I am,


being to the northward, prevented my to be one that he had had in his poffefgetting up there in time to stop them fion; it is therefore likely he may have from burning the towy; but I have been loft in endeavouring to make his the pleasure to say, after an action of escape. near two hours, I effectually relieved I embrace with satisfaction the opthat island by taking the fhip and link. portunity this affords me of having the ing the brig. The thip proved to be honour to inform you, that a negotia, Le Décius, mounting 24 fix-pounders, tion has been opened for a general ex, 2 twelve-pound carronades, and 2 brass change of prisoners with the Commila field pieces, with 133 men of her own millioners of the French Republic at complement, and 203 troops, commande Guadaloupe; the Commissary sent here ed by Citoyen Andrée Senis, and the to treat on inat business has in confe. brig La Vaillante, mounting 4 twenty- quence reiurned with two hundred; four pounders, with 45 men and go an equal number of ours are to be troops, commanded by Citoyen Labou. sent by the cartel, When the business rique, The particulars of the action is finally settled, I fall have the pleaI have transmitted to Rear Admiral fure of acquainting you with the parHarvey, for the information of their ticulars. Lordhips.

Head Quarters, Martinico, &c.

Nov. 13, 1796. R. BARTON. N.B. I am informed that they were IT affords me great satisfaction to picked troops from Victor Hugues, for have an opportunity of informing you the sole purpose of plundering and de- of the entire reduction of the Brigands troying the inand.

R. B. and Charibs in St. Vincent's, which was

communicated to me by Major-General PARLIAMENT-STREET, JAN. 16. Hunter, shortly after I had the honour

DISPATCHES, of which the fol- of addressing you on the 25th ultimo; lowing are an Extract and Copy, have

a copy of whole letter I here with been this day received by the Right tranfmit, together with the return of Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his Majer: the killed and wounded. ty's principal Secretaries of State, from

I have the honour to be, &c. Major General Charles Graham, com.

CHARLES GRAHAM, manding his Majesty's troops in the

Leeward Illands, in the absence of
Lieutenant General Sir Ralph Aber-

St. Vincent's, 08. 18, 1796. comby, K. B.

SIR, Extrait of a Letter from Major-General

WHEN I had the honour of writing Charles Graham, to the Right Hon.

to your Excellency on the 22d of Au. Henry Dundas, dlated Head Yuarters, offered to the Charibs by Governor

gust, I inclofed a copy of the terins Martinico, 01. 16, 1796.

Seton and myself, in consequence of OUR affairs in Grenada wear the Sir Ralph Abercromby's orders and mcf favorable aspect; I may say in. infiructions to me upon that subject. deed tranquillity is completely reltored, At the same time I acquainted you as they enjoy it in the most compre- with the plan I had adopted in order tenlive linie. The communication to reduce the remaining Brigands and taroughout the island is perfectly open; to compel the Charibs to surrender. there are fume few fragglers, no I have now the satisfaction to inform doubt, in the woods, bui they never you of the total reduction of the Brimoleft even fiogle passengers, and their gands and Charib, on this ifiand. cumber is so inconsiderable and their Marin Padre (a negro of St. Lucia), ftate so wretched, that they rather de who has commanded the Brigands and serve our contempt than merit our re Charibs since the capture of the Vigie, feriment. Fédon has not yet been and who had great influence and au. taken, and opinions are various with thority over both, surrendered on the respect to his death or escape; the for 2d inftant. mer however I think most probable, The number of Brigands who have as it is reported a canoe, that had been surrendered or been taken, fince the verlet, was found by a vessel at some 4th of July, amounts to 925, the num. ciftance from the coast, with a compass her of Charibs to 4633, including woGilied to the buttom, which was known men and children.

I have much pleasure in making sign Towes, of the 2d Well India known to you, for his Majesty's infor Regiment. mation, the zeal, a&tivity, and humanity, Lieutenant Millar, of the 40th Regi: which have actuated every description ment, of officers and soldiers employed under Lieutenants Beanfire and Roquier, of my command during the whole of the Lewenstein's Chaiseurs. Charib War; and I am happy to say, Lieutenant M‘Kenzie, of Lieutenant. that, notwithstanding the season of the Colonel Haffey's St. Vincent's Ran. year, and the fatigue the troops have

gers. undergone, they are in general very (Signed) W.J.CURREY, healthy.

Aid-de-Camp. Inclosed you will receive a return of the killed and wounded of his Majesty's WHITERALL, JAN. 16. troops fince the commencement of the

A Lerrer, of which the following is Charib War,

an extract, has been received from Go. I have the honour to be, &c, vernor Seton, by his Grace the Duke of P.HUNTER, Maj. Gen.

Portland, his Majesty's Principal Se.

cretary for the Hoine Department, da. To bis Excellency

ted St, Vincent's, Oct. 12, 17y6. Major-General Gialam.

I HAVE the satisfaction to in. Return of tbe killed and cuounded of his

form your Grace, that tranquillity is Majijly's Forces in the Ilind of sty Colony, owing in a very great measure

on the eve of being restored to this Vincent, between the 2016 of July and

to the unremitted exertions of Major. 1stb of 02. 1796.

General Hunter, and to his humane con 261h Light Dragoons.-i fcrjeant, i duct towards the enemy of every de.

rank and file killed ; 1 rank and file scription. All the Charib Chiefs have wounded.

surrendered, their people are coming Roval Artillerv.--I gunner wounded, in daily, and we have at this moment 3d Fopt (or Burts),-4 rank and file about 3500 in our poffeffion. Nearly

killed; 2 serjeants, 19 rank and file ali the Brigands, with their leader, have wounded.

also surrendered. 4oth Foot.---4 rank and file killed ; ,

By a subsequent Letter from the Lieutenant, 2 rank and file wound Governor to his Grace, dated St. Vin. ed.

cent's, the 16th of November last, it 42d Foot.- 1 rank and, file killed; 3 appears, that the remainder of the rank and file wounded.

Charibs and Brigands had surrendered 63d Foot.-3 rank and file killeil ; i themselves, and chat the island was in a terjeant, 6 rank and file wounded.

ftare of perfcét tranquillity. d Wef India Regiment.- 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file killed; 1 Lieutenant

WHITEHALL, JAN, 17. Colonel, i Ensign, 3 rank and file

Extrałt of a Letter from bis Excellency wounded.

the Lord Licutenant of Ireland to bus Lewenstein's Chasseurs.-4 rank and

Grace ibe Duke of Poriland, data file killed; 2 Lieutenants, i fer

Dublin Cajlle, Jan. 10, 1797. jeant, 8 rank and file wounded. Lieutenant-Colonel Haffey's St. Vin.

I HAVE the satisfaction to acquaint cent's Rangers.- ferjeant, 8 rank your Grace, that fince the information and file killed ; 1 Lieutenant, 6 lere transmitted to Mr. Greville, that the

jeants, 16 rank and file wounded. French had entirely left Bantry Bay, Major Trench's St. Vincent's Rangers. there has been no re-appearance of them

- 2 rank and hile killed; a serjeants, upon the coafts; so that I truft, from 8 rank and üle wounded.

the violence of the tempeft, and from Total.-3 Serjeants, 3i rank and file their ships being ill found and ill viêu.

killed; Lieutenant Colonel, 4 alled, their expedition is at present frusLieutenants, i Enfign, 12 serjeants, trated. ; gunner, 66 rank and file wounded. Upon reviewing what has passed dur

ing this expedition of the enemy, I Officers wounded.

have the fatisfaction to refle&, that the Lieutenant-Colonel Graham and En, best spirit was manifested by his Majel.

ty's Regular and Militia Forces ; and thousand pounds a year were employed i have every reason to believe, that if in escorting baggage and carrying ex. a landing had taken place, they would presses.-Mr. John Latouche, who was have displayed the utmost fidelity. a private in his son's corps, rode twen. When the flank companies of the An ty-five miles in one of the severelt trim regiment were formed, the whole nights, with an express, it being his regiment turned out to a man, with turn for duty. The merchants of expreffions of the greatest eagerness to Dublin, many of them of the firft emi. march ; and the Downshire regiment, nence, marched fixteen Irilh miles with to a man, declared they would stand a convoy of arms to the North, whither and fall by their Officers.

it was conducted by reliefs of Yeo. At the time the Army was ordered manry. The appearance in this me. to march, the weather was extremely tropolis has been highly meritorious. severe; I therefore ordered them a The corps have been formed of the proportion of spirits upon their route, most respectable Barristers, Attorand directed an allowance of fourpence neys, Merchants, Gentlemen, and Ci. a day to their wives until their return. tizens, and their number is so confiDuring their march, the utmost atten. derable, and their zeal in mounting tion was paid them by the inhabitants guard so useful, that I was enabled of the towns and villages through which greatly to reduce the garrison with they passed ; so that, in many places, perfect safety to the town. The num. the meat provided by the Commissariat bers of Yeomanry fully appointed and was not consumed. The roads, hich disciplined in Dublin exceed two thouin some parts had been rendered im. sand, above four hundred of whom are paffable by the snow, were cleared by horse. The whole number of corps ihe peasantry. The poor people often approved by Government amount to Bared their potatoes with them, and four_hundred and forty, exclusive of dressed their meat without demanding the Dublin corps. The gross pumber payment ; of which there was a very is nearly twenty-five thousand. There particular instance in the town of Ba- are also ninety-one offers of service nagher, where no Genticman or prin- under confideration, and one hundred cipal farmer resides to set them the ex and twenty-five proposals have been de. ample. At Carlow a considerable sub. clined, and, in reply to a circular let. scription was made for the troops as ter written to the Commandants of they passed, and at Limerick and Cork the respective corps, their answers al. every exertion was used to facilitate most universally contained a general the carriage of artillery and baggage offer of service in any part of the kingby premiums to the carmen ; and in dom. the town of Galway, which for a lort Many prominent examples of india time was left with a very inadequace vidual loyalty and spirit have appear. garrison, the zeal and ardour of the ed. An useful impretlion was made inhabitants and yeomanry were parti. upon the minds of the lower Catholics cularly manifefted, and in a manner to bý a judicious Address from Dr. Moygive me the utmost satisfaction. In lan the titular Bithop of Cork. I cap. thort, the general good disposition of not but take notice of the exertions the people through the South and West of Lord Kenmare, who spared no exwas lo prevalent, that had the enemy pence in giving allistance to the Comlanded, their hope of allistance from the manding officer in his neighbourhood, inhabitants would have been totally dif- and who took into his own deme!ne a appointed.

great quantity of cattle which had From the armed Yeomanry Govern. been driven from the coast. Nor could ment derived the most honourable as. anything exceed the ardour of the Earl fiftance. Noblemen and Gentlemen of of Ormonde, who, when his regiment the firft property vied in exerting of Militia was retained as part of the themselves at the head of their corps. garrison of Dublin, folicited with fo Much of the express and escort duty much zeal a command in the flank comwas performed by them. In Cork, panies, that I thought it a measure Limerick, and Galway, they took the due to his Majesty's service to encouduty of the garrison. Lord Shannon rage his Lordinip's request. informs me, that men of three or four



ILTY-OFFICE, JAN. 17. 26th, and the following morning early
Letter from Rear-Admiral

the Lapwing came to action with the omniander in Chief of bis

Deeius of 26 guns, and Vaillante brig s ships and Vedels in the Lee, mounting 4 thirty-two and eventy. ward Ijlands, so Evan Nepean, Eig. four pounders, as a gun-velse) ; that dated on board the Prince of Wales,

after a close action of about an hour Fort Royal Bay, Marlinique, Nov. 10,

the brig bore away, and in half an hour 1796.

after the Decius ftruck her colours.

The brig ran ou fhore on St. Martin's, I AM to acquaint you, for the in and by the fire of the Lapwing was formation of their Lordships, that his deftroved ; that on the Lapwing taking Majesty's floop Fury, on the 18th ult. possession of the Decius, it was found captured, between the islands of St.

she had about 80 men killed and 40 Thomas and St. Croix, a French Na. wounded, being full of troops ; that tional schooner called L'Eliza, carrying the following day the Lapwing was 10 guns and 26 men, from Cape Fran. chased by two large French frigates, çois, going to St. Thomas, which Capt. and Captain Barton found it necessary Evans fent into Tortola.

to take the prisoners and his men out I am, Sir, &c. &c. &c.

of the Decius, and set fire to her, HENRY HARVEY.

when he returned to St. Kitt's, and landed 170 prisoners.

I shall take the earliest opportunity ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 20. Copy of a Letter from Rear-Admiral of transmitting any farther accounts Harvey to Evan Nepean, Eg. dated which may be fent by Captain Barton; on board the Prince of Wales, Fort. but it evidently appears, that Captain Royal Bay, Martinique, Dec. 4, 1796. rious by the capture and destruction

Barton's conduct was highly merito. SIR, YOU will please to acquaint their of this force of the enemy, and saving Lord thips, that a few hours after I the island of Anguilla from farther de anchored with the squadron in this Bay, predatinn. the 2d inft. I received a letter from

The French troops employed on this Capr. Barton of his Majesty's ship Lap

service were picked men from Goa. wing, acquainting me that he had de- daloupe ; and there is great reason to froved the French tip Le Decius and suppose the greatest part of them have La Vaillante brig, off St. Martin's, and

been taken or destoyed. Many of the that two French frigates, La Thetis foldiers were drowned in attempting to

swim to fore. and La Pensée were at anchor off St. Martin's, referring me to Lieutenant

The Lapwing had but one man killed St. Clair for farther information.

(the pilot) and fix men wounded. In consequence of the two frigates

I am, &c. lying at St. Martin's, I immediately or

(Signed) HENRY HARVEY. dered the Bellona and Invincible to St. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 20. Kitt's, and directed Capt. Wilson to Extrait of a Letter from Vice. Admira! obtain such information as was necer. Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of his cessary at that island, and then proceed Majefly's Forces and Veifils al Cork, te towards St. Martin's and Anguilla, Evan Nepran, Esq. daied on board 12 using his best endeavours to take or Polyphemus, Jan. 13, 1797. destroy the French frigaces, and pro PLEASE to inform my Lords Com. tect the island of Anguilla ; and he millioners of the Admiralty, that bis failed the same evening on that fervice. Niajesty's lip Druid is arrived at Kin.

Captain Barron having referred ine fale, detached from the Unicorn and to Lieutenant St. Clair, whom he de. Doris, with a large French fhip armed tached in a Darish schooner with his in frite, captured by them, named La letter, it appears that the French had Vile d'Orient, having on board 402 landed about 300 men on the island of of the enemy's huffars, complete'y Anguilla on the 26th uit, and that equipped, besides fome mortars, cannen, after having piundered the island, and mulkets, powder, clothing, &c. being burnt several houses, and committed one of the thips on the expedition every devastation pofline, attended with against this country; and the Uniena acts of great cruelty ; that on the ap. and Doris were left following up the pearance of the Lapwing they re-em- intelligence they had received for the barked their troops on the night of the further annoyance of the enemy.


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(FROM OTHER PAPERS.) him, augmented by cracts of country. Milage from she Executive Directory so which he was obliged to surmount, he

ibe Councils, Frb.11. could only act with soldiers discouraged “Citizens Representatives,

by many defeats, and weakened by the “ Mantua surrendered the ad inftant, peftilential fickness which prevailed in at ten at night. The garrison are pri- Mantua. 'That numcrous body of men foners of war. The Executive Direc- who always make a point of calumniat. tory will make known the articles of ca. ing the unhappy, wiil, however, doubt. pitulation.

leis, load Wurmfer with calumny." " The brave army of Italy took no repose after this fuccefs. It attacked The Frencb Commisioners employed in and defeated the enemy in the Zyrne

colletting Works of Art and Science to lese, pursued hina as far as St. Michael,

ibe Executive Directory. and made goo prisoners.

" Citizens Directors, Loretto. " On another side, a column entered "THE General in Chicf Buonaparte, the territory of the Pope. The van. in collecting, on account of the French guard of General Victor's division, com- Republic, the articles which Colli, che manded by General of Brigade Lesne, in P.pe's General, had not țiine to carry which were the grenadiers of the le. a way of the treasures of Loretro, has gion of Lombardy, attacked the army got posfellion of those portable objects of the Pope on the Cenio, turned it in of which the Priests nade use to abuse fording the river, and the enemy was the credulity of the People, &c. affailed and roated in the same moment, The wooden Image, preçended to The grenadiers of Lonbardy carried be miraculcus, of the Madona. the batteries with fixed bayonets, covere 2. A rag or old camler, which is faid' ing themselves with glory.

to have been the Virgin Mary's robe. "The Pope nas lost in prisoners 1000 3. Three broken porringers, of mimen and 26'Officers; in killed from four ferable workmanship, which, it is said,

500 men, and eigne ftand of colours. made part of her furniture, but which We have taken 14 pieces of cannon and certainly are not of sufficiently high ancight caillons. There were nothing, tiquicy for that." elle to take. The 7th regiment of Paris Journals of the 4th and sth inft. Huffars, commanded by the Aid-de- give intelligence that Peace is concluded Camp Junot, pursued the Papal cavale between the Pope and the Frencb, in conry for io miles, without being able to sequence of an application by letter, on come up with it.

the 12th ult. from the Pope to Buona. “REWBELL, President.

parte. The Pope's letter and the Ge“ LAGARDF, Sec. General." neral's answer are very pretty specimens Bounaparte, in his dispatch to the Ex- of hypocrify. ecutive Directory, says, “ I have en The Pope, in his Epistle, calls the deavoured to display the generoficy of a General his Dear Son, and concludes as Frenchman towards General Wurmrer, follows: '“ Allured of the sentiments of who is seventy years of ag", to whom good will which you have manifefted, fortune has been particularly cruel we have abstained from removing any during this campaign ; but who has ne- thing from Rome, by which you will be ver ceased to manifest a confiancy and a persuaded of the entire confidence courage which history will record. which we repose in you. We conclude Surrounded on every fide, after the bace by assuring you of our most perfect tle of Baffano, and having loft, at one eiteein, and in giving you the paternal blow, a part of Tyrol and of his army, apoftolic benediction." he yet dared to hope that he should be Bounaparte replies, “ My Holy Fa. able to take refuge at Mantua, from ther; I ought to thank your Holiness which he was at the distance of four or for the obliging things contained in the five days journey : he passed the Adige, letter, which you have taken the trouble routed one of our advanced guards at to write to me. Cerea, crossed the Mulinella, and ar The Peace between the French Rex rived at Mantua. Shut up in this city, public and your Holiness is just signed : he made twvoor three sorties, all of thein í felicitate myself in having been able unfortunate, though he bi:nself.com. to contribute to your personal safety. manded every time. But befidts the " I intreat your Holiness to guard Very considerable obstacle which our against the persons who are at Rome, lines of circumvallation presented to who are sold to the Courts the encmies

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