noon I touk a private ship of war L'Eclair, with his Majesty's armed cutter Lion, of 18 guns and 120 men, and the same bringing to a lonp, altern of a con evening joined the British fleet.

voy running to the Eastward, which prov.

ed to be the Reguin Republican privateer, ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 24, 1797. belorging to Dieppe, with twenty men, Extract of a Letter from Rear- Admiral and armed with mulquers.

Bligh, to Evan Nepean, bjo. dated on I have the honour to be, &c. &c. &c. bcard his Majeły's Ship Brun/wiek,

HENRY BAZLEY Mole St. Nicholas, St. Domingo, Oct. John Bizeley, Esq: Rear Admiral 31, 1796.

of the ll'bite, C. Downs. A SMALL French fchooner privateer, mounting one gun and three twivels, and ADMIRALTY OFFICE, FEB. 14, 1797. twenty-five men, called Le Capitaine Ge. Copy of a Letter from Captain Go feito, peroux, was brought in here tlie 18th init.

Commander of bis Majesty's Ship Serre, captured by his Majesty's ship Adventure to Evan Nepean, Eiq dated of Cber. and arined schooner Le Dauphin Royal, borra, Feb. 2, 3797. belonging 10 Si. Domingo. She had failed

SIR, trom Aux Cayes iwo days, and had taken

YOU will be pleased to inform tie nothing.

Lords Commitii iners of the Admiralty,

that, being off Cherbourg with his wiajel. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 31.

ty's ihip indir my command, I this day Copy of a Letter from Richard Onslow, E [9.

Vice Admiral of the Red, i Mrite: captured Le Sanfp?ur French cutter prisa. pean, dated on board bis Bajoj?y's Stip arms, and 18 men,

teci, carrying iwo (wivels, fome snail Najau, Yarmouth Rowid, Jan. 29,1797. the sth of January, and had not taken

She left Cherbourg BE pleased to inform my Lords Cein

any ining

I have the honour to be, &c. millioners of the Admiralty, that bis

J. LE M. GOSSELIN, Majesty's hired armed cuiter Griffin anchorid in these Road: yesterday morning, at ten o'clock, with the French Extract of a Letter from Vice Admirs?

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, FEB. 18. privateer lugger La Liberté, her prize,

Onplomu to Evan Nepcan, Ed. dated on carrying three carriage guns, four swia vels, and eighteen men : She was taken

tiar bis Majeliy's Ship Nelja, in lar

mouth Roaus, Fib, 17, 1797. at the entrance of the ship-walh, afier a chace cfthree hours and a half. This is BE pleased to inform my Lords Como one of the reftels that has infested the millioners of the Admiralty, that bis coast for some time paít. I am, Sir, Majesty's ship Espion is just arrived in Your most obedienchu:nbic servant, theie roads; fre separated from the R. ONSLO. Martin floop on the night of the 14th

inst. in a heavy gale of wind; the latter ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, FEB. 7, 1797.

has the charge of the Buonaparte pri Copy of a letter from Rear-Admiral further information, Captain Dixon's

vatcer. l inclose, for their Lordhips' Bazelty, Comranding Oficer of his

letter. Majesty's Ships and felsinebe Downs, 10 Evan Nepean, Esq. dated Feb.


Espion, at Sea, Feb. 16, 1997. 1797.


I Have the honour to inform you, ENCLOSED herewith is a copy of a that, at ten A. M, on the 14th inft. the letter I have received from Capt. Bazeley, Texel bearing S. E. diftant eighteen of his Majelty's floop Harpy, giving an ac- leagues, chace was given to a fhip under count of the Lion cutter having caprured a Danish colours, on the weather bow, {mall French privateer, off Dungenes. which, after making every effort to get I am, Sir, &c.

away, was overpressed with fail, and at JOHN BAZELEY. lix P. M. brought to by the Espion aed Harps, off Dungeness, Feb. 3, 1797. Martin. She proved to be La Buona. Six o'Clock, P. M.

parte French privateer, mounting 16

fix-pounders, and one long twelveI Have the honour to acquaint you that pounder, with a compliment of 110 ar five o'clock this evening, stretching men, but had only 82 on board ; the <lese in with Dingeness Point, we fell in failed from Cherbourg on the sæ inft





Feb. 17.

fails re


fince which she had cruized on the ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, FEB. 20. Coal of Scotland, and had only cap. Extract of a Letter from Admiral Sir wred one floop in ballast, which was Peter Parker, Commander in Chief af liberated; eight fix-pounders were bis Majesty's Ships and Veljels at Portf thrown overboard during the pursuit ; mouth, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dased all the day the weather was extremely boisterous, and it was with infinite dif LIEUTENANT SANDERS, of ficulty and hazard the exchange of prin the Phenix, who had charge of the foners was effected. One boat belony. Difficile privateer, informs me the was ing to the Espion was latt, but happily captured by the Phenix, Triton, and no lives; and it is but justice to the

Scourge, Last Sunday night at half past Officers and seamen of both thips to de eleven o'clock. She ants 18 guns, clare they performed the forvice with and had 206 men on board, and failed manly spirit anii determination ; as dur. three days before from Breft. ing the night it blew very hard at N. N.W. The Martin and prize unavoid. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, FEB. 21. ably separated from the Espion ; Capt. Copy of a Letter from Captain Young, Sution had been previously desired to Commander of bis Majesty's Sbigo fay by the prize, and see her into Yar Gieybound, to Evan Nepean, Esq. mouth.

dated Feb. 18. The privateer is quite new, markably fast, and is in every respect well foand as a verrel of war.

I REQUEST you will inform my I have the honour to be, &c.

Lords Commissioners of the Adrwiralty, (Signed) MANLY DIXON..

that on the 18th inft. at seven A. M. I Vice- Admiral Onslow, Yarmoub.

fell in with, five leagues to the West. ward of Beachy-head, LeTartine French

privateer brig, of 16 guns, four-pounADMIRALTY OFFICP., FEB. 18.

ders, and 60 men, from Dieppe, on a Copy of a Letter from Caplain Halfirad, cruize, had taken nothing. Commander of bis Majchly's Ship Phoe I feel myself much obliged to Capnix, to Evan Nepearl, E, 7. dated at tain Chefshyre, of his Majesty's floop Sca, Feb. 11, 1797.

Picver, on seeing the Greyhound in

chace, and his being to lceward, by SIR, BE pleased to acquaint their Lord. hawling arhwart, occasioned the capture thips, that the Jeune Emilie, a French

of the privateer much sooner than the

otherwise would have been. privateer brig, of ten guns and 62 men,

I have the honour to be, &c. was captured by his Majesty's thip Trie

JAMES YOUNG. ton this evening. She has been only 40 days from St. Maloe's, has taken an

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, YE B. 21, 1797. English foop called the Friendship, copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral Bazefrom Lifbon to Liverpool, with fruit,

ley, commanding bis Majifiy's Sbips and and an English fhipletter of marque, ten VGels in the Duowas, to E. Nepcan, Dine-pounders, and 21 men, called the

Esq. dated Feb. Battalion, from Liverpool to Jamaica,

YOU will be pleated to acquaint their. after an action of three quarters of an Lordships, that his Majesty's (hip Euryhour.

dice, Captain Talboi, arrived here yer. I have also to acquaint you, for their terday, and has brought in with himą Lordships' further information, that the fine French lugger privateer. I inclose Triton captured the French privateer herewith a copy of his letter to me, giv, cutter Recovery, of 14 guns and 46 ing an account of her capture. men, on the 10th inft. which had been

Eurydice in the Downs, Feb. 11, 1797, a few days from Havre, and had taken

SIR, an Engliin smuggler, and an American

Last Sunday morning, immediately fhip bound to Bumbay ; the latter was

on receiving the intelligence you sens re-iaken a few hours afterwards by the

me by the Phænix cutter, relative to Stag.

the privateers which have failed from I have the honour to be, &c. Oftend and Dunkirk, I proceeded, toL. W. HALSTEAD. gether with the Queen and Narcissus

cutters, to the northward, in hopes of ADM• meeting with Tome of them.



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On Monday nighin at half past nine greatest zeal and loyalty were manifested o'cloek, being then a few leagues to the by all ranks of people, who crowded Southward and Welt ward of the Gale to offer their services against the enemy. Joper, we fell in with and captured, after a chace of three hours and a half, Le Extract of « Letter from Lieutenak. Fibuluer, French lugger privatcer, of

Colonel Orchard, commandinzibe Nors 60 ions, mounung 14tuur and threce

Devon Volunteers, to the Duke of Pori. paurders, with fix riviveis, and man. land, daca Hartland Abbey, Feb. 23, ned with 63 mn: ihe had failed che 1797 night before from Dunkirk, and had I Think it my duty to face to your not taken any thing; is a very fine Grace, that I yetterday received an ts. veilei, fais fai, 2'd was bound to the press from Ilfracombe, mentioning that Northward to cruize for our Ballic there were three frigates off tha: trade.

place; that they had scuttled several I have the honour to be, &c.

merchaormen, and were attempting to (Signed) JOHN TALBOT. destroy the thipping in the harbour. Rear Admiral Bone!', Duuns.

They bec sed that I would immediately

order the North Devon Regiment of ADMIRALTV-OFFICE, FEB. 25, 1797. Volunteers urder my cominand 10 Copy of a Letier from Ceptuin Górnin, march to their affittance. In conse.

Commander of his Majesty's Sioup quence of this representation, I ordered Scourge, 10 E. Nepean, Esq. dated Ply- the men to get ready to march as soon macuib Sound, Feb. 22, 1797.

as pothole. I have great satisfaction in

layius, that in four hours I found ere. I HAVE the honour ta acquaint you,

ry Officer and man that was ordered to for the information of niy Lords Com. the parade at Bideford (hifteen ailes millioners of the Armiralty, that his from home) ready and willing to Mojesiy's Noop. Scourge, under my marub to any place they should be comcommand, at half paf twelve P. M.on iranded to go to. I cannot express the the 21st in fiant, the land berring N. E. fatisfaétiin I felt at seeing the men so by E.diftant five or fix leagues,ca, turid, willing tu defend their King and Coun. after a chace of three hours, a French try, at the same time as filedt, ordering privateer, called Le Furet, plurced for and liber, as might be expected ar a fourteen, but only mounting ten guns, morning parade of an old regimeni. having the other four in her hold. She The greatest exertions were made by hid on boar!, when taken, titty men,

all descriptions of people to atlilt, and besides twenty-two English prisoners, to render every service in their power, Seven of whom were wounded; the is As I was preparing to march, I rea cominanded by Benuish Giron, had been

ceived an account from Ilfracombe, that twenty Jays from L'Orient, is . opperid, the French ihips were gone from the and a iali Ller.

coast, and that tranquillity was restored I lavethe honour to be, &c. &c.

again to the town. How far the report H. R. GLYNN. was well tounded I cannot poilsbly lay;

but as this affair may be misrepresented WHITEHALL, FEB. 25, 1797.

and exaggerated, I trust your Grace A LETTER this day received by letter; and I hatter mytent it must give

will exculs me trouvling you with this the Duke of Portlanı', from Loru M:1. ford, Lord Licurene ne for the county of you picafure to hear of the loyaliy of Pembroke, dieed Haverfordwest, Feb. haviour of the Volunteers and Inha.

this reighbourhood, and that the be 23, five P. M. contains information, bitants will meet the approbation of his that ewo frigates, a corrette, and a lug. Majesty. ger, appeared off the coast of Pein. brokelire the 22d irft. and on the evening of that day difeinbarked some

WHITEHALL, FEB. 26, 1797. troops, repor:ed by deferters to be LETTERS, of which the following about 1200, but without field pieces. are Extracts, have been this day receis.

It appears that the most active exer ed from the Right Hon. Lord Milford, tions were made by the Lord Lieutenant Lord Lieutenant of the County of Pennand Gentlemen of the county and its broke, ny bis Grace the Duke of Portncighbourhood, in taking proper inea land, tuis Majesty's Principal Secretary fures on this occafion ; and that the of State for the Home Department.

Those are the same vesels mentioned in the foregoing Letter of Lord Milford.


Maverfordwest, February 24, 1797, them this night to Inverfordwest,
Six o'clock, A. M.

where I dall make the belt attribution Since I had one honour of writing last in my power. The frizates, corvelle, to your Grace by express, I have re ard lugger, gut ander weigh sellerdar ceived information of the French thips evening, and were this morning entirely having s:iled, and left 300 men behind, out of figiit. who have furrendered themselves prio The fitiyue we experienced will, I fouers. The great spirie and loyalty fruit, excuse me to your Grace for not that the Gentlemen and Peasantry have giving a more particular derail; but my shewn on this occafion exceeds defcrip- anxiety to do juice to the Oineers and tion. Many thousands of the latter men I had the honour to command will aflumbled, aimed with pikes and southes, induce me to attund vour Grace', wich and attacked the enemy, previous io

as litile delay is pollible, to state thuis ine arrival of the troops that were fent meriis, and at the lane time to give you against thein.

every information in my power upon Haverfuradeueft, February 24, this subject. None o Clock, P. M.

The ipicit and loyalty which has perI Have the honour and pleasure to in- vaded all ranks throughout the couniry forni your Grace, that the whole of the is jofinitely beyond what I can express, French troops, amounting to near four.' I am, &c.

CAWDOR, teen hundred men, have se rendered, Cardigan B.ay, sıb of Pontule, and are now on their march to Haver

5ib Year of the Repubik. fordwest. I have taken the first opportunity

The circumstances under which the of

announcing this good news to your body of the French troops under niy Grace, and thall have the honour of command were landed at this place renwriting again to your Grace by to

ders it unnecessary to attempt any Diorrow's post.

military operations, as they would renú

only to bloodihed and pillage. The WMITEMALL, FEB. 27, 1797..

Officers of the whole corps have there. A LETTER, of which the follow. fore intimated their defiro of entering ing is a copy, has been this day received into a negociation, upen principits of from the Right Hon. Lord Cawdor, by humanity, for a furrender: If you are his Grace the Duke of Portland, his influenced by fimilar confiderations, Majesty's Principal Secretory of Siate you may fignify the fame by the beare for the Home Department:

er, and in the mean time hoftilities Fifguard, Friday, Feb. 24, 1797.

thall ceasc. Salut and relpeet, MY LORD,

Tate, Chet de Brigade, In consequence of having received To the Officer commanding bis Britannic information, on Wednesday night at Majeliy's Troops. eleven o'clock, that three large thips

Fifbauard, Feb. 23, 1797. of war and a lugger had anchored in a small Roadfted, upon the coast in The superiority of the force under the neighbourhood of this town, I pr.). my command, which is hourly increasceeded immedately, with a detachment ing, muit preveor my truating upon any of the Cardigan Milicia and all the terms fhoir of vuur surren'eung your Provincial Force I could collect, to the wbole force prisoners of war. I enter place. I soon gained positive intelli- fully into your with of preventing an gence they had dilemburked about 1200 unneceifarv effusion of bloud, which Den, but no cannon. Upon the night's your speedy surrender cag alone preSetting in, a French Officer, whom I vent, and which will entitle you to chat found to be second in command, came in conlideration it is ever the wife of Brio with a Letter, a crpy of which I have tilh tronps to thew an enemy whole the honour to inclose to your Grace, numbers are inferior. together with my answer: In confc My Majis will derives you this lei. quence of which they determined to ter, and I hall expect your deteronia surrender themselves prisoners of war, nation by ten o'clock, by your Oficer, and accordingly laid down their arms whom I have furnished with an clocri, this day at two o'clock.

that will conduct has to me without I cannot at this montent inform your moleftation. Grace of the exact number of prilo.

I am, &c.

C 4WDOR. huis, but I believe it to be their whole to the facer committed the French furce; it is my intention 10 march Troops.




[PROM OTHER PAPERS.] the afternoon, paffed the Piave at Olre. Paris, March 14. The Directory sent daletto, and arrived in the evening at a message to the Colmcil of Fire Hun- Crnegliano, ered yeterday, itating that Ruyalism and Our cavalry, in the course of that day, Anarchy full threaten the country, and encountered feveral times that of the the Directory find themselves unable to eneiny, had always the advantage, and oppose them with sufficient strength, be took eighty husfars. cause they are not feconded by the pub On the 23d General Guieux, with lic functionaries. This occafioned a his division, arrived at Sacile, fell on the niost violent debate in the Council, which enemy's rear-guard, and, notwithfandwas then adjourned to this day.

ing the darkness of the night, took one March 19. Yeiterday the debate was hundred prisoners from thein. A corps resumed respecting the civic oath, when of Hulans wanted to capitulare. Citithe proposal of Fabre was adopted, thias zen Siabeck, Chief of Squadron, was cach Elector fhould inake the following killed, and General Dugua lightly declaration : 1 promile attachment and wounded. fidelity to the Republic, and tbe Canlı14 Ar the same time General MaTena's ijon of ibe year 3 ; and I engage 10 lit divifion, having reached Bellurne, purfend ibem with all my power, a win the thed the enemy, who had retreated to. attacks of Royalty and Anarcby.

wards Cadore, hemmed in their reas. guard, took 700 prisoners, among o hurt

were 100 husfars, a Colonel, and Gene. Head- Quarters at Palviljune, 2715 Ver ral Lusignan, whocommanded the whole 1ofe (Marib 17.)

centre. Lutipan baving disgraced him. Bronaparie, C:19:1nler in Chief of the self in his conduct toisards our fick at

Arney of Italy, to the Executive Direc. Breicia, I gave orders to conduct him tory'.

19 France, without being exchanged. SINCE the battle of Rivoli, Citizens On the 26th, General Gueux's di. Directors, the a'my of italy occupied vision set out from Pardepune, at five the Banks of the Piave and losis: the o'clock in the morning : that of Gence Einperor's army, commanded by Prince ral Serrurier left Paliano at fuur, both Charles, occupiedi ile orner Bank of the directing their march to Valvafone. Piave, had its contre behind the Corde General Guieux's divifion patied be. vole, and fupported its right on the yond Vaivaline, and arrived on the Alige, from the side of the Salurre. banks of ihe Tagliamento at eleven

On the 20th Ventore, in the morning, o’cluck in the morning. The hot ile the division of General Mailcoa repair army was entrenched on the opposite ed to Feltre; at his approach, the enemy fide of the river, of which it pretended evacuated the line of Cordevole, and to dispute the paffage. My Aide-de. marched to Bellurne.

Camp, the Chief of Squadron Crocher, General Serrurier's dirilion advanced went at the head of twenty-fire guides to Alols amidst the most horrible wear to reconnoitre it as far as ene entrcaca. ther; but wind and rain, on the eve of ments, and was received with grape. a bartle, have always been an omen of thot. fucceis to the army of Italy.

General Bernadorie's division arrived On the 22d, at day-break, the divi.

Timmediately gave crders to fion crossed the Piave, facing the village General Cuieux to march to the left, 10 of Vider; norwilifanding ihe rapioity order to cross the river on the right

! and depth of the weer, we cnly lulia of the enemy's entrenchments, under young drummer. The Chief of Squa. the proreliion of twelve pieces of artis dron Latalie, itt the head of a detache Tery. Gineral Bernadotte was to cross ment of cavalry, and the Adjurace-Ge it on the right; both divisions formed neral Le Clerc, at the head of the zift their brattalions of grenadiers, ranged light infantry, worfted the hostile corps themselves in order of bartle, bavir: which wanted to opport our paliage, and each: half a brigade of light infantry beadvanced rapidly to St. Salvador; but fore them, supported by two battalions the enemy, at the first news of the pain of grenadiers, and danked by the cataye, were atraid of being surrounded, valry. and evacuated their camp of L. Cam The light infíntry maneurred as pani.

rifiemen, Gencral Dammertin on the General Guicux, at two o'clock in left, and General Lefpiaállc oo

at 1000

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