To feed the hungry, and to clothe the Once more I'll try, if you'll make no refiit.

poor, And send the beggar happy from the door ; Mine's a quick eye, and measures at a dif To mitigate the horrors of despair,

tance. And make the family of want our care ;

[Produces tbc sheers and measures. To succour genius drooping in distress, Creat Mr. Alderman-your worship-Sir, Making the bufiness of our lives to bless. If you can stomach it, you need not itir; When the rich man can such employments Room you require for curtle and for baunch, find,

'Tis done, two yards three quarters round We wish his purse as ample as his mind.

the paunch. For one poor patient I've an anxious fear, Slim Sir, hold up your arm- you're a poet, And you must be his kind Physicians here. You want a coat, indeed- your eibows Our Author has to-night so much at stake,

Show it. He finds his throbbing heart inclin'd to Don't tremble, man, there's now no cause ache :

for fears, But should his Play a liberal audience please, Tho' ost you thirk us gemmen of the sheers; Your warm applause will set his heart at ease. Genius stands fill when tailurs interpefe,

Iis like a watch it ticks-and then it goes.

The needle dropt, the warlike sword I draw, EPILOGUE.

For ev'n our sex muft yield to martial law ; Written by Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. Lady Drawcanför came to me latt night,

“O! my dear ma'am, I am in such a frigli; M. P. and Affiftants.

“ They've drawn me for a mao, and, what Spoken by Mrs. MATTOCKS.

is worse,

“ I'm to soldier it, and mount a horse : SHAKESPEARE, a shrewd old quiz in “ Must wear the breeches.” Says I, “ Don't his dull age,

deplore Said, very gravely," all the world's a stage." " What in your husband's life you always But if the poet to our times could drop,

wore ; He'd rather own that all the weri's a " But that your la Mhip’s heart may cafe shop.

from throbbing, And wirat's the trade ? exclaim the critic " Let your fat coachman mount upon (a: railers,

Dobbin ; Why, “men and women all are merely " And for the good old pair I'll boldly fay, TAILORS.''

« Nor man, nor horse, will ever run away;" Nay, frown not, beaux; and ladies, do not “ Run-arrah,—who is chat-don't fear pout ;

betray,'' You've all your cuttings-in and currings-out. Cries patriot Paddy, hot from BANTRY Bay. And, first, Mili Hoeder, just clcap'd

[Aluming the bragte. from school,

" The Frenchmen came, expecting us to Sighting mamma, and all domestie rule ;

meet 'em, If he in famion's road fhould chance to " And sure we all were ready there to bear trip,

'cm, What says the world? why, Miss has made “ With piping hot potatoes made of lead, a flip ;

“ And powder that wouid serve instead of And:f, a falling character to have,

bread; She węds with 4*, juit tottering o'er the “ Then for the meat, Oh, such fine legs of grave,

frogs, The sportive world will still enjoy the joke, With warm dry lodging for them in the And spouse, at home, at once is made a


“ They came, alas !" cried I, of terror foll, The politician next, who, when in place, “ They made a conqueft" i No, they Views public measures with a smiling face,

made a bull." Croaks, when be's out, a discontented, But softly-what with measures - buils and note,

batile, Sure he's a tailor. he has turn'd his coat. You muit, i'm sure, be tir'd of my doll Oft have I measurid you, when closely lit-, prattle ; ting,

But wh.le you look so pleasant, kind, and To see what twist, what, in ape, wliat air,

clever, was fic.n.

Had I the way, I'd talk to you for ever.


cloak ;




[ Continued from Page 40.] FREDERIC HOFFMAN. Essay which may be perused with adTHIS great Physician attended thạc vantage, entitled " Medici Morborura

brutal cyrant the father of the late Caufæ, Physicians the Causes of Dira King of Prussia in his last illness, cases." who, expecting that nature itself was to " The lives of many hysterical and yield co his exactions, became extremely hypochondriacal patients, adds Dr. angry with Hoffman when he did not Ferriar, in his excellent Treatise on the fucceed in abating the violence of his Conversion of Discases, " have been disease, and told him that he would at once shortened and embitcered by the banilh him. “ Sire," said the Phyfi. thoughrleis encouragement which fomo flam, with a dignity inspired by the practitioners give to the use of spiriconsciousness of his own worth, “I tuous liquors. I have seen moft melanhave exhausted all the resources of my choly initances, in wirich habits of dramart on your disease; your Majesty can drinking have been thus acquired, send me nowhere where I ihalí not under the fanction of the medical atfind my name come thither before my tendant, by persons not only temperate, person.” The King was struck with but even delicate in their moral habits

. this magnanimous aniiver, and became In this manner hysterical disorders of no composed, and even fond of him who great moment are converted to schirrus had the spirit to make it.

of the liver and dropsy, co apoplexy, la one of his works he thus declares pa!fy, and other fatal diseases. « Sed his confidence in fimple and familiar manum de tabula, Something too much remedies. “ I affirai with an oath," of this !" says he, " that there was a time when I ran after chymical remedies with great ardpur; but age and farther experience have persuaded me, that a few medi " I saw in the library of my friend cines, judiciously chosen, taken from Voffius," says M. Colomies, a large fubilances the most fimple and the moft Ms. folio, written in Latin, which unpromifing in appearance, relieve contained an exact detail of every day's with greater promptitude and with transactions of Leo X. during his Pons greater efficacy the general run of tificate. M. Voffius put a very high dilesies, than all the chymical prepara. value on this MS. as it contained many tions, the most rare and the most re

circumttances of a particular nature, cberchées *."

and which were to be found no where When he was consulted by patients else. I believe,” adds M. Colomies, in health, who in the midst of that v2. " the learned M. Peiresc hàd a book luable blelling imagine themseives ill, of this description in his library; at and who doctor themselves to prevent least I remember in the Catalogue of disease, he used to say, “ Are you his MSS. the following title, “ Diarium really in earnest to have good healih! Pontificatùs Leonis X." What a trea. Avoid Physicians and inedicines, Fugę fure would this MS. prove to any one medicos medicamina."

who was about to write the History According to the ingenious Dr. Fer of the Life and Reign of this splendid riar, of Manchester, he wrote a little and magnificent Pontiff, the patron

Chymical medicines as æther, and poifins as arsenic, are now so frequently administered in diseases that do not feem to require lüch dangerous remedies, that we may but too often fay of the practicioner, as Solomon says of the fool in his Proverbs, “ Scatterech he not his farebrands, and layeth that he is in sport ?" Sport indeed to the guinea-caker, but death to the patient, whien Doctors then become

" Carnifices hominum fub honesto nomine fiunt."
Mankind's fell butchers with a noble name, .



and encourager of that learning and over us ; and speaking of the governo those arts which were brought to light ment of wicked Princes, he said, that Wy his grandfather and father, Cofmo they were fent as tyrants and scourges and Lorenzo de Medici !

to the people for their fins ; adding, tha:

God fers occasionally boys and wome JOHN KNOX.

over a nation, to punilh them for their Of this celebrated Retormer, who crines and their ingratitude. disgraced his useful and respectable cha To animate ihe mob of Perth 10 poll radter by ourrage and violence, the down Cathedrals and monatteries," he Regent Earl of Morton said, when he exclairved, " Pull down the nefts and attended his funeral, " There lies a the rooks will fly away." Yet, as it is gian who in his life never feared the fagaciously and humanely observed by face of a nian, who harh been often Mr. Andrew's, in his judicious and exthreatened with dag and dagger, but cellent Conrinuation of Dr. Henry's yer hath he ended his days in peace and valuable History, “He restrained his honour; for he had God's providence tollowers from blood, nor even by way watching over him in a special manner of retaliation did it fingle man of the when his very life was fought." Roman Catholic party lose his life for

Timoleon indeed, the Reformer of his religion, if we except the Cardinal, Corinth, when he caused his brother's who fell as mich on account of his dela blood to be thed, turned alide lis head, potism as his bigotry. To a fierce un. covered it with his cloak, and wept. polished race like the Scots, a stern taites The Scortish Reformer, however, not less Apoftle like Join Kaux was pero only performed the great work in which hips necellary. he was engaged with earneftness, but occasionally added want of feeling to

LOPEZ DE VEGA. wards the persons who suffered for it. The Plays now reprefented on the In defcribing the murder of Cardinal Theatre remind one of a stanza or two Beaton, he introduces a joke about his in Lopez ce Vega's verses on the new corpulency, and adds, "these things manner of writing Plays, as he calls it, we write merrily." When he relates in his time. an account of an exhortation which he

I. gave to the unfortunate Queen Mary; I write for that audience by whom I 'n he adds, “I made the Hyana weep *."

to live, His writings are in the lanie stile with

So Menander and Terence I put on his expressions, and bear titles expréf

my Thelf; five of the agitation and violence of Why to puzzle my brains should I vainiy inind of him who penner them ; as,

con:rive, " The First blait of the Trumpyer arriniz When they like me the more as I The inanitrous Regiment of ionen ;

waite from myself. " A brief Exhortation to Cogland for the Speedy embracing of Carit's G pels The Public's my matter, I write to please

II. trerer store by the Tyranny of Mary tuppreifod and banished.” Knox in one of his Sermons exclaims,

The Public, not me then, ye ftern " that one Mass was more frightful to

Critics, blaine, him, than ten thousand enemies landed

If better than lente he likes fully and in any part of the realın." This gave

whim, inuch offence to Queen Mary. Lord

I pocket the cash, whilft he suffers the Darnley, whom she foon afterwards

thame, married, was prevailed upon to hear These lines were written by Lopez as himn preach, and he entertained his ears he was composing tiis 48 5th Play: He with this text from Isaiah, “ O Lord, is laid tu nave written 1800 pieces of other Lords than thou have reigned poetry.


* The clegant Mary hersell, on kucing the bleeding body of a young gentleman brough: near her, who had been shot by some of her faldiers, fail, “I cannot be responsible mo! accidents, but I wish it had been his father." So nearly on a par are the police and the coase, the uncultivated and the refined, the Sovereign and the peasant, wlien they suffer their minds to be trans; orted by the violence of pallion, of corrupted by the partiality of prejudice.



[Continued from Page 66.]

[blocks in formation]


merits of the case, moved to affirm the THIS day the Lords met pursuant to decree of the Court of Session, with

adjournment, but no public buli. 1501. costs. oefs was done.


This decision is of great importance Heard Counsel in the Appeal from to the Clergy of Scotland, as it efta. Sortland, Wiiliam Ferguson, E!qap. blishes their right to an augmentation pellart, and the Reverend J. Giiicspie, of their fipends, if the old rythes hare respondent.

been valued without the clergymen for The Lord Chancellor, after a fore the time being having been made a par. peich, in which he stated the general ry to the valuation,


Mr. Alderman Anderson moved for N JEW WRITS were ordered to be leave to bring in a Bill, pursuant to the

illued for the horoughs of Windo prayer of the laid Petition ; which was for and Aldborough, in the room of granted. H.Therwood, and of R. Muilman Chis. A Perition was also presented by thes Hell, E:qrs. deceased.

Sheriffs of London, in favour of the Writs were also issued for Berliney, Construction of Wet Docks; but whictz vice Mr. Wortley, deceased, and for prayed, that the Houle would permit B.etchingly, vice Sir Lionel Copley, the Corporation of London to bring in. who has made bis election for Tregony. a Bill for the execution of that project -M15. Ji nes and Sir Lionel Copley took conformable to a plan of their oivn, as: the waths and cheir seats.

they could not help regarding tliem-, Mr. Newland from the Bauk pre selves as the natural Guardians and Imsented cwo accounts, Receipt and Ex. provers of the trade of the River penditure, and National Debt. Order Thames. The Petition being read, ed to lie on the Table.

Mr. Alderman Anderson moved, that Petition against ipswich Paving Bill the Perition be referred to a Commitcee presented, and referred to a Commit of the whole Hohle. tee. To be heard by Counsel.

Mr. Manning declared himself happy Petitions were presented in favour of in hearing that the Corporation of the the London Docks (merchants' plan) City of London were at length con-' from Insurers, Royal Assurance Coin. vinced of the propricry and neceility of pany, and Russia Company. To lie on constructing Wei Ducks for the furor ibe Table.

ther improvement of the port of Lona A Petition was presented in behalf don, and of adapting fome plan for the of the West India Planters and Mer more enlarged accommodation of its chants, praying, that the Bill for the trade. The Pecision now prefented by Construction of Wet Docks, for the fur- them to the House Itrongly argued the ther accommodation of trade in the pore necessity of such improvement; but he of London, do país into a law. The hoped that it was not intended to ob Petition was ordered to lie on the struct, by the hearing of Counsel, the Table.

progress of the Bill which he had the A Petition of a similar tendency was honour of introducing into the House, presented in bchalf of the East India and the second reading of which stoud: Company.-Ordered to lie on the table. for to-morrow,

The Sheriffs of London presented a The Speaker informed the Honour.. Petition at the Bar, frein the Lord able Member, that the Perition in quer. Mayor, Aldermeo, &c. of the City of tion went by no means to obstruct the London, praying for the Extenlion of progress of the Bill brought in by the the Judicature of Courts of Con. Honourable Genileman, nor was it the frience

nework of its praver to have Council

heard against it.-Several Petitions had John Angerstein, Esq. indeed been presented for hearing Charles Smith, Esq. Counsel again the second reading of Francis Gregor, Eiq. thar Bill; but this was matter for the Robert Sewell, Esq. House to decide on to-morrow.

Thoinas Honyman, Esq. Mr. Alderman Curtis raid, that he Isaac Gascoyne, Esq. had no intention of opposing the fecond Gabriel Steward, Érg. reading of the Honourable Gentleman's G. Augustus Pollen, Esq. Bill; nor had the City of London gia Sir Robert Ainnie. ven any such inftructions tu their re James Strange, Esq. presentatives. Their fole object was, William Currie, Esq. to be allowed to bring in another Bill, Nicholas Vanfittart, Esq. and that the House inight have an op Charles Abbott. Efq. portunity of deciding on their respective A new writ was ordered for the bo. merits.

rough of Midhurft, in the room of the Mr. Alderman Anderson was desi. Right Houourable Sylvester Douglas, rous that the second reading of the Bill who has accepted the office of one of fhould be postponed to a more distant the Lords of his Majesty's Treasury. period, that the House might cave tiir.e The Bill for regulating the trials of to examine ana digest the object and causes and indictments in corporate grounds of the present petition, and be towns and their diftri&ts was read a birt thereby better enabled to judge which and ordered to be read a second time on of the cwo plans beßt deserved to be Monday next. preferred

EXPEDITION AGAINST IRELAND, Mr. Manning declared himself ad. Mr. Whitbread gave notice, that he verse to any delay of the second read. should, on Friday next, move for an ing of the Bill.

enquiry into the conduct of Adminis. The Petition was then riferred to a tration with respect to the measures Select Committee of the Meinbers for pursued for defeating the expedition the City of London, and of the mari- planned by the French Republic against time counties.

Ireland. The Mutiny and Desertion Bill was Here the Speaker informing Mr. jead a second time, and ordered to be Whitbread that Mr. Fox's motion for committed.

the rep:al of the Treason and Sedition WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19.

Bills stood for that day, Mr. Fox de. POOR RELIEF BILL.

clared that he Nould jefer his motion Sir William Pulteney presented a until Friday se'nnight.--Agreed to. Petition from the Mayor, Aldermen,

QU'AKERS' BILL. and several in habitants of Shrewsbury, The Order of the Day for the House ftating, that they had erected a House to resolve itself into a Comminee on the of Industry, in which several persons Quaker's Bill being read, it was agreed, had advanced fums of money, and that after some conversation, to hand over those would be very much injured in till Wednesday next. their property if the Bill then before

MVTINY BILL. the House for the Relief of the Poor The House having resolved itself into Thould pass into a law. They prayed,

a Committee on the Mutiny Bill, therefore, that a clause might be intro The Secretary at War observed, char duced into the faid Bill to exempe them the only alteration which had taken from the operation of it. The Petition place in it consisted of certain transpo. was referred to the Committee on the fisions of words, which were found neBill.

cessary to give it more order and reguThe Wet Docks Bill was read a fe. larity. It was in every other respect cond time.

nearly verbatim with the former. FRIDAY, FEB. 17.

The House being refumed, the Chair The House proceeded to a ballor for man made his report, and it was order. a Committee to try the merits of the ed to be received next Monday. Downton Election Peririon, and the A Bill for increasing the capital fotlowing Gentlemen were chosen : frock of the East India Company was Thomas Tyrwhitt, tra.

read a first, and ordered to öe read" a Bryan Edwards, Ero.

second time on Wednesday next,

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