fions." To Lord Craven, who begged island, after having burnt and abandon. to attend the expedition, I am indebted ed his thips, he, with the Officers and for great zeal and exertion.

men belonging to the Squadron under Lieuronant - Colonel Soter, who is his command, are included in this ca. intimately acquaioted with this cuun. pitulation, under the same terms as are try, hias been, and continues to be, of granted to his Catholic Maj fty's troops. very great use to me. I thould not do Art. V. As foon as this can be justice to his general character, if I did convenientiy provided for the purp fc, not take this opportunity to express it. the pritoners are to be conveyed to Old Niy Aid-de-Camp, Capi. Drew, of the Spain, they remaining prisoners of war 45th régiment will have the lionour to until exchansed by a Carrei bei ween the deliver this letter : he lias served long two Nairons, or unül the Peace; it be. in this country, and is capabie tų give ing clearly unclerstood that they thall not luch further information as may be re- ferve against Great Britain or her Allies quired. I humbly beg leave to recom. until exchanged. mend him to his Majesty's favour. Ari. V). There being some Officers I have the honour to be, &c. among his Catholic M jeity's trups, RA. ABERCROMBY, K. B. whotë private affairs require their pre


at different places of the Contia Fer the Surrender of the land of Tri. nent of Aincrica, such Officers are per nidad, between his Excellency Sir faid places for six months, inore or less,

mitted to go upon their parole to the Raiph Abercromby, K. B. Conman- after which period they are to return der in Chief of his Britannic Majesty's Land Forces; his Excellency ing this indulgence must be limited,

to Europe; but as the number receive Henry Harvey, Esq. Rear-Admiral of the Red, and Commander in vicufiy deliver to the British Comman,

his Excellency Don Chacon wila preChief of his Britannic Majesty's Ships

ders of their names, rank, and and Vessels of War; and his Excl. leocy Don Josef Maria Chacon,

places which they are going to.

Art. VII. The Officurs of the Royal Knight of the Order of Calatrava,

Administration, upon the delivery of Brigadier of the Royal Navy, Go

the stores with which they are charged, vernor and Commander in Chief of

to such Officers as may be appointed the Island of Trinidad and its De

by the British Commanders, will rependencies, Infpector-General of the Troups of its Garrison, &c. &c. &c. like cafes, from the Onlicers fo appointed

ceive receipts, according to the custom in Art. I. The Officers and troops of his to receive the ttores, Catholic Majesty and his allies in the Arr.VIII. All the private property Mand of Trinidad are to surrender of the inhabitants, as well Spaniards as themselves prisoners of war, and are to such as may have been naturalized, is deliver up the territory, forts, build. preserved to them. ings, arms, ammunition, money, effects, Arr. IX. All public records are to plans, and stores, with exact inventories be preserved in such courts or offices as thereof, belonging to his Catholic Ma. they are now in, and ail contracts or jefty; and they are thereby transferred purchases between individuals, which to his Britannic Majesti, in the lame have been done according to the laws manner and posterion as has been held of Spain, are to be held binding and heretofore by his said Catholic Majesty. valid by the British Government.

Art. II. "The troops of his Catholic Art. X. The Spanish Officers of Mjesty are to march' out with the ho. Administration, who are poffefied of nours of war, and to lay down their landed property in Trinidad, are als arms, at the distance of three hundred lowed to remain in the land, they paces from the forts they occupy, at taking the oaths of allegiance to his five c'clock this evening, the 18th of Britannic Majesty ; and they are furFebruary.

ther allowed, should they please, to Art. III. All the Officers and troops fell or dispose of their property, and aforefaid of his Catholic Majesty are to retire elsewhere. a lou ed to keep their private effects,

Art. XI. The free exercise of theirreand the Officers are allowed to wear lizion is allowed to the inhabitants, their swords.

Art. XII. Tine free col ured people, Art, IV. Admiral Don Sebalian Ruiz' who have been acknowledged as fuch de Apodaca, being on thore in the by the laws of Spain, iball be protected


in their liberty, persons, and property,

[FROM THE OTHER PAPERS.] like other inhabitants; they taking

Vienna, Apul 21. the oath of allegiance, and demeaning (From the Court Gazette.) themselves as becomes good and peace

YESTERDAY the following proable lubjeets of his Britannic Majesty. clamation was published:

Art. XIII. The failors and foldiers The Preliminary Articles of Peace of his Catholic Majesty are, from the are ligned, in consequence of which hof. time of their laying down their arms, tilities have ceased, and the hope of a to be fed by the British Government, speedy restoration of peace is brought leaving the expence to be regulated by nearer to its completion. the cartel between the two nations. “ His Imperial Majesty will feel the

Art. XIV. The sick of the Spanish most heart-felt pleasure, should he fuctroops will be taken care of, but to be ceed in his endeavours to put an end to attended, and to be under the inspec- the war, and spare the effusion of humaa tion of their own surgeons.

blood, and by a lasting peace fecure the Art. XV. All the inhabitants of Tsin honour and happiness of his beloved nidad lhall, within thirty days from the subjects. His Majesty has therefore date hereof, take the oath of allegiance given it in charge to che underfigned, to to his Britannic Majesty, to demean give public notice of the signing of the themselves quietly and faithfully to his Preliminary Articles of Peace, and the Government, upon pain, in case of consequent retiring of the French army; non-compliance, of being, lent away and since by this event the country of from the Island.

Lower Auftria is freed from the imme. Done at Port d'Espagne, in thelland diate danger with which it was threatenof Trinidad, the irth of February 1797. ed, his Majesty will no longer impofe

Ralph Abercromby, on his brave and loyal subjects the bur.
Henry Harvey.

den of bearing arms, and therefore com. Foef Maria Chacon. mands that the general levy be fuperReturn of the Sprinish Girrison of the feded. His Imperial Majesty has like

lland of Triniddi mane Prisoners of wise given orders, thats medal shall be War, Fco. 18, 1797.

struck suitable to the occasion, which Royal Artillery.- Captain, 1 Lieu. thall be worn on the breast by those who tenant, 43 Non-commillioned Oficers, voluntarily rook up arms for the general Drummers, and Privates.

levy, as an honourable teftimony of the Engineers. - Brigadier, 2 Captains, gratitude of the country for thcir fideI Subaltern.

lity and valour. Trinidad Regiment.--2 Lieutenant. “ It is now therefore the will of his Colonels, 2 Captains, 15 Subalterns, , 1 Majetty, that the peasants thould reAdjutant, 2 Enligns, 1 Surgeon, i Chap- turn to their ruftic labours, the students lain, 504 Non-commissioned Officers, to their schools, and the artizans to their Drummers, and Privares.

respective enployments; and by indusFrench Officers.-- Lieutenant-co trv, economy, and morals, distinguish lonel, 3 Captains, 1 Subaltern, 2 Engi themielves, as much as by the Spirit with

which they armed in defence of their Fifty men fick in General Hospital. country. Should, however, contrary to

JOHN HOPE, Adj. Gun. every expectation, the pacific views of Return of the Naval Officers and Stamen his Imperial Majesty be frustrated by

mur Prifoners of War at the Capture any adverse circumstances, he is conaof Trinidad, Feb. 18, 1797.

dent that he can rely on the tried valour 1 Chef D'Elcaire, 1 Brigadier, 5 and unshaken fidelity of all his fub. Caprains of Line of Battle Ships, 3 jects." Captains of Frigates, 7 Lieutenants of General Buonaparte has publithed an Dittr, 74 Officers of all Descriptions, important Manifesto againit the Vene. 91 Officers, 581 Marines, 1032 Seamen. tian Government, charging them with -T tal of Marines and Stamen, 1613. various acts of hoftulity whilft the

(Signed) JOHN HOPE, Adj. Gen. French army was engaged in the defiles

(This Gazette also contains the offi. of Styria; with insulting all Frenchmen cial returns of 33 pieces of brass, and 40 , in Venice, by calling them Jacobins, Re. pirces of iron ordnance, with an im gicides, and Atheilis, and prohibiting mense quantity of ammunition, ord their residence in that city ; trich inter: nance ftores, and tools, and some provi- cepting their convoys, murdering their fions, found on the Island.]

çouriers, and afrafinating 200 men on



the roads to Legnano and Verona, and French agents to quit the Venetian terupwards of 400 in Verona, not sparing ritories in 24 hours, and the different even the fick in the hospitals; with set French Generals to treat as enemies the ting fire to the French Conful's house Venetian troops. in Dalmatia ; and with having fuuk a As foon as the Government of Venice French vessel in the port of Venice, kil. was acquainted with this Manifesto, the led Lieut. Haugier the commander, and Doge affembled the Senate; and it was several of the crew who attempred to

refol ed hat the Republic should throw swim to thore for safety, barbarously herfeif upon the discretion of France, cutting off the Master's hand with an accept a provitioral Government, and axe when he had reached the shore deliver up to the French the Proveditori, On account of these grievances, General and other public functionaries complaints Buonaparte has required the different ed of in the Manifeito.


breast, and wore a straw bonnet. She A MOST awful 13 Etacle, took place endeavoured to appear cheartal; but the

at the camp ar Blaris Warren: four faultering accents with which the bade prirates of the Monaghan Militia, in her attendants and the surrounding pursuance of th: lentence of a Court multitude farewel, bespoke the agita. Martial, were thot. These men had tion of her Serene Highness.

The been feduced from their allegiance by Prince appeared several times at the the United Irithmen; they had engaged window, and affectionately embraced to desert from their officers upon a lite his amiable confort on their leaving the nal, and were actually appointed Offi apartments. The scene was highly afa' cers, and had received commissions to fecting, and drew tears from many of act in a rebel corps. The enormity of the spectators. the offence was of that magnitude, that

None of the Royal Family were prethe lenity of Government could not be seni, as they had taken leave the preextended tu them, and the sentence of ceding night at twelve o'clock. They the law was accordingly executed. The were all so deeply affected on her Serene wnole of the execution was conducted Highness's parting with them, that it is with the greater fulemnity; the pro. impossible to do juitice to their feelings ceifion of the troops from Belfast was

upon the occalion.

Her Majesty and marked by its regularity and filence.-. the Princesses ihed abundant tears, while On the ground were drawn up a de-' the Princess hung upon her Royal fatachment of the 22d dragoons, a deuch ther's neck, overwhelmed in grief. ment of the Royal artillery, the 641h The Prince at length prevailed on her regiment, the 3d batallion of light in Sirene Highness to go with him, and fantry, the Monaghan and Carlow rigi- fup, corred her to the coach. The King ments of militia, the Bradalbane and followed them to bid his daughier an Argyle fencibles. After the execution atfectionate tareivel, but funvirpowerer the troops marched in ordinary aime boy were his parental feelings, that he could the bodies, which had been convuvedio scarcely give utterance to his words. the church-yard; and the ceremny 5. This morning were executed at closed, leaving the strongest lyinptoms the front of N ivgate, Clinch and Macof impression on all the spectators. ley, for the robbery and murder of Mr.

JUNE 2. This morning their Serene Fryer, in Ilingen-ficids. An extreme. Hignesses set out from St. James's for ly difagreeable circumdance that occurHerwich, on their way to Germany, red, shortened the period that is usually escorted by a party of Light Dragoons. aliowed to men in their unhappy fituaThe Prince and Princels were in the tions.--The floor of the Icaffold, from King's travelling por-chaise; General fome previous misarrangement, gave Garth and the Countess of Aylesbury, way, and precipitated into the area of in one of the Queen's coaches, and the the apparatus Melfieurs Villette and attendants in one of the private car Gaffy, (the latter a Catholic priest who riages.

attended Clinch) and the two execuTheir Serene Highneffes breakfasted tjoners. Mr. Sheriif Sraints had hiin. at St. James's palace, and set ff from self a very narrow e cape. Mr. Gaffy, the garden gite.

The Princess was being a lufty man, was severely hurt: dressed in a blue riding habit, with the Ic was ebiged to be bied, and was more Star of the order of St. Catherine at hier than four hours in the Keeper's house

before he was able to be sent home in a of his thigh carried away by a cannon. fedan chair. Mr. Villerte escaped with lot; and with the excruciating torment a light bruise. - The two malefactors thele wounds occafion, as he cannot swung off with their distorted features move himself, he amuses his hours with exposed to the view of the distressed drawing landscapes. He speaks with spcctators. By the laudable activity of the most lively gratitude of the present Air. Ramsden, the prison furgeon, how- Emperor of Ruliia ; and complains that ever, the cap was drawn over their faces his wounds were long neglected after afterwards. Their bodies were re he was made prisoner. In the battle moved to a proper place for the purpose that determined the fate of Poland, he of diffection and expofure.-They both placed the Nobles on the two wings, denied to the last moment liaving had and took himse'f the command of the any concern in the murder.

centre, which conffted of new lesies 'KOSCIUSKO. – This gallant Polith and Serfs. The Nobles first gave way; General lately arrived in the river the centre maintained its ground under Thames, on board a Swedish vessel, at the aufpicious valour of the General.tended by many Polith Officers, who are He then determined not to survive his going with him to America. He is in- country, and put his last pistol to his. curably wounded in the head, has three own head! It miffed fire, and he was bayonet wounds in his back, and part immediately made prisoner.



Μ Ο Ν Τ Η LY O BI TU AR Y. MR. CHARLES DAVY, mentioned in 19. Alexarder Dallas, csq. of North

our last (page 367), was the Author of Newton, « Letters audieired chiefly to a young Gen Mr. John Dalton, mathematical instrument deman upon Subjects of Literature : in. maker, Upper Union court, Holborn. cluding a Tranil tion of Euclid's Section of

At Bristol, Mr. Ifaac Bence, the Caron, and his Treat.se on Harmony; "Ar Liverpool, the Rev. Dr. Clayton, late with an Explanation of the Greck Musical pittor of the diffenters' meeting at Norting. Modes, according to the Doctrine of Pto. ham. lemy," 2 vols. Svo. 1787 : and one of the Bafil Fitzherbs: 1, efq. at Swinnerton, StalTranflators of " A Relation of a Juurney to fordshire, in his 4th year. the Garciires in the Duchy of Savoy, from

General Robert Clarke, husband of the French of M. T. Bourret, Preceptor of the Dowager Lady Warwick. the Cathedral Church at Geneva," Svo. Thomas Coventry, clg. one of the lenchers Norwich, 1775.

of the Inner Temple, and formerly sub1796. AUGUST 10. On board the Ken gov:rnor of the South Sea Company. fingt n, in the East India Company's ferv.ce, Mrs. Waddilove, wife of the Rev. Mr. Roger Gale, efy son of the late Roger Gale, Waddilove, Dean of Ripon. efq. of North Allciton, Yorkshire.

22. La'y Caroline Cecil, youngest daughter 1797. MAY 4. At Toptham, Cevor shire, of the Marquis of Salisbury. Capt. Richard Panrell, late commander of the Richard Moland, efq. of Springfield, in Hawke Last Indiaman.

the county of Warwick, justice of peace, and 14. At Clonme, Ireland, Mr. Phineas chairman of the quarter sessions. Riall, banker.

Donald Cameron, esq. of the house of At Priestlands, near Lymington, Hants, Harley, Cameron, and Son, George-itreet, Charles Eity, erg.

Mansion houre. Judicdiah Struti, efq. of New Mils, Der. Lately, at Bodney. Hall, in Norfolk, the byfhire.

Hon. Mrs. Catherine Dillon, filter to Viscount 16. The Rev. Edward Clarke, A. M. Dillon, of Ireland. vicar of Highwortlı, Wilts, aged 62.

24. At Union-place, Lambeth, Mr. Ed. 17. Joseph Calverly, of the Broad Hil. ward Union. Lingly, ncar Lewes, Sufitx.

Lately, at Working, in Surry, aged 46, E. Kahl, esq. of Lawrence Pountney-lane, Mr. Richard Fenn, brelver. Cannon street.

25. In his 79th year, the Right Hon. Lately, at Lihon, Arthur Bedford, M.D. John Griffin Lord Howard de Walden and late of Chesterficid.

Lord Braybrooke, field marshall of bis Ma. Lately, at 2. inburgh, the Hon. Patrick jelly's forces, lieutenant cuftes roculorum Maitland, of Freugh.

and vice admiral of the coast of Eil:x, colodel Laitly, Dr. William Lee Perkins, of Hamp- of the Queen's own dragoons, and knight of

piyficial), tw.ineriy a practitioner at the bac. Bution in New England,

M. P.


26. Mr. Richard Bowen, laceman, Long The Lady of Sir Stephen Langston: Acre.

Mr. Agostine Jsola, upwards of 30 years At Jersey, Dr. Heriot, surgeon to the teacher of the Italian language at the univer. forces there, and for many years the first fity of Cambridge. physician of that iland.

At Bath, Mr. William Coleman, of Great At' Edinburgh, Walter Ferguson, efq. Haywood, Staffordshire. writer.

Lately, aged 81, the Rev. Dr. Grant, rector John Utterton, esq. of Cobbin-house, near of Garforth, near Leeds. Waltham Abbey, Effex.

6. Miss More, only daughter of the Arcii. John Grainger, esq. Bridge-house, Sussex, bishop of Canterbury aged 68 years.

Francis Richmond Humphreys, esq. of Lately, at Monmouth, Thos. Morgan, efq. Devizes, a m jor-general in the army.

At Bristol, jolin Anderson, esq. one of the Lately, John Jones, esq. of Nicholas - street, aldermen of that city. Chester.

At Bath, Richard Geast, esq. of Moseley, Lately, the Rev. Thomas Wright, up near Birmingham. wards of 40 years pastor of the difening Lately, at Tidmark, Berkshire, Mr. Robert meeting in Lewin's Mead, Bristol.

Piercy. Lately, Mr. William Cookworthy, chemist 7. Mr. James Yates, merchant and ma. and druggilt, of Plymouth.

nufacturer, of Dirtend, Warwickshire. Lately, at Pytt-house, near Hindon, aged 8. Mr. George Anfell, Carshalion, Surry. 70, Thomas Bennett, elq. 43 years an acting Mr. Richard Payne, sen. of Old Bond. magistrate of Wilts.

street, in his 49th year. 30. The Rev. Thomas Leigh Bennett, of 9. William Smalbroke, esq. Parliament. Upper Brook street.

street, Westminster. 31. At Malpas in Chethire, Catherine Lately, in Percy ftreet, Mr. James Fearns, Richardson, at the advanced age of 109 partner in the house of Murdock, Fearns, years.

and Co. at Madeira. Lately, at Great Haywood, Staffordshire, In Lime-street-square, in his 75th Mr. Williain Athis, schoolmaster.

year, George Neale, esq. fenior furgeon to JUNEI. At Cowbridge, Glamorganihire, the London Hospital. He was the Author in his 76th year, the Rev. john Walters, of “ Soine Observations on the Use of the rector of Landough, near what town. Agaise, and its Insufficiency in stopping

2. Mrs. Vernon, wife of james Gladell Hæmorrhages, after capital Operations,'' Verron, esq. of Hereford - Itreet.

8vo. 1757 Mrs. Fly, wife of Dr. Fly, of the Stable William Creffey, esq. Paragon-buildings, yard, St. James's palace.

Bath. At Witham in Etcx, R.chard Callis, csa. Ac Water-house, near Bath, Mr. Thomas formerly an officer in the dragoon service. Shute, merchant of Cheaptide,

Lately, in Yarmouth Roads, in his 420 At Clifton, Constantine Phipps, esq. year, 'Thomas Middleton, esq. of his Majesty's

Mrs. Olmius Luttre!). thip Comet.

Mr. Stephen Williams, callico-printer, 3. William Sumner, csq banker in Lom. aged 86. bard - ftreet.

in Hertford-street, the Lady Dowager Mis. Treacher, widow of the Rev. Thos. Grenley. Treacher, rector of Ardley in Oxfordshire, Lately, aged 92, the Riv. James Sharpe, and eldest daughter of Judge Nares.

rector of Appleton, and vicar of Sundring. Lately, Mr. William Steel, attorney, at ham, with Babingley, in Nortolk. Bury,

Lately, at Tunbridge, Mrs. Hodges, widow Lately, Mr. Henry Stapleton, of Col. of the late celebrated Artist. cheiter, surgeon.

13. $115. Johnson, wife of Mr. Chris4. At Fulham, Sir Andrew Snape Doug, topher Johnson, of Queen's-square, Bloomilas, captain of his Majesty's navy, and one of bury. the coloncis of marints. This excellent 14. At Chelmsford, 116. Woods, officer received a contufion in his head on coachmaster the glorious ift of June 1794, apparently Peter Heapy, esq. aged 65. Qight; but which, it is thought, was the 15. At Samuel Shore's, Meersbrook, immediate cause of his death, as he had never Derbyshire, Freeman Flower, eiq. of Clap. entireiy recovered from its effects. He was ham, Surry, aged 83. on that memorable day captain of the Royal Charloite.

5. Charles Shipman, esq. of Dean ftreet, At Lausanne, the celebrated physician Sono, in his g8th year, forinerly a major in Monteur Tiffit.




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