Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law, 4-5. kötet

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Society of Comparative Legislation, 1900
Includes annual "Review of legislation" covering the years 1859-1949.

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177. oldal - The public debt and property; 2. The regulation of trade and commerce; 3. The raising of money by any mode or system of taxation; 4. The borrowing of money on the public credit; 5. Postal service; 6. The census and statistics; 7. Militia, military and naval service and defence; 8. The fixing of and providing for the salaries and allowances of civil and other officers of the government of Canada; 9.
159. oldal - Banking, other than State banking; also State banking extending beyond the limits of the State concerned, the incorporation of banks, and the issue of paper money...
164. oldal - V. In which a writ of mandamus or prohibition or an injunction is sought against an officer of the Commonwealth — the high court shall have original jurisdiction.
162. oldal - ... by an absolute majority of the total number of members of the Senate and House of Representatives, it shall be taken to have been duly passed by both Houses of the Parliament, and shall be presented to the Governor-General for the Queen's assent.
178. oldal - Legal tender. 21. Bankruptcy and insolvency. 22. Patents of invention and discovery. 23. Copyrights. 24. Indians, and. lands reserved for the Indians. 25. Naturalization and aliens. 26. Marriage and divorce. 27. The Criminal Law, except the Constitution of Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction, but including the procedure in criminal matters.
172. oldal - But if either house passes any such proposed law by an absolute majority and the other house rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned house will not agree...
177. oldal - The naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth.
172. oldal - No alteration diminishing the proportionate representation of any State in either house of the parliament, or the minimum number of representatives of a State in the house of representatives, or increasing, diminishing, or otherwise altering the limits of the State, or in any manner affecting the provisions of the constitution in relation thereto shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in that State approve the proposed law.
170. oldal - The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.
167. oldal - On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free.

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