implied conditions entered into with

TUESDAY, FEB. 28. their creditors, it would be absurd to On the morion of Mr. Pitt, seconded liften any longer to the assertions of by Mr. Dundas, an Address of Thanks Ministers; it became that House in lee was voted his Majesty for the come with their own eyes how the public munication in the Message of yester. money had been, and was to be ex- day. pended,

Mr. Pitt then rose; and after juftifs. The House then divided on Mr. Pitt's ing the Order of Council from the de. Motion for the Order of the Day, ceility of the case, when such immense Ayes


drafts were unnecessarily made upon Nues


the Bank for specic, and expreffing his POOR BILL.

confidence that that order would perThe Report of the Bill for the better fectly satisfy all reasonable persons of Regulation of the Poor being brought the solvency of the Bank; set to pur ic up,

beyond a doube, and to relieve fuspicious Mr. Pitt moved, that the further minds from the least apprehenfions, he consideration of the Report be deferred thought it necessary to move, That a to Thursday se'nsight.

Committee of that House 'se appointed Mr. Whitbread said, that if the co enquire into the quantum of the Schedules were to be circulared through vutstanding Notes of the Bank, and the the Country as the Bill had been, and funds they had to pay them; and he as it was his opinion they fhould be, entertained no doubt but the result there was no hope that the Bill could would prove not merely the solvency, pass in the prelent Stffion. The Biil but the flourithing state of that great was of a different nature, full of com Company. He underftood it would be plex, and, in his judgment, of imprac- urged, that the enquiry should travel ticable machinery:

farther back, and go into the ca:fes Mr. Pite said, that there was nothing which had produced the neceflity of in the Bill which was not necessary to the present measures but this bie the system which he had laid before the thought at the prefent period would House.

not be a politic measure; and he con. Mr. Sheridan gave it as his decided cluded by moving, “That a Secret Com. opinion, that this Bill would not pafs, mirtee be appointed to ascertain the and that it ftill would be inet by the amount of the outstanding cogagements phrase of " new and unforeteen oc. of the Bank," &c. currencés." It was a libel on the rich Mr. Fox declaimed againft eke as well as the poor. It libelled the Order of Council as unconftirutional

, benevolence of the one and the indutry and against the Minister who had adof the other. He repeared his with vised it, and who had brought us into that irs principle thould be brought into a situation so unparalleled and calamitdifcuffion.

ous. The proclamation, he faid, gate Mr. Pitt wished, undoubtedly, that it a stab to the vitals of public credit. could be reduced to a less complicated He was nervous when he read it. shape, but had no objection to let apart “What," observed he is the sense of it? a day for its dil: uflion.

It is to declare, though you bave soMr. Vanfittart was of opinion that lemnly and repeatedly promised to keep the Bill should give way to the pressure your faith with the public creditor, of public business, and that the blanks ihough in all the difficulties, in all the being filled up, it may be meliorated hy emergencies of the country, you have the confideration of Gentiemen in the hitherto avoided, wisely avoided, laying ensuing summer.

any kind of tax upon the dividends due; Mr. Jolliffe said, that it was necessary though you have done all these acts, for Members to understand the intent yet, that the circunstances of the coud. and meaning of the Bill. For this try are focn, now, that you have looked purpose one day, at lealt, may be de. to the great depofitury of cath, bare voted in the month of April.

taken that cath, and have thereby deSir W. Geary was of opinion that frauded the public creditor. Look at the Bill fhould be postponed to another all your Acts of Parliament. Do they Seffion.

say, that you thall receive the ałopcy The Report was ordered to be res due to you at fated periods of the year, ceived on Thurfday le’nnight.

in notes of tbe Bank of Engiand? No;



they say that you shall receive it in the with their opinions thereon; and to coin of the kingdom. Should Bank. consider of the propriety of continuing Dotes be at one per cent. discount, will the said order in force for a limitedtime.not that be, to all intents and purposes, This produced some further debate, taxing the dividends ? But it may be and at twelve o'clock the House disaid, that emergencies may be necessary vided. to break through all rules. Neceflity For Mr. Sheridan's Amendment, 86 certainly is a plea to which no answer Against it,

244 can be given ; but the necessity ought to be absolute and irrevocable; it ought,

Majority, too, to be strictly defined. I should [Mr. Pitt was oftener than usual. have thought, that when the Minister upon his legs during this du bate, and had been compelled by emergency to the great point in dispute was, whether adopt a case of this nature, he would the enquiry proposed by the Chancellor have esteemed it to be his duty to have of the Exchequer should be extended explained the grounds of that emer. to the causes which produced the necefgency .

fity of the Order in Council, or should : He then argued, that the enquiry be contined, in the present instance, ought to go into the causes that had led merely to the stability of ibe Bank ulcito the present measure that the public mately to answer every demand upon required a full, fair, and ample expla- them.-Mr. Pitt and the other Minination, and that the researches made fters contended, that the occasion called should be of the utmost publicity and for immediate decision upon the latter extent, and not kept within the narrow subject; while the question of the limits proposed, or confined to a Secret causes of the neceflity involved many Comunittee.

circumstances which would require Sir John Sinclair, Mr. Hobhouse, more time than public credit, in the Lord Wycombe, Mr. Hussey, Mr. present crisis, would allow to be tpent Wilberforce Bird, Mr. Smith, and se in uncertainty. Mr. Fox and the veral other Members argued on ihe Gentlemen in opposition urged, that a, lame hide ; and Mr. Dundas, Mr. fair, full, and open enquiry was abso. . Thornton, &c. supported the motion of lutely requisite, in order to calm the

minds of the people, and to re-establish Mr. Sheridan, after recapitulating public credit: they insisted that the the arguments of the several speakers connection of Government wish the against the motion, concluded by pro- Bank was not for the advantage of the poring an Amendment to the original mo- larter, and that great part, if not the tion" That after the word “ House' whole, of the present embarrasiments, fhould be inserted these words, viz. had originated in the conduct of Mini"and also to enquire into the causes fters. However, both parties admitted which have produced the Order of the perfect solvency of the Bank to be Council of the 20th instant, together a fact beyond dispute.]

Mr. Pitt.



Hazard French cutter prirateer, mounte Copy of a Letter from Rear-A.Imiral ing two carriage guns, two swivels,

Bazely, Commanding Officer of bis Ma. with small arms, and 17 men, which had jesty's Ships and Vegels in the Doruns, been out two days, but had not captured 10 Evan Nepean, Esg. dated Dec. 17.

any thing. I am, &c. SIR,

JOHN BAZELY. you will be pleased to acquaint Copy of a Letter from 0.2%. Talbo:, of bis

their Lordf.ips, that I this morning Majeliy's Spip Eurydicr, to Reur- Adreceived a letter from Mr. Nich. Sim.. miral Bazely, daied in Dover-Road, mons, Master of the Lion armed cutter, Dec. 16. dated Scaford Roads, the 15th inf. give LAST night I captured La Sphink ing me an account of his having the day French privateer, of 46 tons and 26 before captured, off the Owers, after a men, from Dunkirk, on a cruize ; the hace of four hours and a half, the leit it yesterday at 12 o'clock, and had VOL. XXXI. MARCH 1797.


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not taken any thing; the is South. land, till the 27th in the evening, when ampton-built, and has made a practice they quitted their station, and have not of running along shore as a coaster. The fince been heard of. The wind at the time last cruize she was at sea lhe was boarded of their failing blowing hard at S.S.E. by one of the armed luggers in the From their first appearance, every North Sea, but got clear by producing exertion was made by General Dalrym. Swedish

p?pers. I have sent her into ple, the Commanding Officer of the Dover harbour, and, when I have land. District, and a confiderable force wascol. ed the prisoners, thall immediately pro lected to repel the enemy. ceed to my station. She had nothing The accounts further state, that the but mall-arms on board. I am, &c. Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps dif

(Signed) JOHN TALBOT. played the utmost zeal and alacrity, in P. S. -I since find the has four four. undertaking the guards in those places pounders and iwo swivels in her hold. from whence the regular troops were

withdrawn; and the universal readiness ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, DEC. 24. Thewn by all descriptions of people to Copy of a Letter from Captain James forward the preparations for defence,left

Young, Commander of bis Majesly's no doubt of the event, in case the enemy Ship Greybound, to Evan Nepean, Esq. had ventured to make a descent. In dated ai Spirbead, Dec. 20.

particular, the spirit, activity, and exer. SiR,

iions of Richard White, Érq, of Sea. I HAVE to acquaint you, for the in- field Park, deserve the most honourable formation of my Lords Commissioners mention. of the Admiralty, that ycíterday, at An Officer and seven men were four A.M. I fell in with, and captured, driven on thore in a boat belonging to off Barf.eur, L'Aventure French pri- one of the French fhips, and were im. vateer brig, of 36 four-pounders, and mediately made prisoners. The Gen62 men, commanded by Citizen Peltier, tleman was conveyed to Dublin, and two days from Calais, on her firft cruize, upon examination itates, that the fleet, and had not taken any thing.

upon its leaving Breft, consisted in all of I havc the honour to be, &c. &c. &c. about fifty fail, having an army of

JA. YOUNG. 25,000 men on board, commanded by

General Hoche, and that it was deftined ST. PETERSBURGH, Nov. 18. for the attack of Ireland. Last night her Imperial Majesty, who had been seized with an apoplectic ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 3. fit on the preceding day, expired at a Copy of a Letter from Captain Sterling, quarter before ten o o'clock.

of his Majesty's Ship Falor, to Mr. Immediately after her Imperial Ma. Nepean, dated off Cape Clear, the 24' jefty's deceafé the Emperor Paul was of December 1796. proclaimed before the Palace, in the usual form, and the whole Court, which I HAD the honour to inform you, on was there assembled in anxious expecta- the 20th inft. by Le Suffrein, a Freoch tion from the morning of the Empress's vessel, armé en flute, which had accident to the moment of her

, death, taken with 250 troops, arins, &6.00 immediately took the Oath of Allegiance board, that my intentions were to cruize to the new Sovereign, as did the four fome days, to endeavour to intercept regiments of guards, and every thing any of her consoris. paired with the greatest order and trans The prisoners have since informed quillity.

me, that the sailed on the 16th in com

pany with sixteen fail of the line and WHITEHALL, JAN. 3.

transports, having 20,000 troops. As BYdispatches receivedon Sunday even the wind' has been Easterly fince the ing from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland date of my letter, and blowing very by his Grace the Duke of Portland, his hard, I hope they have not reached a Majesty's Principal Secretary of State port; and as the troops had only ten for the Home Department, it appears days provisions, they must be badly off. that a part of the French Fleet, conilt. I saw a large thip of war last night, ing of eight two-deckers, and nine other and I am persuaded the body of the vesels of different classes, had anchored fleet cannot be far from me. A rudder, in Bantry Bay on the 24th ult. and had and other pieces of wreck, have floated remained there, without any attempt to past us to-day.



Jan. 1797

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 3. The corvette was derained in latitude Extralt of a Letter from Almiral Sir 36 deg: 18 min. North, 19 deg. 10 min. Peter Parker, Commander in Chief of Cadiz the roth of October, on a cruize

Weft longitude, having sailed from bis Majesiy's Ships and Voffels at Poris. of fix weeks, 20 days of which were un; moutb, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated on board the Royal William, ibe if of have the honour to be, &c.

expired, and had taken nothing. I

W.CARTHEW. THE Diamond has sent into this port L'Amaranthe French National brig, of ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN. 7. 12 fix pounders, and nine men, from Havre, bound to Brest, which the cap. copy of a Letter from the Hon. Capt. tured yefterday off Alderney.

Colvill, Commander of bis Majesty's

Sloop Star, to Evan Nepean, Esq dared ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN, 3.

ai Spitbead, obe 21f of December 1796, Copy of a Lester from Captain Jobn

SIR, Drew, Conn.ander of bis Majesty's Ship

I BEG you will inform their Lord. Cerberus, to Evan Nepean, Éj4. dared ships, that his Majesty's floop unin Carvsand Bay, ibe 291b of Septo day, off the ide of Wight, a linall

der my command captured, yefter: 1796.

French cutter privateer called Le Coup SIR, I BEG leave to inform my Lords d'Ellai, mounting, two carriage guns, Commissioners of the Admirally of my well found in small armas, and carrying arrival here, with his Majesty's ship

28 men. Cerberus under my command, having fell in with her, a light brig, called the

She had taken, a few hours before we. captured La Didon French cutter pri. vateer, nine days out of Granville, and Anne, of Newcastle, which the had sent

we immediately had taken nothing, carrying four brass off for Cherbourg: four-pounders, with swivels, smal! arms,

made fait in purfuit of her, and were and thirty men.

enabled to recapture her.
I am, Sir, &c. &c.

I am, Sir, &c.


WHITEHALL, JAN, 7. Copy of a Letter from Capt. William BY dispatches received this day by

Caribew, Commander of bis Mahis Grace the Duke of Portland, his jelly's Ship Regulus, to Evan Nepean, Majesty's Principal Secretary of State Eq. dated in Lat. 20 Deg. 18 for the Home Department, from the Min. Nortb, Long. 33 Deg. 46 Min. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and Mr. W., be 11tb of Nov, 1796.

Pelham, dated ebe 3d and 4th inst, it SIR,

appears that a part of the French fleet I BEG leave to acquaint you, that on had returned to Bantry Bay, and that a Wednesday the 2d of November, at one further part had been seen off the P. M. a fail was discovered, bearing mouth of the Shannon; but that both about South from us, to which I gave divisions had quilted their Itations, and chace, and upon nearing her could dif- put to sea, on the evening of the ad inft. cover she was a ship of war, and at without attempting a landing. which time the bore up, quartering, The accounts of the dit position of having been upon a wind before, which the country, where the iroops are gave fufpicion of her being an enemy, assembled, are as favourable as póllible ;

At ten, P. M. came within hale ; and and the greatest loyalty has manifefted as fbe would not heave-to, or fay of itself throughout the kingdom; and in wbat nation the was, a broad fide was the South and West, where the troops given, upon which she struck, and proved have been in motion, they have been to be the San Pio, Spanish corvette, met by the country people of all descripof 18 guns, and 140 men. Having the tion's, with provisions and all sorts of ac. day before received intelligence that commodations to facilitate their march; Admiral Mann's Squadron had been and every demonstration has been given chaced by the Spanish fleet, and also of the zcal and ardour of the nation to that they had taken an hospital-fhip oppose the enemy in every place where from us, i deemed it juftifiable to detain it could be supposed a descent might be ber.



Lumsdaine had been prevented from Extract of a Letter from Sir Richard taking poffeffion of, but which, from

the Strachan, Captain of his Majesty's many signals of distress afterwards Slip Diamond, 10 Evan Nepean, Éj. made by her, and his inability to ren. dated in the Ance de Vauville, the 2416 der any affiftance, he had every reason of last month.

to apprehend must have sunk during

the night. I HAVE to inform you, that this

It farther appears from the accounts morning, being off Alderney, we saw of the prisoners on board La Tortue, a briz, which we gave chace to, and that La Scævola, another large French in the evening we came up with her in frigate, had recentiy foundered at fca, the Ance de Vaurille ; ihe is called with all her crew. L'Esperance, has been out from Havre tour days.

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN, 14. Extract of a. Letter from Vice- Admiral

Extract of a Letter from Vice-Admiral Murrai', to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated

Kingfmill, Commander in Cbief of bis on board bis Niajesty's Ship Cleopatra

Majesty's Ships and Vefels al Curk, is

Evan Nipan, El. dared L'Engageeti" the Start, the ill inft.

ante, Cork Harbour, Jan. 2, 1797. 'ON the 16th of December, in the

PLEASE to inform my Lords Com. morning, latitude 48 deg. 42 min. N. !<ngitude :o deg. 31 min. W. we feli miifoners of the Admiralty, that his in with and after a fhort chace captur.

Majesty's loop the Hazard has captured el L'Hirondeile French privateer of 12

a fine coppered French fhip privateer,

La Musette, of 22 guns and 150 men, guns and 70 men, fifteen days out from

In chis last cruize she had, about jo Burdeaux. She is a fine brig, pierced for 16 leagues westward of Cape Clear, taken

two vetfels; one of which, the Abbey guns, but now mounting only 12, and newly c yppere.

of Liverpool, from Lisbon to Livera

poool, is recaptured, and just brought Extract of a Leiter from Vice- Almiral in by his Majesty's thip Daphne. Sir Gorge Keith Elpbinsone, K. B.

Extract of anoiber Letter from the ame to to Evan Nepean, Esq. dued on board nis Mairfly's Bip Monarcb, Crookbaven,,

the same, dated Jan. 2, 1797. ibe 301b of lajt month.

LES Deux Amis French privateer, of I HAVE the honour to inform you, schooner of about one hundred tons, is

14 guns and 80 men, a fine coppered that the Impatiente French frigate, just arrived, prize to his Majesty's ships carrying 20 four-pounders, 320 men Polyphemus aud Apollo. and 250 soldiers, came on fhore near this place, about one o'clock this morn.

ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, JAN.14.. ing, and was totally loft. Seven of the m.n escaped on the rocks.

Copy of a Letter from Captain Barton, of

bis Majesly's Ship Lapwing, in Evar WHITEHALL, JAN. 10.

Nopean, Esq. dared in Baffiierre Reaas, BY Disparches reecived this day by

Dec. 3, 1796. his Grace the Duke of Portland, his SIR, Maje sty's Principal Secretary of State A PACKET leaving this place to for the Home Department, from the day from England, I embrace the opLord Lieutenant of Ireland, dated the portuniry, for the fatisfaction of their 6h inst, it appears that his Excelency Lordship, to acquaint them, that I had received accounts froir Vice-Ad- anchoreù at St. Kit's on the 25th ult. miral Kingsmill, ftating, that on the when an express boat had been sept sei inft. his Majesty's Ship the Poly, from the inland of Anguilla, tv infori phemus, Captain Lumsdaine, had cap the Admiral, that the inand was at• tured and brought into the Cove of tacked by iwo French men of war and Cork La Toriue, a French frigate of several small vessels, containing four 4-4 guns, 625, men including troops ; hundred troops. I felt it my duty (as and that she had also captured a large the express boat returned here wjen transport full of troops, which being the loss of her mainırasi) to leave the extremely leaky, and night coming on, service I was ordered on, and to endea. with heavy files of wind, Captain vour to relicve that place. The wind

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