Maritime Geography and Statistics ...

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Black, Parry & Company, 1815

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454. oldal - The- luminous matter, in all situations, so far from possessing phosphoric properties, is incombustible, and loses the quality of emitting light, by being dried, or much heated. The exhibition of light, however long it may be continued, causes no diminution of the bulk of the luminous matter. It does not require the presence of pure air, and is not extinguished by other gasses.
81. oldal - From a dense cloud a cone descends, in the form of a trumpet, with the small end downwards: at the same time, the surface of the sea under it is agitated and whirled round, the waters are...
170. oldal - The northern sun creeping at midnight at the distance of five diameters along the horizon, and the immeasurable ocean in apparent contact with the skies, form the grand outlines in the sublime picture presented to the astonished spectator. The incessant cares and pursuits of anxious mortals are recollected as a dream ; the various forms and energies of animated nature are forgotten ; and the earth is contemplated only in its elements, and as constituting a part of the solar system.
29. oldal - Thus it may happen, that more ice is destroyed in one stormy season, than is formed in several winters, and an endless accumulation is prevented.
94. oldal - Far from the dismal caverns' of the dead, were the Cimmerians, " an unhappy people, immersed in eternal darkness ; beyond them in the ocean, and consequently, according to the poet, beyond the limits of the earth and the empire of the winds and seasons, is Elysium, where neither tempests nor winter are ever felt, where the soft zephyr continually murmurs, and where the elect of Jupiter, snatched from the common lot of mortals, enjoy eternal felicity. Beyond this happy region the earth was enveloped...
79. oldal - This squall generally blows very violently for a short time ; and, as it is liable to happen when the weather is clear, without any appearance in the atmosphere to indicate its approach, it is consequently very dangerous. The only mark that accompanies it is the white broken water on the surface of the sea, which is torn up by the force of the wind.
22. oldal - Uie saline principles which it still contains. The only method of freeing sea-water from its salt is by distillation ; and the process is so slow that it can rarely be applied to any practical purpose. Even after distillation it retains its bitter taste. This bitterness, which renders aeawater so nauseous, probably proceeds from animal and vegetable matter in a state of decomposition. The most common ingredients...
101. oldal - Cerne, which he asserts to be the limit of the Carthaginian navigation and commerce in that direction. The sea, according to him, is not navigable further to the south than this island, on account of the thick weeds with which it was covered. The mention of this impediment is adduced by D'Anville to...
82. oldal - ... small space of the surface of the sea, in which the water breaks, and runs round in a whirlpool with a velocity of two, three, to four or five knots : at the same time, a considerable portion of the water of the whirlpool is separated from the surface in minute particles resembling smoke or vapour, with a hissing noise, occasioned by the strength of the 'whirlwind.

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