when their small number is con Gidered, loft his left thigh; and two feamer, place them in a light superior to any Mabonesa, by the best accounts I have praise which I could bestow. I am even been able to collect, had about 30 tanwilling to speak of the particular con killed or died of their wounds the duet of any of the officers, but the talents day of the a&ion, and about the displayed by the First Lieutenant (Devon same number wounded, several of Shire), who was but just out of our fick whom are fince dead. lift, during the action, added to his un. common fatigue in taking care of the prize, ADMIRALTY.OPPICE, NOV. 22,1976. and the very able mancer in which he con. Extract of a Letter from Vice-Admiral ducted and prepared to defend her, enti. Kingsmill, Commander in Cbief of bis tles him to this diftin&tion, and proves him Majesty's Sbips and Veffels at Cork, 10 highly deserving of the recommendation

Evan Nepean, Esq. dated on board bis you gave hirn, with his appointment ja Majesty's Ship L’Engugeante, in Cork the West Indies. And although I had Harbour, Nov. 14, 1796. rather any other person should observe the

HIS Majcfty's ships Polyphemus and conduct of a brother of mine in a&ion, Cerberus arrived here yesterday afterand speak of it afterwards, yet I feel it my noon, the former not having seen any dury, as Captain of the ship, to ftate, that thing worth noticing, and che latter I thought Mr. Rowen's (the Second Lieu. having, as intimated in my last, captured tenant) condu&t was particularly anima. L'Hirondelle (late Sans Culotte) cutter zing to the hip's company, and useful, privateer, of io guns and 60 men, and from the great number of guns which he chaced the Franklin brig privateer into faw well pointed in the courle of the ac. the squadron under Sir John Warren, tion; added to whicb, from the absence of who made a prize of her. These pria the First Lieutenant on board the prize, vateers, with the other three taken by the labouring our of this ship has fallen the Santa Margaritta and Dryad, foron hiin, and, in my mind, ibe talk we

med a small squadron which had fitted have had since the action has been infinitely out and failed together from Breft ta more arduous than that of the action itself

. fcour the entrance of the English Chan. The name of the prize is the Ma- nel, but have thus happily been allejea honesa, carrying on the main deck 26 cured by our cruizers. Captain Drew Spanith twelves (weighing 18 ounces has besides recaptured the Jackson Joniore than ours), eight Spanish fixes nior, Jamaica home-bound ship, and the on the quarter deck, and a number of Friend thip, Blake, from the Cape of brass cohorns, swivels,&c, had on board Good Hope. The first is come hither, 275 men, besides fix pilots, qualified for and the latter supposed gone to Plymouth the Mediterranean as high as Leghorn, P. S. Inclored is Captain Drew's let. and to be put on board of Admiral Lan.

ter to me, with an account of his prizes, gara's fleet, which she had heen feor out

Gerberus, Gork Harbour, Nov, 13. 1796, from Carthagena to look for. She was

SIR, built in the year 1989 at Mahon, is of

I HAVE to inform you, on the it very large dimensions, measuring 1114 infant, in company with his Majesty's. tons and a half Spanish, was before the action in complear good condition, and thips Diana and Magnanime, Lat. 49. is considered by the Spanish Officers the 5. Ni Long: 8. 36. W. I gave chace to

a fail in the S. W. and continued cha. falteft failer, one of the beft conftruated, cing till the next morning, when le and, what they attach confiderable im

was captured by Sir John Warren's portance to, the handsomest frigate in

Iquadron, and proved to be the Frank their navy.

lin, a French privateer brig, carrying Both the frigates have this moment

12 nine-pounders and 80 men. Oniha anchored in safety. 1 am, ốc. (Signed) R. BOWEN.

4th I reiook the ship Friendship, from

che Cape of Good Hope; the sch took An Account of the Killed and Wounded in ibe Altion between his Majehly's Sbip

the L'Hirondelle, a French cutter priTerplicbore and ibe Spani/ Frigaie men, bue has thrown fix of her guns

vateer, carrying ten fix-pounders and 53 Mabonesa, on the 13th of Otteber, 1796. overboard in the chace; and on the 6th

Terpsichore mounted 32 twelve and retook the Jackson Junior, from Ja, fix prunders ; complement of men 215. maica. Killed-Non.

I have the honour to be, &c. Wounddeil-Mr. Richard Hobbs (aat.

JOHN DREw. ing boatswain) lightly in the foot

Yice- Admiral Kingsmil, c' John Roberts (Quarter-master)

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DOWNING-STREET, NOV. 26. corps of very inferior force cannot rake DISPATCHES of which the follow- poft near enough to prevent this formaing are copies, have been received from iian. Robert Craufurd, Esq. by the Right On the 26th Generals Şimpfchæn and Hon. Lord Grenville, his Majesty's Rosemberg were attacked by two dio Principal Secretary of State for Foreign visions of the army of the Sambre and Afairs.

Mouse. The action lasted several hours, Head-Quarters of his Royal Highness and the enemy, notwithitanding fo very

the Archduke Charles of Austria, great an inequality of numbers, was Offenburgh, Nov. 11, 1796.

repulsed with considerable lofs. MY LORD,

Early on the 27th the French renewed I HAVE the honor to inform your the attack, and advanced in several co. Lordfhip, that official accounts were this lumns from Creutznach, to turn the day received by the Archduke from Ge. Jeft of the Auftrians; but the lacter, beral Davidovitch, fating his having by an exertion of much ability and fea. beaten the corps that was opposed to diness, maintained their position. In the him, and taken 1000 prisoners, evening, however, the Generals, in con

His advanced guard has taken poffef. formity to the order mentioned above, son of Trente, which place, as well as determined on retiring behind the Seltz; the frong position behind it, were aban- and the recreat was executed with pera doned by the enemy without rehstance. fect order. I have the honour to be, &c. The loss of the Austrians on this oca

ROB. CRAUFURD. casion confifts in 19 killed, 184 wound. Right Hon. Lord Grenville, &c. ed, 96 milling; on the whole, 299 men, Head-Quarters at his Royal Highnefs the and 89 horses.

Archduke Charles of Austria, Offen The enemy's was certainly consideburgh, Nov. 13, 1796.

rable ; 200 of them were taken priso. MY LORD,

ners, and brought into Mayence. I HAVE the honour to inform your I am thus circumftantial in stating the Lordhip, that by a report received by particulars of this, in fact, uninportant his Royal Highness the Archduke from affair, because I observe that the official Lieutenant-General Neu, Governor of reports of the army of the Sambre and Mayence, it appears, that the corps Meuse, I mean the late ones, contain the which had advanced to the Nahe has most ablurd exaggerations. I thould been obliged to fall back, and take a po. consider them perfectly undeserving of Grion behind the Seliz.

notice, were it not that those who have This corps confifted merely of detach. no other means of judging of the events ments from the gardrou of Mayence, of the campaign than by comparing the commanded by Major Generals Simp- accounts publithed by the contending schan and Rosemberg; the latter, with armies, would be led into the most era the left wing, and pofted on the heights roneous conciufions, if they gave each of Biebelsheim and Planig, to observe party credit for only an equal degree of Creutznach ; the former, with the right fairoess in their relations. wing, on the hill called the Rochusberg, In the enemy's official account of the to defend the passage of Bingen They affair of the 211t of last month near had orders, in case of being attacked by Neuwied, it is represented as having a very superior force, to retire nearer been a ferirus and general atrack; te Mayence.

whereas it was merely undertaken for This pofition on the right bank of the the purpose of destroying his bridge, Lower Nahe is well known from the and Ipreading alarm on the left bank of operations of last year. It is not to be the Rhine. Both these objects were maintained againé an enemy, of very effected by a very insigniticant force ; fuperior force ; for Creutznach lies so and there was not the imallest idea of a entirely under the fire of the hills froin serious assault on the Tete-de-Pont of the left bank of the river, that the ene. Neuwied. The enemy states, that, bemy is always master of that passage, as sides an immense number killed and was sufficiently proved by the affair of drowned, he actually took 1000 prito. the if of December 1795. On this side ners, whereas I can assure your Lorda Creutzpach the heights are so diftant thip, from the most autentic informa. from the river, that the enemy has every tion, that the whole lots of the Auftrians facility in extending himself in front did not exceed 284 men. god on each lank of the town i and a After General Moreau's army had

crossed the Rhine, two divisions of it other, under General Davidovitch, up were detached towards Landau, and the valley of the Adige, towards Neuone division of the army of the Sambre markt. and Meuse arrived about the same time These corps were successfully reinforced in the neighbourhood of Kayserlautern. by considerable numbers of fresh troops ; General Horze was still at Schweigen. and General Alvinzy was appointed to heim, on the road from Speyer to Lan- command the whole of the army, until it dau ; his corps was not of sufficient should effect its reunion with Marthal ftrength to have any other object chan Wurmfer. that of spreading alarm in Lower Al. After the arrival of the reinforcements face ; and it was evident, that as soon at the places of their destination, General as the Rhine should again separate the Alvinzy, who in person had undertaken the main armies, the enemy muft immedi. conduct of the corps in the Frioul, arranged ately become masters of the vicinity of a plan of operations, of which the following Landau.

is a sketch. General Horze, therefore, on the ap His own corps was to alvance through proach of forces so infinitely superior to the Trevisane towards Bassano, and, atter his own, retired towards the entrenched forcing the passages of the Brenta, to camp of Manheim, without being in the proceed towards the Adige, whilft Ge. smallest degree molested by the enemy. neral Davidovitch thould defcend the val.. He established the advanced posts of his ley by which that river runs down froni the left wing on the Reebach, froin whence mountains of the Tyrol, forcing the poe they ran along the Fletzbach towards sitions of Trente, Roveredo, &c. Franckenthal.

On the 3d of this month, upon the apOn the 7th instant the French attacked proach of part of General Alvinzy's adGeneral Hotze's line. Their principal vanced guard, the enemy ahandoned Cattel efforts were directed against the left wing, Franco; and on the 4th, the Austrian and the fire of artillery and small arms corps advanced in two columns to the continued a great part of the day; but Brenta ; the one to Bassano (of which the enemy was repulsed, and General they took posseffion), and the other of Hotze still maintains his posts in front of nearly equal force (under Lieutenant. the intrenched camp, extending from the General Proverra), to Fonteniva. Reebach, by the vilage of Maubach to General Alvinzy halted on the 5th inFranckenthal.

ftant, and ipent that day in reconnoitering I have the honour to be, &c. the position of the enemy. He found the

(Signed) ROB. CRAUFURD. French army encamped in three lines, in Head-Quarters of his Royal Highness the front of Vicenza.

Archduke Charles of Auftria, Offen On the 6th, as General Alvinzy was burg, Nov. 14, 1796.

on the point of pushing forward his adMY LORD,

vanced guard, Buonaparte, who had IT is with the greatest satisfaction I have marched in the night, coinmenced a most the honour or announcing to your Lord. fevere attack upon his whole line. The trip, that official reports were this day action began with General Proverra's received by the Archduke, from Generals corps about seven in the morning, and Alvinzy and Davidovirch, where it ap- very shortly afterwards the enemy allo adpears, that the offensive operations in Italy vanced against Bassano, have been most successfully commenced. General Alvinzy reports, that the ene.

I should not presume to address your my's attacks, though made with the greatest Lordship upon this subject, were it not impetuofily, were constantly and com. that if Colonel Graham is, as I suppose pletely repelled ; and that night put an he mult be, with Marthal Wurmiter in end to the affair, without either party hav. Mantua, he cannot as yet have had it in ing gained or lost any ground; but an his power to correspond with your Lorde indisputable proof of the Austrians hay. thip

ing had the advantage in this action is, General Alvinzy's report is dated Caldo. that when General Alvinzy next morning Ferro, Nov. 7. General Davidovitch's at was preparing to renew it, he found that Trente, the 8th inftant.

the enemy had completely retreated. He After the second operation, undertaken reports, that they directed their march tofor the reliet of Mantua, thele corps of ward Lifiera. Maribal Warmier's army, which could not General Proverra's bridge over the penetrate, retired; the one under General Brenta having been destroyes in the course Quotdanovich to the Vene:ian Frioul; inic of the morning of the 6th, his column


could not cross the river till towards noon and 11th of April last, and which reache' on the 7th, and General Alvinzy's whole ed us on the isth instant, by the Or.. corps arrived late in the evening of that pheus frigate, that the British troops day at the camp of Caldo Ferro.

were in poffeffion of the islands of Am. General Davidovitch had in the mean boyna and Banda, with their several time driven back the corps opposed to him, dependencies, comprizing, as it was had made a thousand prisoners, and taken thought, the whole of the Dutch islands, polleision of Trente, as was mentioned in excepting Fornaté, yielding cloves, nuthis former report.

megs, and mace. This acquisition bas On the same day that the above-men- been attained without the imallest lots tioned fevere action was fought on the

on our fide, Brenta, General Davidovitch attacked the Amboyna and its dependencies were enemy in the strong pals of Caliano, a lit. delivered up on the 16ih of February, tle to the northward of Roveredo. The and Banda and its dependencies on the French had entrenched their position, and 8th of March. Copies of the Capituoccupied, in conliderable force, the caltles lations are inclofed. of Beflano and La Pierra, which, as I un The Admiral speaks in the handderftand command the pass.

someft manner of the activity and alaThe Arength of the position was such, crity with which every duty was perthat, notwithltanding his repeated ef. formed by the forces under his comforts, General Davidovitch could not force mand, both naval and military; and it on the 6th ; but on the following day he dwells particularly on the perfect harrenewed bis attack.

mony which all along subfilted between The corps on the right of the Adige the officers and men in both services. cftablished "batteries on the heights of It behoves us on this occasion to convey Nomi, which fired with considerable effect; to you the high sense we entertain of the troops on the left of the river attacked the able and fpirited conduct displayed the castles and intrenchments with perfe. by Rear Admiral Rainier, whose hearty yering bravery, and the enemy was at co-operation with us in every measure. length completely defeated, with the loss conducive to the public weal demands of five cannons, eight ammunition wag, our warmest acknowledgments; and gons, and a thousand prisoners. General whilst we feel assured of your entire ape, Davidovitch fupposes the enemy's lois, in probation of all the means employed by killed and wounded, to have been very ihis Government, to give effect io the confiderable, and itates his own to have arrangements framed by his Majesty's amounted to four hundred men, killed, Minilters for securing the Dutch sete Wounded, and miling.

tlements in India, it is, neverthelets, I have the honour to be, &c. incumbent upon us to declare, that the (Signed) ROBERT CRAUFURD. accomplishment of this great object bas

been chiefly obtained by the zealous and PARLIAMENT-STREET, NOV 29. chearful support which we hare bad the A DISPATCH from the Governor good fortune to experierce from the 2nd Couocil of Madras, dated Fort Si, Officers entrusted with the execution George, June 22, 1796, of which the of it. following is a copy, has been received We shall do ourselves the honour of by the Court of Directors of the East transmitting, hy the first sea conveyance, India Company, and by them commu- copies of all the papers received from dicated to the Right Hon. Henry Dun- the Admiral, which will enable you to das, one of his Majesty's Principai Se- form an accurate opinion of the value of cretaries of State.

those islands. At present we can only HONOURABLE SIRS,

give you a snmmary of bis proceedings. WE have particular satisfaction in The Admiral found in the Treasury offering to you our focere congratu. at Amboyna 81,112 rix dollars, and in lations on the complete success which fore 515,940 pounds weight of cloves; has attended the operations of Rear in the treasury at Banda 66 675 rix dola Admiral Rainier in the Eastern Seas; lars, and in store 84,777 pounds of nute and judging that an early communication megs, 19,587 pounds of mace, berides of this event might be of material use merchandize and rcher stores at each to his Majelty's Mipifters, we have dc- place, upon which no value had been termined to forward this letter by the then put. Toute of Bufsorah.

We are preparing to lend a rainforce. It appears by the Rear-Admiral's

ment of troops for the better proteclion Dispatches, dared the sth of March of those valuable islands, and

as the

Admiral has advised us that he is thort which the British have appeared before of provisions, and in want of a supply this settlement, and to refit which would of naval and military stores, it is our bring deltmctron and defolation on the intention to forward an adequate stock harmless inhabitants of this place, we of every neceffary article.

therefore think it prudent, for the sake · We have great pleasure in acquainting of humanity, and from our confidence you, that the Company's poffeffions on in the honour and generoficy of the ihis coast are in a state of perfect tran. English, to accept of the terms offered quillity; and that we have no reason to us, and to deliver into their hands to believe that any designs are in agi. this fort and settlement, with all its de. tation by the native powers hoftile to pendencies, upon the following condi. your interests.

tions, viz. We have the honour to be, &c. That private property be kept secure (Signed) HOBART,

to every individual of this settlement, ALURED CLARKE, whether in or out of the Company's FDW. SAUNDERS, service; that the servants of the Com

C. W.FALLOFIELD. pany, civil and military, be kept in their Capitulation of Amboyna, translated from respective stations, as far as may be the Original in Dutch, February 16, thought necessary for the adminiftration 1796:

of justice; and the Civil Government of Not finding ourselves equal to with the place, the Governor alone particustand the great force with which we larly excepted, as the Government mult, have been surprized, we the underlign- of course, be vested in the Englith ; Governor and Councii do hereby give that the military continue to receive up this settlement, with all its depen- their pay, and are not to be forced into dencies, and place the strie under the the British service contrary to their protection of his Britannic Majesty, wishes ; and the Civil Servants also to upon the conditions mentioned to us in be continued on their present pay; and the letter of the Right Honourable che such an allowance made for the provision Governor of Madras : that is, upon con- of the Governor as his Excellency the dition that we may keep all our private Commander of the Britih forces may property, and be allowed a realonable think adequate. 'The Governor, howa fubiiftence, that the inhabit ints be gua- ever, and any other fervants of the Comranteed in the fecure poffeffion of their pany, thall be permitted to retire from private properties, and that the senior the service, either to Batavia or else. and junior fervants of the Civil Efta- where, whenever a convenient opportublishment, the Clergv, the Military, and nity thall offer. Marine, receive their usual pay.

Úpon these conditions we, the underlo is upon the above conditions that signed, consent to deliver up Fort Nas. we hall to-morrow morning give over fau, the settlement of Banda, and all its all the guards of the fort to the troops dependencies, to the troops of his Brie of his Britannic Majesty, after receive tannie Majesty to-morrow morning, ing the ratification of this instrument by upon receiving a copy of this Capitula. his Excellency the Cominodore.

tion, ratified and signed by his Excel. Done at Amboyna, in the Caitle of lency the British Commandes. The Victoria, on the above date.

keys of all the public property, and all (Signed) A. Cornabé.

accounts/properly authenticared, shall be RSuurt. immediately delivered over to the BriDurch Co. F. Ohowki. tith, and the Government entirely sci

ed in them.
Erox Fyzabad. Fort Nassau, Banda, Neira,
Approved of and acceded to.

March 8, 1796.
P. Rainier.

(Signed) É. Van Bocekboltz. English

A. H. Varge.
Seal. W.C.Lennon, Secretary. (L. S.)

F. Salgang
Capitulation agreed upon between bis

E. Marre. Erorlloney Peter Rainier, Esq. Como (L. S.) P. de Haax. midore commanding be Sea and Land

M. Walliloo. Forces of bis Britannic Maiefly in these Approved and accepted of, Stas, ond F. Van Boeckboltz, Gover.

(Signed) nor of Bionda, &c. &c.

(L. S.) P. Rainier. In consideration of our great want of

True Copies, Tuvifions, and the great force with

(Signed): W. C. Tacklor. Sec.

(Dutch Co

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