore my sentence also tell you the same things is, that we trouble not them, by mouth. which from among the Gen- t 28 For it seemed good to tiles are turned to God: the Holy Ghost, and to us, d 20 But that we write unto to lay upon you no greater them, that they abstain from burden than these necessary pollutions of idols, and from things; fornication, and from things a 29 That ye abstain from strangled, and from blood. meats offered to idols, and

21 For Moses of old time from blood, and from things hath in every city them that strangled, and from fornicapreach him, being read in tion: from which if ye keep the synagogues every sab- yourselves, ye shall do well. bath day.

Fare ye well. f 22 Then pleased it the apos 30 So when they were distles and elders, with the whole missed, they came to Antioch; church, to send chosen men and when they had gatheted of their own company to An- the multitude together, they tioch with Paul and Barna- delivered the epistle: bas; namely,Judas surnamed 31 Which when they had Barsabas, and Silas, chief read, they rejoiced for the men among the brethren: consolation. g 23 And they wrote lettersld 32 And Judas and Silas,


Paul circumciseth CHAP. XVI.

Timothy. being prophets also them-1 of a certain woman, which selves, exhorted the brethren was a Jewess, and believed; with many words, and con- but his father was a Greek: firmed them.

8 2 Which was well reported 33 And after they had tar- of by the brethren that were ried there a space, they were at Lystra and Iconium. let go in peace from the bre 3 Him would Paul have to thren unto the apostles. go forth with him; and took 34 Notwithstanding it pleas- and circumcised him because ed Silas to abide there still. of the Jews which were in

35 Paul also and Barnabas those quarters: for they knew continued in Antioch, teach all that his father was a ing and preaching the word Greek. of the Lord, with many others 4 And as they went through also.

the cities, they delivered f 36 g And some days after them the decrees for to keep, Paul said unto Barnabas, that were ordained of the Let us go again and visit our apostles and elders which brethren in every city where were at Jerusalem. we have preached the word of d 5 And so were the churches the Lord and see how they do. established in the faith, and

37 And Barnabas determin-increased in number daily. ed to take with them John, t. 6 Now when they had gone whose surname was Mark. throughout Phrygia and the g 38 But Paul thought not region of Galatia, and were good to take him with them, forbidden of the Holy Ghost who departed from them to preach the word in Asia, from Pamphylia, and went g 7 After they were come to not with them to the work. Mysia, they assayed to go inc 39 And the contention was to Bithynia: but the Spirit so sharp between them, that suffered them not. they departed asunder one 8 And they passing by My. from the other: and so Bar-sia came down to Troas. nabas took Mark, and sailed d 9 And a vision appeared to unto Cyprus;

Paul in the night; There d 40 And Paul chose Silas, stood a man of Macedonia, and departed, being recom- and prayed him, saying, mended by the brethren unto Come over into Macedonia; the grace of God.

and help us. g 41 And he went through 10 And after he had seen Syria and Cilicia, confirming the vision, immediately we the churches,

endeavoured to go into Maf CHAP. XVI. cedonia, assuredly gathering

and Lystra: and, behold, for to preach the gospel unto a certain disciple was there, them. named Timotheus, the song 11 Therefore loosing from

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