right, made their artillery advance, and like a brave man, and by your conduct à brik cannonade was opened. I gave have acquired the efteem of soldiers. orders for every half brigade to file off But any further obstinacy would be a in a close column on the wings of their crime, which I would make fall on you second, and of their first and third bat. principally; and for the purpose of jul. talion.

tifying myself to pofterity, I now fúm. General Duphot, at the head of the mon you to surrender in ten minutes. 27th light infantry, threw himself into If you refuse, I will put your troops to the river, and presently gained the op. the sword. Spare blood | The principosite bank. General Bon supported ples of philanthropy, which ought to him with the grenadiers of Guieux's die animate a Chief, impose on you this obvifion. General Murat made the same ligation. The scales are prepared, and movement on the right, and was like the grenadiers and chasseurs demand the wise supported by the_grenadiers of assault with loud cries. Bernadotte's division. The whole line Answer. put itself in motion, each half brigade I am, with esteem, the General of Dio mecbeion, with squadrons of cavalry, vision, to fill up the empty spaces from behind.

BERNADOTTE. The hokile cavalry wanted several times to charge our infantry,

but without suc. Buonaparte to the Executive Directory. cels; the river was crossed, and the ene. Head-Quarters at Gradisca, 301b. my routed in every dire&tion. They Ventose (March 20). attempted to assail our right with their Citizens Directors, cavalry, and our left with their infan. I have given you an account of the try: I sent General Dugua, and the passage of the Piave, of the battles of Adjurant.General Kellermann, at the Longara, of Saeile, and of Tagliamento. head of the cavalry of reserve, affifted The 28th, the division of General by our infantry, commanded by the Bernadotte departed at three o'clock in Adjutant-General Merieur; they worfted the morning, marched round Palmanothe enemy's cavalry, and took prisoner va, and took position on the corrent of the general who commanded them. the Torre, where the husfars met him.

General Guieux ordered the village The division of General Serrurier of Gradisca to be attacked; and, not took position on the right, that of Genewith ftanding the darkness of the night, ral Guieux on the left. I fent Citizert he captured it, and completely routed Lesale with the 24th regiment of Chaf. the enemy; Prince Charles had just seurs to Udine. . time enough left to save himself.

The enemy at our approach evacuat: General Serrurier's division passed the ed Palmanova, where we found 30,000 river, in proportion as it arrived, and rations of bread, &c. It was but ten ranged itself in battle array to serve as days before that Prince Charles seized a corps of reserve.

that place from the Venetians; he with. lo' that day we took from the enemy ed to occupy it ; but he had not had rime fix pieces of cannon, one General, leveral to establish himielf there. superior officers, and made from four to General Massena arrived at St.Daniel, five hundred prisoners. The quickness at Olipo, at Gemona, and pushed his of our display and manœuvre, and the advanced guards into the defiles. superiority of our artillery, alarmed the The 29th General Bernadotte ad. enemy to such a degree, that they would vanced and blockaded Gradisca ; Gene. not make a stand, and profited by the ral Serrurier marched oppolite Saint night to take flight.

Pietro, for the purpose of pailing the The Adjutant-General Xellermann Isonzo. The eveny had several pisces teceived several curs with the sabre in of cannon, and some battalions on the charging at the head of the cavalry with other side, for defending the passage. his usual courage.

I ordered different mancuvres to aI am going to occupy myself in re. larm the enemy, and the passage was warding the Officers who distinguished effected without oppofition. I cannot themselves in the different actions. forget the trait of courage of Citizen

(Signed) BUONAPARTE. Androssy, Chief of Brigade of Arcillery, General Bernadotte io ibe Austrian Com who, ordered to try whether the river mander of Gradisia.

was fordable, precipitated himself into Head Quarters before Gradisca, 29 Vene the water, and palled and repassed on 10 r. (March 19.)

foot. YOU have defended yourself, Sir,

of the army

· MASSAGE OF L'Isonzo, AND THE consequently new claims to the eficem

CAPTURE OF GRADISCA. General Serrurier reached Gradisca


BUONAPARTE. by his march upon the heights which governed this town.

Head- Quarters at Goritz, 2d Germinal, To make a diversion, and to preclude

22d March. the enemy from the discovery of our ma Buerapute to the Executive Dircilors. peuvre, General Bernadotte caused the Cluizens Directors, riflemen toattack them in their entrench We ertered yesterday into Goritz. menus ; but our fuldiers, impelled by The enemy's army have effe&ted their their natural ardour, advanced with retreat with so much precipitation, that their fixed bayonets to the very walls of it has left in our hands four hospitals, Gradisca They were there received containing 15-0 fick, and all the maga. by a heavy discharge of musquetry and z nes of provisions and warlike anmu. grape fhoć.

nition, of which I will give you an ac. Five thousand prisoners, the flower of count by the next courier. Prince Charles's army, ten pieces ef

The division of General Bernadotte cannon, and eight standards, were the went yesterday to Camiza; his advanced fruits of this nianæuvre.

We at the guard and the rear guard of the ene. same time paffod L'Isonzo, and took

my have had a rencontre at Carminia. Gradisca,

The 19th regiment of Chasseurs chargGeneral Serrurier, in the mean time, ed the enemy with so much impetuofity, arrived upon the heights which com that they made 50 huilars prisoners, manded Gradisca, rendering every with their horses. General Massena means of retreat impossible. The ene pursued the enemy to La Pontieba. my, panic ftruck, saw no possibility of

BUONAPARTE deferice, and defpiired of making their escape. General Bernadotte presented Head-quarters, at Gorilz, 410 Germinal, the fummons tubjoined, when the ene

2416 ivarcb. my capitulated.

Buonaparte to ibe Executive Direttory. General Bernadotte, obliged tu fup.

Citizens Directors, port them, brought forward four picces

You will find fubjoined an account of of cannon to force the gates; but they the articles we have found in Goritz, I were defended by a fircbe well entrench

will send to you by the next courier 20 ed.

account of those we have found in The division of General Bernadocte Trieste. conducted itself with that gallantry

We are onafters of the celebrated which guarantees our future success. mines of d’Ydria; we have there found General Bernadotte himself, his Aid.

substance prepared for two millions, de. Camp, and Generals, braved every

We are placing it in the waggons; and difficulty and danger. I folicit the rank if this operation succeeds without any acof General of Brigade for Adjutant. ciderit, it will be very lifeful to our General Mireur.



Head Quarters, Goritz, 44b Germixa', The divifion of General Massena, car.

24h Narcb. rying the firft of La China, encounter Buonaparte iv the Executive Direfcrz. ed the enemy, who wilhed to dispute the Citizens Directors, passage of the bridge of Casafola. The

Gencrand Guieux, with his divifico, rittemen drove the enemy back, and went on the second to Cividale a Ca. immediately after the grenadiers of the porcito; he there encountered the ene. 32d and 57 h demi-brigade, in close co my entrenched at Pufero,attacked them, lumns, forced the bridge, beating thie, and took from them two pieces of can. enemy, nitwithstanding their entrenche non and 100 prisoners, and pursued ments and chevaux de frize, purting them into the defiles of Caporetta, in the them even to Pontieba, taking 60o pri Auftrian Chinse, and life the field of foners, all belonging to the regiments barile covered with Austrians. Tarely brought from che Rhine. All the General Massena with his divifion is magazines which the enemy pofseffed un at Travis. I have therefore realoa to this side became also our property.

hope, that the 2000 men whom General The rangers of the 10th regiment, Guieux has puibed hefore him, will fall with fword in hand, rued forward in

inio the hands of the divifion et Marto the enemy's entrenchments, and have scoa,


The General of Division Dugua en. ports, and as soon as every moment tered Trieste last night.

İhall be less precious.
BUONAPARTE. The chain of the Alps which parts

France and Switzerland from Italy, feHead- Quarters, at Gorice, stb Germinal, parates the Italian part of Tyrol from

(Marcb 25,) Fiftb l'ear. Buan aparte, Commander in Chief of tbe from the dominions of the Emperor, and

the German part, the Venetian States Army of Italy, to ibc Executive Direc.

Carinthia from the county of Gorice

and Gradifca. The division of Maf, Citizens Directors,

fena had crossed the Italian Alps, and I Gave you an account hy my last cou.

came to occupy the defile of the Noric pier, that a coluinn of the army of Alps. Our enemies were to aukward, as to Prince Charles was hemmed in between enthral all their baggage and part of the the division of General Marlena, whą army, by the Noric Alps, who were was ac Tarvis, and that of General that moment taken. The combat of Guieux, who, on arriving at Caporetto, Tarvis was fought above the clouds, on puked it into the defiles.

a height which commands Germany; BATTLE OF TARVIS.

in several parts to which our line ex General Massena being arrived at tended the foow lay three feet deep, and Tarvis was attacked by a division of the the cavalry, charging on the ice, lutfer. enemy, which left Clagenfurth, and ed accidents, the refult of which were came to the affistance of the division extremely fatal to the enemy's cavalry, that was hemmed in. After a conflict (Signed) BUONAPARTE. extremely obstinate, he put it to the rout, took a vast number of pritoners, EAST INDIA INTELLIGENCE, among whom are three Generats. The

A Detail of the operations of a de. Emperor's cuitfiers, who arrived from tachment of the British troops in the the Rhine, have suffered most severely.

service of the Nizam, by which the lare

alarming insurrection in the Decan was ENGAGEMENT OF LA CHINSE. fuppressed, has been published in the Cap!ure of the Place.

general orders of the Government of Meanwhile General Guieux drove Fort St. George, together with a letter the column which he had defeated to from General A. Clarke, expressive of Pafero, as far as the Austrian Chinc, his admiration of the general conduct of * poft extremely well intrenched, but the division. which was carried by assault after a It appears, that all terms of conciliae Pery obstinate engagement, in which tion and pardon having been refused by Generals Bon, Verdier, and the fourth the rebels, and the Nizam's troops being half-brigade, as well as the 43d, piro unable to subdue then, the Britilh deticularly distinguilhed themselves. G: tachment entered upon this service. Deral Kables himself defended the They found the rebels intrenched in a Chinse, with 500 grenadiers; by the large and firong fortress ; which, after laws of war theic 500 men ought to have many days of prepiration, they combeen put to the sword; but this barba. menced the lege of, and on the 7th of rous right has always been disclaimed, April stormed. Colonel Dalrymple, and never exercised by the French the commandant or the troops, says, army.

“ The commanding officer of artillery The hoftile column, seeing the Chinse having this morning reported a breach faken, precipitated its march, and fell his continued fire hid mude practicablu, into the middle of the division of Gene, and having, in the course of the whole ral Massena, who, after a light combat, of the morning, gradually brought fora made the whole prisoners, 39 pieces of ward the troops I intended to employ, canaon, 400 waggons carrying the I determined to make the assault, which baggage of the enemy, 5030 men and accordingly took place between three four Generals fell into their hands. I and four o'clock in the afternoon ; for am eager to apprise you of this event, several days preceding I had obferved, becaule, under the present circumstan- froni a cummanding lituation, that the ces, it is indispensable that you should enemy relaxed in their attention during be informed or every thing without de-' the heat of the fun , wnica moderlay; I reserve it to give you a mure deterining on the attack by day; an) detailed account of ali these events as ther motive of equal inilunce iisdier soon as I thall have received all the re. me to chufe day.light for the ouvrir

* The Thermometer was up to 112 degrees in a Field Officer's marques

as the immense height of the beach, their impetuosity was not to be refifted, rocks of considerable magnitude fruared and, though opposed with musketry, there, and in the area of the furt, pre• pikes, arrows, and ftones, they soon sented difficulties more to be appre- prevailed ; as no sooner had the major hended by night, as far more formida. part obtained a footing on the summit, ble than the enemy to be encountered. than the enemy fell back, and fled to a The company of artillery, volunteers, second wall, which was immediately at• and twelve companies of repoys, com tacked, and carried with more early posed the strength of the troops which success and better fortune." assaulted, and which were followed by In less than an hour, by vigorously four companies of the Nizam's troops, pushing the assault in all quarters, the who were desirous of having a share of ihe rebeis fought refuge in every place it credit to be acquired, and whom I could could be found, begging in the moft not well refuse. Having a fine cover humiliating terms for mercy, which in the Pettah, which fecreted the

was generally granted, so that not a troops from the view of the enemy, lo person received any injury, after the as to render all suspicion of what was fury of the first assault had fubfided. ineditated in a manner impoffible, the The family of Darah Jabit, the chief party, co the signal given, moved out insurgent, even in the moment of vice from the Aank of the breaching battery, tory, as well as the houses of the people at the distance of 500 yards, and were of rank, were held inviolate to all in. fo peculiarly fortunate, that the forlorn trusion; as the troops respected the hope had gained the foot of the breach fanctity of custom roo inuch 10 abuse the nearly before our troops were disco. success they had obtained. Exclulise vered crossing the interval; the enemy of the young Prince, the Begum, Ismael then collected about the beach, and Khan, and the whole of the principal made a formidable opposition. Though instruments in the rebellion, with about fix or eight of our leading men were 1000 prisoners, are in the possetion of overset, and tumbled to the bottom, yet the Britih troops. DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. MARCH 23,

receive the Address of the Livery of A

DREADFUL fire broke out in the London, voted on Thursday at the

Minories, near the corner of Lirtle Common-hall; they were pot admitted Minories, which was not extinguished to the presence as usual, his Majefity will near 30 houses were consumed, be. fending out a message by the Duke of fides an immenfe quantity of property, Portland, that his Majesty never rea great deal of which was uninsured, ceived Addreffus on the Throne, bu: The flames were so rapid, that it was from the Corporation of the City of with the greatest difficulty the inhabi. London. tants of some of the houses escaped their 26. This afternoon, about four o'clock, fury; several were much burnt. a most dreadful fire broke out at the

Same day a Common Hall of the Lin old family manfion of the Duke of St. very was held at Guildhall; present, Albans, at Hanworth Park, near Hamp. the Lord Mayor, the City Meinbers in ton ; which, in the course of three Parliament, five Aldermen, the Sheriffs, hours, destroyed every part of the and a great number of Liverymen. A building, and all the beautiful gallery alotion was made, “That an humble of paintings, which were an heir loon Address and Petition be presented to with the house. Very little of the fur. his Majesty upon the present alarming niture was saved. The fire broke out ftate of public affairs, and praying him at the back of the house, near the lie to dismils his present Ministers from his brary, and was occasioned by a girl beCouncils for ever, as the first step to longing to the farm-yard lighting her wards obtainiog a specdy, honourable, fire too near the windows; owing to the and permanent Peace ; which was high wind, the flames caught the fhui. carried in the affirmative, as were also ters, and the conflagration spread thro' several other Resolutions, tending to the manfon before any affiftance could carry that into effect.

be obtained. 24. The Sheriffs of London went up APRIL 1. This day another nu. to St. James's in Aate, to know the merous meeting of the Livery was held King's pleasure whephis Majesty would at Guildhall; when the Sheriffs having



try, about

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reported that his Majesty declined re- improbable, that full half has been ille. ceiving upon the Throne their address gally exported or manufactured, there for the removal of Ministers; the fol. ought ftill to remain above forty mil. lowing resolution was passed by the lions in circulation. The Gold Coin mecling with only one diffenting voice: in circulation in 1794 amounted to

« That the answer given to the Sle- 37,500,000l. riffs, when they attended to know his EMIGRANTS. The following is : Majesty's pleasure as to the time of re. copy of the return of the numbers of ceiving their Perition, was given by the thele persons in England, which has jutt third Secretary of State, one of the been delivered in to the Duke of Port, persons for whose removal they pe- land: tirioned; that the Sheriffs do again ato French Clergy supported by Gotend at St. James's, and request a per.

5000 Tonal audience of his Majesty, at which, Lay people ditto, including women if granted, they do represent to the and children

2950 King, that it is the privilege of the Clergy not supported by Govern. Livery to present Petitions to the So. ment, as having means in themvereign on the Throne ; and that the selves, or living by their indur, Sheriffs do make a report of this application to a future Hail."

Emigrants not supported by Go. The Coinage of Gold and silver since vernment, as having saved some the Restoration has been as under:

wrecks of their fortune, incluToral Coinage from 1660 to

diig ald people, women, chil.

&3000 coined'in the present Reign, $1,073,362 To which may be added, in Jerley Total 95,187,179

A circumftantial Account of the From which fum deducting the re

MUTINY at PORTSMOCTN will upcoinage, and supposing, though highly pear in our next. MONTHLY OBITUARY. MARCH 8.

Hutchins, chaplain to the Duke of Rich. ATThomastown, the scat of Lord Landaffe, mond. Roger Scully, esq.

18. Mr. Andrew Pritchard, Hackney11. At the King's College, old Aberdeen, road, in his 84th year. in his 83d year, Professor Thomas Cordon. Sir ThomasGunston, of Heatherton House,

At Kelso, the Rev. Dr. Bowmaker, Minis Somersethire. ter of Dunse.

Mr. Georgo Neal, gardener, at Clapham, Alexander Lenox, esq. of Gulston, Scot, Mr. Abraliam Badcock, bookseller, the core land.

ner of St Paul's Church-yard. 13. Mr. John Hanscomb, sen. builder, at Mr. Robert Thompson, of the Close, New Clapham.

cafle, coin-factor. 14. At Winchester, the Rev. Robert Hare, Mr. George Glashier, of Ripley, Surry. M.A. of Huritmonceaux-place, Suflex, pre 19. Dr. Philip Hayes, professor of Mu. bendary of that cathedral, rector of Barron fic at the University of Oxford. He had Starey, and late rector of Hurstmonceaux. just come to town in order to prefide He was son of Bishop Hare.

at the ensuing festival for the new musical At Castletown, in the Ine of Man, in his fund. In the morning he had dressed him. 75th year, John Quayle, esq. many years self to attend the Royal Chapel, St. James's, clerk of the rolls, and comptroller of that when he was taken ill, and died almost im. inland.

mediately. He was buried in St. Paul's Ca. 16. Ac Hillingdon-place, near Uxbridge, thedral, and is supposed to have been the Mrs. Drake, relict of the lace Admiral Drake, largest man in England. and daughter of Sir William Heathcote, bart, Henry Rice, elq. one of the elder brethren

At Camberwell, in his 79th year, William of the Trinity House. James Gambier, esq.

James Fitter, esq of Laleham House, Mid. 17. Alexander Macleod, esq. in the Inlc of diefex, in his 85th year. Sky, Scotland.

Lately, the Rev. Edward Vaughan, rector Ac Chelsea, aged 76, Mr. Samuel Wharton, of Fresingfield, Suffolk, formerly tellow of one of the oldest footmen of the King. Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

At Irnham, Lincolnshire, the Rev. Mr.

* The Sheriffs attended, according to the above Resolution ; when bis Majesty in person confirmed the Mefrace before delivered by the Duke of Portland

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