The Roman History: From the Foundation of the City of Rome, to the Destruction of the Western Empire. By Dr. Goldsmith. In Two Volumes. ...

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P. Wogan, J. Exshaw, W. Porter, J. Moore, W. Sleater, and J. Rice, 1799

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260. oldal - Catiline was very desirous to see him taken off before he left Rome ; upon which two knights of the company undertook to kill him the next morning in his bed, in an early visit, on pretence of business. 15. But the meeting was no sooner over, than Ci'cero had information of all that passed in it ; for, by the intrigues of a woman named Ful'via, he had gained over Cu'rius, her lover, one of the conspirators, to send him a punctual account of all their deliberations.
309. oldal - Pompey's murderers, having cut off his head, caused it to be embalmed, the better to preserve its features, designing it for a present to Ca;sar.
305. oldal - ... blow, he returned to the camp, and in his tent waited the issue of an event which it was his duty to direct, not to follow ; there he remained for some moments without speaking, till being told that the camp was attacked, " What," says he, " are we pursued to our very "entrenchments?
303. oldal - Pompey's troops upon the flank ; this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had not yet engaged. Pompey's infantry being thus doubly attacked, in front by fresh troops and in rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist, but fled to their camp.
273. oldal - Caesar so intimidated them with repeated victories, that they no longer resisted in the plains, but fled to the forests. Here, however, they were unsafe, and soon yielded to the necessity of suing for a peace. In the course of nine years this ambitious general and waster of huro^o life conquered, together with Britain, all that country which extends from the Mediterranean to the German sea.
245. oldal - Pompey also, by a decree of the senate, was joined with him in the same commission ; who having united their forces before Lepidus could reach the city, came to an engagement with him near the Milvian bridge, within a mile or two from the walls, where they totally routed and dispersed his whole army.
285. oldal - Caesar, who would not wait the conclusion of his speech, generously replied, that he came into Italy, not to injure the liberties of Rome and its citizens, but to restore them.
215. oldal - Marius, who has been called the glory and the scourge of Rome, was born in a village, near Arpinum, of poor parents, who gained their living by labor. Bred up in a participation of their toils, his manners were as rude as his countenance was frightful. He was a man of extraordinary stature, incomparable strength and undaunted bravery. \ Entering early, in the service of his country, he sought, on every occasion, dangers equal to his courage.
68. oldal - I your mother or your captive ? How have I lived to see this day — to see my son a banished man— and still more distressful, to see him the enemy of his country ? how has he been able to turn his arms against the place that gave him life— how direct his rage against those walls...
271. oldal - Roman citizen unheard, should himself be banished, soon after impeached Cicero upon it. It was in vain that this great man went up and down the city, soliciting his cause in the habit of a suppliant, and attended by many of the first young noblemen whom he had taught the rules of eloquence : those powers of...

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