Botany Bay, March 1, 1796, brought tenced to transportation for sedition in home hy the Ceres. He states that Mr. Scotland.-Hamilton Rowan has been Mair has found means to escape in an often heard to say, that he would send a American vefsel, named the Otter, hip from America for them, and it is which put in there under pretence of conjectured that the Otter was hired by tranring wood and water. It is supposed him for this purpose. Gercald, who that the captain, Ms. Dawes, intended arrived in Botany Bay in seeming good to take away all the five who were sen. health, is very dangerously ill.



Dec. 26.

At Sheffield-place, Sussex, Lady ShefTHE Rev. William Barret, rector of field,

wite of Lord Sheffield, and daughter High Ham, son of the late Mr. Barret, of Lord Pelham. surgeon, of Bristol.

Ac Burleigh. house, the Right Hon, the Jan. 3. At Boyndie, the Right Hon. Countess of Exeter. Lady Catherine Booker, wife of Thomas At Castlemilk, Sir John Stuart, bart. Booker, esq. and sister to the Duke of Gordon. Lately, Henry Pelham, esq. brother to

10. Mrs. Clarke, wife of John Clarke, the Hon, Thomas Pelham, secretary to the esg. of Sandridge Bury, Herts, daughter of lord lieutenant of Ireland. the late Dr. Cotton, of St. Alban's.

19. Mrs. Rachael Phipps, late of Stoke 11. Mr. John Gammun, master of the Newington, Oak inn, Seven -oaks, Kent.

Stephen Martin Leake, of Thorpe-hall, At Moirton, in Scotland, David Scott, Eflex, one of the deputy registers of the esq. of Nether Benholm,

court of Chancery. At Edinburgh, Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh, Mrs. Elizabeth Gower, reli&t of Dr. Foot second son of the late Sir Egerton Leigli, at. Gower, physician, of Chelmsford, Effex. torney-general of South Carolina.

At the Manse of Eccles, Scotland, the 12. Robert Williams, esq. of Pembroke Rev, Adam Murray, minister of that place, college, Oxford.

aged 71. At Tongiand Manse, Scotland, the Rev, "20. Mr. James Hardy, of Norwich, at. William Robb.

torney-at-law, aged 71. In his 66th year, the Rev. Thomas Price, Mr. Gainsborough Dupont, painter, ne. M. A. late of Magdalen college, Oxford, phew to the late Mr. Gainsborough. rector of Caldecote, Warwickshire, and At Bath, the Rev. E. Armstrong, mi. upwards of 20 years head-master of King nister of the diffenting meeting there. Edward's free grammar School in Birming. At Moulley, in his 8th year, the Rev. bam,

Joho Thomas, D. D. rector of St. Peter's, 13. The Rev Jeremiah Bigsby, B. A. Cornhill, upwards of so years, and minister rector of St. Peter's, Nottingham.

of Mou!sey 64 years. 15. Mr. James Mathers, of Castle-ftreet, 21. At Pulham, Dorsetshire, the Rev, Falcon-square.

Dr. John Parsons, upwards of 55 years iB.. At Bath, James Hamilton, esq. from the cumbent of that parih. West Indies.

Mr. Percy, Taxiftock-freet, Bedford. 16. Alexander Gordon, efq. of Letter: Square. fourie, Scoriand.

Mrs, Davies, widow of the late Mr. Tho. Lately, at Blatherwicke, in his 70th year, mas Davies. the Rev. Edward Owen, rector of South At Woodplumpton, near Preston, Lanca.. wick, near Oundle, Northamptonshire. shire, aged 88, the Rev. Marthew Wor.

17. As Bedale, the Rev. Rich. Clarke, thington, vicar of Childwall, and curate of feaior of that place.

Woodplumpton 64 years. The Right Hon, Anpe countess dowager Lately, in his bift year, Mr. Thomas ot Geildford.

Cowell, clerk of St. Peter's, Liverpool. 18. At Reading, the Hon, and Rev. 22. Henry Ilher esq. member for William Cadogan, vicar of St. Giles's in New Windsor. that town, and rector of Chelsea, Middle. At Sydliag-house, Dorsetshire, in her

8rft year, Mrs. Smith, morbor of Sir John The Right Hon. Lady Rancliffe. Smith,



Mr. Joseph Spackman, pewterer, Union. 30. Mr. Kenning, surgeon, of Steeple buildings, Lea her-bane, Holborn,

Afton, Oxfordshire, Mr. Francis Jefferie, brewer, of Old Mrs. Blackshaw, of Devonshire-street, ftreet.

Portland-place, eldest daughter of Aldurman Ar Edinburgh, James Sportiswood, era. Lumington. captain in the Tayside fencible infantry. 31. At Kingsland, John Ufford, era.

Stephen White, elq. Queen's Parade, one of the commissioners of the land-tax, Bath,

aged 69. Lately, at Sawbridgeworth, Herts, aged At Wellingborough, Northamptonhire, 80 the Hon. Mrs. Boscawen, relict of the the Rev. John Carver, many years minister Rev. Nicholas Boscawtn, brother of Admi. of a dissenting congregation there. ral Bofcawen.

At Mile-end, aged 86, John Hill, late of Lately, lieutenant colonel James Wood, Ackworth, Yorkshire. chicf fie-matter of the Royal Laboratory, At Kilkenny, in Ireland, John Baillie, at Woolwich,

esq. of Duncan, colonel of the Loyal loverLately, Mrs. Macbride, wife of Admiral ners regt. of fencibles. Macbride, and fifter of Sir Martin Browne Lately, the Hon. and Rev. John Ellis Agar, Folkes, bart.

brother of Lord Viscount Cliefden. 23. At Harrow, aged 89, Mrs. Thacke. FEB. 1. In Cumberland gardens, Vaux135, widow of Dr. Thackeray, late master hall, Mr. Juleph Booth, the ingenious 11of Harrow school.

ventor of the polygraphic art, and of the Richard Beatty, erg. of Rodney-Atreet, · more important art of manufacturing cloth Pentonville.

by a perfectly original process. At Litchfield, aged 31, Mrs. John Nor Lately, Edward Bright, efq. of Parson's. bury, wife of the Rev. J. G. Norbury, rec green, formerly of Bishopícattle, Shropíhire, tor of St. Alban's, Wood-freet, London. 2. Ac Edmonton, Mr. Thomas Thecd, On Richmond-hill, the Countess of Wig- formerly of Mark-lane.

William Hardwicke, esq. of Sheriff Hule 24. Mr. George Russell, jun, of Old. ton, Yorkshire. barge-house, Christ Church, Surrey.

The Rev. Mr. Farwell, rector of Win. 25. At Edinburgli, General David Grame, canton, Somersetshire. of the 19h regt. of bot.

Lately, at Cork, Mrs. Carleton, moler 26. Ai Camberwell, aged 35, Mr, Wil. of Lord Carleton. fiam Thornton, Turkey merchant.

Lately, at Banff, George Mure, esq. late Mr. Rowley, of the London coffee house, captain in the 53d regt, of foot. Ludgate hill.

3. At Debden-hall, in the county of Robert Edmunds, esq.of the annuity-office, Ellex, Richard Muilman Trench Chiswell, in his Majesty's Exchequer,

cfq. M, P. for Aldborough. At Seven-oks, aged 83, the Rev. Mr. At Bristol Hot-Wells, J. Gale, sen, efq. Edward Hardy, rector of Halitead, and cu Tate of the island of Jamaica. rate of Wroth:m in Kent,

At Bath, John Popkin, esq. of CoythreThe Riglie Flon, Hugh Mackay, Lord hene, Glamorganthire. Reay,

4. Ac Ashburton, in his way to Lisbon, z?, At Bathi, Mr. John Fiott, merchant, lieutenant-colonel Draper, of the 3d regi. of London.

of guards, Ac Edinburgh, Eagle: field Griffiths, eq, William Steer, esq. of Northampton.

28. Ac Faden, Sulicx, the Rev. Dr. Mr. Ejward Maynard, jun. brewer, at Pilkington.

Chatham. John Croft, erg. clerk of the journals and At Tralee, William Blennerhallet, esq. engroftments of the House of Lords, aged Lately, at Tilton-on-the-Hul, Leicetter. 70 years.

Thire, the Rev. Thomas Clulow, in his zad Lately, at Llangaran, Herefordshire, year. Mary Divis, aged 105.

5. Thomas Longman, esq. at Hampstead, Lately, at Stanton, Gloucestershire, Mrs. aged 66, formerly an eminent bookseller in Church, aged 159.

Lately, John Walker Wilson, esq. of Mrs. Heard, of Drury-lane theatre.
Sloane. Rieti, late of Worcester.

At Edinburgh, major Johu Melville, of 29. At Bristol Hot-Wells, Thomas Coker, Cairney. elq.

William Clarke, esq. of Everton, banker, Alexander Elmley, esq. of Hans-place, aged 78 years. Sloane-it:cer.

Lately, on his return from India, George



Locadou, esq. of the civil establishment in 17. In Grosvenor square, Lady Ann Bengal.

Conolly. 6. At Plymouth, Captain Augntłus Lately, at Waterford, in his 78th year, Montgomery, of his Majelty's lip Thereus. Benjamin Morris, esq. alderman, chamber.

Mr. John Venning, of Milk-ftreet, lain, and one of the charter justices of that Cheapfide.

city. 7. At Boston, Lincolnshire, Mrs. Charles

Deaths A BROAD. Lindsay, wife of the Hon. and Rev. Charles Aug. At Madras, Lady Hobart. Lindsay.

At Jamaica, captain Gordon Forbesy Mr. Holmes, watchmaker, in the Strand. of the 13th light dragoons. 1. John Parry, Kentish-town.

Sept. 19. At Jamaica, James Riddoch, Lately, Mr. Timothy Dealy, of High esq. of Montego Bay. Hoborn.

25. At St. Christopher's, the Hon. Are 3. Ac Clapham Common, Samuel Proud. chibald Esdaile, esq. president of that ifland, foot, esq.

30. At Martinique, captain John Graham, At Buckingham-house, near Shoreham, of the 70th regt. Suflex, Colville Bridger, elq.

Oct. At St. Vincent's, captain James At Blisworth, Northamptonshire, the Hamilton Edwards, of the 58th regt. Rev. Nathaniel Trotter, rector of that place. At Jamaica, Mr. Thomas Strupar, printer,

Lately, at Creg, near Kilworth, in Ire formerly proprietor of the Jamaica Gazette. lard, John Hyne, esq. formerly member In Barbadoes, Joshua Steele, esq. one of for the county of Cork.

the members of the council in that inland. 9. Mr. William Wilton, merchant, Pres At St. Lucia, captain M. Patulon, of the Co-ftreet, Goodman's-fields.

royal artillery, of the yellow fever, son of The Rev. Thomas Wilson, vicar of Seham captain Pattiton, of the royal navy. and whaddon in Cambridgeshire, and Ged Al Jamaica, of the yellow fever, Mr, ney in Lincolnshire.

Webb, purser of the Alfred. Ar Weymouth, Mrs. Festing, widow of Mr. Dulieux, master. Dr. Fefting, rector of Wyke Regis, in the Lieutenant Hilliard, of the marines of the county of Dorset.

same thip. 10. At Iington, captain Hugh Orr, of 21, Ac Prince Town, America, Walter Norfolk, Virginia.

Minto, LL.D. profetfor of mathematics in At Bristol, Lady Mary Millingtoun, only that city. daughter of the Duke of Ancaster, and wife 27. At Cariacou, in the Wett Indies, of Lord Viscount Millingtoun, member for captain Joha Arbuthnot, of the royal artilBoston.

lery. At Tottenham, Mr. John Greaves, grocer, At Martinique, after being released of Mark-lane.

from a prison thip off Guadaloupe, captaia John Lees, esq. barrack.mafter for Glas. George Hamilton Montgomery, of the 14th gow, Scotland.

regt. of light dragoons. Mrs. Catherine Pennant, Upper Grosve At the Bahama islands, colonel Padmore, nor- ftreet.

of the Royal Chefter Blues. Lately, in the house of industry, Wor At Surinam, Mr. Thomas Christie, of celter, Joyce Pardoe, aged 105.

Finlbury-square, author of a Defence of 11. At Lichfield, aged 68, Cary Robin. the Revolution against Mr. Buike. He had fon, esq. one of the aldermeo of that city. been bred to phyfic, and took a doctor's

Lately, William Hitchinson, esq. of Bry- degree, but had abandoned the profefion for anston-ftreet, agent for the island of Antigua. several years.

12. Thomas White, esq. F. R. S. in his At Jamaica, Mr. Leoni, the celebrated 734 year.

finger. He appeared the first cime on the At Warminster, Mr. Edward Butler, Itage at Drury.Jane in Kaliel, in Mr. Gar. cloibier.

rick's opera of The Enchanter, 13th Dec. Mr. William Morris, tapner, Long-lane, 1760. Southwark.

Nov. Ac St. Christopher's, the Hon. 13. At Croydon, Surrey, Samuel Robin captain Dunbar Douglas, son of the Earl of

Selkirk. 14. At Southwick, near Portsmouth, Ac Martinique, captain Squire, of the Thomas White, eiq, several times mayor of marines. Portsmouth.

Al Martinique, William Kerr, jun, Lady Morgan, wife of Sir Charles More lieutenant and paymatter of the 26th light 820, bart.

dragoons. Mr. William Brown, bookseller, corner DEC. 1. At Cape Nicola Mole, St. Doof Ideaftreet, Strand,

mingo, major Winter, of the marines,

fon, ela.

55 a

Bank per 13 per Ct.perCt4perCtysperCty Long Ditto, S. Seal New 3perCty India , India India New Exche. Englija Irith
Stock Reduc. Consols Scrip. 1777. Ann. Ann. 1778. Stock. Ann, Ann. 1753. Stock. Scrip. Bonds. Navy. Bills. Lott. Tick. Ditto.
143$ 56} 551 all

731 833


5 dil. ul. 175.

uil. 18s.
577 155€ a 56,
733 831 1167-16 7


121. 146 55124

735 824 16 3:16 7

nil. 198. 6d. 146 56} 731 821 163 77-16




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111. 145. 60.
541 a
731 814 161-26 615-16


16 1615-16

343 a
724 80% 16 1-16 7

5411 1551

72 80
16 7

166 7

sol. 18s,
54% a


141 555
541 a

16 16 15-16

54'53 a 54

80 16 15.166 15:16


sol. 18s.
537 af
771 792 151

53 a
704 783 131


701 785 11511-16

1381 541 531 a

781 1513-16615-16

160 5

121. 18s. 137# 541

703 79
ist 1615-16

541 53 a
794 33* 1615-16

+ 131. 55.
531 a
703 791 1511-166 15-36

131. 8s.
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131. 78. 521 a 53

773 ist 613-16

131. 155. 52% 1514 a 52!! 68 77%

1611-16) N. B. In the 3 per Cent. Confols she bigher and lower Price of cach Day is given ; in the other Stoeks the highest Price only.


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sel. ros.
121. 135.


531 a


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For MARCH · 1797. (Embellified with, T. A PORTRAIT of JAMES COBa, Esq. And, 2. A View of

Hornsex Cavalu, in Middlesex.]





Page Account of James Cobb, Esq. 135

The Rise of Mahomer accounted for on Memoirs of the late Mrs. Pope, of Co. Natural and Civil Principles. By the vent Garden Theatre,

Jace Nathan Alcock, M. D.

181 Lycophron's Cassandra, L. 144, 145, Walton's Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir 146,

159 Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Account of Hornsey,

Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Agricultural Improvement,

ibid. Saunderfon; with Notes, and the Table 1 atk; including Anecdotes, &c. of Life of the Author, by Mr. Zouch; ibid.

King Charles 11.—Sir George Downing Hope ; an Allegorical Sketch on seco. (Refident at the Hague to Oliver 'vering lowly from Sickness. By the Cromwell and Charles II.)-Charles Rev. W. L Bowles,

ibido Lord Whitworth Ottavio May (the original Inventor of Watered Taffetas)

Account of Pelew,

182 Sale (the Translacor of the Alcoran, On the Observation of Lent,

183 &c.) and Tophantı Beauclerc, 161 Statement of some recent Occurrences in On Pope's Homer (Continued], 164 the Society of Quakers,

185 Drotfiada. Number XC. Anecdotes The Right of Sanctuary considered. By

of illustrious and extraordinary Per. Joseph Moser, Esq.
fons, perhaps not generally known. Theatrical Journal; including Account
(Continued); including Lord Mans. of Reynolds’s“ Bantry Bay," a Muti.
field - Don Carlos, Prince of Spain-

cal Piece-Mrs. Inchbald's" Wives
Charles the Second, King of England as They Were, and Maids as 'They
-Dr. Lort-Gui Patin-Fontenelle Are," a Comedy-The new Ballet of
-Duke of Orleans, Regent of France “The Labyrinth, or The Mad Cap"
Louis XVI.-Marthal Turenne-

and “Cape St. Vincent, or British Frederic the Second, King of Prussia, *166. Valour: Triumphant"-With an Ac.

count of a new Performer,


Poetry; including Lines on the Attributes
Dr. Vincent's Voyage of Nearchus from of the Deity--Sonnet written in Spring

the Indus to the Euphrates ; collected -To Memory-Sonnet to my Dog
from the Original Journal preserved Toby- Elegy the 9th, Book the 4th,
by Arrian, and illustrated by Authori of Ovid's Tristium, freely translated
ties Ancient and Modern; contain Elegiac Sonnet,

194 ing an Account of the first Navigation State Papers, including Treaty beactempted by Europeans in the Indian tween his Britannic Majesty and the Ocean,

169 Landgrave of Helle Darmstadt- and Gibborne's-Enquiry into the Duties of the • Presidenc Washington's Address to the Female Sex,

172 American Senate,
Stedman's Narrative of a Five Years Journal of tile Proceedings of the First

Expedition against the revolted Ne. Session of the Eighteenth Parliament
gross of Surinam, in Guiana, on the of Great Britain (Continued),
Wild Coast of South America, from Foreign Intelligence, from the London
the Year-1772.60 1777 (Continued), 175 Gazettes, &c. &c.

209 Anecdotes of the Life of the Right Ho Domestic Intelligence,

23 Dourable Wm. Pitt,- Earl of Chatham, 180 Marriages,

227 Schiller's Fiesco, or the Genoese Conspi Monthly Obituary,

ibida sacy, a Tragedy,

181 'Prices of Scocks.


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