History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent, 5. kötet

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G. Routledge and Company, 1855

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298. oldal - Committee of Correspondence be appointed, to consist of twenty-one persons, to state the Rights of the Colonists and of this Province in particular, as men, as Christians, and as subjects, to communicate and publish the same to the several towns in this Province and to the world, as the sense of this town, with the infringements and violations thereof, that have been or from time to time may be made ; also requesting of each town a free communication of their sentiments on this subject.
248. oldal - Schemes were revived for admitting representatives from the American Colonies into the British House of Commons; 4 but they attracted little attention.
349. oldal - I AM greatly incensed at the presumption of Charles Fox in forcing you to vote with him last night, but approve much of your making your friends vote in the majority. Indeed, that young man has so thoroughly cast off every principle of common honour and honesty that he must become as contemptible as he is odious.
288. oldal - Great Britain may reap emoluments from this sort of traffic; but, when we consider that it greatly retards the settlement of the colonies with more useful inhabitants, and may in time have the most destructive influence, we presume to hope that the interest of a few will be disregarded, when placed in competition with the security and happiness of such numbers of your majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects.
124. oldal - Then join hand in hand brave Americans all, By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall; In so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed, For Heaven approves of each generous deed.
360. oldal - Be content to bind America by laws of trade, you have always done it. Let this be your reason for binding their trade. Do not burthen them by taxes ; you were not used to do so from the beginning. Let this be your reason for not taxing. These are the arguments of states and kingdoms. Leave the rest to the schools ; for there only they may be discussed with safety.
187. oldal - At a time, when our lordly masters in Great Britain will be satisfied with nothing less than the deprivation of American freedom, it seems highly necessary that something should be done to avert the stroke, and maintain the liberty, which we have derived from our ancestors.
355. oldal - The town of Boston ought to be knocked about their ears and destroyed. Delenda est Carthago. You will never meet with proper obedience to the laws of this country, until you have destroyed that nest of locusts.
337. oldal - Rotch appeared, and satisfied the people by relating that the Governor had refused him a pass, because his ship was not properly cleared. As soon as he had finished his report, Samuel Adams rose and gave the word : " This meeting can do nothing more to save the country.
223. oldal - The condition of human nature would be lamentable indeed, if nothing less than the greatest learning and talents, which fall to the share of so small a number of men, were sufficient to direct our judgment and our conduct. But Providence has taken better care of our happiness, and given us, in the simplicity of common sense, a rule for our direction, by which we shall never be misled.

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