ferent graves ; but soon learnt that those ever, appeared highly expreffive of regret, persons were exercising certain rites over and it was lung with fervour and emothe tombs of their deceased relations; a tion, custom which at stated periods they all During all this time, a fifth person religiously observe.

(whom I had not observed at first) stood The ceremony was truly fingular, and upon the grave, and employed his feet in a afforded me the greatest satisfaction.-It lep somewhat similar to the shuffle in a discovered, I must own, as great a Scotch hornpipe, only done much lower. degree of superstition as ever existed, but He was a man of a very light make and low at the same time evinced such lively stature, his skin of the deepest black, but marks of grateful affection, as cannot be his hair and beard were of a grizly filver; observed without inspiring a tender sym- he appeared to hold the office of a priest, pathy; it formed a light which, though and evidently conducted the present cereconsidered in the abstract it may be thought mony, which he finally closed foon after, most groflly ludicrous, was still a spectacle by pouring a libation of new rum upon highly sentimental, and delicately plea. the grave; this being done, the mould fing.

which had been kicked of, was replaced it is not in great events alone, that na by a kind of shovel, and they all retired. ture visits our affections. The simple, I visited several other parties before I artless, tender little girl, who weeps the had an opportunity of latisfying my culoss of her departed sparrow, holds as riosity, when observing an uncommon Itrong a clue to sensibility, -as the in- croud of negroes at a more remote part of perious monarch who mourns h's loft do- the burying ground, I immediately joined minion in a prison, with all the royal tiem. At the foot of this grave stood a dignity of grief. One is a pure stroke of black woman, about forty years of age, nature, the other is dashed with pride. of a countenance tingularly expressive; in

Amid the numerous parties, hy which one hand she held a small crutch stick, I was surrounded, I at length discovered while the employed the other as a minifter, one, that from the singularity particularly that enforced inuch graceful gesture arrested my attention; this groupe con, through a speech of strong and ready eļofisted of three men, and one woman-1 cution; for to my great delight the was approached them with an air of respect haranguing in beautiful, though broken and diffidence inspired by my feelings; Engliih; The had but just commenced her I thought iny presence might interrupt oration; the moralized some time upon their rites, and was determined to have the subject of death : there was an inexretired, if my curiosity appeared to be preslible beauty in her manner of delivery, intrusive; however, their attention was à Itriking propriety in her choice of too much engrofled to observe me, and I words, a delicacy in her sentiments! the found myself, as it were, an invisible was all truth, clearness, and simplicity. spectator of their actions, a circumstance Who is it, that declares an Orator muit which greatly favoured my wishes. feel hiinself before he can command the

The men were of a middle age, and feelings of his audience ? fine athletic figures, but the woman had Nothing is more correct than the rean appearance so singular, that I can mark; this woman was a lively instance compare her to nothing but the striking of its truth. picture of Famine, given us by Ovid, in Electrified from the conductor of her his Metamorphoses. If you add to this, feelings, the sympathetic heart shock with the infirmities of extreme old age, and a the fineit throbs of sensibility. Nature, skin of a jet black, except where spotted 'tis thou alone that governeft the fine with the leprosy, you may conceive an movements of the soul touched by thy idea of this wretched creature, whose suf-, gentle hand, the heart-strings trembles ferings appeared to reproach existence; 'tis thou alone canit make a true chord yet, however incredible it may appear, with the passions ! The continued for nçar, half an hour Insidious art, by throwing in our hobbling a savage dance around the eyes the fubtle pulvil of hypocrisy, grave of her relation, as did the men, may sometimes dreneh the cheek with who followed her, singing at the same a mechanic flood ; but fuperficial is time a song in the African - language, the tear, it rolleth not with energy; which was addressed to the deceased : it while the spontaneous springs of reai hada general chorus, and, as far as I could grief pour their warm torrents down the judge, was only a constant repetition of a heaving breaft, and, being re-absorbed into few short sentences; the sounds, how. the heart, create those pleasing pains,


those incommunicable joys, which fighs the conduct of those who, from motives attempt to speak, when speech is loft. either of envy of natural malevolence,

I thought it strange, that a woman indulge a vile propensity to defamation. whose discourse evinced so much good She called Heaven to witnels with what sense Thould nevertheless confine it to unbounded tendernets fe filled the duties the narrow sphere of superftition; but the of a mother; with what scrupulous intecuitoms of nations and the prejudices of grity the carried on her buliness; and education are not easily subdued. with what friendly decorum the even

Out upon these prejudices! I feel some treated all her friends and neighbours. relics of them at this hour; they creep It is true, she spoke entirely in the first along my bones, infinuate themselves in perfon; but here egotism was perfectly ex. to my very marrow, and, for aught I cusable; this harangue was meant as a know, will remain there till the worms folemn refutation of those calumnies with dislodge them.

which she had been innocently branded, The Negro addressed every syllable of I cculd not for a moment doubt the her converlation to the sult of her de. trath of her affertions; there is an ingenu. parted husband, and sometimes seemed as ous and fervid style that marks the conif the pauled for answers; she had pro- fcious dignity of innocence, widely difvided, for a person in her circumstances, a tinguished from the mean equivocations most sumptuous dinner ; the brought of confounded guilt. I would have it with her to her husband's grave! pledged my life for her veracity.

The memorable Spanithi Gala, when It is a known fact, that upon these oc. placed in the fair order of proportion, casions they even prefer death to faltewas not fuperior to this Negro's enter hcod; this seems to be their grand point tainment; it was like the “ widow's of honour. Not many months before my mite," a valuable treasure! this gene- arrival here, a murder was committed by rous woman had procured luch dainties for three Negroes on the body of a Gentles the melancholycelebratiun of her husband's man much efteemed by all the islands. death, as she could not afford at any time The manner in which the criminals to purchase for herself; grateful offering were discovered is as follows: thote of an exalted soul! tender tribute of re- who were suspected were taken into this fined affection!-to weep in unison with burying ground, fwear their innocence fuch a gentle being was a luxury indeed; upon the graves of their relations, when, this was a sympathy worth being nared, as it was expected, the murderers all nor shall my bosom ever forget to cherish three confessed their guilt. the facred memory of such a privilege. The persons from whom I had this in.

There was not an article in this plenti. formation obferved, that a few instances ful feast, which the woman and her at of perjury had occurred; but that the cri. tendants did not carefully distribute upon minals all uniformly either itarved or the grave ; a plate of boiled rice being poisoned themselves icon after, being unthen presented to her, She took a hand- able to support the weight of intamy ful, and threw it up into the air ; a por- attached to such a breach of solemn cuí. tion of it fell upon my hat; the woman pblerved it, and would have wiped it off; I I was surprised to hear this woman dilteok it from my head, with a respectful coure with her husband's fpirit upon many dow, and offered her an apology for past tranfactions: She related leveral fáa baving caused an interruption to her ce-mily anecdotes, and, what gave me infi. frmonies; the continued them. I have nite plealure, observed of some white heard the best orations of our British man, that he was full of charity and Cicero's! yes, but I have also heard an feeling! he was always gentle, generous, uzinstructed Negro! a llave! whose powers and friendly! " but he is gone now, of rhetoric are far above the reach of my poor Oliver, he is gone !" said she, “he's comparison.

gone! he's gone!"- I am not equal to It would have shamed our orators, had her words. they been present at the declamation of Hadft thou been present, Yorick, at this unlettered woman.

this scene, thou wouldst have done some She now inveighed against the malice justice to the merits of a llave. of a neighbour, who had wantonly Warm from the lively touches of thy aspersed her character, and tried to un matchless pencil, we should have had a dermire her reputation; the pointed out faithful picture of her sensibility; yes, the cruelty of such ungenerous calumnies, thou wouldst have built a temple to her and made some animated strictures upon memory, as glorious and immortal as the



thrine that consecrates the dust of thy colour, and very much used in those Le Fevre !

warm climates. The woman now went The woman having finished her ora away, and I was infinitely shocked at the tion, I was going to retire, when she, per manner in which this folemn ceremony ceiving it came forward and presented me closed; it ended in a general scramble of with some cake; the presied ine much to the spectators,who soon, teizing on tbe drad have some wine, which I declined; how. man's winner, devoured it on his grave, ever, to make her amends I took a tum- without so much as waiting to say grace. bler of forrel-water, which is a moft cool

j. J. and agreeable beverage of a fine scarlet

(To be continued.)

To the EDITOR of the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE, SIR, I SEND you Extracts from Two Letters, containing an Account of a Solitary Being,

who was living in 1782 in a Foreit in Staffordshire. It will be interesting tò cer tain of your Reader's; and may induce some Correspondent, who retides in that Neighbourhood, to communicate to the Public farther particulars of this extraordinary character. I am, Sir, Your Humble Servant,


HAVE been a great traveller fince Mr. Anson's hounds after a chace of

you wrote to me lart, and like three hours. Ulysses have feen many men and many “ I then entered the old man's dwelling, cities. I have seen moreover what he which was about half the fize of your never faw, a real timple, unaffected her. inner parlour, and in which a little turf mit; not such as with long beards, and on the hearth, a few religious books, and pretended fanétity, make pious means a miserable bed, wese thę cnly objects fubfervient to wordly ends; but a poor, that drew my attention. I next attended plain, honest old man, who has volunta hin (cmewhat lower down the hill, where rily quitted the busy haunts of men, for he thowed me a cavity neatly bricked by the love of solitude and of Heaven. his own hands, and of the dimentions of

« In the midst of an extensive forest in a human body: this says he is to be my Staffordshire called Chank Wood, two grave, and I have a friend who, if he furmiles at least from any frequented road, vives me, will deposit my remains here. having surmounted a steep hill, and be- Last of all, I peeped over a broom hedge held before me a deep valley, in the midst into his garden, where the cabbages and of which another little hill arose;. to potatoes would have been more plentiful, wards the top of this last was my Hermit's if the hares and the rabbits had been hels habitation, partly built with brick, and 10. I now began to have leisure to conpartly dug in the ground; a little smoke template the extraordinary inhabitant of gently afcending towards the top of the these dreary scenes, and found him eininence, serving to mark it for a hu- courteous, intelligent, and contented." man dwelling, from the dreary, waste -" I have spent twelve years," says he, around; about three yards from it, and “in this place ; in which nothing has leaning again the little gate of his little disturbed my religious peace, unleis ingarden, appeared the veneralle Sire, who, deed it was the death of that hare, which approaching me with courteous but feeble visited me constantly with the utruott steps, asked me if I had lon my way, and familiarity, and whole loss this noily cur offered to set me right.- 1 alighted from by my side does but ill fupply:- I have my horie, and attended him to his cottage; been asked for my beard; but I seek not close to which on the left a board was singularity for its own fake, and wish to fixed with these lines inscribed: I give dreis, as far as I can, like other folks of you them verbatim & literatim.

my age and circumstances. I walk three “ Brown Bess is kill'd, no luck but bad miles to church every Sunday, when I

am prevented neither by illness nor “ She had no foul to lose or save, yet her

weather ;

in these cases i serve God I lov'd to fie;

at home, and can do it as well : I “ Each morn she did my humble cot at

have been richer than now, but neither tend,

happier, nor more independent; as I often ç She was my kind companion, and my lietle sugar, with perfect fatisfaction.

dine on bread and water sweetened with a filent friend."

drink beer howerer, and ale too when I “ To the Níemory of a Hare, killed by can get it; and fometimes have brought

for me;

2 hotels

1 botle of it in my hand from the town disposed to accompany me. It was not to my cottage; but there are no means of without considerable difficulty that I conveying any quantity hither; and I traced the folitary to his cave; and on will not go there to seek it. If I quit leaving him, wandered about for some this retreat, I must go into a workhouse, time over a most defolate country, before which I dislike; here I am quite con- I could rejoin my companions. Conceive teated : with what you have brought me an open country many miles in circumfrom your charitable female friend, I have . ference, with numberless tracks interSeventeen shillings, and have no farther secting one another, all leading to widely anxiety for the winter: once I was here different places, and all equally remarkthree whole days surrounded with snow, able; conceive me also on this heath, on and unable to ftir five yards from my which I had never been before, in the dwelling; but I had bacon which had thickest of fogs, and you will have some been sent me by a friend; I had potatoes, idea of my situation. -I must own my and I had snow water to drink; and I had old friend gave me as good a defcription a mind perfe&tly at rest." So far for the as he could of the road I was to take; but worthy Hermit, about whom all I have he pointed out fome objects for direction, faid is exactly true, only that the real which I could not see through the mist, {peech was probably not worded in the as it came on much faster after I had same manner, and was interrupted by oc quitted him; and he acknowledged, casional questions from me."

mcreover, that, feldom leaving his celi, he Farther particulars of the said Hermit. knew little of the different paths that

" I was on a week's tour, with Mr. conducted to the busy haunts of men." and Mrs. , one of her filters, and It is probabiy in most cases fome disgust a gentleman, when we heard of this conceived against mankind, arising from curious and venerable character. It is the baleness of individuals connected with near Wolsely-bridge in Staffordshire, him, that, has made the melancholy and and about fourteen miles from Mr. fentimental hermit forsake the chearful that the foreft is situated; and tho' my circles of society; and a cause of this curiosity was much raised by the name of fort leems to have operated very forcibly a hermit, I do not think I thould have on the inind of the folitary I am describing. gone out of my way for farther informa- He in the early part of lite (he is now sevenfion about him, had I not been stimu- ty-three) receiveda brother into his house, lated to it by one of my fair companions, who, after having wafted kis fubfiance in Miss — who being informed by the riotous living, was greatly diftrefled, Landlord that the parish had withdrawn and who requited his hospitality by detheir weekly allowance to him, in confe- bauchinghis

wife ; he then iold a imali freequence of having finished the building of hold, and wandered about the country for an ample poor house, to which he was at leveral years after the death of his untaithliberty to betake himself; and that there- ful partner. He married a fecond time; it fore, his main dependence being removed,

was to a widow, and the behaved well to his fituation must become more precarious, him; when the died, he betook himself perfuaded me to rise half an hour before to his old trade of a bricklayer, and the rest of the party, to carry him a pre. --but whither am I going? this hermit Sent from her; in this I readily ac

of mine has already filled too many pages quiesced, having before felt some degree of to my correspondent; let me call another inclination for it, which I had suppresled, cauic.” on finding that none of my friends were

TITLE OF THE EMPEROR OF AVA. THE Lord of Earth and Air, the Mo- Sibbs, Bamoo, Mogone, Momick, Momeir, narch of extensive

Countries, the gra- Naorun, Ibue, Mira, Áobna, Kuncowm, cious Sovereign of the Kingdoms of Sanab- of all which Countries and Cities, the paunda, Fombadeva, Zaniengnia, Soona

Governors and Potentates tend presents omy in the Difrict of Hurry Nounza, in of respect and submiflion to the Roya the Country of Dreemce, Cambadzia, Presence; allo Honzadia, commonly esign of these wide - Spreading Regions; the Port of Baffeen Arracan ; the Port of beard of the great Cities

of paucka, Za: Dwaraidely Macung; the Port of MicBuy Soyderlian, Renzawaddy, Signic, kaxuddly Ramce, the port of Ramma


wuddy Mondema, or Montaban Tavoy State, from among whom the Principal Bruck; or Morgue and Tanafferi, Ports Ministers announces. belonging to His Majesty, where Mer- TITLE OF THE VICEROY OF PEGUE: chants trade, and the inhabitants are THE Great, the Magnificent, and protected; Lord of all kinds of precious Powertul, Eminent, and of Authority, Stones, and Master of the Mines, Rubies, who is above the reach of praise, the Agage, Lali, Saphires, Opal ; also the Magnanimous Maha Raja, who in excel. Mines of Gold, Silver, Amber, Lead, lence and Viriue exceeds all the Rajahs Tin, Iron, and Earth ; Oil, whence in the World, whole Ancestors sprang every thing desirable that the Earth from the San, and who is celebrated yields can be extracted, as the trees, throughout the Earth; Lord of the Gold Leaves, and fruit of excellence are produced and silver Mines ; of the Mines of Ruin Paradile; pofletior of Elephants, Hortes, bies, Saphires, and all precious Stones ; Carriages, Fire Arms, Bows, Spears, and who without labcur of trouble can Shields, and all manner of warlike wea extract whatever is detirable or useful ; pons ; Sovereign of valiant Generals, who is the Master of all things, the Mighty and victorious Armies, invulnerable as Monarch of many towns, such as Arracan, the Rock Mokonda Ponda, Maboanugge- Sandouz' 7 ambie, Cheduba, Baljeen, Mia ra Temerapora, the great and tourish- oumat, kangoon, Dalla, Moudma, os ing Golden City, illumined and illumi- Martaban, Dawee, or Tavcy, Breick or minating as the habitation of Angels ; Mergui, Lord of all the Seaports, by lasting as the Firmament, and embellithed whom all Creation, whether great or imali, with Gold, Silver, Jewels, Pearls, Lame, near or diftant, is equally esteemed and Saphires,and Agate, and the Nine original dear as the Flesh and Blood of his GolStones ; the Golden Throne, the Seat den Breaft; who listens to the Petitions of Splendor, whence the Royal Mandate of all, and supports the Dignity and Reissues and protects Mankind.' The King spect of every class of Men ; who is the who pertorins the ten duties incumbent moft Excellent Lord, before whom the on all kings called Mangianie na *, allo Rulers of other Countries, Nawaubs, Songytena, of which their are four de. Chebwas, Governors, and Kellidars, fcriptions; Appinnia tena, of which continually come to pay their due ard re. there are feven descriptions ; l'agung yie. Spectul homage at the Kiekaf I, whole na, of which there are four defcriptions; elevated head, and towering pride, like and Yazagvon, of which there are eight Virgin Gold, resemble the abode of An. descriptions; and Aa of which there are gels, Ummerappora, the great Governfive ; and Satbi, of which there are three ; ment Seat of the Mighty Sovereign, in and Bamoodzoya tena, of which there are magnificer.ce and splendor, such as the four ; and Nana Kayzoung, of which Blelled Spirits in Celestial Regions enjoy, there are fix delcriptions ; all of which luminous as the Sun, and enitting fire duties, incumbent on a Monarch for the like the gleams of lightening. The Gol. weltare and prosperity of the State, this den Throne, whose minarets refemble Great King duly performs ; whoie un those of Angels. The feat and foundaderitanding, by Divine aid, is enlightened tion of Majelty, whose powerful influer.ce lo guide the People in the ways of Righ- gives protection to the Weak. The So. teouinels, and prelerve them in pious vereign ct she Red and White Elephants, obedience and the road or crue Religion, Lord of Earth, Air, and Jultice. This the ease and happiness of whom daily in. Monarch has raised the golden foot of creale by the light of Piety, under the Confidence, and his orders,rapid as the rays antpices of the Monarch, Matter of the ot lightning, have descended on my head. White, Red, and Pyebald Elephant, to 1,who an invested with authority over Yes whom all praise be given ; for as the in- mingvation, or Pegu Peegee, ihe Great fluence of the Sun ard Moon, the firvants City of Pegue, Ramgoon, and thirtyst whole tranfcendant greatness place the two adjacent Provinces, and likewise the fortunate foot of favour and contidence, Jaghire of Meede« Miaza. I, wlio e title like the blocming Water Lilly, on their is from the King, Mien Lao no. Rribro, obedient beads, iuch are the Great Mini. after profesions of friendship, good will, fers the Guardians and Protectors of the and eiteem, be it known.

See the next article. + Formerly a town on the Rafreen River, now in ruins.

in the original Birman it is Mervo, or the Golden Mountain, fupposed to be suspended in the Heaven. The Trandator has made it Kfchaf, a Hill accerding to Pertian Romance ' Witcrs, the confidence of the Simurgh as Griffin


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