Public Documents of Massachusetts, 12. kötet

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53. oldal - Such examinations shall be practical in their character, and so far as may be shall relate to those matters which will fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the service into which they seek to be appointed.
51. oldal - ... directly or indirectly, any official authority or influence (whether then possessed or merely anticipated) in the way of conferring upon any person; or in order to secure or aid any person in securing any office or public employment, or any nomination, confirmation, promotion or increase of salary, upon the consideration or condition that the vote or political influence or action of the last named person, or any other, shall be given or used in behalf of any candidate...
50. oldal - ... of the United States, and no clerk or employee of any department, branch or bureau of the executive, judicial, or military or naval service of the United States, shall, directly or indirectly, solicit or receive, or be in any manner concerned in soliciting or receiving, any assessment, subscription, or contribution for any political purpose whatever, from any officer, clerk, or employee of the United States...
53. oldal - ... falsely mark, grade, estimate or report upon the examination or proper standing of any person examined hereunder, or aid in so doing or wilfully or corruptly...
51. oldal - No officer or employee of the United States mentioned in this act shall discharge, or promote, or degrade, or in any manner change the official rank or compensation of any other officer or employee, or promise or threaten so to do, for giving or withholding or neglecting to make any contribution of money or other valuable thing for any political purpose.
106. oldal - That no recommendation of any person who shall apply for office or place under the provisions of this act which may be given by any Senator or member of the House of Representatives, except as to the character or residence of the applicant, shall be received or considered by any person concerned in making any examination or appointment under this act.
159. oldal - To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled. The undersigned...
50. oldal - ... city. All rules so made shall be subject to the approval of the Mayor of the city, and they may with like approval be from time to time altered or rescinded by said Commissioners. The said Commissioners shall supervise the administration of the rules so established.
52. oldal - ... or otherwise as may seem most desirable to carry out the provisions of this act. 3rd. For promotions in office or positions on the basis of ascertained merit and seniority in service, and examination as may seem desirable. 4th. For a period of probation before an appointment or employment is made permanent.
204. oldal - ... three times the amount of damages assessed therefor, to be recovered in an action of tort ; and upon conviction of either of the above wilful or wanton acts shall be punished by a fine not exceeding three hundred dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding one year.

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